When You Find You

It was graduation day for the kids at Juilliard. After years of studying and training they were ready to take the world by storm. Everyone had high hopes and dreams. But when the principle gave his speech something in it hit everyone like a ton of bricks.

"Juilliard has graduated over 950,000 students. Most of their names you can't even find in a phone book now. Few have had one good shot and less still have made a career that sticks. Having the name Juilliard on your diploma doesn't mean prepare for directors to fawn over you, it means you are prepared for when they don't. Although we specialize in acting, singing, and talent in general the reason people come to Juilliard is not to succeed in acting. It is to succeed when acting fails."

After the principle the valedictorian, Beckett Oliver, gave his speech. Following him only .026 of a GPA point below as salutatorian was his girlfriend, Jadelyn West. His speech was better than hers but hers was better delivered. Both got applause and everyone in the room looked at the two and knew that they would succeed. Then everyone in the graduating class looked in on themselves and wondered if they would be as lucky as the couple. The ceremony ended and the class walked out together. Some cried, some laughed, some hugged, and some cheered but whether or not they were ready for the world or the world was ready for them, they were coming.

"Are you ready to go home baby?" Beck asked his girlfriend as she approached his car with her packed bags from her dorm room.

"We need to talk," she said as she set the bags in her hand down.

"About?" he asked walking up to her and stroking her cheeks.

Jade looked away from his coffee brown eyes "I'm leaving," she whispered. He froze, "not you," she amended "in general. I-I don't see myself here anymore. I don't know who I am. I'm fresh out of college and I have no idea what to do with my life or with anything. I need time, I need to figure it out. I bought a ticket on a ferry, I have no idea where it's going, and I don't know if I'm coming back."

Beck inhaled sharply to keep tears from coming out "that's fine," he said earnestly. "Go ahead, find you," he whispered and pulled her close.

"I, I don't want to keep you tied to someone who may never come back," she started but he shushed her.

"Take your time, see the world, find yourself, and when you have, and when you're done, and when you know, come back. I'm not going anywhere Jade," he stroked her hair as her head laid against his shoulder.

The group of friends had flowers and lays and congratulations galore waiting for their two newly graduated friends. But as they went to greet the two graduates something seemed to be happening, something not good. They both looked sad and the group whispered worriedly amongst themselves. Beck was holding Jade tight and close and it, it looked like Jade was sobbing. Something was wrong something was horribly wrong. Then a taxi drove up and Jade pulled away from Beck, tears messing her mascara, she grabbed her bags and lunged into the taxi. Then just like that, she was gone.

AN: I thought about continuing this to make it happy but I think its better this way. If enough people want to see a continuation with a happy ending I will write it. Please review also check out my (and ohsnapitzjess's and HHDKRDDEJCBEZIDFK's) Moving Victorious Up! Thanks guys.

Also this is based off of David Cook's 'Come Back To Me' which is heartbreaking and I LOVE it!