First Death Note mini-fic, hope you like it.

Pairing: None really... although if you're me L/Light

Rating: T just to be safe

Disclaimer: Death Note is not mine


L stood up from his seat and began his way to the exit of the central room of the task force headquarters, completely ignoring the fact that there was a handcuff around his left wrist that kept him connected to Light Yagami who was busily typing away at one of the many computers in the room.

Light was quickly and literally pulled away from his work however when the chained that linked him to the detective reached the end of it's length and he was pulled out of his chair, almost causing it to topple over and for all of the other members of the task force that were in the room to look over to see what the commotion was about.

Light glared at slouching man's back and stood firm so that the other couldn't continue to drag him off, "Ryuzaki, you could have warned me! I'm in the middle of something." He said as he gestured to the computer that he had been so rudely pulled away from.

L had stopped walking when Light had refused to budge and now he glanced over his shoulder at the other male, "You can finish it in the morning, I'm going to bed." And with that he started walking toward the exit of room again.

Light felt the chain start to pull at his wrist again, but he pulled back, which once again cause L to stop, "I said that I was in the middle of something, it may be a breakthrough to finding out Kira's true identity. Can't we just take these off for tonight so that I can keep working?"

"Yeah." Matsuda piped in as he stood from his seat at the glass coffee table in the room, "We can all keep an eye on Light for you."

"You all know very well that I can't do that, I am the only one who is not convinced of Light-kun's innocence, so none of you would watch him as carefully as I do." L answered.

This seemed to anger Light even more, "For the last time I am not Kira! Now take this damn thing off so that I can keep trying to find the real one!" He yelled in a desperate attempt to try and get the other to listen to him.

"I have yet to prove that you are completely innocent Light-kun and as such we must keep these handcuffs on until either I have irrefutably proved your innocence or I have signed the warrant for your death sentence." L replied, not even bothering to look back at the teen behind him.

Suddenly there was a loud bang as Saricho Yagami slammed his hands on the class coffee table and stood, looking very angry at the black haired detective, "That's enough Ryuzaki. I understand and am aware of the fact that you suspect my son of being Kira, but until you prove that he is a mass murder to the rest of us there is no need for you to talk like that."

L glanced over at the angry form chief of police, "Forgive me Yagami-san." He whispered just load enough for the elder man to hear him before turning back toward the exit and once again making his way to it.

Light sighed in exasperation, but other then that he made no other moves to stop the detective from dragging him out of the room this time.