A/N: So this is a story I started writing in 7th grade and it may not be very good, but I like this story. The main point of this story is everything Mina Harker does on her little adventures and how she survived in the world. What inspired me to make this little story is a game my best friend of 7 going on 8 years used to play called "The Game" [and no it's not the game all of you are thinking, not the one that if you think about it you lose; I find that game quite stupid, but that's just my opinion] basically in "The Game" you choose a character and modify it to your liking and to make a long story short it's a role playing game but with real people and not on a computer. The reason why I'm telling you this is because I don't think anyone who hasn't played "The Game" would understand what the point of this story is. I would also like to say that there will be little to no dialogue in this story; it is all in first person.

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Chapter 1

It all starts out with being born, but I was no ordinary baby, I was mostly a vampire and later I found out about my other abilities. I'm a hybrid; for all those out there who don't know what that is, it's a vampire and a lycan (in more recent terms werewolf) but stronger than both; a demon, and just about anything else you can think of; even a witch. My father is Dracula, my mother is Destiny, I have God knows how many brothers, and one sister, Luna. Luna was believed to be human, since her father is not mine.

After I was born, my father killed my mother because she wanted to keep me away from all the violence my father had created. I left my father's "clan," which he had taken from Julian, called Kindred, at age three, and started my training. When I was fourteen, that's in Elven years and 14,000,000,000,000 years old in human years, I had met a boy, who happens to be my future fiancé, named Tai and he eventually helped me train myself to avenge my mother's death and soon his. (A/N oooh, spoiler)

One day, my father came after me, I could barely put a scratch on him, and when he was about to stab me with white kryptonite; a mixture of all kryptonite except for black kryptonite; Tai jumped in front of me. The sword went right through him, since white kryptonite is a weakness of both of us it seriously hurt him, and Dracula left in a hurry. Tai had died in my arms, I tried everything I could but it wasn't enough. I'm going to avenge his death and kill my father once and for all and anyone who stands in my way. I was only sixteen then, what could I do?

I soon met Tai's best friend, Matt, Matt's little brother T.K., and Tai's little sister, Kari. Matt keeps me out of most trouble: bar fights, demon fights, and whatnot. I've saved his butt more times that he has mine though, he's not as strong as I am or as strong as Tai was, but we always look out for each other anyway. Kari's ok but we, Matt and I, have to keep her out of my trouble. T.K. will eventually carry on what Tai, Matt, and I started when Matt is gone and will take his place.

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