Already Over

This is my second attempt on English.

It's all written in Aizen's POV

The Vice-captain was in love, he really didn't want to hurt him, he was just trying to heal his broken heart.

Inspired on the 'Turn back the pendulum Ark'

One sided Aizen x Hirako implied Urahara x Hirako.


Aizen looked Hirako's eyes, full of rage, with sadness.

You never go

You're always here

Suffocating me

He had loved him, most than anyone else, although knowing the blond despised him, although knowing he wouldn't be requited. His cynical smile was another illusion, he wanted most than anything to embrace him, strongly, as he had always wished.

Under my skin

I cannot run away

Fading slowly

He had admired him, honestly, he had just wanted to impress his captain, to prove he was the only one Hirako could find as his equal, but the thin blond didn't even looked at him, never trusting him, never acting as a captain should act to a vice-captain, and never seeing him the way he saw Shinji.

Nothing left to loose

Loving you again

I know it's already over

No, Hirako Shinji would never be at his side and Sousuke would rather die before admit he would have died for him, that he had suffered a painful agony all those years walking behind him. But no more, his dreams were right in front of him, he wouldn't run away, even if he must live them alone, he just had to rip off his heart, those treacherous feelings and he could only did it by erasing Hirako's existence.

My best defense

Running from you

Cost me everything

Aizen unsheathed his sword looking one more time those beautiful honey pearls, searching again… But there was no hope, there never were, the hollowfication was about to end and soon Hirako taicho's blood would be covering his blade.

I can't resist

Take all you want from me

Breaking slowly

Everything was about to end. He spoke about treason but he wasn't referring to his own, he was spoken about Hirako's, who hadn't given him a single chance. Aizen handed his Kyoka Suigetsu preparing himself to the last hit, and then, suddenly he appeared. How much he hated Urahara Kisuke, that silly blond that had all he had wanted, and also Hirako taicho's heart. His talk doesn't last long, he had nothing else to say, and as he walked away, abandoning him, his last breath of humanity disappeared as his heart broke once more.

I'd give it all to you

Reaching as I fall

I know it's already over

But there were no tears, after all God's doesn't cry.

Already over now

If you hadn't realize the songs parts are referred to Hirako's feelings, so surprise, surprise, the blond maybe loved his lieutenant… or maybe not, I left that to your imagination. I may write a sequel, but as I'm not sure yet this will count as One-Shot.

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