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Umi's POV:

"Hey Umi, get up!" chirped a small energetic Luvdisc.

I stirred and yawned.

"Come on! You don't want to be late do you?" she yelled.

I jolted up and swam up noticing the Luvdisc.

"Ai! What are you doing here? Do my parents know you're here?" I questioned worriedly shaking off my sleepiness. My parents were the leaders of my tribe and if they found out Ai had snuck in to see me, boy would she be in trouble.

"Of course, Umi! If I didn't get permission, I'd probably be chased down by the royal guards now," Ai cheerfully snapped back.

I paced forward and asked, "What's the rush, Ai?"

Ai gasped," What? Don't tell me you've forgotten! Today your parents want you to choose your partner at the ball. They want you to get a partner to help you rule the tribe soon."

"CHOOSE?" I yelled, "They never let me choose, my dad keeps trying to make me keep Armik as a partner no matter how many times I tell him that I am sick of Armik!"

Armik was a fellow Milotic, I can say that he... has something for me... But I HATE HIM! He's such a snotty arrogant little brat. I ought to-

"UMI!" Ai yelled snapping me back to reality, "Are you going to get ready or what? We don't have all day and we don't want your father getting angry, do we?"

I sighed, I just curled up my antennae and brushed up my beautiful fan-like tail.

"Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go!" I yelled, obviously wanting to get this over with. We swam out of the reef towards the ball.

"Umi, don't rush! We might run into a Gyarados!" Ai panted.

I answered back teasingly, "So what if we do?"

Ai irritably replied, "They didn't get shunned from our tribe for no reason, y'know. They're really aggressive."

"Oh c'mon, that's silly. Not EVERY Gyarados is aggressive," I asserted my opinion. And with that, we sped towards the ball!

Arashi's POV:

"Honestly, Kip. I don't get why dad wants me to train so much..." I pouted to my best friend Kip, a Mudkip.

Kip cheerfully replied, "Oh, you know how parents are, besides, he truly lives up to his ideals of leading the Gyarados tribe. He just wants to make sure his young prince can lead the tribe well in the future. And you know how Gyarados are, they're aggressive and all-"

"THAT'S WHAT EVERYONE THINKS!" I angrily yelled, "He keeps saying I have to live up to the Gyarados tribe's ideals, become stronger and fight with strength. But I DESPISE mindless fights! It doesn't mean that if our ancestors were brutal, doesn't mean that we should do the same!"

"Well, I'm not part of your tribe," Kip said as he swam carelessly around my tail. That was true, I had to sneak out to talk to him. He was my best friend, he would tell me of things that were happening outside my tribe. My dad generally had no knowledge of our friendship though, and if he were to found out... I don't want to know...

"Even worse, is that dad wants me to pick a... partner soon. He says if I don't pick one soon, he'll do the picking. And I think I know who he has on his mind," I grimaced.

Kip decided to change the topic, "Wanna play a game?"

I chuckled. "You bet!" I replied. Any activity that took my mind of the situation was welcome to me.

"TAG! You're it!" Kip shouted as he swam away laughing, this brought me out of my thoughts.

I sped through the water to catch up to Kip.

"Woah, you're fast, Arashi!" Kip chuckled as he used his hind legs to kick the coral bed below him, giving him a boost.

I sped forward, however, and managed to tackle Kip.

"Now, you're it!" I yelled triumphantly.

We both chuckled and played the whole afternoon. Little did I know that as we chased each other, the nearer we were getting to the Milotic Royal Ball.

Kip and I got tired so we decided to rest at the coral bed while chatting with each other.

"Say Kip, where are we?" I asked.

Kip jumped up and used his fin to check his surroundings. "I'd say we're at a secluded spot between the Gyarados and Milotic tribes," he informed.

"Arashi, I got an idea," Kip suddenly lit up.

"What?" I asked out of curiosity.

"Let's go to a coral bed in the Milotic Tribe! That's where I always play and hide!" Kip said enthusiastically.

"Are you nuts?" I panicked, "I'm a Gyarados! They'd beat me up for going in."

Kip thought to himself, then he suddenly replied, "Don't worry, Arashi. Nobody ever goes there, save for me. And I know a way to get there unnoticed."

"If you say so," I said, giving in to my friend. Little did I know, that this would result in a meeting that would change my life.

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