This is just a small Antique Bakery drabble-thing that I wrote, I hope that you like it, there may or may not be more.

Pairing: None I guess...

Rating: I think K is safe

Disclaimer: I do not own Antique Bakery

Try This

Tachibana gave the younger boy a blink look, "What?" He asked.

Eiji glared at the older man, "You heard me, I want you to try the new cake I made."

Tachibana glanced at the plate that held what Eiji was claiming to be a cake, but in fact didn't look edible at all, "You call that a cake? Why don't you ask Ono to taste it?"

"Sensei's not in today remember? Come on pops, just taste it." Eiji practically begged as he picked up the fork that was on the table next to the cake plate and tried to hand it to the man.

"No." Tachibana said as he stood from his seat and went to walk away.

Before he was able to though Eiji grabbed him by the arm, forcing him to stop. The red-haired boy then used the fork he was still holding to slice a bite-sized piece off of the cake and shoved it into Tachibana's mouth.

Tachibana glared at the boy and immediately removed the fork from his mouth, but not before he had eaten the piece, "Little brat, I told you I didn't want to try it." He said as he slammed the fork back down on the table and began to leave again.

"Come on pops, at least tell me how it was." Eiji requested.

Tachibana just continued to make his way to the front door of the shop and opened it, but right before he left he replied with an "It was good." Before he walked out of the shop, the door slowly swinging shut behind him.

Eiji just smiled as he watched the door swing open and close a few times before it finally closed all of the way, leaving him alone in the empty bakery.