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Author's Note: Ok, this series will mainly focus on the spiritual, emotional and physical bond Katara and Aang share. So, Yes, this will only focus on Aang and Katara, and no, there is no action or suspense. So please, if you want action, go read something that has action in it. Any who, this chapter takes place right as Aang and Katara kiss at the finale. And Yes, Katara will get pregnant. I don't care if they're "too young", it's a story, and imagination is required for a story!

Chapter One: A Growing Bond

The soft touch of her lips enticed Aang. Katara knew this and deepened their kiss, pushing her tongue into his warm mouth, receiving a small surprised moan from Aang as he also returned the favor by fighting with Katara's tongue for dominance, which made the girl moan into his mouth. Only the need for air broke the two apart, panting. Once their pants muted, Aang held the girl in his arms, taking her lavender scent in. Yet, he had one question to be answered and reluctantly pulled away, which left Katara in protest.

"I…I don't understand. Back there… at the play…" Aang started, obviously confused by her action, and then stopped as the girl of his dreams pecked him lightly.

"I know, and I'm sorry." Katara said, choking her words. "I... I just didn't know what I was saying…" Aang frowned as he saw the waterbender's eyes tear up lightly. "I was afraid that… if I did say yes… that… you might've …" Katara was now in tears, yet again being reminded of how she had nearly lost Aang in Ba Sing Se and Aang instinctively held her tightly, comforting his love. "I… I love you, Aang… more then you'll ever know and the last thing I want is to lose you…"

Aang smiled weakly as Katara confessed her deep love for him and pulled away from her slightly, kissing her then pulling away, mere millimeters from her face, whispering, "I love you too, Katara."

At that, Aang pushed his lips against her own, practically shoving his tongue in her warm mouth, earning a light moan from Katara. Now he was the one in control, and Katara wasn't complaining. This is, until a familiar voice called out to her in a teasing manner and the two quickly pulled away, finding their friends smirking jokingly at them.

"Well it's about time you two!" Toph scoffed playfully, leaning against the door frame, her milky eyes looking in the lovers' direction.

Aang and Katara laughed with them, walking hand in hand back into Iroh's tea shop, the Jasmine Dragon as the sun disappeared.

It was now dark and Aang and friend's decided to go back to their home in Ba Sing Se, but by then it was late and everyone went off to sleep, except for Aang.

The Avatar paced around his room, he was restless, waking up, having dreams; Dreams of Katara. He couldn't get them out of his head, so he decided to face the 'problem'; Katara.

Her room was across from his and strangely enough; he noticed light seeping out from the door. She must be awake too, he hoped and then knocked. He sighed in slight relief as her song-like voice rang.

"Who is it?" She chimed, she sounded as tired as Aang.

"I...it's me, Aang." Almost immediately she opened the door and let Aang inside. She was in her undergarments which made Aang's face flush red, even though he's seen her several times during waterbending practices. On the other hand, Katara was blushing as well, her deeply blue eyes going down to his bare chest, and then she shook the thought away.

"What's wrong Aang…?" She asked true concern in her voice and placed her soft hands on his shoulder.

"N...nothing, I just… can't sleep." He blushed deeply, as she began to massage his shoulders.

"Same…I'd rather not say why… Why aren't you?" She cocked her head to the side, pecking his neck which made him shiver.

"It… it's just I …" Aang tried to avoid eye contact as he tried to stutter the words out but failed as his gray orbs met her ocean blues.

Katara couldn't take it anymore. She needed him. With slight hesitation she turned the Avatar around, kissing him hard, yet passionate all the same. The Airbender took this invitation happily and returned the kiss with the same heated passion as he ran his tongue along her lower lip, asking for entrance. Katara obliged without protest and tilted her head, deepening the kiss even more. They went on for hours, it seemed, until Katara pulled away ever so slightly and nestled into his bare neck, leaving opened mouthed kisses along his neck and then his collar bone, which left Aang smiling and groaning in approval.

Only the feeling of a cold breeze on the wet kisses made Aang realize that Katara was now looking at him, face to face. No words were shared, their eyes said it all. With that, Aang lifted the girl as if she was air herself and laid her on the bed carefully, hovering over her and beginning the kiss that they had just ended moments ago with the same passion and heat, making Katara moan and arch her back slightly.

They began to explore each other's bodies with their nervous hands slowly as they continued their fiery kiss. One of Aang's hands was rested on Katara's perfect waist as the other made its way up slightly to her concealed breast, making his girlfriend shiver and gasp lightly. The boy pulled away, looking for Katara's consent in her eyes, which she approved of. With that, Aang sighed, his breath shaky and his hands even shakier as they attempted to undo her chest bindings.

Once he succeeded, he backed away lightly, taking in the view. Katara's breasts were in perfect proportion with her body. They weren't too big to over whelm Aang, yet they weren't too small. "She's perfect." Aang thought as he then raised his gaze to Katara, who was looking away, an obvious blush appeared on her face. Aang smiled light-heartedly as he placed his hand on her cheek and turned her face towards him. Leaning down, he kissed her lovingly and went to her ear, giving her lobe a light nibble before whispering "You're beautiful," in her ear.

This, of course made Katara's fear vanish as she began to explore his body before her delicate hands took hold of the waistband of his pants, which Aang didn't notice as he was preoccupied sucking on her neck and fondling her right breast lightly. Katara managed to slide his pants down to his knees and then kicked them off completely, revealing a hard to ignore bulge in his pants. Katara blushed deeply at this and began to slide her hands to this area. This stopped once she felt Aang mouth clench onto her left breast, still preforming his ministrations on her right, teasing the now hard nipple. This made Katara gasp and moan in ecstasy, her hands going to his bald head, keeping him in place.

Aang looked up with his mouth still suckling and teasing her nipple, seeing if Katara was enjoying it was much as him. To his satisfaction, she was enjoying it, obviously more than he was. Minutes later, Aang pulled away from her breasts and began to trail upward, leaving wet kisses and then stopping at her lip, pecking her a few times. Unannounced to Aang, Katara had reached his obvious erection, stroking him lightly through his undergarments. Her motions made Aang involuntary buck against her hand, groaning and closing his eyes tightly.

With a swift motion, Katara had rid Aang of the annoying piece of clothing and gripped him softly and admiring it. Aang, though young, had a good size to him; he was the perfect length for Katara and she smiled lightly and somewhat seductively at her thoughts. Aang blushed as Katara just stared at his member before she ran her thumb across the head of his penis, making Aang moan a bit louder and thrust sharply against her hand. Katara smirked lightly and pushed him on his back softly, hovering over him she began moving her hand along his erection at a teasingly slow pace, with made Aang pant and squirm slightly.

Aang knew what would happen if she kept going and soon grabbed her hand and pulled it away as Katara frowned. "What's wrong?" She asked, frowning.

"It's just that... if you keep doing that..." Aang hinted, looking at his hardened manhood then back at her. Katara got the hint straight away then kissed him deeply.

"That's not necessarily a bad thing, is it?" Katara reasoned and then continued pleasing Aang, her hand moving along him faster than before. Aang let a long, pleasure filled moan as Katara went a big faster and even a bit harder on him, his pants and groans getting a more frantic.

In no time at all it seemed, Aang was at his breaking point, panting. "K...Katara… I…I'm…" He stopped as his orgasm came, his seed leaving him as he groaned and clenched his teeth. His sudden orgasm stunned Katara slightly, his fluids getting on her arm and hand. "S...sorry, Katara." He apologized as he sat up, grabbing a towel and cleaning her off. She smiled lightly and kissed him lovingly.

"I liked it." She smiled more and then looking at them together, which shocked her in the least; Katara clearly enjoying the pleasure she gave the young Avatar that she didn't notice that Aang had disposed of her last piece of clothing while she was pleasing him, which Katara immediately closed her legs together, her shyness yet again getting to her.

Aang smiled at her shyness and pecked her on her lips lightly and then began trailing little kisses down her body, pausing at her breasts to give each one some attention then began to trail lower and lower until he reached his destination. His hands landed on Katara's inner thighs and spread them soft, getting him a perfect view of her womanhood. Once he spread her legs, he looked up to get her approval which he got by Katara tracing the arrow on his head, her nod assuring him.

Katara's womanhood was a mystery to Aang, yet a treasure. Aang decided to take his exploring further by sliding a finger between the folds, making the girl shutter. Aang loved her noises and wanted to hear more and soon slid his finger into her, moaning with her at the feeling. He soon had a crazy idea and scooted closer to her womanhood and ran his tongue along her folds. The result was pleasing to both; Katara moaned and arched her back high as he tasted her, which made the Airbender more adventurous. He soon found a small nub that had made Katara jump and began focusing nearly all of his attention on that area as well as rubbing her hips lovingly, reminding Katara how much he loves her.

Katara was in pure heaven, she simply hadn't felt this sort of pleasure before. In practically no time, the waterbender began panting as she felt the heat in her grow until she simply couldn't hold it in any longer. Nearly screaming his name, she quickly climaxed, her back arched. Aang pulled away and tenderly kissed Katara's forehead, resting between her legs.

"Do you trust me?" He asked, cupping her face in his head and moving her hair from her face. She nodded in return, still panting from her orgasm. With that, Aang positioned himself until he felt that he was in the right spot. Slowly, Aang slid in until he felt Katara's wall, he knew that it would hurt her once it was broken, so as he carefully pushed through, he kissed her and ran his fingers through her slightly messy hair. Once he was all the way in her, he pulled away from her and wiped her collecting tears.

Once he felt her womanhood relax, Aang began to slowly thrust in and out of her as he kept looking at her, making sure she wasn't in any more pain then she currently was. He hated seeing her in pain. Pain that he was causing but they both knew that this pain as unavoidable. Luckily, this pain is temporary and Katara began to feel her stinging pain turn into sheer pleasure. Her wincing turned into little moans that had turned louder and louder as the pain disappeared.

Soon Aang felt that he could go faster and he did just that, which Katara loved as much as he did. She even began to buck with his thrusts, wrapping her legs around his waist to send him deeper into her, which Aang obliged happily. Within seconds, it was their own need controlling them; they went faster and harder as each of their climaxes were coming closer and closer, their faces close to each other's and their sounds of pleasure filled the air. Now shaking violently in pleasure, Katara moaned Aang's name in the air and tilted her head back, her orgasm making her walls tighten and pulse, sending Aang over the edge with her.

They soon fell down from their high and Aang pulled out and collapsed next to her, panting and wrapping her in his arms, kissing her sweat covered forehead. With the last of his energy, he was able to muster an "I love you, Katara…" before falling asleep, perfectly content in her arms. Katara would've replied to his words of admiration, but as she turned to look at him she noticed he was fast asleep. She smiled weakly and rested her head on his chest, falling asleep with the one she loves.

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