Just a small Loveless fic, I may or may not write more.

Pairing: Slightly implied Soubi/Ritsuka

Rating: K

Disclaimer: I do not own Loveless


Soubi led Ritsuka to the park after school, it was a park that the two of them had been to many times in the past, but they hadn't been able to visit it recently because of all the fighting that the two of them had had to take care of for a while.

"Soubi, where are you taking me?" The small cat-eared boy asked as he followed the other male, the reason for his question was due to the blindfold resting over his eyes.

Once school had gotten out Soubi had insisted that the boy put the item on and follow him, with some reluctance he had done as the other man wanted.

"Don't worry, we're almost there." Soubi replied as he led Ritsuka further into the park and over to where a blanket lied out on the grass with a very cliché looking picnic basket to the side of it.

Soubi stopped next to the blanket and then turned to Ritsuka, "Alright, we're here." And with that he reached behind the boys head and untied the blindfold, pulling it away from his eyes.

Ritsuka blinked a few times as his eyes got adjusted to the light and then he looked down at the blanket.

"We've been fighting so much lately that I thought it was time we deserved a break." Soubi said as he took a seat on the blanket and then patted the empty spot at his side in invitation.

Ritsuka blushed slightly and took the offer, taking a seat on the blanket next to Soubi.

"Ah, I also made sure to bring this." Soubi said as he turned away from Ritsuka and dug into the basket at his side, pulling something out before turning around and showing it to Ritsuka, it was a camera.

Ritsuka blinked at the item for a moment before smiling softly, taking the item from Soubi, "Thank you." He said softly.

Soubi smiled in return, "Of course."