Kurt was back in Chicago for the first time in ten years. At first, he had avoided the place deliberately. He wasn't sure he wanted to ever see the man who had changed him. And then, when he knew that he was more grateful than angry, time just seemed to slip away from him. But now he was back, and the entire city seemed to know he was there. Kurt expected that at some point his sire would return.

Thanks to his publisher Kurt was staying in a much nicer hotel this time around. He was on a book tour for the latest installment in his series of homoerotic vampire stories. Surprisingly, they were a huge international success. Not Harry Potter success, but definitely better than Twilight. Unlike Harry Potter of Twilight, however, his books were not kid friendly. He dealt with some very adult themes: sex, blood play, domination and submission, violence outside the bedroom, drug use and serial killings. This was the third book out of six that were planned, and his agent was already in negotiations for the movie rights.

Kurt liked to spend time reading the fan fiction stories online, and he often got inspiration from the writers there, though he never changed the main plotline he had worked out. It was fun to include some small nod to the fans that were so loyal that they spent hours of their free time getting lost in the world he created. And they had begun looking for those nods after Kurt had owned up to putting them in deliberately after the second book.

The allergy to sunlight was a common topic in the fan forums, but most people believed it was simply a publicity stunt. When asked about the allergy, Kurt would say that it was the reason he became interested in vampires to begin with, which was totally true if misleading. Other than the sun and garlic allergies, Kurt did nothing that would make anyone believe that he was a vampire. He didn't dress Goth or act all weird and mysterious. He still loved fashion, he had married his high school sweetheart, and he loved living in New York where most things were just beginning when the sun set.

Kurt's least favorite part about being a writer was going on book tours. This was the third one, and he was glad that it was almost over. He brought Puck with him, but it was never easy dealing with hotel rooms with curtains that allowed light to seep through. And now, they had Hailey and Gabriel to deal with.

Kurt and Puck had gone to Kent State together, rooming together freshman year and getting an apartment together for their subsequent years. Kurt was an English major—much to everyone's surprise at the time, including his—while Puck had majored in music and had gotten his teaching certification. After graduating, Puck got a job teaching music back in Lima and supported them while Kurt wrote his first book.

After the series was picked up by a publisher and the first book hit the best seller list, the couple decided to use a portion of the proceeds to hire a surrogate. Hailey was born about the same time Kurt finished the second book. Puck gave up his job to raise their kids, so she and Puck came along for that book tour, even though Hailey was only a few months old at the time. Then Gabe was born just after this third book was released, forcing Kurt to delay the book tour until they could all go, much to his agent's displeasure. Kurt had a feeling that the next tour he'll have to take by himself. Then again, as the series gained popularity, he was required to do fewer actual stops because the stores just could not accommodate the fans. Maybe the next tour would be short and only include the media events.

"The kids are down," Puck said as he came out to the sitting room of their hotel suite. "And Jenna is on her way over."

"I'm ready when you are," Kurt said. They were both dressed in designer tuxedoes for the literacy fundraiser they were attending that evening.

Just then, there was a knock at the door and Puck went to answer it. Expecting it to be the kids' nanny, he was shocked when a man pushed his way into the room like he owned the place. Puck still kept in shape and was a pretty strong guy, but this guy shoved him aside like he was nothing. Puck knew without being told that this was the man who had changed his husband.

"I see you have made a good life for yourself," The man said to Kurt, completely ignoring Puck, who had closed the door behind him and was walking to Kurt's side.

Kurt was glad that Puck came to him because he would have been more defensive if he felt that Puck was being threatened in any way. Now he was free to relax a bit. "I have. And you were right in some ways and wrong in others."

"How so?"

"I am happier," Kurt said. "But my happiness doesn't come from power or any of the other gifts that come from being what we are. It doesn't even come from the success I have seen in writing about our kind. My happiness stems from my love for Noah and his love for me. My happiness comes from my children and the rest of my family. But since I wouldn't have Noah if you hadn't changed me, I suppose I have to thank you."

The man nodded and gave Kurt a smile. "I am glad you have found your happiness, however it came about." The man walked a little closer, but made no real move to approach either of them. "I wanted to let you know that there are those of our kind who have questioned whether or not you are one of us. I have kept that knowledge to myself so you may be assured that they will not be a threat to you. As far as they know, your books are simply a very close guess to the truth. You were smart to include a few inaccuracies."

"The immortality seemed to be necessary for popular culture," Kurt shrugged. "What kind of vampire ages and dies like every other creature."

He chuckled. "Exactly. I have wondered…"

"Ask," Kurt said. "I can't promise I will answer, but the question will not offend me."

"I have not met one whose blood calls to me," he said. "What is it like to feed from one?"

"It's like every good thing you can imagine all wrapped up in one," Kurt said. "It is home and hope and love and arousal and satiety. There is sweetness, but it is so much more than that."

"Thank you," the man said. He looked to Puck. "He is lucky to have you. I hope he treats you properly."

"He's the best thing that ever happened to me," Puck said honestly. "Only our children come close."

"Good," he said. He turned back to Kurt. "I shall leave you. Your nanny will remember where she put her card key soon and I would like to be gone before she arrives."

"Will we see you again?" Kurt wondered.

"I will keep watch, but I doubt we will meet again in this life," he said. "Be well, and be happy."

"You too," Kurt said sincerely.

When he was gone, Kurt and Puck hugged tightly. "Do I really make you feel all those things?"

Kurt smiled into Puck's neck. "You do. Why do you think I tried so hard to make you love me?"

Puck smirked. "Because I was a sex shark with huge guns."

Kurt laughed. "That too." He kissed his husband languidly, only breaking apart when Jenna knocked at the door. "I love you, Noah."

"I know," Puck said with a smile as he went to the door. "And I love you too."

Kurt smiled. His life had changed so much in the last ten years, but it was all for the better, so he couldn't complain. He would simply enjoy the gifts he was given.

The End

A/N: Well, that's the end. If you don't believe me, just see the two-word paragraph above this one. For those of you who have been dying to know who the sire vampire was, sorry. His only realy importance to the story was his choice to change Kurt in the first chapter. I thought I would bring him back for a moment at the end to understand his motives a little better, but he was being very enigmatic withneven me, so we got almost nothing from him.

For those of you who haven't checked out Music Again, my other WIP (is it really a WIP if it's already completed and just being posted?), I truly recommend it. I really enjoyed writing a little angst in that one. Okay a little more angst than this one. As for the as-yet-untitled Mpreg work, it is still a work in progress, though I got caught up in reading an HP fic of epic proportions yesterday and didn't get to write a thing! And I'm going to go see Wicked (again-for the 4th time) this afternoon, so I doubt I'll get much done today either. that leaves four days of vacation after that to finish. We'll see how that goes!