It was the next day, and it was Saturday. The sun was shining and Will was making his way to Emma's front door. He was a bit tired as last night; he hardly got any sleep as he was thinking about their kiss. He knocked on the door gently and put his hands through his brown curls, wanting to look good for the beautiful woman who would open the door between them.

He thought back to the day before as he waited for her to answer it. He remembered their kiss in the paint store and the way she had kissed him, he knew it wouldn't be forgotten as long as they both lived.

He remembered the song they had sang 'Two Is Better Than One', and as he promised himself, he had gotten the song on his cell phone, and made it his ringtone. He was taken from his thoughts though when the door opened to reveal Emma in her orange dress, with the red belt.

"Morning Em," Will smiled, happy to see her.

"Hi Will, come in," Emma said a bit shy, opening the door and moving back.

Will stepped inside and then shut the door. As he turned round to face her, a smile played on his lips. He took her hand and kissed it slowly, and she felt like royalty.

"I missed you last night," He whispered to her, taking her in to his strong arms.

The butterflies in Emma's stomach fluttered at his words, and she relaxed in his arms, breathing in his scent, of coffee and aftershave. She sighed happily and placed her arms around him, resting them on his muscled back, moving closer to him.

"I missed you too," She whispered in to his sweater vest.

Will buried his face in her short red hair and breathed deep, closing his eyes, taking in her smell of perfume and cleaning products. He chuckled internally; she was so adorable when she cleaned. He felt Emma's head move up and he looked at her.

Her brown doe eyes joined with his green eyes and he felt his stomach doing flips and he felt his heart rate increasing. Before he knew it, Emma's soft, red lips, were on his, kissing him passionately.

Emma smiled in to the kiss as she felt his lips moving against hers, and she felt his breath on her lips. She felt Will's hands slipping down to her lower back and rest on her hips. She then pulled away panting lightly, and looked deep in to his eyes.

"So are we going to get my bedroom painted?" She giggled, running her hand down his face.

"Sure. Let's go," He smiled taking her hand.

They walked up the stairs, hand in hand and went in to Emma's room. Will smiled at her and looked at her room. It was enormous. He stared at her happily, as he knew it was going to take ages.

"So let's start painting our bedroom," Emma smiled.

Will froze. She said 'Our'. He went to correct her and stuttered slightly.

"Erm... you said o-our bedroom," Will said.

Emma faced him and then looked in his eyes.

"Yes. Our bedroom," She smiled.

She leaned up slowly and her lips met his in a passionate kiss. Will smiled and thought back to what she had said. This was the beginning of a fantastic relationship.

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