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Chapter Eight: Like What You See!

The three groups handed their tickets to the people in the booths and entered PortAventura. Harry, Hermione, Seamus, Theodore, Pansy and Luna waited for Snape, who was getting his ticket checked. He walked up to his group and started to say his rules of the day.

"Since I am the professor for your little group, I have some rules for today which I want you all to abide to," Severus said as he looked at each student. "Rule number one: no running. Rule two: no arguing. Rule three: Stay with the group. Rule four: If you notice something that's off, report to me." Severus aid with a glare.

"Sir, today is about fun. Not bloody rules!" Seamus said with a burst of anger.

"No arguing, Mister Finnigan, or I might just send you back to the coach and then you can spend all day in there." Snape said sarcastically. Harry looked at Severus and rolled his eyes. He looked at the map and picked to go to the far west side of the park.

"Right everyone, we are off to the far west side of the park. The good news is that we are here on an off peak time for the park ,so there will be hardly any queues. So, I will read out the rides on the far west side: there is Buffalo Rodeo, Silver River Flume, Stampida, Penitence Station, Tomahawk, Laberinto de BlackSmith, Grand Canyon Rapids, Carrousel, Wild Buffalos, Crazy Barrels and Volpaiute!"

"What do you suggest to go on first Harry?" Luna asked in her dreamy voice.

"I would say Grand Canyon Rapids. It says on the map that The Grand Canyon Rapids are a truly wild experience, worthy of the Old American West. Face the demolishing strength of the water and conquer the rapids, if you are able to negotiate the towering walls of the Grand Canyon. It's fast and not a children's ride, it's a medium thrill and will fit all of us in one circle boat, and we might get a bit wet, so after that we can go on the Silver River Flume to get more soaked, and then we all can go on Stampida!"

"What's Stampida?" Seamus asked Harry.

"It says that In the Far West area of PortAventura, the earth begins to tremble and a cloud of dust forms on the horizon. Run as fast as you can to get away from the buffalo herd that is running out of control! It's a stampede! Let the force of this amazing roller coaster in PortAventura shake you. With a kilometre of ups and downs, this far west Stampida in PortAventura will leave you breathless."

"Hell yeah! We do those rides in that order!" Seamus said, while jumping up down.

"I don't think so," Severus said, as he snatched the map out of Harry's hand. A crude smile played on his lips when he spotted a nice slow ride. "The Carrousel ride, I think, is the type of rides we should stick too," Severus said as he started walking with the map in hand. His students did not follow him. He turned around to find that each six students glared at him. He spotted that Harry, once again, rolled his eyes at him.

"Not satisfied with the type of ride?"

"For crying out loud, Sir, we are not little kiddies. So all of us have agreed to go on the rides that Harry had said," Theodore said knowing that he had never back talked his head of house before.

Severus on the other hand was shocked he back talked him and this was one of his own Slytherin students.

"Mr Nott, I'm surprised that you agree with Mr Potter and the rest of the group."

"Well, Sir, the carrousel is pretty lame!" Pansy said from the other side of Theodore. Severus walked over to Harry and handed the map back in defeat. Harry grinned and got the group to follow. Severus didn't even say a word.

They entered the far west side of the park and noticed that everything was far west themed. Ghost riders in the night song was coming from the speakers and cowboys were walking around with guns trying to find Native Americans.

They reached the entry gate to the Gran Canyon Rapids and there was no queue.

"I will wait by the exit gate for you all!" Severus said as he started to walk away. Harry gave Theodore a look and they both ran to him and grabbed his arms. Severus hissed and Harry lightened his grab because of the sunburn. The man at the gate let them through, and lead them onto a circled boat. They got on but Severus was giving them a fight. They both dragged him on, and Harry made him sit between him and Theodore.

There was a pole railing so people could hold, so Severus grabbed it for dear life.

Harry laughed at the situation. The boat started to move and they all laughed as they suddenly dropped down a fall of about two feet and spun in the currents of the rapid water. Water was splashing up from different sides of the boat and everyone was thrown in a few different directions as the boat started to spin. Everyone started laughing and Severus looked ahead of them. He, of course, shouldn't have let his students drag him on.

"I can't handle this!" Severus said as his hold on the pole tightened as the boat started to spin near a waterfall. Water splashed everyone and Severus was not amused.

"Come on, Sir, just let go and have fun because there's a lot more rapids and whirle pools ahead," Harry shouted as he was thrown into Severus. Harry put his arm on the railing behind him and it looked like Harry's arm was around Severus. Suddenly the boat spun around again and Severus crashed into Harry.

"Aghhhh!" Seamus shouted as Theodore crashed into him. Luna and Hermione squealed as water hit their backs. Pansy scowled as she watched Theodore crash into Seamus.

Water sprayed them and Harry laughed. Severus lightly smiled at how Harry laughed in this situation, even above the sound of the approaching rapids, Harry heard that Severus was slightly laughing.

"Let go!" Harry said as Severus let go of the railing.

They were having a great time and didn't notice the big drop ahead. They screamed as they became aware of the drop ahead. Above the walls of the River Rapids, Professor Thorpe's group walked over to see who dared to go on this ride. Draco and Ron looked, and found that it was Snape's group who was battling the rapids.

"Hey everyone! Look who's on this ride!" Ron shouted to his group. Everyone came to the railing and laughed as they found Professor Snape's group in one of the boats.

Professor Thorpe laughed at Severus' state in the boat, and she quickly got her camera out and started taking pictures.

Seamus noticed and shouted, "Hey everyone, we have an audience!"

Everyone looked and waved as they hit another whirle pool. The other group laughed as they watched the other groups boat getting nearer to the big drop.

"I'm going to kill you all for dragging me onto this bloody water ride! Severus shouted as they suddenly dropped again, down a bigger fall, slipping into the rough waters once more with a huge splash. The ride's camera flashed a couple of time as they dropped. They spun again and they found that the water was becoming more smoother as the ride was coming to an end.

The boat stopped and they got of the ride a bit wet. They laughed at one another, but Severus only let the amusement in his eyes show. Harry checked that his bag pack wasn't wet, which, thank Merlin, wasn't some how. He was going to get his camera out but Professor Thorpe came over.

"Get together group two!" Professor Thorpe said as Seamus, Luna, Harry, Hermione, Theodore and Pansy got together. Severus glared at Professor Thorpe. "No way I'm getting my picture taken with wet clothing!" Severus thought.

"Don't glare at me Severus Snape. Get in between Mr Potter and Miss Granger before I force you!" Professor Thorpe demanded. Severus huffed and got between Harry and Hermione, and he looked at Harry. He smiled a breath taking smile that Severus was getting used to. You could say that smile was warming his ice cold heart.

Professor Thorpe took the picture, and, after, she went over to the picture booth to get the pictures that were taken when Severus' group was on the ride.

"Hey, everyone. Why don't we skip the log flume and go on Dragon Khan?" Seamus said, as he looked at his map.

"Might as well. We can always come back!" Pansy said as she also looked at Seamus' map.

"Wait, which one's Dragon Khan?" Hermione asked.

"That one!" Seamus said as he pointed to the highest roller coaster in the park. Everyone looked and felt sick just looking at it.

"It says here that the Dragon Khan ride in PortAventura is inspired by an old Chinese fable. Legend has it that a proud prince once tried to dethrone the Emperor in ancient China, and the gods punished him by turning him into a dragon and condemning him to a life of aimless wandering. Today, the emperor roams through PortAventura incarnated in the Dragon Khan ride. Hold tight if you dare to go on it, because Dragon Khan at PortAventura will unload his whole fury with eight vertiginous loops and 110 kilometres an hour of purest excitement. Only the bravest have been able to return from the Dragon Khan at PortAventura to tell of their adventure. Its the fastest and highest roller coaster in Europe."

"Which part of the park is it?" Harry asked.

"It's in China." Pansy said. They all agreed to go there, but someone was really dreading with going on that ride. The group finally got there to the entrance of Dragon Khan and looked up at the roller coaster.

"Shit!" Seamus said in a low tone so Snape didn't here. The ride was the biggest it the park and it was huge. They all entered the small que and waited for the next car.

Severus looked at the ride and felt sick.

The cart finally came and it was an twenty eight seater, with four seats in each section. They boarded the coaster and Harry rushed to the front section, and, surprising enough, Severus sat next to him on the side. On the front was Seamus, Hermione, Harry and Severus.

The next row had Luna, Theodore and Pansy and next to her a total stranger. They put on their safety belts and waited for the railings to come down. The finally did, and the operator person checked each one to see if they were locked. The ride started to go slowly and they were now moving. They looked forward and saw that they were going to go up a huge hill which was the tallest of the ride.

"I need to get off!" Severus said as he looked down. He started shaking the railing. Harry looked at him and saw that Severus was having a panic attack. Hermione noticed as well.

"Harry, calm him! Hermione said. "Oh for Merlin sake, grab his hand." Hermione said with worry. Harry quickly grabbed his Professor's hand and tightly held it.

"Sir, calm down. You'll be fine. Just hold my hand tightly and close your eyes."

"It's your fault Potter for making me go on that stupid water ride and then deciding to get dry by going on this stupid ROLLER COASTER!" Snape shouted as he squirmed in his seat. They reached the top of the hill and you could see the whole park. Severus tightly gabbed on Harry's hand for dear life. Suddenly the roller coaster was rushing down so fast that everyone was screaming.

"FUCKING HELL!" Seamus shouted. As adrenalin came rushing through his body like everyone else.

"I THINK I'M GOING TO BE SICK!" Some one shouted from the next row.

"BLOODY HELL!" Harry shouted from the top of his lungs.

"AHHHHHHH, I'M GOING TO KILL EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU WHEN WE GET OFF THIS RIDE!" Severus screamed. They turned up side down and every one screamed their hearts out. Severus just wanted the ride to be over. He squeezed the life out of Harry's hand yet again.

They all came off the ride laughing. Seamus went to go pick up the groups photo's and when he came back he noticed that Professor Snape looked like death.

"I think Professor Snape is going into shock, guys!" Seamus said quickly to the group.

Harry went over and told Severus to sit down and put his head in between his knees and close his eyes. "Take deep breaths, Professor. Does anyone have a bottle of water with them?" Harry questioned the group as he kneeled down in front of Severus.

"Here!" Hermione said as she throw the un-opened bottle to Harry. He caught it and opened it and put it in Severus' hand. Severus did as he was told as he felt really light headed.

"Will he be okay?" Pansey said as she was concerned for her Head of House.

"Yes, he's just in shock. Why don't you guys go on that ride over there, it's close by and after that meet up here. If anything happens, ring one of the other two Professors." Harry said to the group.

"Whats the ride called?" Hermione asked as Luna got her map.

"Its called FumanchĂș, basically its swings that take round in circles going up and down, up high," Luna said to the group.

"Might as well. Come on then everyone it's only over there!"

"Are you okay here Harry?" Hermione questioned.

"Yeah, go have fun. You need it, Hermione, and don't forget I'm first aid trained," Harry said with a smile as he watched the group go over to FumanchĂș.

Severus lifted his head up from in between his knees to meet two green very concerned eyes.

"I think no more roller coasters for you today, Severus," Harry said with a small smile.

"I'm going to kill each and every one of you when I get up. That ride was torture."

"Aww, you'll have no fun if you kill all six of us crazy adrenalin filled students." Harry laughed. "Anyway, you feeling any better?" Harry asked as he watched Severus take a sip of water.

"Yes. Thanks to all of you idiotic teenagers, I had to show my blasted emotions to the whole group. I do not appreciate that I looked weak and pathetic because I couldn't stand a stupid ride."

"You're human, Severus. Everyone has a fear, or doesn't like things." Harry said as he placed a hand on the man's arm.

Ten minutes later the group arrived back from the ride and started to go on other rides with and with out Professor Snape. At one o'clock they went to meet up with rest of the students and other two professors for lunch.

Lunch passed and Harry took pictures of everyone on different rides and amusements. After that, each group went off and Seamus decided that we all should go one special ride.

"Really, guys, the Tunnel of Love?" Harry asked as he stopped walking.

"Hell yeah," Seamus said with a smirk and winked at Hermione.

"Well, I know who will come on this!" Hermione quietly said to Harry.

"Try to forget about them, and just have fun." Haryy said as he got her hand and squeezed it.

"Come on, Miss Lovegood and Miss Parkinson. You two can come with me!" Theodore said as he got the girls to link his arms as they walked to the boat that came in. Both girls giggled and Theodore helped them on to the boat and they sat down. He put his arms around both of them and the boat set of through the opening doors.

"Well, looks like someone will turn into a man whore when he leaves school!" Seamus shouted as a joke as he waited for the next boat.

"Get bent, Finnigan!" Theodore shouted as the doors closed.

"I think you just got owned," Harry said with a smirk. Seamus shoved Harry so he could stand next to Hermione. He knew that if he went on the ride with Hermione, Harry would have to stand next to Snape for fifteen minutes or go on the ride with the git.

"Hermione will you come with me on to the next boat?" Seamus asked. Hermione smiled a small smile and thought, "This would mean Harry would have to go with Professor Snape. I noticed that Professor Snape was watching me and Harry on the bus. I'm not that stupid. Anyway, I won't deny going with Seamus if letting Harry go with Professor might spark things up between them. But I'll ask Harry anyway if he want's to come with us."

"Might as well, Seamus. Do you want to join us, Harry?" Hermione asked.

"I'll wait for the next one," Harry said as he smiled. Seamus winked at him as another boat came through. He helped Hermione on the boat and they went of through the opening doors.

Harry thought he was standing alone but Severus stopped beside him.

"Do you want to come on the ride with me, Sir?" Harry asked shyly.

"Might as well. I'm not standing by the exit for fifteen minutes."

"You first, Sir." Harry gestured into the boat. Snape got on the boat with no problem and so did Harry. There was space between them to fit another person in.

The boat lurched forward and the doors opened into a neon lit tunnel decorated with romantic depictions. The song called 'The Reason' by Hoobastank started playing.

"Oh Merlin, out of all the songs in the world the operator on this ride had to play this song. This describes Severus in every possible way." Harry thought.

I'm not a perfect person

There's many things

I wish I didn't do

But I continue learning

I never meant to do those things to you

And so I have to say before I go

That I just want you to know

You could say that the ride was moving very slowly, much to Severus's liking. He looked over to see that Harry's head was back and his hand was palm up in the space between them.

I've found a reason for me

To change who I used to be

A reason to start over new

nd the reason is you

Harry felt a gaze upon him. He turned to face Severus. His gaze was lit up with all the neon lighting. The boat started to spin and Harry was pushed into Severus. He flushed and looked up to see that Severus was very close.

I'm sorry that I hurt you

It's something I must live with every day

And all the pain I put you through

I wish that I could take it all away

And be the one who catches all your tears

That's why I need you to hear

A smile formed on Harry's lips as they moved closer while looking at one another.

I've found a reason for me

To change who I used to be

A reason to start over new

And the reason is you

While watching one another, they took in each and every detail.

And the reason is you

And the reason is you

And the reason is you

I'm not a perfect person

I never meant to do those things to you

And so I have to say before I go

That I just want you to know

Their lips touch softly as they started to mould and caress each other. Harry's tongue traced Severus' lips and asked for entrance, Severus opened, and Harry's teased his tongue into a dance of passion and love.

I've found a reason for me

To change who I used to be

A reason to start over new

And the reason is you

Harry broke away and places his hands on the sides of Severus' flushed face as they stare at one another. They separate as a light entered the tunnel. They spoke no word of this as the song ended and they came upon the exit.

I've found a reason to show

A side of me you didn't know

A reason for all that I do

And the reason is you

They got off, and met the group. They ignored each other for the rest of the day. Some of the students decided to go to the Hotels night club. They told each other to meet there.

Everyone who was in the club was waiting for Harry to come down those stairs. Professors Thorpe and Newton were at the bar talking to one another about what would be on the agenda for the next couple of days. Snape on the other hand was sitting next to them, but wasn't talking.

Harry was near to the hotel's club, and he entered with a smirk. He came to a stop at the top of the stairs and his school mates mouths dropped. He heard wolf whistles, and, once again, the professors looked at him like they did the other day at the pool.

The speakers thumped out techno music as Harry walked down the stairs with confidence, wearing a skin-tight red open shirt with the sleeves rolled up, white skin tight jeans and red converses.

Harry reached the bottom of the stairs and the music came on even louder. The neon flashing lighting lit up the clubs dance floor.

"What an entrance, Potter!" Terry Boot shouted over the loud music. Harry flashed a smile and walked over to the group. Everyone decided to all sit down in one of the huge booths near the dance floor. Harry noticed that some of the group were not here. Finch-Fletchley, Zabini, Susan, Lavender, Padma, Hannah, Ron and Malfoy were missing.

"I know what Malfoy and Ron are up to," Harry thought.

"I'll go get shots, everyone!" Seamus shouted as he left the table and went over to the bar.

Everywhere the students looked there were lights flashing. The DJ, who was in the both, turned on the Saturday night's theme dance floor. UV, and spot lights flickered crazily on the walls and along the ceiling above the dance floor.

What the club now needed was dancers. Seamus came over with a tray of shots and placed them on the table.

"Remember, anyone who's under the age of 18 can't drink tonight, I'm afraid. The professors warned me when I was at the bar, and if any of us get too drunk, they will send that drunk student back to Hogwarts, and they will meet a very nasty Headmistress who will punish the student with detention with Filch for the rest of the year." Seamus said with disappointment.

The students who were under 18 sighed in disappointment.

"Where is the rest of the group?" Ginny asked.

"Some of them are tired from today, I guess." Parvati said as she sat down next to Ginny. Some of the group picked up a shot and shot it down in one.

Harry gladly got a shot and held it up.

"Cheers everyone!" Harry said as he downed the shot. He made a funny face at the taste.

"Ladies and Gents, welcome to club neon. I'm DJ Exclusive, and I'm going to make this night one of your best experiences ever. You can come up and make song requests. Come on, get up and hit the floor and show your moves!"

Everyone looked at each other. Harry guessed that they were going to wait until someone started dancing. Harry grabbed another shot and downed it. He got up and started to head for the dance floor.

"Harry's heading for the dance floor," Neville said to everyone.

Harry entered the dance floor area and went up to the DJ booth.

"Well, hello there, want song do ya want?" DJ Exclusive asked with a fake smile.

"Do you have 'Changed The Way You Kiss Me' by Example?" Harry asked.

"Of course I do. Try getting some of ya friends up, will ya?" the DJ asked.

"Sure will!" Harry said as he headed to the dance floor. He un-did a couple of buttons on his shirt and stopped in the middle of the dance floor. Everyone was staring at him, including the professors. His song choice started thrumming in his ears as he started to let his body loose.

I've never been afraid of the highest heights,

or afraid of flying, now.

I've never been afraid of the wildest fights;

not afraid of dying But now I want off this ride,

'cause you're scaring me, and I don't like where we're going.

I need a new fun fair,

'cause you're scaring me,

and I don't like where we're going.

Harry's body started to sway and he mused his hair up with his hand.

And now you're gonna miss me.

I know you're gonna miss me.

I guarantee you'll miss me.

'cause you changed the way you kiss me.

He started to jump with the beat. He moved around with his arms in the air while he swayed his arse. Severus watched Harry like a hawk. He wished he could just let loose like that while close to Harry. He wished he was all together, that he was dancing with him. Harry looked stunningly sexy to him right now. Severus continued to watch and saw from the corner of his eye that Mr .Boot was making his way over to Harry.

Terry Boot was the first person to join Harry on the dance floor. Moving very close, Terry moved his mouth to Harry's ear.

"Do you mind if I dance with you?" he asked loudly.

"Whatever!" Harry replied.

We used to be so~so~soulful,

Al Green on the background focus,

T-total were on the next high,

we get by with a so called soul mate,

made for each other chit-chat,

but that dried up,

wise up to the cutting edge I'm chilling on my Jack Jones,

looking for a way back home,

but i cant get back.

The rest of the students made their way onto the dance floor. Terry got closer to Harry and put his arms around his neck and started to gyrate and slid his body over Harry's to the beat of the music.

Our love feels wrong please wind it back,

our love feels wrong can't hide the cracks,

I guarantee you'll miss me;

'cause you changed the way you kiss me.

Harry didn't mind as the music over took him. He placed his arms around Terry's waist and moved his body at the same time as Terry's.

I've never been afraid of the highest heights,

or afraid of flying, now. I

've never been afraid of the wildest fights;

not afraid of dying!

But now I want off this ride,

'cause you're scaring me,

and I don't like where we're going.

I need a new fun fair,

'cause you're scaring me,

and I don't like where we're going.

I'll guarantee you'll miss me. '

cause you changed the way you kiss me.

'cause you changed the way you kiss me.

Harry moved his hips with Terry's and carried on swaying together with the beat. They stayed together for a couple of more songs until the students decided to get all together and dance. But Terry stayed close to him.

Harry knew he got the feeling that he was being watched all the time. He looked around and met disappointed black eyes. Harry stopped dancing and remembered what happened today with Severus. Harry decided that he needed another drink. Terry stopped dancing and gave him a questioning look.

"What's wrong?" Terry shouted.

"Nothing, I'm just going back to the booth to sit down and get a drink."

"I'll come with you."

"It's okay, stay here and dance for a while, I want to be alone for a bit!" Harry shouted as he moved in between the crowed to get to the booth. He sat down and rested his head back. "Merlin, I'm sweating like a pig!"Harry thought to himself. A waitress came over and give his a couple more shots which he downed. Harry, to his disappointment, got dragged back onto the dance floor by his friends, which he laughed at their antics to get him back dancing.

Severus was still watching Harry. He downed his last bit off vodka and ice, which he knew that he had enough of for one night. He bid goodnight to the other two professors and went back to the hotel room. What Severus didn't notice was that he now had a set of green eyes on him as he walked out of the club. Harry sadly turned back to face his friends and danced the night away.

At Midnight, Harry, Seamus, Dean and Neville entered the top floor of the hotel a bit drunk. They laughed as they bumped into each other.

"Hey, Harry, You do have the key to your room don't you?" Neville asked happily.

"No, If Se...Snape has locked me out, I will just sleep out side the door!" Harry said as he stumbled into the wall laughing.

"You can come sleeeeeeep in our room Harry, We have a sofa you can stay on," Seamus said as they walked on around the corner to their rooms. Harry and Severus' room was coming closer.

"We are so going to get in trouble in the morning. I think drank a bit too much." Dean said as he wrapped his arm around Seamus who nearly tripped over his own two feet.

"Well, just remember to have a freezing cold shower when you get in, then have a lot of coffee in the morning," Harry said to Dean.

"Shhhhh, We don't want to wake up the dungeon bat." Neville said as he and the other guys stopped out side Harry's room.

Harry grabbed hold of the door handle and noticed that it wasn't locked.

"I'll see you guys in the afternoon, probably!" Harry whispered.

"Yeah, see ya later, Harry," Dean whispered.

Harry watched them go down the corridor into their own rooms. He opened the door quietly as he could, and entered darkness. He felt up the falls to find his way to the bathroom. Thankfully, with out tripping over anything, Harry entered the bathroom.

He stumbled into the shower giggling as he stripped of his sweaty clubbing clothes. He threw them in the bath, and he was determined to get clean and then pass out for twelve hours, and if anyone would wake him up, they would know about it. He wasn't that drunk though, only a bit tipsy.

He entered the shower and turned on the rain shower head which came on quickly. It's cold temperature shocked Harry, and his skin was now covered in goose bumps. He lifted his head upwards so the water was right in his face. Hopefully this would sober him up a bit so his hang over won't be so bad that the professors would notice.

After ten minutes of a freezing cold shower, Harry turned up the temperature slowly, and he started to wash his hair and body, determined to wash the sweat off. It was in that moment that the bathroom door opened. Harry was to busy washing his body to notice anything.

Severus walked in and froze. His eyes widened at the sight in front of him. The showers glass was fogged up but Severus could see a very naked Harry. His eyes wandered, watching as soapy suds and water trailed down Harry muscled back, leading there way down a very gorgeous toned posterior which the suds lead there way down very muscular legs.

He turned around and Severus eyes widened even more. Harry had his eyes closed and his head was facing the shower head. He massaged soap into his chest and stomach, going down even further, to where Severus knew he wasn't supposed to look, but Harry washing his body so seductively. His hands continued down his body with closed eyes. Severus eyes now looked downwards and his mouth started to water. He licked his already wet lips and was instantly fascinated with what dangled between the man's firm legs. Severus decided that nature has been really kind to Harry.

Harry went lower with the soap and he groaned as he lightly gripped himself, slowly stroking as he cleaned himself. He left his semi hard erection and slowly went down and covered his legs in soap. Severus now was really painfully hard as he watched Harry. He placed the soap bar back on the shelf and turned around and put his hands against the wall and let the water run down his back. Severus groaned silently and his eyes once again darted to the perky, shaggable arse.

His eyes darted upwards and traced the slightly white scars which varied in shape and size. Harry turned around and rested his back against the cream tiles with his right foot on the tiles too. His hand went though his mused hair, and followed the water which went down his neck and downwards until it reached it's destination. His fingers lightly went around his cock and he started to stroke himself. Harry groaned as he made his hand move faster on his fully hard erection.

Severus gasped loudly this time and started to move back towards the door. Harry heard the gasp and looked straight forward to meet a very aroused Snape. Harry looked, and gave a sexy smirk.

"Like what you see?"

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