Dear Diary,

Raw and Smackdown were awkward this week. Bless his heart Paul tried his best to make things normal but my heart just wasn't in it, I was too preoccupied by what he had said and what Shane had said to try so I was glad when Smackdown ended and I could get away.

After Smackdown I told my Dad I needed a break and then I took the first flight down to Miami. I have roughly one week to get my shit together so I don't completely fuck up this storyline.

Steph xx

Stephanie slid her diary back into her bag and replaced her bag in the overhead locker just as the seatbelt sign came on indicating they were soon to be landing.

Sitting down and strapping herself in she was looking forward to kicking back on the beach and enjoying a few days to herself.

Stepping off the plane Paul took a deep breath in, he was going to need all of his patience and control for the next few days to deal with his family, he could just feel it.

Making his way inside the arrivals area he picked up his luggage before he made his way outside to hail a cab to his parents, he hadn't called and told them he was coming but he figured his sister would have done that for him with her big mouth.

The cab pulled up outside of his parents and he paid the driver before he climbed out and before he even had his luggage out of the trunk the front door was open and his Mom was stood there waiting for him.

Grabbing his bags from the trunk Paul turned around and plastered on a smile for his Mom, "Mom, how on earth did you know I was coming?"

Patricia rolled her eyes at her son, "well you see I have one good child in your sister, she told me you were coming seeing as you decided you wouldn't. Why didn't you tell me you were coming?"

He laughed as his Mom pulled him in for a bear hug, "it was a last minute decision."

Pushing him back and holding him by the shoulders she looked at him sternly, "bullshit! Your sister called and told me on Monday afternoon."

Smiling sheepishly he shook his head, "big sisters have big mouths."

Clipping her son around the ear Patricia pushed him gently inside the house, "go and see your Father and he can sort you out."

Laughing as he pretended to stumble forward he turned around and kissed his Mom on the cheek, "I love Lynn really."

She just nodded, "mm hmm. Go and see your Father."

Paul mock saluted his Mom before he walked into the lounge to see his Dad reading the morning paper, "I don't suppose you're going to give me a lecture too are you?"

Paul Snr. placed the paper on his lap, "why would I lecture you son? It's entirely your decision if you decide to turn up unannounced one day because you decided to sleep with your boss."

"You know? I can't believe Lynn told you two."

Shaking his head Paul Snr. raised his hand to silence his son, "no son, we don't know, I know. Lynn was worried about you and wanted someone to talk to."

Placing his bags on the floor Paul sat down and crossed his arms, "I'm a big boy, I can take care of myself."

"Son please, you've slept with your boss and want to actually date her. Any family member in our position would question your sanity. I know we knew when you last visited that you had a thing for her but we thought that was as far as it would go, we never thought you would actually dump Joanie and sleep with Stephanie."

Paul looked around to make sure his Mom wasn't listening in, "Dad if I tell you the truth you have to swear you won't tell Mom or Lynn as they will kill me."

Paul Snr. looked at his son strangely but nodded, "you have my word."

Biting down on his lip nervously Paul all but whispered, "I didn't go there with the intention of sleeping with Stephanie but I think she did me."

Paul watched as his Dad's eyebrows shot up and he decided to quickly try and get himself out of the hole he had dug himself, "I don't know what was going on but things were weird at the hotel, then she offered for me to stay with her when my room mysteriously disappeared from the bookings, and then when she changed for bed she changed into the smallest thing she could possibly have found. I know I should have said no and stopped it but at that moment in time I wasn't thinking with the head on my shoulders. Dad what if she tells her Dad?"

Paul Snr. closed his newspaper and folded it up placing it on the coffee table, "well first off, if she went in with a plan to seduce you and sleep with you then she's not going to go to her Dad, there will be a trail to back your side of the story up. If that is what happened though why do you need to prove to her you won't hurt her like your ex? Shouldn't she already know that if she wanted to sleep with you?"

Silence fell over the room as Paul's Dad's went around and around in his head as he thought about what he had said. Out of nowhere a light bulb seemed to go off in his mind, "when she was telling Shane and myself about her ex she did say something that I thought was really odd at the time but I didn't really think too much of it but now you've said what you have I wonder if that has anything to do with it?"

"What did she say Paul?"

Sitting back comfortable Paul crossed his ankles, "I apologised for all decent men and asked her if what happened with he ex was the reason she took the blame for everything even if it wasn't her fault and she said she couldn't do anything right and 'I can't even hurt a man without hurting myself in the process'. I didn't think anything of it then but now it's all starting to add up, she used me to try and hurt me because obviously she knew I liked her or just because I was friends with her. I can't believe she did that and I let her."

Standing up angrily Paul walked to the window with his Father not far behind him, "son don't be too hard on yourself. By the sounds of it she may have used you but she fell for you in the process. But then on the other hand it could still be something related to her ex and nothing whatsoever to do with you. You won't know until you talk to her."

Paul snorted, "that would require her talking to me. She doesn't want to be friends with me any more and well the song Lynn is giving me is kind of going to be my way to tell her I'm here when she's ready but maybe I shouldn't now."

"I think you should. If you give her this song and she listens to it then you might find out the truth and it might work out for the best. At the end of the day you won't know unless you try and you really don't want to live the rest of your life wondering what could have been if you had given her the song."

Sighing heavily Paul nodded, "I guess you're right. Thanks Dad."

Patting his son's shoulder Paul Snr. smiled softly, "you're very welcome son. Now you should go and find your Mom before she hurts herself trying to find out what we were talking about."

Laughing softly Paul walked out of the lounge to go and find his Mom.

Stephanie had put her phone on silent as she lay by the pool at the hotel enjoying the quiet and the sunshine. Deciding to check to see if she had had any phone calls she lifted her sunglasses onto the top of her head before picked the phone up and looked at the screen and groaned, "six missed calls?"

Scrolling through her list of missed calls she shook her head and rolled her eyes, "nice try Shane but I'm not stupid enough to fall for you either using your wife's phone or getting her to call me."

Deleting the voice mails without even listening to them she put the phone back beside her before replacing her sunglasses on her face and relaxed back.