"Nat! Nat! Natalie!" Tootie hollered walking through the dining area. Natalie walked through the door.

"Oh hi Tootie. What's going on?" Natalie asked.

"Where were you?" Tootie questioned.

"I was with Mrs. Garrett." Natalie replied looking at Tootie suspiciously. "Why?"

"I have spent a great deal of time looking for you. Blair has an announcement for all of us." Tootie responded.

"Oh." Natalie said. "Where are Blair and Jo?" Mrs. Garrett walked in behind them.

"I'm not sure where they are." Tootie replied.

"They were in the kitchen last I saw." Jo walked down the stairs and into the dining room.

"Mrs. G! Have you talked to Blair? Do you know what her big announcement was?" Jo asked.

"Big announcement? No, I'm sorry I don't Jo. Why don't you talk to Blair?" Mrs. Garrett questioned. Blair walked over to them.

"Talk to Blair about what?" Blair asked and crossed her arms.

"What's the big announcement?" Jo asked shrugging.

"Mrs. Garrett," Blair sighed, "Jo, Tootie, Natalie. I've made a decision about my future."

"That's good Blair." Mrs. Garrett stated.

"I have decided to leave Eastland for my senior year. I can't stay here any longer." Blair exclaimed.

"What?" Tootie hollered.

"You're leaving Eastland? Why?" Natalie asked.

"I have grown to be too mature for Eastland and everybody here." Blair said. Jo glared at her.

"Wanna bet?" Jo asked with her eyes in slits. "If you feel that way, than just get out of here." Jo stormed off.

"I'm sorry Tootie. I just can't stay much longer. I'm leaving in June- period." Blair walked out the room leaving Natalie, Tootie, and Mrs. Garrett in awe.

A/N: I know that this is a short chapter, but the rest will be longer..