Hello guys! It's preciola1213 here. Now taking a go at writing a story for step up! Woohoo! Hope you enjoy this one as much as my other stories.

Chapter one

A girl of 17 ran through the streets of New York. She ran as fast as she could in hope of out running the criminals which were after her. Turning to an alleyway, she ran and turned the corner. She stayed there for minute to catch her breath and listened in on their conversation. "Did you get her?" a rough voice asked. "Nope, she sprinted all the way down 3rd street and then managed to ditch us on elms." A sleek voice answered back. She knew these voices well and could even trace them out in a crowd. How do you think she has escaped so many times? They belonged to Bruce and Elli D. These boys were the toughest guys in the hood and they were after her.

She knew why but it was kind of difficult to explain. Her name is Francesca Layton. But her friends call her Fran, frank, or Frankie. But mostly Frankie. She had long orange hair tied in a low ponytail, bright green eyes and pale skin. She was wearing a black hodie, dark grey jeans, a white t-shirt and purple converses. She had a nice figure because of all the dancing she did.

Dancing. She loved her dancing and that's what she wanted to do right now. She missed it and she hadn't done it in months. Her mother was ill in the hospital and her father doing her best to look after her and her brother was out looking for money to support them. Wow, her life was crap at the moment. Anyway, these guys are after her because they want her to join their crew. She said no because she's seen the way they dance. They're quite good but they cheat. Before every performance, they would come up with all sorts of tricks and cheats to make the other team mess up and lose. They knew that she knew. So when she was walking home from school they kidnapped her and she's been living under hostage last week. Today was her lucky chance to escape. They had left a bit of window opened which was quite hard to open.

But with using her strength and skill, she opened the window and escaped but they find out only 3 minutes later. "You know what, she's probably around Lincoln, let's check over there." Elli D said and Bruce agreed. Frankie sighed with relief and waited for them to at least take the corner and she walked in the other direction.

She walked as fast as she could until she knew she was safe. Then on her walk to nowhere, she came across a big warehouse and it had its lights on. Well no surprise, it was only 8:00 in the evening. She walked down the alleyway to find a door and she pressed her ear against the cold hard metal to hear if there was anyone or anything in there. From the door, there came laughter and loud music going on with the talking in between. She smiled and felt a strange urge to knock on the door. Before she could stop herself: BANG, BANG, BANG! The music stopped and then the voices came up. "Who do you think it is?" "Maybe it's the cops." "I doubt it." "I'll go and see who it is." "If it's a guy with a gun, duck as fast as you can." "Okay….thanks for unneeded advice." The sound of footsteps came and surprisingly Frankie found herself smiling finally able to find a place to lay low.

But then she heard footsteps and then" there she is!" Frankie turned around and felt a sharp pain go through her side. She collapsed and crushed to the ground. The footsteps quickly shuffled away leaving her in a world of endless pain. "Oh my..." a male voice sounded out. Frankie looked up and saw nothing but a blur. "Guys, guys I need help!" the voice shouted again. "What's happened?" another voice came out. And before Frankie could hear the rest, she was out cold.

Sorry guys, I made a fic called dancing forever but then it was based on step up 2 and I haven't watched step up 2 so I'm changing it to step up 3! One which I've watched many times so I know it at the back of my head, unfortunately. Any ways enjoy this one.