"Are you still leaving?" Tootie asked. Blair looked at Tootie.

"I don't want to live over a kitchen anymore. I'm sorry Tootie." Blair responded.

"Sure you are." Jo stated.

"Jo, I wish you wouldn't talk like that." Blair said.

"Well, why shouldn't I?" Jo questioned.

"Hey, YOU are the reason we live about the kitchen Jo." Blair exclaimed.

"It was your fault we got busted." Jo responded.


"So what college are you girls from?" A guy in the Chug-A-Lug bar asked Blair and Jo.

"Oh, it's nowhere near here." Blair said as Jo said, "Just up the road."

"So different schools huh, let me guess; I'm pretty good at this sort of thing." He looked at Jo. "You're easy."

"Ey!" Jo hollered.

"Eh, sure you got last year's jeans, that couldn't be bothered hairstyle, just a touch of punk in those high heels; you go to Sarah Lawrence, right?" He asked.

"Really, right, for sure." Jo responded with a smile.

"Now Blair here, she's much tougher to figure out." He said.

"If you only knew how many men have told me that." Blair said running her hand through her hair.

"Got great make-up, perfect hairdo, everything you wear is straight out of Vogue. You're in secretarial school." He stated.

"Secretarial school? Give me a break." Blair replied.

"Then it is beauty college, I'm never wrong about these things babe." He responded.

"Well you happen to be wrong this time you low class creep." Blair exclaimed.

"Blair…. Blair, this is not the way to come onto a guy." Jo stated.

"Have you ever heard of Warner Textile Mills?" Blair asked.

"Oh, that's why you're so sensitive. You're a workin' girl. So what do you operate? A loom or something?" He asked.

"You jerk, I own the place!" Blair hollered.

Natalie and Tootie were sitting outside the window looking in.

"Uh oh, that guy's giving Blair a hard time." Tootie said.

"She's freaking, he must have said something awful." Natalie replied as they watched Blair jump off the stool she was sitting on.

"I'm going in." Tootie stated.

"They won't let you in there." Natalie responded.

"We'll tell them we're very small Avon ladies." Tootie combated. Tootie and Natalie walked in. "Okay turkey, what did you say to our friend?"

"Tootie, Natalie, get out of here." Blair said.

"Who are these kids?" He asked.

"Uh, oh, they're my little sisters." Blair said getting behind them and wrapping her arms around them. All three of the girls smiled. Mrs. Garrett walked in.

"Girls!" Mrs. Garrett exclaimed.

"Mrs. Garrett." Natalie said.

"Will you tell me what's goin' on here?" Mrs. Garrett asked.

"Group sleepwalking?" Tootie tried.

"Blair, I want an explanation." Mrs. Garrett said.

"Well Mrs. Garrett, we were just letting off some steam. You know how tough the first day of school can be. Getting settled and meeting new people." Blair said.

"Now comes Miller time!" Tootie exclaimed.

"I don't think so girls. It's time for a full introduction. Officer Shuler, Peakskill Police." He said showing off his badge.

"Police?" Blair questioned.

"What blew our cover?" Jo asked.

"It was probably those ridiculous shoes." Blair said.

"Don't blame her honey, I was on your case the minute you came through that door with your fake ids." He replied.

"Officer, officer, um, uh, these girls are from Eastland school, now, you know the nutty things high school kids can do." Mrs. Garrett stated.

"Well I'm sorry ma'am, but you know sometimes a lesson at this age is just what they need. Come on you two, we're goin' down-" He said, Mrs. Garrett grabbed his arm.

"Wait a minute, you can't just say book 'em and forget it." Mrs. Garrett said.

"Lady, no one says "book 'em," that's Hawaii Five-O."

"They're not criminals. They're harmless high school kids. Okay, so they sipped a little beer."

"That's an offense."

"Oh and I know it wasn't right faking their ids."

"That's another offense."

"But it's no crime to sneak away from school; of course to steal the school van is a crime."

"They stole the school van?"

"Borrowed. Borrowed, don't put words in my mouth." They all heard a crash outside. "By the way girls, where is the van?" Mrs. Garrett asked.

"Don't worry Mrs. Garrett, I'm, I'm sure that wasn't it." Blair said.

"Yeah, we parked it real carefully right outside." Jo chimed in.

"Hey, that's no street. That's a one way alley." The cop stated.

"We are in trouble." Tootie exclaimed.

"Harmless high school girls? Ha, I gotta take these two in before they do anymore damage." He said and grabbed Blair and Jo by the arm.

"Oh no, wait a minute, you can't do that, it's entrapment!" Mrs. Garrett exclaimed.

"Leave my friends alone!" Natalie said as she shoved the cop's arm back.

"Yeah creep!" Tootie chimed in while pouring a pitcher of beer over his head.

"Alright! That's it! I'm gonna put you all in jail! Let's get going. come on. Get down off of there." He hollered and pulled Tootie off the stool.

(present day)

"Okay, so we got caught. But we had fun." Jo stated.

"I wouldn't call that night fun Jo." Blair replied.

"I wouldn't either." Natalie said.

"It wasn't bad. You gotta admit that." Jo responded.

"Not for live over the kitchen. And for being Mrs. Garrett's permanent responsibility." Blair said.

"We didn't have much of an ultimatum." Natalie reminded her.


The girls and Mrs. Garrett are walking through the jail.

"Thank you so much for getting us out of there Mrs. Garrett." Blair said.

"Yeah, we really appreciate it." Natalie stated.

"Hold it. Before you thank me, I think you better sit down; I have a few things to say." Mrs. Garrett said. All four of the girls sit down. "First, the judge put all of you girl on probation for six months."

"Probation? That's for criminals." Tootie said.

"Exactly. You're also ex-Eastland girls."

"Ex-Eastland girls? What do you mean?" Blair asked.

"Mr. Harris was furious. You were all expelled."

"Expelled? My mother's a dead person. She'll never live through the first bypass." Natalie exclaimed crossing her arms.

"Mrs. Garrett, this is our first offense. Don't we even get a chance to appeal?" Blair questioned.

"I did a lot of appealing and there is a way you can stay, but I don't know if you'll agree to the conditions."

"Try us." Natalie exclaimed.

"One, I would have to assume full responsibility for you girls, I had to promise Mr. Harris that."

"That's fine. You're a wonderful friend." Tootie said,

"Who can save your hides."

"What are friends for?" Tootie asked with a nervous smile.

"Two, you wouldn't be living in the dorm anymore. You'd be across the hall from me so I could keep my eye on you."

"We'll be living over the kitchen?" Blair asked.

"It's not so bad. At least you'll be the first to know what the soup of the day is."

"In other words, we ain't really free. We're just changin' jails." Jo said.

"Well I didn't say it was gonna be laughs. three, to pay for the damage to the van, you'll all have to work in the cafeteria 'til it's paid off."

"That's not necessary Mrs. Garrett. I'm sure my mother will pay whatever the cost." Blair stated.

"Wrong. I spoke to your mother. I spoke to all your mothers and fathers."

"I'm definitely up for adoption." Tootie said.

"They all agreed with everything. I'm sure you'll be hearing from them soon."

"Like a better bomb." Natalie replied.

"We'll do whatever you ask Mrs. Garrett. Right?" Blair asked looking around the group.

"Right." Tootie said.

"Right." Natalie responded. They both looked at Jo.

"Hey don't look at me. You guys are a trio, not a quartet." Jo said. Blair stood.

"You really don't care about anybody but yourself do you?" Blair asked.

"You got it Farrah." Jo said and looked at Mrs. Garrett. "And I didn't come up here to be a dishwasher either. That wasn't part of my deal."

"It wasn't part of your deal to fake ids and hotwire cars either." Mrs. Garrett said and stood. "Look, nobody's forcing you to do this. You can go home right now if you want."

"Oh, well see my motorcycle's busted right now and I don't have any wheels."

"We'll be happy to chip in and buy you a bus ticket." Blair said with a fake smile.

"As a matter of fact, I think I'll stay."

"All right, well then you all agree to the conditions?" She paused. "Good, let's get out of here."


"Okay, so it wasn't that exciting." Jo admitted.

"You're telling me." Tootie replied.

"And Jo almost left." Blair said.

"But I'm still here." Jo responded with a smile.

"Even if we fight a lot, I'm still glad we met Jo." Blair stated.

"Me too Blair." Jo replied.