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Chapter 2

About a year later, I met a strange guy who hunted everything I am. His name was Dean Winchester and his brother is Sam. Dean learned about what I am but we were so close that he did nothing about it. I also met Dean's so-called girlfriend, Ruby. Ruby also happens to be a demon and a witch, a Charmed One to be exact. Her grandmother was Phoebe Halliwell; her daughter is Ruby's mother, Elizabeth. (A/N I don't really know her mother's name so I just made it up). I knew the all of the Charmed Ones; Prue, Piper, Phoebe, and Paige, the original ones anyways, since their powers transfer down through the generations.

Soon after that, I learned I was pregnant with Tai's child. It's a bit different with Kryptonians when it comes to pregnancies; we carry our children for as long as we need to if we happen to be in a war zone or something like that. She was suppressed for thirteen months inside my body; I had quite a bit of stress to deal with for the last thirteen months so my body automatically suppressed her. When I had her, I named her Claire Thomas Harker-Kamiya after her father and me. (A/N I don't really know Tai's middle name, so I just guessed). Claire has the Kryptonian and human side from me, and human from Tai. She has her father's eyes, nose, and courage from Tai, but she gets from me is attitude and a no nonsense, looking for trouble mind, but a sweet and caring mind, too.

When Claire was able to go to school, I home schooled her, and then when she was six, I sent her to a boarding school in Bolivia. I hadn't seen her for four years, until I teamed up with Lara Croft to find her. Lara, in return for helping her find an ancient temple, helped me find Clair. We had an amazing adventure; we found ancient ruins, caves, and many other exciting places. One cave stood out more than others because it had an entire ecosystem that was contained and the creatures in that cave used to be human, but when humans disturbed this ecosystem in the late 1800's, (A/N Just guessing) the ecosystem fought back with a parasite that changed the humans into creatures that used sonar like bats and are at the top of the food chain down there. This cave was beautiful, of course, but some cave divers went in there and only three made it out or so we thought. The fourth person to make it out was Jack; I saved him from the winged creatures, which I was telling you about. Lara stayed behind on the boat waiting for my signal to pull us out. Jack was actually fairly rude to us and gave us no thank you or anything and left.

I said good-bye to Lara after finding Claire in Peru, then sent her home with Matt, and set out to find Jack to get some answers. I found him in New Orleans, but his name was different and he was a cop at the NOPD. I got my answers and had to find Jack's brother, Tyler McAllister and the other people who made it out, Top and Katheryn. My search to find the parasite didn't stop there, Katheryn was missing and she had the parasite in her. I finally found her, but the parasite changed her too much for me to get it out of her safely; I had already gotten the parasite out of Jack; so I had to drain her and fill her body with new blood, blood of a vampire because I had already bitten her. She recuperated fine but everything was different for her, she had to control her thirst and try not to turn anyone and become a rogue vampire. Any rogue vampire will be hunted and destroyed, so I couldn't let that happen; I sent her to a safe house I knew of that could teach her to control herself.

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