Minerva McGonagall didn't give titles, Now to some, a title was simply another name to call someone. To Minerva this was not so, a title meant something, with each title given a piece of the giver's heart was given with it. She did not give them out freely. And there was a very good reason for this.

Every time she gave someone a title, something happened to strain the relationship between herself and the person receiving it and she didn't want to risk ruining the few relationships she still possessed. Here are a few examples. Of titles that didn't last.

Sybil Trelawney, was given the title of Sister until their sixth year at Hogwarts, when Sybil became swept up in the craze of divination. Sybil claimed to have seen The Grim during the final Quidditch

game of the season, causing a scene, which inadvertently caused Minerva to fall off her broom and injure herself. Now all that was left of the inseparable pair were floaty voices, curt nods and hurtful comebacks.

Lilly Evans was called Daughter from the first day of her seventh school year, Minerva finally had someone to love, someone who loved her back. Lilly really was the daughter she always wanted, and she remained so even after she married James Potter and little Harry was born. That was until Lily, James and Harry were to go into hiding. Minerva had wanted them to stay with her, in her home. While Lilly protested saying that They could handle things on their own and that Minerva wouldn't have wanted to go out and fight knowing that Lilly and Harry were home alone, unprotected. Eventually Minerva relented, knowing that Lilly was probably right, she wouldn't have left them to their own devices if it could be helped. She couldn't have known that

Lilly and James were going to be helplessly murdered in their own home two weeks later.

Leaving behind their one year old son.

Severus Snape earned the name Son not long after he earned the title of Professor at Hogwarts. Minerva knew that Severus and Lilly had been close during their Hogwarts days. So for she and Severus, the loss of Lilly had been their talking point, they clung to each other. Each shouldering the blame for the other. His witty, albeit sarcastic and often rude demeanor endeared him to her, when many others simply shrank away from his presence, she walked right up to him and put her arm around him. Which earned them countless looks from fellow teachers and students alike.

Then in the summer before Delores's rule, Minerva gave away another title, Fiance to one Albus Dumbledore, who six months later, earned yet another title, Husband. And to him it was the most amazing title any man could be given, especially after skirting around it for close to forty years, Minerva was even escorted down the isle by her son.

How was anyone to know that by her Son's hand, she would earn a title herself, less than two years later.



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