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Umi's POV:

"Oh, so my suspicions were correct... You did like this Arashi guy," Mom smiled, gazing down at me.

I smiled back at her,

"Well, we better get you all tidied up for your big night!" Legami smiled. The Gorebyss had swam all the way here along with Unagi during the war.

I couldn't help but grin back at her. Mom had heard everything from Legami. She was initially shocked that I had chosen Arashi to be my partner, but when Legami had told her about how close we had grown, Mom just smiled in understanding.

"You... you chose well, Umi..." she smiled, tears of joy streaming out, "I'm... really happy to see you grow up like this!"

"Of course she chose well!" Legami giggled, "When I had battled Arashi earlier... His first concern was the safety of your daughter!"

All of a sudden, a small yet energetic Luvdisc swam into my room through the window, panting in exhaustion. I smiled as I was reunited with Ai.

"Sorry if I'm late!" Ai panted.

I smiled.

"Oh, Ai!" I giggled, "No, silly! You're not late! We haven't even started!"

"No, Umi... I meant that I'm late in helping you get ready for YOUR wedding party!" Ai panted.

"Oh, don't worry about it!" I smiled, holding out the Sapphire necklace Arashi had given me, "I'm sure this will do just fine!"

"Oh Umi! This is your big night! Just because your special someone gave you that doesn't mean it's enough. Come with me! Let's get you all dressed up!" Ai giggled, speeding away.

I just chuckled. That energetic little Luvdisc sure hasn't changed.

Mom and Legami both nodded at me as I looked back at them before speeding away to catch up with Ai.

Arashi's POV:

"I see that your dream has finally come true!" Unagi chuckled.

I just stared back at him, blushing. Things would've gone better if Legami hadn't told her husband about the night I had with Umi at the cave.

"I'm so proud 'f you... Arashi... Son!" Dad grinned.

I couldn't help but smile back at him.

"So... You're okay with Umi? Dad?" I asked.

He nodded.

"I guess that the both 'f you... Yerr really made for each other!" he excitedly replied.

"Umi's pretty lucky to have someone like you," Unagi chuckled, turning my face redder, causing Unagi to remark on that

"Why the stiff face? You look like you're gonna faint or something... Ease up! Tonight's your big night! You want to look as good as possible!" Unagi advised.

"I know," I weakly replied, "It's just that I feel so... giddy today."

"Oh, everyone gets that... Trust me," Unagi winked back at me.

"So... Umi's really your lucky girl, eh?" a familiar voice butted in.

"WHA-" I exclaimed in shock upon noticing Kip, "Kip? How'd you get in here?"

"Ouch! You never noticed me?" he answered, pretending to be hurt, "I've snuck in half an hour ago!"

Dad just smiled upon seeing Kip... He didn't snarl or do anything of the sort despite the fact that Kip came from the Milotic Tribe.

"Oh, Son! If only yerr muther could 'ave seen this! She'd be soo proud!" he smiled as he hugged me.

I smiled.

Yes, I guess she would be...

Umi's POV:

Several years later...

Things had quieted down a bit. Thanks to my marriage with Arashi, our two species soon saw that love could flourish where war had once been. The once aggressive feud had been replaced with a warm friendship.

The Tribes even managed to become unified once more, even with the friendly addition of Unagi and Legami's group.

Arashi became a just (albeit still soft-spoken) King, hearing out to others, Gyarados or not, and treating them kindly.

I must say, everything felt nice and all! I felt that we were all now unified into one big happy family.

The Gyarados and Milotic had grown together in peace already, some even starting families with each other, no longer fearing their past differences.

"Am I late?" Arashi panted upon entering our private chamber.

His look of fatigue melted away as I smiled back at him.

"No, in fact, it's just about to hatch!" I excitedly squealed, clutching an egg, my egg, lovingly and protectively.

Arashi grinned, excited to meet our first child come into the world.

The light enveloping the egg continued to glow brighter, a sign showing that it was about to hatch.

The light filled our room and when it had faded, a small Feebas lay in the egg's place.

The young Feebas had a lavender color about her delicate skin. I brought her up to my face as she opened her crystal clear eyes.

"Wow, her eyes... They're as beautiful as her mother's!" Arashi grinned as he inched closer and kissed me.

"Oh, but I'm sure that she'd be as strong as her father!" I returned back to him, smiling.

"Father?" he blushed, smiling, "I'm not sure about strength though... I'm not all that strong, I spent half of the fight against Armik sleeping. I wonder if being weak would hinder me from being a good father. Oh no! I hope I become a good father!"

I smiled as I watched his cute show of nervousness. Arashi was always worrying about something.

"Nonsense, dear! Let's not forget that if you hadn't fought Armik, we wouldn't be having a happy life... together! I'm sure sure you'll make an excellent father!" I cheered him up.

He stopped worrying and smiled.

"By the way, Umi... What should we name her?" he asked excitedly as he cradled our daughter, looking down at her lovingly.

I smiled and gazed down at our daughter too, as she slept peacefully on top of our interlocking tails.

"How about..." he began.

"Hope!" I continued,

He smiled back at me.

"That's a beautiful name!" he softly replied, "Why'd you choose it?"

"Because," I began, "I felt hope when I first met you! I felt hope... that my prince existed! I felt hope that you... would somehow enter my life!"

He smiled as he leaned in for another kiss.

"I love you, Umi," he whispered.

I smiled.

"I love you too, Arashi," I whispered back in contentment.

This is how my tale comes to end. I'm glad to have gone through all this. With this journey I learned that hate blocks out love. My ancestors never got to learn that if they only saw their enemies with eyes of love instead of eyes of hate, we would all be living a happy and peaceful life.

Never forget that love can grow and flourish anywhere... even in the middle of hate.

Arashi's POV:

Several years later...

Oh snap! I have to get back home quickly!

Umi had said that her egg could hatch any moment soon. Problem was, I also had things to attend to.

I was busy helping Ikari's grandfather as he had no way to support himself with Ikari imprisoned. The old Gyarados was quite kind though, contrary to his granddaughter. I had lost track of time as I enjoyed a lengthy conversation with him.

"I have to get back," I quietly muttered to myself while rushing back home, "Or... or... or... a random accident might happen... Agh! And if an accident happens, what'll become of Umi and her egg? What kind of a father am I?"

I guess that Umi's right... I've grown to be paranoid sometimes... Oh wait, she says I'm paranoid every time...

I swam across the huge ocean. It had grown quite peaceful when the two feuding tribes had decided to come as one... And because of my marriage with Umi. Umi became the tribe's Queen and, despite my requests and frailness, I became crowned its King. I'm honestly nervous with this kind of position. I kept on worrying if my frailness would hinder me from being a good father AND ruler...

I shook the thought off.

Umi's waiting!

"Am I late?" I panted as I entered our private chamber.

Umi, still cradling her egg, acknowledged my presence and smiled at me. No matter how many times she did that, her smile brightens up my day. I smiled back at her, happy to see her.

"No, in fact, it's just about to hatch!" she added with a giggle, gazing at the egg that contained our first child.

The egg began to glow as a sign that it was about to hatch. Light began to fill the entire too as the egg began to hatch. When the light had faded, a small Feebas, slightly purplish, lay there.

I smiled as my child opened her eyes. Her eyes... They were as pure as Umi's... I smiled upon realizing that and looked back at Umi.

Umi also smiled, gazing lovingly down as she opened her eyes.

"Wow, her eyes... They're as beautiful as her mother's!" I grinned, kissing Umi's cheek.

She smiled back at me, her loving eyes warming my heart.

"Oh, but I'm sure she'd be as strong as her father!" she returned, making me feel guilty due to the fact that I didn't think myself strong or anything of the sort.

"Father?" I blushed, happy to know that I would be considered as one, "I'm not sure about strength though... I'm not all that strong, I spent half of the fight against Armik sleeping. I wonder if being weak would hinder me from being a good father. Oh no! I hope I become a good father!"

I began to wonder what would happen if danger threatened my newfound family and I was too weak to defend them.

"Nonsense, dear! Let's not forget that if you hadn't fought Armik, we wouldn't be having a happy life... together! I'm sure you'll make an excellent father!" she giggled, making me blush with her sweet remark.

"By the way, Umi... What should we name her?" I gently asked as I took the child from Umi's tail and cradled her with my own tail.

She smiled at me, interlocking her tail with mine to firmly hold our sleeping child in place.

"How about..." I began, allowing her to continue...

"Hope!" she continued, making me smile in response to the name.

"That's a beautiful name! Why'd you choose it?" I softly asked, maybe knowing why she had named our daughter that.

"Because," she began, "I felt hope when I first met you! I felt hope... that my prince existed! I felt hope that you... would somehow enter my life!"

I smiled, kissing her again.

That was the same thing I had felt when I first met you, Umi.

"I love you, Umi," I lovingly whispered into her ear.

"I love you too, Arashi," Umi responded sweetly.

I grinned, things really did work out well...

And thus, my tale has come to an end... I enjoyed the ride... these strange turn of events that brought me to meet her.

It has come to an end now... I my ride is over... But I'm glad that I took it, as I met a friend on the way, but brought back something else...


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