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Warning: This contains femslash, OOC, AU and futa.

Chapter 1

13 century

Bella's POV:

I woke up and panicked at the realization I had slept in. I was going to be late for work if I didn't hurry up. I had two jobs; I am a woodcutter and a blacksmith. I quickly got ready and dressed in my usual black cloak with a hoodie. I didn't want anyone to know my identity. I was still running late so I decided on skipping breakfast. I opened my door and like any other day, it was busy. I dodged carriages, people and mules. When I was out of town, I walked my way to my workplace in the wild woods.

I was lucky enough for my boss to allow me to work by myself. I reached my area, took off my cloak and grabbed my axe. I started hacking away on a nearby tree. About halfway through the tree, the head of the axe wedged into the tree, leaving me holding only the axe handle. I looked at it in confusion. That has never happened before. I threw the ax down and grabbed my cloak.

I walked to my boss and he asked me what I wanted. I told him what happened, he laughed and handed me another one. Luckily, he didn't charge me for the axe. He told me I was his hardest and best worker.

After more chopping, I decided to take a break. I drank water and took in my surroundings. I loved working in the woods. It was always so beautiful. It was cool on the account of winter but it felt nice on my hot skin. The sun coming in through the trees lit up the forest, giving it an orange and yellow glow. I inhaled and took in the wooden and musky smell of the forest. So fresh.

I ran a hand through my short hair and got back to work. After a while, a figure caught my attention. I looked to my right and saw a person standing there, watching me. I couldn't tell who it was; the person was too far away. I thought I saw a sparkle on the figure but it the person vanished. I was convinced I was imagining things.

I spent all day hacking and transporting timber. I was glad to have the day ended. I looked down at my rough, ripped and bleeding skin of my hands. I desperately needed the break.

I put on my cloak and covered my face. I went home and took off my cloak, changed into my other clothes, put my cloak back on and headed to my second job.

I walked to my work area, thankful that it was in town. I was exhausted.

I opened the door, closed it behind me and got my tools. This wasn't my favorite job. The place was so dark and gloomy.

I started the fire and spent hours working. Sweat was pouring down my face and body from the heat and I rubbed it off. I got too close to the fire, it licked my skin, burning it. I screamed in pain and poured water on my skin to cool off. I blocked out the pain and resumed working. I was busy finishing making a sword when I heard the door creak open behind me.

A beautiful blond woman closed the door and turned to me, staring.

"You shouldn't be here." I said. I was upset that I didn't have my cloak on.

The woman stepped closer to me. She had long beautiful blond hair, smooth fair skin, curvy body and her eyes were the color of honey. I've never seen that color eyes on anyone before. It was beautiful; all of her was breathtakingly beautiful.

"I just came by to see if you were okay." She said

My whole body shook from her voice. It was smooth, sexy, musical.

"I'm fine, Miss. Thank you for your concern." I said in a deep voice.

She just stood there, watching me. The only sounds that could be heard were the fire crackling and flickering.

She came up to me and looked at my burned arm. She grabbed it and I hissed and groaned in pain and pleasure. My heart was beating faster and I blushed.

"Ssshhhh." She soothed, using her other hand to cup my face.

I noticed her eyes got darker. There was something in them that I couldn't quite pin-point.

Her ice cold hand felt so good against my burned arm. She lifted my arm and brought it to her lips, kissing it.

"I will see you later, sir." She whispered and walked out.

I was left there stunned and confused. I tried to stop my heart from beating so fast. I shook my head and went back to work, all the while still thinking about her.

I went home, ate dinner and went to sleep, still thinking about that woman.

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