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Chapter One: Destination Spain

The atmosphere of the airport in Edinburgh was a hustle-and-bustle. People were coming, people were going, and everyone was anxious and excited to be somewhere else. Well, basically, there was a very special group (some of the Hogwarts seventh years) who were excited.

The war was over and Harry killed Lord Voldemort in the end. After, the seventh years were asked if they wanted to re-take their N.E.W.T.'s, and everyone did. Now, the seventh years and three professors were going on the first Muggle Studies travel and tourism trip to Spain for two weeks.

Each student was dressed in muggle clothing appropriate for the Spain's hot weather. The Slytherins, though, were not happy about it. That's why not many Slytherins were participating – as most of them had a dislike of all things muggle – even though it was a trip to a different country.

Harry, Ron and Hermione were sitting with the other seventh years in the checking area, waiting for the other professor to arrive.

"I wonder who it will be. We have two female professors on the trip, so it must be one of the male Professor's?" Hermione looked at the others with the question.

"It can't be Snape. Remember: he can't go in sun light or he will burn into ash," Ron mused. "But he could be the other Professor, and just be going in a coffin, placed among the suit cases." Hermione slapped Ron on the head with her book.

"Ron, you know very well that Professor Snape isn't a vampire. Why can't you grow up?" Hermione responded.

"I'll grow up when Snape gets a heart that works," Ron said as he shrugged it off.

Harry just watched people leaving loved ones behind, people reuniting with their friends and family. People dressed in business-type clothes, since lots of muggles travel for work. Also people who were sleeping on the chairs because some of their flights had been canceled. He turned to Dean Thomas and Seamus Finnigan, who were planning on sneaking out with other students to some of the night clubs. They were also talking about the two female Professors, but he was still listening to Hermione and Rons bickering.

"Imagine Professor Thorpe and Newton in bikinis. They would be smoking hot. Can't wait 'till they hit the pool!" Dean grinned.

"Don't forget about Snape if he's the other Professor." Harry beamed as he saw the looks on their faces.

"Oh, bloody hell, Harry! Thanks for the mental image of Snape in a bikini," Seamus said with a disgusted face.

"Who said it was a woman's bikini? For all you know, Snape could be wearing a man bikini." Harry winked at them.

"Okay, I'm going to be sick!" Both Dean and Seamus were making sick noises.

Harry laughed and turned back to a still bickering Ron and Hermione. "Well, it can't be Professor Flitwick, can it now?" he asked them.

"You're right there, Harry. Too many people will be staring at him." Hermione failed to notice that professor Snape was suddenly behind them.

"Well, Miss Granger, have you just noticed – after eight years at school – Professor Flitwick's height?" The golden trio jumped in their seats and turned around to see Professor Snape standing there. He was wearing a green shirt, black plaid knee-length shorts and black leather sandals. His lank black hair was pushed behind his ears, and his face wore an indescribable sneer. The students faces looked shocked to see the great bat standing there in normal clothes.

"Sir, I was only saying that his height would be noticed," Hermione said.

"Ten points from Gryffindor for disrespecting a Professor, Miss Granger." Snape started to walk away, toward the other professors.

"But, Professor, Hermione was only stating the obvious!" Ron said. Then Snape turned around and walked to Ron, and bent so he was face to face with him.

"You, Mr. Weasley, better not get on my nerves on this trip because you will know about it when we get back to school. My cauldrons have your name written all over them, Mr. Weasley." Snape stormed back to the other Professors. Harry had an idea; because he was the one taking photo's of the trip, why not take one of Snape?

"Hey guys, watch this!" Harry got his snap-shot Kodak camera, walked around the seats so he was a little bit closer to Snape, and he got his camera ready.

"Hey Professor Snape! Say cheese!" Snape turned around and Harry pressed the button on the camera. It flashed and Snape tried to hide his face, but he was too late.

"Just a quick photo for posterity, Professor. Hope you didn't mind?" Harry let out a loud guffaw. His sides ached, but he relished the laughter. He knew he would pay dearly for what he had done. For now, though, it was truly worth it, because the look on Snape's face when he tried to hide was too funny.

"POTTER! Delete that photo now or you will be sorry when we get back to school!"

"Sorry, sir, it's on the film. The camera is not digital – it's only a Kodak snap-shot camera – and I'm the camera man for the holiday." Harry smiled at him and Snape turned to Professor Newton, the Muggle Studies Professor, who was speaking to Professor Thorpe – who took over Minerva's position as Transfiguration teacher and Head of Gryffindor House.

"Professor Newton, how could you make Potter Camera Man for the trip?" Snape screeched at her. Some muggles heard the sreech and looked at Snape wierdly.

"Now Severus calm down, Mr. Potter is the best photographer in the class. I gave him that job. Why, is there a problem, Severus?"

"Yes, Potter took a bloody picture of me. That's the problem." Snape snarled.

"Oh, come on, Severus! It's just a picture that's going on a power point to show the rest of the school when we get back," Professor Thorpe said, and held a laugh back as Snape's face became a bit flushed. Harry looked at Snape and noticed the blush. "Strange, Snape never blushes. I though he contols his emotions through Oculemency!" Harry thought to him self.

Professor Thorpe looked to the screen that said flight 66 was boarding.

"Right, seventh years, I will give you each your ticket now so we can board the plane." She handed them out and every student notice they were in random order so people would be mixed up sitting together. Harry, Ron and Hermione checked their tickets to see if they were sitting together. Ron had seat number thirteen on row three, and Harry was next to him in seat fourteen. Hermione on the other hand had seat twenty-two and she found out that she was sitting next to one Draco Malfoy and Luna Lovegood.

"Looks like I', sitting nect to mudblood and Loony Lovegood." Draco whispered into Theodore's ear.

"Flight 66 is now boarding. All passengers, please come to gate seven. Thank you and enjoy your flight!"

"Come on, seventh years, follow me onto the plane, please!" Professor Newton said. The students followed her on and then took their seats. The Professors did a head check to see that all the students were there. Harry noticed that the seat next to him was empty. . . until Snape came to sit in it.

"Well, Mr. Potter, it looks like I'm going to have to enjoy your presence next to me for two hours and fifty-five minutes. What shall I do about that? Oh, wait, I can't do anything about it and, Potter, I trust that you won't be sick on me," he snickered. Harry just glared at him for a moment then got his iPod out, along with his green and black Skull Candy headphones. Then he seat belt sign came on and everyone put their seat belts on. Before everyone knew, it they were up in the air.

Harry noticed his hand was being squeezed to death. Looking down, he saw that it was Snape's hand that held his. He looked up at Snape's face, which was even whiter than usual. Then, Snape looked at Harry and didn't seem to notice whose hand he was holding.

"Sir, are you feeling okay?" Harry asked with concern. "Was that concern in Potter's voice." Snape wondered.

"I'll be alright soon, Mr. Potter. I just don't like the take-off and landing of the plane." Harry let go of Snape's hand, which alerted the Professor to the fact that he was holding Harry's hand, and a red flush came across Snape's face. Harry then looked at Ron who was already asleep. Harry put his headphones on, and played 'In the Shadows' by Rasmus and he closed his eyes.

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