Chapter 1


The alarm clock sounded. I may be bad, but I'm perfectly good at it. Sex in the air, I don't care. I love the smell of it. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but chains and whips excite me. Kurt's alarm was set to his ipod play list, Wake and Shake. As Rihanna's new hit single played, he opened his eyes. He groaned and rolled over. Today would be like every other day. He would go to school, get shoved into his locker by that gorilla, trudge to glee club, and go home. This process had seemed to be repeating itself for almost two years now. The grind was really starting to get to Kurt. He found himself losing interest in school, glee club, fashion, and yes… even boys. The sparkle that he once had in his eye, was fading rapidly. Kurt thought if something didn't change soon, he would just keel over.

It would be nice to have someone at school who knew exactly what I was going through. Someone to share the pain with.

Kurt had met Blaine, and Kurt loved Blaine. He was absolutely gaga for the boy. Every waking moment that they spent together, he cherished. Blaine was attractive, amiable, and best of all… gay! There was only one problem. The only other homosexual in Kurt's life lived an hour away, only available on the weekends. Kurt grimaced as he prepared himself to face the day alone, again. He closed his eyes and let the sunlight warm his face. And just as he was about to fall back asleep, Finn knocked on his door.

"Kurt, It's almost seven! We have to be going in thirty minutes! Don't oversleep dude!"

Thirty minutes! That's barely enough to time to fix my hair! Not to mention my skin care routine, outfit selection, and daily shoe shining!

Kurt futilely jumped out of bed and tried to pull himself together. Thirty minutes later, he was out the door with imperfect hair and the wrong colored scarf.

Great. Just great.

As Kurt drove the SUV to school, Finn, in the passengers ' side, noticed Kurt's grave face. "Hey Kurt, what's wrong? You look like you just heard Lady Gaga died or something."

Kurt smirked.

"First of all, my ensemble would contain much more black, if that were the case. And second of all, I'm just flustered. I haven't overslept once in the past two years. I've always managed to make myself presentable in time for the first bell. Well, now I've gone and ruined my perfect record!"

Finn blinked and looked at his stepbrother.

"Uh, you look fine buddy!"

"Finn, no offense, but you're wearing a T-shirt and khaki shorts."


Finn accepted that he couldn't really say anything to ease the flustered fashonista's bad mood.

They parked in the parking lot, and walked to the building. Near the dumpster, where Kurt had been thrown in so many times, he noticed a rather fashionably dressed boy being cornered by Azimio and his cronies. No Karofsky. Not this time. It seems that his malice had recently been saved for Kurt only. Kurt kept his thoughts from wandering as he quickly moved to the dumpster, and instinctively grabbed the other boy's hand and pulled him away from the dumpster into the school building to where teachers could see them. Kurt turned to him and smiled. "Is this your first day? You should know better than to wear a peacoat like that and wander around by the dumpster."

The boy was very awkward. He had bone straight red hair and lots of freckles. His eyes were misty blue. He blinked.


"I'm just trying to help you out. It's happened to me plenty of times."

The boy laughed. Kurt began to study him. They had about the same build, and even the same fashion tastes. The boy was wearing a fabulous cadet styled hat with a red star on it.

Why haven't I seen you before?

"Oh, and it is my first day. I just transferred here from Mississippi."

Could he be?

"My name's Cody."

Kurt blinked. He was so engulfed in analyzing Cody's sexual orientation that he almost didn't hear him introduce himself.

"Oh, well I'm Kurt. Kurt Hummel. It's a pleasure to meet you."

"You too!"

Cody pulled a piece of paper from his pinstriped messenger bag, and looked at it as if it was written in another language.

"Um, you wouldn't be able to tell me where French III is would you?"

Kurt's heart skipped a beat. First period French was his first class.

"Yes. Yes I could! That also happens to be my first class!"

"Awesome, Kurt!"

The two walked to class and started the day. The teacher had Cody introduce himself. He said that he liked to sing and act. Most of the kids laughed. Kurt's face glowed.

New Directions may just have a new member!

For the next four periods, their schedules were identical.

He's in every class, and he likes to sing! This couldn't get any better!

Kurt could hardly concentrate on his school work because of how excited he was about his new friend. He couldn't wait to tell Mercedes!

The bell finally rang that concluded U.S. History. Kurt was absolutely giddy with excitement. He walked briskly to Cody who was gathering his things and asked, "Would you like to eat lunch with me and a few of my friends?"

"Of course I would! This makes the whole first-day-deal so much easier."

They walked to the cafeteria. Kurt was so happy. A new boy, who could possibly be gay! His eyes were brimming with excitement. However, the smile that he wore on his face was ripped away with a swift shove into the locker. Metal. Clang. Fuzzy. Karofsky.

Of course he would do this. Of course HE would be the one to ruin Kurt's fabulous day. The football player walked away with a confused/angry look on his face. Why is he doing this? Cody ran over to Kurt and helped him up. Kurt could hear him ask if he was okay. Of course he wasn't okay. But Kurt didn't want to seem weak. He had too much pride. He didn't want to give the gorilla any satisfaction. He took a deep breath, salvaged his hair, straightened his jacket, and stood up.

"I'm fine."

Cody had a disgusted look on his face.

"No you're not."

He pulled up Kurt's sleeve to reveal a dark purple bruise on his arm.

"He really hurt you! That asshole. Why would he do that to you?"

Does he really not know? Kurt couldn't believe how naive he was.

"That Neanderthal can't seem to understand the idea of a homosexual coexisting with the rest of the population."

Cody's jaw dropped. Kurt's stomach dropped as well.

Oh no. He isn't gay. He's not going to want to be my friend. After all, he is from Mississippi.

"How ignorant! I mean of all reasons to hate someone, he hates something that you can't help! What is this?"

Cody's face was red. He was really upset about this. Kurt felt all bubbly. His smile had returned. It was wider than before. His face was all warm.

"Cody, can I ask you a question?"

Cody's eyes twitched a bit. He knew what was coming.

"Let me stop you right there. Yes, I'm gay."

Kurt inhaled a short breath of heaven. His mouth was open in the shape of a surprised smile. A new gay kid. Someone to share his pain. SOMEONE WHO UNDERSTOOD!

"But at my old school in Mississippi, I was known as the gay kid. I went to an all boys Catholic Boarding school. And I don't really want that anymore. You know? I want to be known for what I do, not who I do."

That was the most beautiful quote in the world. Kurt was just so impressed with his new friend.

"So does that mean you're not out to the general public or something?"

"No, I am. I just don't want to advertise it."

"I completely understand Cody. Well, we are going to miss lunch if we keep this up, and I want you to meet all of my friends. So shall we go?"


Kurt and Cody walked into the cafeteria. Mercerdes looked up from her English book. Her eyes got wide.

Who the hell is that!

Kurt and Cody got their trays and walked over to the table and sat down.

"Mercedes, I would like you to meet my new friend, Cody. He's just transferred here from a boarding school in Mississippi."

Mercedes could tell that Kurt was very happy. TOO happy.

This isn't going to end well.

"Hi Cody! I am the one and only Mercedes! I like fashion, boots and boys. And I dislike drama to the max."

Cody blinked at the impressively personalized introduction. He kinda laughed.

"Well it's a pleasure. I like to sing."

"Well have you heard about Glee club?"

Cody only sat there waiting for an explanation. Mercedes took a breath.

"It's basically a fancy name for a show choir. We meet every day after school for an hour. You should come audition."

Kurt couldn't help but interject.

"You should definitely come! It's a lot of fun."

"I think I will."

The day went on. It turned out, that the next three classed were once again shared with Cody. Kurt had a gay friend that went to school with him. He couldn't get over the idea of this becoming a reality.

The bell rang. Kurt grabbed Cody by the hand, and started to take him to the choir room. Kurt noticed that Cody had really soft hands. Oh this is all too much!


Kurt half expected to feel his head reel. But much to his surprise, he wasn't the one on the ground. It was Cody. He looked at Karofksy who stood over Cody grinding his teeth and breathing menacingly. Kurt's breath turned cold as Karofksy looked at him.

"This your girlfriend, Kurt?"

"No, thi-"

"What THE FUCK is your problem asshole?"

Kurt's heart froze. Karofsky's nostrils flared and looked over at the brave boy. Cody stood up and got in Karofsky's face.

"You wanna hold hands with that fairy, expect to become very good friends with THE FURY."

Dave held his fists, "The Fury", to Cody's face.

"Bitch please! Do you know how far that would fly when I file a police report!"

Karofksy's lip twitched. A small bit of fear was clearly visible on Karofsky's face. Kurt couldn't believe it. Standing up to his bully was something he had only dreamed of. How is this new kid doing this! Kurt wanted to clap and cheer Cody on, but he was paralyzed with fear.

Karofksy only stood there, grinding his teeth and glaring at Cody.

"Do you know what happens to queers who mess with David Karofsky?"

Cody smirked and put his hand on Karofksy's shoulder.

"Dave, I suggest you go away… you know, before things get out of hand."

This sent Dave off the edge. He picked up Cody by the collar and slammed him into the lockers. Karofksy looked into those brave blue eyes. While being held up, Cody laughed and pulled out his cellphone. Dave didn't really know what to make of this, so he kept on grinding his teeth while glaring into Cody's eyes.

"Dave, you see this phone?"

"Of course I do."

"I'm one touch away from having the cops over here."

Dave threw Cody to the ground and stormed off. Thank Gaga. Kurt could finally take a normal breath. What the hell was he thinking!

Just as Kurt thought it was all over, and the day could go on as planned, Mr. Shuester came out of the choir room to see what all the commotion was about.


Dave's shoulders shot up. His face winced at the sound of his last name.

"You too!"

He was pointing at Cody.

Kurt closed his dropped jaw and shot over to .

", if I may-"

"Not now, Kurt."

Cody straightened his peacoat and picked his bag up while walking over to Mr. Shuester. His arms were crossed. Dave soon followed suit.

"WHAT was going on over there?"

Kurt started to say something, but Dave silenced him with a death glare. Cody noticed this and rolled his eyes.

"I was being careless and collided in Dave. It was my fault. I provoked him."

Dave, Kurt, and looked schocked.

"What did you do to provoke him?"

Cody looked at Dave when he replied. He smiled through his words.

"I called him a godless prick."

Dave's face became bright red. He stared back at Cody, gritting his teeth.

"Cody, right?"

Cody nodded at .

"I don't know how they do it in Mississippi, but that kind of language is not tolerated at McKinley High. I'm afraid I'm going to have to give you detention."

Kurt eyes grew two sizes bigger.

"Mr. Schue! That's not fair!"

"I know Kurt, which is why I'm giving Dave detention too."

Dave let out a disappointedly shocked grunt.


"While Cody, apparently provoked you, you still gave in. It seems you guys have some issues, perhaps while cleaning the chalk boards tomorrow you can work on your differences."


"I'm serious, and unless you want to make it two days, David, drop it."

Dave just gritted his teeth. He had fire in his eyes. Cody didn't seem upset at all.

"When and where Mr. Sheuster?"

"Be in the choir room at 4 tomorrow."


David turned to Cody and grinned at him.

"See you tomorrow, Cody."

David's voice was cold and maniacal. He turned and walked away. Cody waited for him to get a few steps away and then replied to Dave in a fake, high pitched, and giddy southern accent.

"I can't wait for our DATE, DAAAAAVID!"

Dave's shoulders shot up again. He stopped, let out a shocked laugh, shook his head and left.

Kurt could not believe what just happened. His new friend had managed to get himself a death sentence on the first day.