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Chapter Three: Baby Talk

It has now been two months since Aang and Katara had sex and Katara woke up with an aching and sickening feeling in her stomach. It was early; a bit too early actually… the sun hadn't even risen. She sat up and gripped her stomach tightly, which only worsened the nausea. Quickly, she ran to a nearby wash bucket and disposed of her dinner.

"Katara…?" Aang called drowsily, being woken up by her. Once he realized that she was sick, he rushed to her and held her hair out of the way, rubbing her back gently. "Katara, are you ok?" Once she finished he grabbed the bucket and felt her forehead for any sign that she was ill. There wasn't.

"I'm fine Aang... it's just a little bug." She excused and rinsed her mouth out as Aang began to clean the bucket with waterbending outside.

"I don't think so Katara, you don't have a fever."

"Then it has to be the food we had last night." She reasoned and with that Aang went over what they had for dinner, which was an assortment of fruits and vegetables.

"If that were true, I'd be sick too…" He corrected. Suddenly, something clicked in Katara's head.

"Aang… I haven't had my period yet have I…?" Katara asked which made Aang's pale complexion turn a bright red. He knew what they were, and he and Katara talked about them, but the subject still made him blush, he began to look back at the last time Katara was less active, which was about two and a half months ago.

"No why?" Aang tilted his head and cocked an eyebrow when her ocean blue eyes widened and she placed a fragile hand on her stomach.

"I'm pregnant…" She murmured, inaudible to Aang, though he could barely make it out.

"W…what?" Aang's eyes widened as well as he placed the now clean wash bucket down, hoping he didn't hear what he though, yet wishing he did hear it right.

"I'm pregnant, Aang!" She exclaimed nervously, her voice having a hint of being slightly excited as tears began to form. With the news, Aang rushed to Katara again and hugged her tightly, holding her on the bed.

"A…are you sure?" He stuttered and Katara nodded.

"What are we gonna do..?" Katara was shaken, she has handled several babies and children back at the Southern Water Tribe, but this was her and Aang's own child. She didn't fully know how to be a mother. Aang saw the worry and concern in the bender's eyes and held her even closer. "What are we even gonna tell Sokka?"

"We'll just tell him that you're pregnant… he already knows that we had sex and had two months to calm down with that fact." Aang assured and tucked a few stray strands behind Katara's ear. Katara sighed, knowing that she'll have to tell her brother before her size does for her as she's already getting a slight baby bump. Aang kissed her forehead gingerly and self-consciously placed both of his tattooed hands on her stomach. Making Katara blush deeply and smile lightly. Maybe having a baby isn't a bad thing.

It was now later in the morning and Katara's bouts of nausea ceased, which only left one concern in her mind; Sokka. She knew how he'd reacted and definitely wasn't looking forward to any of it, yet she followed Aang downstairs and met with her friends in the dining room. Unfortunately, she was too nervous to hide her fear, which Suki, her motherly friend noticed immediately.

"Katara… what's wrong?" Suki hugged her friend, her motherly instincts taking control. "You look," She paused to find the right word, "worried." This made Sokka and the others began to surround her, not making her feel any better and burst into tear, which Aang cradled light.

"Aang, what the heck is wrong with my sister." Sokka demanded, trying his best not to point fingers. Katara looked up at her brother and her eyes said it all, which made Sokka's mouth drop. "She's pregnant…isn't she?" He assumed and they both nodded, leaving the group shocked, Sokka on the other hand was mad, glaring his now cold blue eyes at the Avatar.

"Sokka, I'm going to stay with Katara and our baby." Aang explained teary eyed to the warrior, hoping these words would calm his friend, lucky for the airbender it did.

"I know it's just hard to see this… especially when she's so young." Sokka then kneeled down and placed a hand on his scared sister's shoulder. "Katara… we'll get through this." He mustered before tearing up also. Katara looked slightly confused at her brother. This couldn't be the same brother, who would've aimed his machete at Aang, could it? "You'll be a good mom, sis."

Katara smiled lightly and Aang nodded in agreement, helping her up. "Thanks, Sokka." She hugged him tightly, her tears stopping.

Later on in the week, Katara had surprisingly and easily settled into the idea of pregnancy. She actually grew excited, holding her stomach constantly with a huge smile on her face. Aang was even excited, maybe even more then Katara was; he would usually spending a good amount of the day with her and talking about the baby.

"Hey, little guy." Aang called to her stomach in admiration, Katara simply smiled at how adorable Aang was as he gave her stomach a good peck as they began to get ready for bed.

"Guy huh?" Katara snickered, loving how he automatically assumed the baby was a boy. Aang simply nodded. "And how do you know that it's a boy?"

"Father's intuition?" He guessed, smiling and Katara rolled her eyes as she rested her head on the pillow.

"Well, I think it's a girl." She commented, smirking. "And that's a mother's intuition."

"Oh really?" Aang somewhat challenged and kissed her cheek, she simply nodded. "Well, I can't argue with that." He joked.

"I bet she'll have your eyes." Katara suddenly inquired as she cupped Aang's face lovingly.

"Well I think she'll have your beauty." Aang shrugged shyly, getting used to calling the baby a girl, smiling and noticed that Katara was trailing off.

"I wonder if she'll be an airbender…" Katara thought out loud and Aang smiled.

"She might. See, the Air Nomads were all airbender. The entire population was airbender, so I'm guessing that if our baby was born on any other season beside winter, it'll be an airbender." He explained, tracing a finger on her stomach, making Katara think.

"She'll be born in spring, seven months from now." She began to worry slightly, seven months wasn't long. It was already the middle of fall. Aang saw this right away.

"You'll be ok, Katara. You're strong, resourceful and smart. I know you can do this." Katara smiled at his reassurance and grasped onto her necklace, remember her mother.

"Sokka and I talked today." Katara looked at Aang.

"Really..?" He nodded

"Yeah, about your mother..." Katara's eyes looked at him. "He kept saying on how much you're like her. How you acted just like her," Aang smiled at this and continued "How much you look like her." Katara began tearing up at this. "You'll be a really good mom Katara… I love you." Katara smiled at this.

"And you'll be the best father there could be." Katara complimented, remembering how good he has been with kids they had met on their journeys. Aang shrugged.

"But not as good as you'll be as a mother." He chuckled lightly and heard Katara yawn deeply. He knew that she was tired, having woken up early for the past week with bouts of morning sickness.

"Good night Katara." He kissed her lips lovingly, noticing she was nearly asleep as she moaned her reply.

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