How it All Began

Chapter 1

First Meet

I know! Another one! Okay, so this is Peach as a teen. It's a little story on how she met Mario and blah blah just read man. :)

DECLAIMER: I did not think of the first chapter. It was created by a girl on another website, but it's been a year and she never finished the rest. She only wrote a small part, which will only be in this chapter. The rest of the chapters will be by me.

It's a cute love story. There's drama and some action too. :D

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Peach: 15

Mario: 16

Luigi: 15

Daisy: 14

Toad & Toadette: 12

Yoshi: 16

Bowser: 18

Peach sat on a question mark block, looking into the sky. She softly smiled as the breeze slightly blew her hair and her dress, which was shorter than usual. It was aboce her knees, so she wore white leggings. Instead of wearing poofy shoulders, she wore thin straps, wrapping around the side of her shoulders. She closed her eyes and pictured her future: Sitting on the throne of the castle, not having an adventure, not doing anything. Just being in charge of the Mushroom Kingdom. She sighed and opened her eyes again. "Can't wait…" she said sarcastically. She looked into the distance, squinting her eyes as she saw something.

It looks like a boy… she thought. She stood on the block to get a better view. The boy wore a red t-shirt and jeans. He also wore a red hat. He hopped on the edge of a pipe, looked down, and jumped in. Peach hopped off her block and walked to the pipe. She poked her head inside and looked for the boy. "Hello?" she called, "hello?" No answer. She decided to go down the pipe. When she got to the bottom, she saw the boy, not too far away. The platform she landed on was a little narrow, so she was going to be careful.

"Wait up!" she yelled. She ran over to him, not knowing that there was a gap between the platforms they were standing on. She fell. She closed her eyes when suddenly, she felt a hand grab her arm. Peach opened her eyes to see the boy holding to her arm. He lifted her back up and kept walking on the straight path. Peach stood there, shaking a little bit. She slowly opened her mouth to say something. "Uh… um… thank you!" she said finally.

"This place is dangerous. I'll lead you out. And…" he turned around to show his face, "Your welcome." He smiled, which made Peach smile as well. She saw that he had an M on his hat.

They kept walking and finally found the exit. The sun was starting to get lower. Peach didn't want to waist time. She wanted to get to know him. "Can I show you something?" she asked. "Sure," he responded. It's not too far away… we can get there before the sun sets… she thought. Peach took his hand and led him up a hill. As far as she knows, no one else knows about it. There was a giant tree at the top. The leaves were a perfect shade of green. The view at the top of the hill was amazing. The entire kingdom could be seen. The sun setting behind hills farther away from the village could also be seen.

"It's beautiful," said the boy.

"I know. And in the spring, apples grow on the tree," said Peach.



They spent the rest of the evening together on that hill. Peach learned his name. She stole his hat and ran around with it. The day ended when she fell asleep on his shoulder, while watching the sunset. He took a strand of hair in her face and tucked it behind her ear. "I will always rescue you…" he said softly. "Thank you… Mario…" she whispered in her sleep. He smiled and stared back at the sunset.


"When will I see you again?" asked Mario. They were in front of his house. It was late. "Tomorrow. Meet me at the top of the hill again," said Peach. "I don't want you to risk getting in trouble for me… you're a princess," he said. "I don't care," she said. He smiled. "Wait here." He walked inside to get something. Peach heard someone else talk inside. He came back out a few seconds later. "I want you to have this," he said, holding out a mushroom. It was an antique though. It was made of glass and shined in the moonlight.

"Thank you!" she said, tightly holding it. He smiled. She gave him a hug and kissed his cheek. Both of them blushed. Mario held on to her tighter. "Princess or not, they can't make me forget about you," she whispered.

Don't you love how short it was? Don't worry, next chapter will be longer. I always make them at least 1,000 words. More drama to come also. :D