I was planning on writing this part later, when I realized that I left out something important in the last chappie. So this is getting posted faster than normal. To be honest, I was planning on Annie NOT pranking him and slowly driving him up the wall with suspense, but everybody was guessing and suggesting that, so I had to switch gears. I hope you enjoy the final installment of Revenge Week!


"So Annie," Auggie drawled, "You have to tell me what was wrong with the pudding."

Annie grinned as she took a swallow of her wine. She was currently sitting at a large table with the key players involved with Revenge Week, including Joan. "It's so cute that you think I'm going to tell you." She said, remembering how Auggie had told her that once about a girl he had been with.

"Please. I'm willing to admit that you are the better prankster, if you will just tell me how you did them."

She gave an exagerrated sigh. "O.k., O.k. I hate to see a dumb animal suffer."

"Did you just really call me a dumb animal?"

"Not you in particular, just the majority of the male species."

"Please..." he pleaded.

"Alright then. There was nothing wrong with the pudding. It was fine, but your own paranoia caught up with you and you missed out."

"And it was some good pudding." Jai said with a laugh.

Auggie pointedly ignored him. "What about my apartment and Starbucks?"

"Just your paranoia, again, but on a good note, I don't think Becky will be trying to ask you out on a date anytime soon. She thinks your certifiable. Especiall after the way you acted."

Auggie winced. He had been told that Becky was cute, and was really into him. "O.k I'll give you that, but what about the perfume and heels on Wednesday? I'm pretty confident that I didn't imagine that."

All the girls around the table laughed. "We all got to work a half hour early, and switched perfume and shoes. Consider yourself lucky. I was originally planning on everybody wearing MY perfume and shoes. Just think of it, a handful of Annie's running around."

"I don't think the D.P.D could have handled it." He said with a shudder. "That still doesn't explain..." He looked down and knew that Jai was thinking the exact same thing.

"I was going to spray another girl with it and 'accidentally' sprayed Jai."

"That was cold, Walker." Jai muttered. No one had told him about the prank. He had spent the majority of the week deliberatly trying to avoid Auggie, thinking he was harboring some kind of 'man-crush' on him.

Auggie flushed a deep red. "Thank God you didn't prank me Thursday. I don't think my heart could have taken it." He tilted his head at the silence that followed. "What?"

"Ummmm, the paternity suits were the prank."

His eyes sparked with anger. "WHAT? Do you have any idea how much money I have to pay my lawyer? Only to find out that their all just pranks?"

He was almst vibrating with anger, until Joan spoke up. "Don't worry. You lawyer was in on it the whole time. Why do you think Jai gave you her name and number specifically ?"

Auggie almost collapsed with relief. He was still angry, but at the same time he wanted to laugh at it. "Alright then, what about Tech Ops, that freaky noise and the blue teeth?"

Conrad spoke up about this one. "A couple of us guys stayed late Thursday, after you left early, and we drywalled all the glass. We even wen't so far as to paint it. Then, after you left for the foodcourt, we quickly pulled it down and cleaned up. Face it, you were none the wiser."

Auggie had to admit, that was a good one. He would have to remember it for future reference. "What about the noise?"

"What noise? We didn't do any noise pranks."

He heard a slight smacking sound. "Annie." Joan said with a hint of warning in her voice, "tell him."

She laughed. "We prerecorded sounds and hid a speaker in the ceilings of each room. Everybody was instructed not to say anything if you asked. Surprisingly, it wen't off without a hitch."

It was so simple, and elegant., and he loved it. "Last but not least, what about the blue mouth?"

"Remember the tea Joan gave you this afternoon?"

"Yeah. What was in it?"

"Blu 52. Tastless and odorless, it dyed...well pretty much everything abot you except your skin blue."

Auggie leanedback in his chair and closed his eyes. It was obvious that he still had much to learn about pranking. He scrubbed his hands in his hair. "Well, I learned three very important things from this very instructional week."

"Oh? Whats that?"

"Don't mess with texas, or any of her friends. Also, hell hath no fury like a woman pranked."

"Damn straight. Whats the third one?"

"Girls don't fight fair."

"Girls don't fight to play fair, we fight to win."

Hope you had as much fun reading this as I had writing it. I hope to start "God Save Those Kittens.(Take two)" sometime this week. Or whenever y beta sends me the first chapter back. Also, since I got so many positive responses for one, I'm going to start work on a smut-fic featuring our favorite couple. I hope you all keep an eye out for it!