Disclaimer: Indeed, the characters of the book Speak belong to Laurie Halse Anderson.

"Lips of Leather and Lace"

No matter how much I try to hurdle the hours by faster, the year is slowly whiling down.

Inertia is just not fond of me.

My mind disapproves of my fractured soul with arms crossed tightly at the chest, wearing a frown.

Few like Travis see me shattered, they don't know my secret, yet they reveal sympathy.

Since Heather doesn't, and she would not care, will Rachel and I and Nicole and Ivy be together again?

She places down her book, I am silently pleading for another chance to mentally disengage.

What if she thinks I just want to spit it out for the sake of attention, that chance would be put to a remote end.

Conversely, steadily, our bruised friendship can be rearranged.

This hollow hole we struggle to climb out of, full of flaking abhorrence,

Will it refill with tranquil deliberation?

Sitting by her in the library like a stranger, lips bareness,

She wait for me to speak. My heart explodes with optimism for a new initiation.

"Let's unlock another door,

Forget those who are stuck-up, they had their fun."

Little conversation, the truth builds up more.

She hugs me, draws me into her budding realizations, no more reason to weep or run.

The sun sets in the west, my predator tracks me down, and we are face-to-face once again.

Soon crowds of students and adults force open a passage.

They care; I show gratitude to them for rebooting my shadowed soul, breaking free, now merrier.

It burns red with embarrassment; teach It a lingering message.

At last there stands a bold barrier.

One I am part of too.

Strong, honest, protective guard like a mirror,

Every immortal soul hurts and heals through and through.