The Family Ties!

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Prologue! Don't Cry For Me Everything Will Be Alright

Part 1: Summer Nights!

It was just another hot summer day actually the hottest since the 1960's in Utah's record. For the battle force five, the now seven male members were all hanging outside of Zeke's diner, trying to cool themselves off.

"Ugh, please tell me that there's going to be rain or at least another storm shock opening really soon, I mean look at it the hub is like totally an oven I need to get out of this fucking desert." The spiky brown haired older twin brother complains while almost pulling out his hair. It was the hottest day in years in the desert town even Vert tried dumping the water over him he was used to the hot weather but not like this he wanted to move to Canada with his best friend A.J. because of the heat.

Agura was handling herself, earlier that day she switched her normal clothes to a two peace swimsuit that gave Vert some ideas, little did he know or catch the look with a sweet smirk that Agura gave him. She had recently bought this swimsuit and a few other things cause she was trying to gain her leaders attention. She was through playing the professional beliefs of not dating your boss, however, she could not help it they both were the same age and were the leader and second in command there was no problem if they dated at least she hoped. Nevertheless, she decided as the guys were being wimps to go with some girl friends of hers she picked up since arriving at the town and headed for Utah lake for a well needed vacation from the guys.

She took every chance she had that she did not feel like being with the guys, to be her girly self with other girls that she got. It was nice to get away but she hoped that when they returned later in the afternoon Vert would be waiting for her, something recently got her wanting him more but it could just be the increase in the summer weather.

Even Sage found the hub to be too hot for her taste's and with her having all her memories back she recently knew, yet refused to share a personal secret with the boys on the team. This secret was that she could turn into a human for a certain length of time, more that she could disguise herself.

The few people who knew about Sage's secer were Tezz and Agura. There was a reason Tezz knew since the moment he joined the team she found him intriguing, more so that he could understand a lot about her culture and had studied it and learned it on his own. She found his tight skinny body irresistible, and away from the group she found out that he felt the same way. Sage choose to lose her long held virginity to a 'Hot Russian man' that was now her boyfriend for what her childish self hoped forever, if not hope for more than courting Sage longed for a marital relationship with the human Tezz and prayed it would happen.

As for where Sage was, both Agura and her left with the other girls, her human name was Saglyn Melisa Sentiment. She also had gone shopping with Agura the only person she ever confided in with relationships, and the only person who Agura would confined in about Vert. It was funny she had Sage get some info for her as her innocent nature gave her the ability to get answers from friends. They would talk of things such as sex and guys when the boys of the team were not around, for they did not want the guys to see them for the girly girls they truly were.

There was only one member of the team enjoying the fullness of this heat, this certain someone was trying to work on his tan, he sat outside on top of his nice hot purple sports car that was truly a battle equipped car meant for tactical instruments in battle. This short spiky afro red head was Stanford Isaac Rhodes IV. He had all the sunscreen tanning lotion his body could hold across his shirtless shorted body. This in turn revealed the six pack he owned and the more muscular build his body held under its clothing.

The heat to Stanford was simply 'an incredible Godly gift' for the perfect tan, he could not help but sigh as his friends came outside to sit in the dry air conditioned shade, outside of the restaurant in the outside sitting areas, they sat down laughing at some insane joke about the heat sitting areas laughing.

"So what are you chaps up to?" He asked in his usual voice, but he was more focused on how relaxing all this weather was well in his opinion, rather than what his friends were doing as he was sure he knew what they were up to.

"Whoa Dude, how can you stand tanning in this heat?" Sherman asked in his baffled voice just looking at his British friend in amazed shock that was one brave man he was sure would develop skin cancer, as he got older or some horrid skin disease from doing what he was doing.

"Eh" he shrugged his shoulders and looked at his six baffled friends not sure, how he could ever stand this just knew he could and did and it felt nice.

"I just want to get out of this damn heat, is everyone's' fans busted or something?" Zoom asked not getting why he had to deal with this.

"From what my transgressor of the area the nearest air-conditioned place I'd say…" pausing for dramatic affect he noticed the shocked glances form his teammates and he could not help but let out a sigh. He knew they didn't' get what he was saying all except Sherman who knew exactly how to speak his intellectual language so he did not have to break it down for him.

"Basically he's saying there all broken for a long distance" Sherman responded noticing how everyone said 'Hu'

"Please can we do….Whoa momma who's the smoking new girl." The Scout asked looking as if he just saw something so amazingly delicious that he just wanted to eat. His mouth was drooling worst then a puppy seeing a bone, and his eyes were giving the sweet puppy dog eyes no girl could ever say no to.

All the guys turned to see a girl who looked just as perfect curvy body and curly blonde haired as the girl who played Alice in Transformers Revenge of the Fallen movie.

To tell the truth her body was just as perfect as she wore short shorts that were navy blue, a top of red and blue Hawaiian hibiscus flowers from Hollister's, she wore a sea shell necklace and had a plump juicy round bum that was very much fit.

By the time, that the boys all shot themselves into reality they realized none of them were hallucinating this babe seriously lived in their small town that was smoking hot.

"Someone kill me now and tell me I'm dead, someone tell me that angel is taking me to heaven." Came the Canadian snowboarder A.J. Dalton. "Man what I would do with that fine mmm, tender curved women." He chuckled remembering what it was like to be with such a woman, she was to fine.

"Can I marry her?" Spinner said in a daydream tone as he was dreaming of being with her and asking her father for her gorgeous angel's hand.

'Hu' all the men sighed deeply over the perfect tanned female creature, that is all except for one.

The one who could not sigh was staring at the bum, legs, hair, and structure of this woman in such a curious way. You see, it all seemed to familiar, Stanford was positive he knew this girl, however it had been years he knew this could be someone else. However his heart leapt at her sight the same way it leapt for the girl he once knew, he only thought 'It cannot be…But is it?'

Suddenly everyone including him was pushing and shoving their way into the doors of Zeke's dinner.

As they followed in they saw the girl not even notice them and many of the town hotties, jerks, weirdo's, creeps, jocks and nerds file in the door forgetting any girl they knew she refused to notice any of them.

She strolled with her butt swaying from side to side "Hey Uncle Zekey" she kissed his sweaty bald wrinkled forehead, as the man looked surprised and even though he was shorter he grabbed her around the waist "Oh my God my sweet Annabelle, Laurel Annabelle Starlight my dear its bee so long." He chuckled with joy over the sight of his darling great neice.

She laughed as the old man chuckled and tightly hugged her "Oh my sweet great niece how good it is to see you. My how you've grown. Well I'd say I haven't seen you since you were yeah big." He indicated with his large old man hands about four feet and a half.

She gave a little angelic laugh "Well I've matured and grown a lot since then Bapa."

"Oh why didn't you tell me you were coming in town?"

"Mother wanted me to surprise you and the same went with Madra, I mean great auntie Lucia, they both wanted me to surprise you but I only did it to see that face I'd always remember when mama would always come surprise you." The girl glowed as golden yellow as the summer sun as she smiled when she spoke.

"My wife knew and she didn't tell me." He looked surprised same with many of the guys in the building they did not know Zeke was married. Then again Zeke lived in a nearby town and not in Salt Flats but somewhere nearby called Plato High which was a town with a school and college but was mostly elderly homes and very fancy nice developments.

"Oh mamma heard of the thyroid." She let a tear fall "We want to be here for you."

"Oh Maybelle its nothing to worry about many of our family have had it, now you need to shush about that out here, how's my niece I mean your mother doing? How are your mom and my sister?"

"Mimi and Mamma and Pap's are all fine. Mimi misses Gampy since the accident but we're all trying to pull through at least she was young when she had mom and still has two young ones to care for.

He laughs "Indeed she does the twins are fine then I presume."

"Better than ever Bapa but I'd better let you get back to work it seems you got a lot of customers.

He laughs deeply at her worried statement for his business. "No just some trouble maker boys who want nothing more than to take my great nieces body and they won't." He glares at them, "You here that you may think I'm crazy but I certainly know my way around a gun and shooting range I won't mind hunting you down if you touch my families angel you here that?" He threatened with a hard fist and a quick middle finger, which made many guys gulp especially after he gave a growl and barred his teeth looking extremely vicious.

For once all the guys froze with horror the old coot never sounded so threatening and serious, they knew if this man threatened he most certainly would mean what he said and most certainly would pull through with the threat.

This made Zeke smirk he knew most of their fathers didn't tell them how he helped his father care for his little sister after their mothers untimely death, and how he hunted down any guy who wrongly touched her especially her later husband he showed him a thing or two. Most men in this small town knew not to come in-between Zeke and any of his family members. That was one reason he choose not to live in this town as when he had family he rather be in one not full of teenage drunks as it was a town based off its high school, he wanted to live in one with more of a community feel and so he did.

As Zeke looked to the men filling up the spaces in his diner, he made sure to give them one last good glare and a small growl which made some of them choke on their saliva as it trickled down in their gulps. In a grouchy almost growling tone, he got ready to angrily speak. For once, he really was angry since a man in this town had taken the woman in his family virginities before they were married, that is all except his own daughters. It sadly seemed all the women on his sister's side had a different story and he was to make sure this one was not taken as well.

In that grouchy almost growling tone he said "Now if you bastards want a piece of her you have to go through me and me six hunting revolvers and my Vietnam War pistol I was bestowed with for my great victories in war over seas. Now that is my final warning you can all ask your fathers and they will tell you stories of what I can have done to those who touch my family. Now get away from my families women you got that! Only stay in here if you are ordering something, otherwise you punks get the fuck out of my dinner!"

Every one froze, before many rushed or pushed through the door. All except for one, this one was leaning against the antique video game. This tall, muscular, slender, sleek, smooth, smirking red head went unnoticed by the rest of the occupants in the room let alone the boys running out. This red head just leaned there quietly smirking to himself knowing he had an answer to the question boggling his mind in the last few minutes.

He could not believe the name he heard, he was sure this was the girl he went to acting camp and summer camps with. He was sure this girl was the same one that for years was his secret pen pal. He had not noticed the fact that everyone cleared out, well mostly all except for him he was looking the women up and down, the angel in front of him he absolutely knew.

Stanford couldn't believe his eyes it was his old puppy love summer camp romancer. But he was not quiet sure the girl before him was all the way her, for this women was a gorgeous well built person an amazingly figured bodied, her structure had changed from the girl we was positive she was, and she looked helpless yet strong instead of just strong. He never would have thought she would look like this, in his mind he had some if not many doubts because of her complexion and build, but he was sure he was seeing things right and this was the girl had once knew.

The girl turned to the old jukebox, and flipped through several old records on the Jukebox before smiling and finding the song she wanted; as she smiled a twinkle fell in her eye.

Round round get around

I get around


Get around round round I get around

The girl started raising her arms and swaying her hips to the music, it was not till this song that the tall smoothed skin red head knew and was sure it was her. As this was one of her favorite songs she was a oldies fan from what he remembered, they used to dance to oldies especially this song all the time by the pond during free time at the many camps they attended together.


I get around

Get around round round I get around

My kind o' town

The girl suddenly froze and turned white her face was shocked like she was in a room with a killer but It was more of a surprised shock.

"Only one guy has ever called me by my nickname." And she gave an almost evil smirk with a glance to the corner of her right eye that made the women seem as if she knew exactly to who was behind her.

Get around round round I get around

I'm a real cool head

Get around round round I get around

I'm makin real cool bread

She turns around and smirks her little girl smirk "Don't tell me that's you Stanly Manly" she giggled as it was also her teasing name for him.

"Relly it can't' be you is it?" The red head Stanford leaned forward half surprised and shocked his old lost love was in front of him and amazing as ever if not the most amazing thing he ever had seen even more gorgeous then himself.

"Well I most certainly hope so otherwise I was switched in bodies or my mind was switched with someone."

He laughed, "I see now where you get that side of you from, it's totally you."

"And what mister spoiled rotten can come over here and give his old best friend a hug or do I have to punch it out of your fucking prick ass." She said giving him the fist and then the finger in a threatening way like she was about to punch the rich man in front of her, as she gives indication this is what she means as she suddenly said "I'm going to fucking punch you if you don't get over here by the count of ten."

He suddenly laughs his obnoxious laugh "Wow Relly you really haven't changed, have you? You're still as tuff ass as you were the last day we saw each other."

She smirked "You mean the day we were caught almost loosing are virginity to each other I quiet remember." She look to the ground and smirked not making contact with his eyes and giving her the bad girl demur for a few seconds.

I'm getting bugged driving up and down the same old strip

I gotta find a place where the kids are hip

"Yeah I remember that day" he said softly while smirking, his hands release their grip against the table end of the old game that held the controls, and he looked her carefully in a bad boy kind of way, up and down "You've changed since then."

"Yeah well so have you tall and ever more handsome not the little shrimp I used to stand up for at those camps we attended.

"Yeah but you your hairs curly and you no longer look like that little girl in Sweet home Alabama"

"And you don't look like the bad guy in Swan Princess movies with the big nose I see your nose has grown to your face unless you…"

He laughs "No no I'm not that type, I hate that stuff I can't say the same about.."

"Your brother…hu figures he's also the punk who told on us please tell him I'm still looking for him and have my sniper gun all set for his fucking ass. Will you do that for me the ass will learn one way or another to not mess with me." She grinned evil at the plans she laid forth years ago for his brother and still was looking forth to carrying out.

He laughed the sighed heavily "Hu, I love you." He said sighing agian, before realizing what he said and feeling like slapping himself in the face "NO! Wait that didn't come out right.

"Well I most certainly hope you did at one point or I would have almost lost my virginity to a total ass worst then your brother." She giggles and started looking more like child showing it with this childish attitude of hers "Now I'm counting to five if you don't get your fucking falling ass over here when I get to five then you're going to die." Giving Stanford a look that said, 'you don't mess with me if you don't get your ass over here ASAP'.

My buddies and me are getting real well known

Yeah, the bad guys know us and they leave us alone.

"Now One" she showed with her long and manicured fingers spread out, counting down the numbers slowly moving each finger in to from a right bald fist.


All Stanford's feelings were welling inside of his chest ready to explode, but maybe he was finally feeling the pressure of the heat, man he found the dribbles and balls of sweat hot on her body, something that could only lure men to her like a siren calls the ships to their death. In his eyes she had always been a living breath Greek mythological siren. He wanted to taste the balls of sweat, however, he knew he should not try it, and after so long it would be wise to attempt.

"Three" her hand was showing like Lucy in Charlie Brown does to her brother as she counts down from five and makes fist to punch Linus. Stanford knew he should move forward but his feet were glued. 'Come-on feet move work work, budge, ugh, do something already, go towards her at least, evenfall forward…Please just work.' He thought to himself but nothing seemed to work.

I get around

Get around round round I get around

My kind o' town

Get around round round I get around

I'm a real cool head

"Four" suddenly it was like a burst of lightning and time seemed to stop, Stanford was suddenly right next to her but not only that was he holding her against the jukebox. Her leg all of a sudden was tightly around him. Luckily, for him, her great uncle was manning the window and did not see what his great niece and the British boy was doing in his dinner at this very moment.

Get around round round I get around

I get around


Laurel's golden brown eyes sparkled as his green ones sparkled in her eyes, it was an extremely heavenly moment, and as the last strand of hair fell down along the Jukebox he at last was allowed to do what he had desired for almost a decade, he wrapped his mouth around her small lips and she too enclosed hers around his large pinkish lips.

Get around round round oooo

Wah wa ooo

Wah wa ooo

Wah wa ooo

Stanford moaned as he opened his mouth and she followed suit by equally opening her's. Laurel let out a gasp, and Stanford quietly cried out so only her ears could hear, "Oh Relly, uh oh Rels Rels you know I've loved you every moment since the first day that every girl I've ever fallen for reminds me more of you."

"MMMmmm…Five, oh and finally" she gasp with joy almost like tears are to come to her eyes however her gasp could match the sound of an orgasm.

"Uh….Stan Stan…Stanly…Oh Stanly-Manly oh I love you… I've only and always wanted you." Suddenly before Stanford could figure out what she meant she had swung him against a nearby table with great strength. This strength was that of the Laurel he knew and loved all those years ago with the strength of a man and the demure of a helpless damsel in distress. Her long fingers and hands playfully moved up his chest in a tempting way, as she very slowly moved her body towards his in an arch over his; she kissed and licked his neck, causing his heart to pound like he was going to die.

Then she pecked her way up his neck nibbling on his left ear, moving slowly across his check. She paused over his lips, a millimeter from touching, it was this moment she glowed so gold like the sun or an angel of God he thought this moment could last forever and he would not care, it did not matter if he was dead or died as long as he was with her and saw Laurel again. She heavenly let their hot breath pass each other's lips, before she plunged herself foreword and forced his mother open, she pushed her tongue into his intertwining hers with his.

We always take the car cause its never been beat

She suddenly let go as she was gasping for air and was just above his lips looking romantically and suggestively into his eyes with a small smile "Tonight, let's do what we've wanted to do since that night we were taken away from each other."

And we've never missed yet with the girls we meet

Laurel slowly goes into his mouth and comes out before pulling away then slowly going back in as she tasted his mouth and tried very hard to find his tongue. Stanford did not want it to be easy for her this time, he wanted to play the game he used to play with her and have his fun with the girl his heart had fallen for since day one of being eight year olds at a summer camp. Finally, he smiled knowing he had his fun, he slowly closed his eyes and brought his tongue to hers but this time forced it her mouth and her tongue to back out of his mouth. He came to her mouth and caused a moan he had not heard in some time, and he missed the sound of this moan feeding his ears, they quenched for this particular sound of her moans for so long he had never thought they would hear this sweet harmony again.

None of the guys go steady cause it wouldn't be right

Stanford heard sudden cheering behind him, to which he gave the middle finger to the cheerers, he knew exactly who was watching the scene and he knew what they were thinking. He did regret that he would have to explain everything about his once girlfriend, and how they almost had sex, more that he still desired her and wanted to have sex with her.

To leave their best girl home on a Saturday night

Laurel pulled away once more as she heard her great uncle finish with the large order from the window and walk slowly back to the counter she had to pull away so her old puppy love would not be killed.

I get around

Get around round round I get around

My kind o' town

Get around round round I get around

I'm a real cool head

She smirked at her love, and as soon as she knew her uncle was not looking, she went to his ear and said "Tonight at lovers peak." She gave a little lick into the ear and smirked knowing there were two separate things called lovers peaks, one in a nearby town and the other being a drive in theater not far from here. What she referred to was both, however, frankly her meaning was more on lovers peak then the theater and she knew Stanford understood where she was going with this small comment and request.

Get around round round I get around

I'm makin' real good bread

Get around round round I get around

I get around

She suddenly extended her tongue out to his ear twisting it around knowing the old affects of such an action hoping it still worked the way it used to. To her happiness, it worked just like the last time she had done this, Stanford's heart raced almost like it was to pop, his body sweated like a fountain and his knees buckled. Although, she and him both were the dominate kinds in a relationship this being difficult from day one for them. He knew since they last saw each other she had picked up on her moves, not only that but from what he remembered in that last summer they had together she had somehow gotten better at making herself more dominate at getting what she wanted from the other lover.


Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah

However as she suddenly backed away she forgot that there was a wet floor sign to her right and to where she walked gleefully, this puddle had the contents of someone's large spilled drink of the floor with her wearing high stilettos, the silky tile floor would not make a good combination if in contact with a shoe like a stiletto, especially when wet.

Round round get around

I get around


Get around round round I get around

Get around round round I get around

Suddenly without warning her stilettos made contact with the wet mess and her shoes lost their grip of the floor ahead, she fell back and screamed. However, a hand was so swift and caught her by the back and she was looking back into those heavenly evergreen green eyes that made her dreams amazing.

They just stayed there for a minute or two looking at each other as heavenly rays swept around them both..

Wah wa ooo

Get around round round I get around

Oooo ooo ooo

Get around round round I get around

"I…I…" she blushed and he smiled.

He so quietly and gently with such a handsome romantic tone, that was unlike the Stanford everyone but Laurel knew, said "Don't be." And with that she could not help but feel speechless like he swept her of her feet for the first time in a long time.

Ahh ooo ooo

Get around round round I get around

Ahh ooo ooo

Get around round round I get around

Ahh ooo ooo

Suddenly the clicking of a gun was heard.

A scowling older man had a gun pointed at the hot British boy with spiky red hair that seemed to have more to him then he appeared and more to him then he allowed people to know he had.

Zeke angrily snarled, "I may like you Brit…Stanford you're a good kid but it goes double for you to stay away from my great niece." He pushes the gun to him closer, showing his true colors that even the battle force five never knew of; then again it made sense, when his car was reshaped for the multivers how he knew about the gun, even with his knowledge being expanded at the time.

"But..We knew each other since childhood." Stanford stated giving a puppy dog lip of apology trying to look innocent only to find the old coot huff at his innocent look almost like he was trying him in court trying him as guilty.

"You think I know about that one summer. I've known who you were as the kid who almost took her virginity, years ago, years before you came to this town. I've known for a long time now, I know you're a good kid but I'm not going to let it happen any time soon. I should let you know during the Vietnam War I was a young Lieutenant I even got a metal from the president, so you better not mess with her."

He looked at the girl shocked "Is he serious we thought he was just…well Zeke he can't be… don't old war heroes tell stories?"

"Not me, not with what I've seen you don't. Not all do and not all act like they were as they choose not to advertise it for good reasons." Zeke said almost sounding like his normal self, before returning to his hard protective self. Honestly, who had ever known that Zeke had a whole nother side to him let alone Stanford had a whole nother side to him. Everyone seemed to hide some part about themselves that this heat was bringing out. The day could almost be described as Shakespeare's A Midsummer's Night Dream the way things seemed to be playing out only without the mixed up love happening. This day seemed to have the twists of Shakespeare's The Tempest especially when Prospero's daughter falls for the prince, which is the son of the man Prospero blames for his exile.

"He's right my dad never did and he still doesn't." She said softly giving him the soft look to put her down and leave as the person Laurel called 'Bapa,' the same man that the town knew as the crazy Zeke, whom Laurel seemed to be indicating by her body language and Zeke was proving to Stanford on his own terms with the gun to say Zeke not the fellow to tempt with.

"Well, bye Zeke and bye Relly" she girlishly giggled as he made the cute clicking sound with a manly wink that would cause any girl to swoon over, as he placed her down making a swift exit almost walking on a cloud.

Laurel softly and dreamily reply's to her Stanford "Bye Stan Stan, Bye my Stanly-Manly."

When Stanford reached his car, he felt like he took a deep swim in the Arctic, the heat could not bother him like the others, at least not anymore if it had ever bothered him, he was on a cloud in his swim trunks.

Suddenly he was thrown to the ground in a big dog pile heap by the load of his guy friends "Whoa guys what's this all about fellas"

"So who's the girl?" Vert asked in a questioning tone.

"Ugh, sometimes you seven are worst then my brother….Hu, but if you must know we used to go to camp together and almost dated we were caught doing something I will refuse to tell you. We were not allowed to see each other after that, which was when we were both Zoomy's age of sixteen we wrote but now being twenty four and seeing her it was just amazing she's changed so much and well we almost hit it off once so she asked me on a date. Cause I…well"

Stanford smirked and scratched his neck as he blushed. "I may have stated out of nowhere that I still loved her on accident, but she asked me out a bit after that, and I think it was because she knew I loved her still. And well…" he started scratching the back of his head as his guys friends lifted him up some making howling sounds.

"So what's next?" Zoom asked smiling down at the older teammate.

"She wants to go to lovers peak movie theater but she wants to…well meet…Never mind I'm not telling you guys anything."

"SO how longs she staying that way we can know how long are Stan Stans going to act different" A.J. joked making Stanford fuse and want to punch the newbie.

Only to make Stanford angrier when Spinner and Zoom joined in the taunting "How longs Stanley's, little Stan Stan who was bullied and let a girl stand up for him, girls going to stay?"

"Will you three children shut the hell up before I throw you three in the ice zone or volcano zone for a day." He was furious by what his friends were taunting him with, and for once, he had backed his three goof ball friends into a car nearby that was some trashed 1969 Camaro that was parked in front of the dinner. Sherman was just inches from smacking his brother Spinner in the head for being so naive, as this was sometimes the only way to get his older brother to stop.

"What's wrong Stan Stan." The three goofballs laughed

None of the guys heard the bell of the dinner ding nor see the swaying sexy body stop and give the disappointed lean in their direction.

"Hm I see you no longer need me to protect you finally, your pussy ass learned to stand up for itself…And don't you make fun of what I call him or you'll find yourself flattened dead on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere while buzzards pick at you like the crows do that man in the second Pirates of the Caribbean movie in the jail scene."

She was very good with threats so good even Stanford gulped and released his friends "Now if you don't mind I'd like to get my car, if you so much ass don't mind bitches, you four can continue your bitch ass cat fight on the stupid runway just please step away from the Camaro and nobody gets hurt.

They all stepped away while Stanford laughed "Your driving that old piece of crap, what did you do?"

She swayed her hips over to her boyfriend that the other guys stepped away, she gently made it look like she was going to kiss him before looking fierce and punching him in the abdomen "I'd punch you in the balls but I'd like to have pleasure later so if you don't mind." She flipped her blond hair so the guys would drool as it caught and reflected the rays of the sun.

"I'm going to be heading out…Oh and Stanford this is not my only car its only my ninth project and fix up I've done. You remember the old car at Camp Lake Miracle, that the camp owner had that broke down shit car?"

Stanford nodes his head. "Well, this is him, he was the one I told you was my dream car we named Emmerson's. Now it's mine, and he is my ninth project. I would love to show you my other cars but there back home. Did I tell you I went to college to be a mechanic I'm only part time acting and part time in or directing musicals. I also teach theater on the side, so don't be bitching about the cars I drive you don't know the half of what I like to drive or have fixed they all look amazingly incredible and work better then peanut butter and jelly."

"You mean that bastard car is working and is here, this car…is that car."

"Ha don't believe me, look at the trunk hood and tell me it isn't Emmerson." Indeed Stanford walks to the trunk and there in two spots it proved the car was the car at the last summer camp him and Laurel ever attended. Here it said some things that they had written inside the shit car.

'Stanly-Manly (AKA Stanford) promises forever more to be with my best friend at camp Relly till the day I die I love my best friend…

And I Reelly "AKA Laurel" promises to be with my prince charming no scratch that my robin hood as I'm the kick ass batman or no scratch that I'm super women who's stronger then Superman and he's the dweeb superman just not related but in love. Oh and I can take care of myself my guys not the best fighter and I need no shit hero that's why I like (lol like like) him.. I love Stanford and I'm his superhero….Reelly and Stanly forever Age 9 Summer 1996"

The next one was besides this and it said, "I love Stanly just as much as the little child I once was he proposed to me today even though I'm 16 and we're two years from our legal age. I still said yes although we aren't of age we made plans to fake ideas if we're not caught we're making tonight our honeymoon so no one can stop us…ha ha suckers eat my ass and shove your finger up yours if you catch us.

Man I love this women R…R my Reelly man she's hot on firer a flame and my babe, I don't care what the cunting traditions are, I'm making her my wife SUKERS PERTERSON :P Ha I got her first and she loves me suck on that dick….XO my love Reelly tonight I'm so getting laid and the end of this summer I'm getting married. July 2003 Reelly and Stanly together forever if this busted up dush car ever works he will be ours and our real honeymoon drive away car.

P.S. When I can I'm going to rangle the moon for this fine ass babe Reelly I've loved her forever and I'm going to promise her the moon like that weird dush guy in It's a Wonderful Life. Oh and to my brother who knows of this and will die if he tells suck on my…. "

"Ok don't need to read the rest of that I believe you I can't believe you left everything we wrote in the metal in there." He quickly covered it up especially to Zoom by closing the trunk, as they wrote some not so pleasant things on there, that Zoom and everyone else did not need to read.

He backs away so that she can get out "Well see you later then what movies playing?" she asked as she kept the window down and leaned towards the guys before driving off onto the road.

"It's some oldies I think then a newer one afterwards." Stanford answered quiet unsure of what they did have playing.

"Great see you then." She smiles and waves as she drives off and disappears into the distance.

"Dude that's one tough girl to bad she's taken" AJ whines although Stanford for once does not pay attention and instead is watching the girl he's always loved drive off in to the distance.

"So how long is she staying, cause if it's not long you know I just don't want one of my friends becoming depressed. You know statistically 95% of long distance relationships do not turn out right and I do not want either of you hurt it sounds like your both are trying to restart old flames when you should be moving on.

Stanford wanted to yell at Spinner but for the few times he had to admit it his friend was correct and was looking out for him, even the look on Vert and Tezz's faces told him they felt the same ways.

He realized he had not thought it through once he promised this girl the moon, he promised her marriage, children a beautiful daughter that looked like her and he promised her forever but now with him chasing storm shocks and her doing something in mechanics she was not specific to what she did, he wondered if it could truly work? On the other hand, was this just a summer night between them both that would in their mind last forever but as reality was, this moment that was the last moment or last one that they could have together.

Stanford for the first time in his life had been nervous about everything in their relationship and was so unsure about life he was unsure about even doing it with her, he was so scared but he did not know what to think.

She soon came out from behind the old store building looking both ways before running and jumping into the seat passenger seat, but doing it so furiously that she landed on top of his lap.

"Oh…um…I'm so…sorry…I didn't mean to…" Laurel said with a flushed face and rose red blushing cheeks, while rushing to get up and buckle her seat very timid and nervously it's as if you could see the child still in the twenty four year old women being scared of guy cooties or scared of her best friend being more then that.

"It's….It's ok I know you didn't…" she fiddled with her fingers and stared out the window something was bothering her as well and he could not figure out what it was. They both were twenty-four and had waited for each other for almost forever.

He did not know what to do, nor what bothered her and gave her eyes the pasty glow but something was wrong. He slowly and clammily went to grab her hand. Although he slowly retrieved it she did not seem to mind, she more jumped from his touch as if she was shocked from electricity even though she was just holding his hand.

He sighed and looked to the road as he drove to the drive through theater that was about forty miles outside the city. The sun had just set leaving the desert mounds of the dry land to look like dark shadows in the orange dark purple and pink with yellow skyline haze sky. "Are you sure you're wanting to do this." Stanford could not help but ask, although when he said it he could have sworn the air flet so cold like they were in the frozen mountains.

She shaking and hesitantly nods her head "Yes" but says it as if she's about to burst into tears

'I'm not forcing you Relly…I don't want to force you."

"Are you ok Stanford" she asked so gently and angelically any man would be foolish not to have chills run down their spin it was so pain staking he did not know whether to tell her yes or no as his heart was screaming yes then his brains created no.

It was a long five minutes until he responded "I…I…quiet honestly don't don't know…"

She replaced her hand that she had taken away from his grasp and placed it on his hand over the clutch it was so cold but nice. "Honestly I don't know either." She said quietly as she looked to the stars that were forming above in the sky. "My heart tells me yes but it also tells me no and screams to run away…I wish life was not as complicated and was as easy as those childhood days we had at those summer camps. You know those were easier to say our love but now we're adults and everything is so….ugh so complicated I wish life were easy."

"But nothing is ever easy." Stanford laughs for once he realizes he does not have his music on or cranking and to tell the truth he really liked it this way, listening to her was like listening to his own personal music meant just for his ears.

"Stanford I'm scared…" she says as she looks into his eyes while their cold hands still hold each other.

Stanford turns his head pastily back to the road with no emotion leaving a minute of silence these were things they had to know it was not like childhood where they would just do it and worry of consequences later, things were not that easy as an adult and Stanford was one of the few hero's protecting the world he could not deal with an relationship.

"How long are you staying?" He asked wishing for forever, knowing forever was an impossible answer.

"What?" she said with a gasp as she started crying into her hands.

"How long are you staying?" he asked with a sigh so deep it made the air a little disturbing as he was in hi s own way sulking time.

"I…I...I'm not here longer than a few days but…but I work I'm working for a couple of days.
"Where?" he asked quiet curious.

"I work as a vehicle mechanic for the military I was given a day of leave since I was in town but will be heading overseas in days there stationing me thank God in Chad but who knows what's next."

"So can this work out?" he asked hopeful but he knew the answer

She sighed and stared at the stars in envy "I hate our love has to be star crossed lovers, you know like I to, it's just we've never been able to be together that's why we attempted or were going to run away. You know you're supposed to marry wealthy not middle class and your parents will disown you if….if" she burst into tears

"I want you for myself but your rich and I'm the middle class American your from England and me America I don't have much money to my name and your parents won't ever approve of that I know you love them and I'm not going to be at fault to break up a family of the man I love…You should marry wealthy class and make them happy. Can…Can we…we just leave it there?"

As she finished the statement, they suddenly arrived to the drive in movie theater field line, which took about thirty minutes to get through "Hey what's playing?" Stanford asked the ticket booth worker, as this was the last thing said since Laurel cried for the last thirty minutes, which were spent in quiet and attempted comforting.

"Let's see we decided to put the block buster first and it's Pirates of the Caribbean and in 3D then we have let's see what's the oldie we're playing tonight."

The young teen looked at the computer while popping her gum "Oh yeah it's that really sexy 60's film A Summer Place."

"What oh no. Oh no please not that one." Laurel says as she begins crying again, which confused Stanford as he looked at her and soothed her back after they were handed their 3D glasses.

"What's wrong with the film."

"The couples like us." Was the last thing she said before cuddling into Stanford crying. "Please just don't care about me after tonight we both need to move on we know it, our worlds won't intersect right, just please don't think about me much after tonight."

"But why?"

"Because it's the way of the fucking status quo, neither of us will be excepted by our families they already are trying to set me up with doctors and other guys and trying to get me out of the service. Please they will win soon get me out and I'm going to become a fraggin house wife who sits on her bum all day getting fat while your getting stinking rich in whatever you do.

"I'm saving the world in a way like you but I'm racing cars in fact this is my race car."

"Which I'm amazed by but I just hate that we don't have more than this second chance at forever together for one night."

He holds her tightly slipping the 3D glasses which looked so cute on her as the fourth pirates film began. They talked for hours during it about their lives, memories and wishes of togetherness which there childhood innocence had left them both when they became the adults they were and they knew they could never be more.

Suddenly the Pirates film ended all too soon and the movie suddenly changed to A Summer Place as they watched it he felt tears trickle his face. This once teenage couple had been in love like the both of them but he was wealthy and she was middle class both from different countries his family made him marry someone wealthy and they had a daughter, then the girl was forced to be with someone abusive and she had a son and their children fell in love.

Eventually the couple's children are together and the old couple now at least middle aged are together but it's so sad that they could not be together and now it was happening in real life to them.

"Stanly I can't I don't want that to happen I want your children not someone else's."

"I know and that won't happen to use remember the talent show we sang Somewhere together and won 'There's a place for us some where a time for us take my hand and were half way there take my hand and I'll take you there.'"

"Well always have our somewhere." She sighed and leaned into his shoulder as he drove, she cried but smiled as he joyfully sighed with her.

"Yes always." Stanford said as a smile took both of their sad faces and he exited the highway to a nearby hill known to many in several towns nearby as Lover's Peak. "You're my Maria, Laurel and I'm always going to save us for that somewhere in our hearts and eventually heaven above will have it together."

"Oh Stanly you always knew how to cheer me up." She suddenly jumps on him and her bum accidently hits the horn in which the lights go off several times.

Their tongues intertangle and there is several sounds of moaning as the two fall down on the seats and all that can be seen is there feet and the slow placing of clothes as two naked bodies suddenly entangle into each other and become one for an extremely long night they are finally together. Nothing can keep them apart for at last at least they finally had there forever.

"Stanly if anything ever happens to me anything at all please take Emmerson I'm leaving him with my Bapa and Madra but I've told them that if anything happens as I do have a dangerous job I want you to have him you know he was once our baby we dreamed of fixing together." She says early that morning hanging her lips close to his and whispering so angelically they both had finally lost their virginity in an endless night of sex.

"But nothing will happen to you" He laughs yet he had a butterfly flip his stomach to tell him otherwise.

"I know but please it's my gift to you I knew you were here, as Bapa and Madra did tell me eventually I brought him as I've been meaning to give him to you and have been waiting to do most of the fixing up with you but with my job that's a little impossible." She laughed and looked up into those enchanting strong evergreen eyes that at the moment only saw her and only felt for her.

He sighed but gave her a look that told him he would cherish it for his entire life and always love her. Finally, she allowed him to go through the pumping once more and get both of them into the moments of bliss.

The man in the coat coughed as he was fairly tired looking from all the cases he had been working on, if not forced to over work on, "Excuse me Ms. Starlight." He said from his rolling chair, as he had finally looked up from several pages of documents he had just received to tell why she was feeling so sick.

"Please Laurel it's my name I feel old using Mrs. And hate sounding like my mother."

"Understandable, now can you tell me how long ago you had these aches?" The man with the big nose and tan body asked, he had brown hair and a slight bald spot, his glasses were like old man glasses and he had several wrinkles on his face and the look of exhaustion in his eyes.

"Yes let's see I believe I've had them and the throwing up since about four weeks after getting here Dr. Renaldo. But please tell me if I can go back to work in the schools and the mechanics with my military job."

"Well I'm sorry Mrs.…I mean Laurel but I'm afraid you will not be able to do that, you could still teach but I'm afraid your mechanical engineering in the military will have to be put on hold."

"WHAT YOU FUCKING ASS HOLE WHY DON'T I SHOVE A SHOT UP YOUR BONY ASS AND SEE HOW YOU FUCKING LIKE IT THEN LAUGH AND SAY YOU CAN'T WORK YOU FUCKER." She was standing up holding the doctor by the color she hated going to the doctor since childhood, and she did not like people telling her she could not work, she was a tough women and would punch anyone if they told her she could not work.

"Hold it, there's no need for the language please sit down and relax let me explain it's not my rules but there's and you can take it up with them. There are ways to surpass this but many women feel withdrawal from doing it. Hu, you see Mrs. I need to know when did you last have sex?"

She blushed and looked up at the doctor hesitant knowing he was the USA military doctor that he would not tell others but it was so embarrassing to talk about especially to a guy, still remembering that night she lost her virginity, this made her smile warmly and look to the ceiling as if seeming the whole night play in front of her like a projector, then the feeling for him in her vergina kicked in she wanted more of him and wanted his thing in her farther then ever. "Honestly my first time was my last it was well over a month ago before I came here."

"Well who ever the father is I hope you have him on speed dial for Laurel I don't know if this is good news or bad news for you but I want to tell you know you are pregnant"

When she heard the words 'father' and 'pregnant' she felt her jaw drop to the ground and she felt as if she would faint any moment this could not be happening it either was a blessing or a curse but for once her wish not to use condoms on her first time granted her what she had wanted so long ago and what Stanford promised she would have from him. She wanted to cry but she felt to dizzy and unsure she did not know what to do or say.

"You're in your first trimester of the pregnancy from what the scans show, you are more than a month into it. You've been having morning sickness and dizziness because of you being pregnant and the only way the military will let you work is if you have an abortion even then you have time off."

"I'll speak with my sergeant and ask to stay here, I want to finish up the school year with the kids here at least the winter quarter then I'll head home, when's that baby due?' She said neither excited nor sad at the moment she was unsure what to think whether she was pregnant was not a question anymore for she was, and she was against abortion leaving that was out of the picture, but having a baby made things so much more complicated, would she even tell Stanford that she was having his child? For once, in her life, Laurel felt week and unsure this was the one obstacle she could not skip and did not know how to get over, she wanted to be a mother but she didn't know how.

"Miss I have more news then you're pregnant." He sighs and looks into her golden brown eyes that helped her body glow like the sun "You are pregnant with twins their due at the end of March actually they may be due sometime in April, so I'd suggest you'd head home sooner than the end of winter quarter. Would you like to know the gender?' Again the women froze at the words 'Twins' she knew it was possible for her seeing as her dad had a twin but she did not know she could have twins.

"You can tell that now?" she asked more as a question then statement she did not know at her stage she could find out but then again it was the shock of finding out she was pregnant that was getting her so amazed by everything, she could know what the blessings she was carrying were that was a heaven sent gift from God.

"Well it's not that well with the equipment we do have they don't give us the best to work with, but I can give you a general of what the CT scan showed."

"Sure it may help make my decision." She said quite eagerly leaving out that it was not all that truthful knowing would make the it even harder to make a decision.

"Of keeping or…"

"NO! I don't agree with that stuff it's a matter of giving it to my family or telling the father I'm not sure I'll be able to raise a baby on my own its a lot to think through."

"I could wait for another app…"

"No" she grabs him by the arm and forces him fiercely down "I want to know this I need to plan this out."

The doctor sighs knowing how females whether pregnant or not that were like this you did not want to mess with or anger any more than a loose starving female lion.

"Very well, I'm happy to inform you that it looks like you're having two beautiful baby daughters."

She gasped it seemed that the plans they made as children were coming together but how should she tell him? What should she tell him? Could she ever tell him and let life go on?

"I've made one decision I'm staying to teach as least I'm doing one thing to help the world then I'll leave before it's too late to head home and have the child."

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