Justice League: Fire Shadow

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Fox out of the woods…

( ): Thoughts

(( )): The Kyuubi

The city was beautiful, tall skyscrapers, bright lights, beautiful views, the sounds of life itself as it people moved about…

And none of them made any sense to the observer, and for good reason as this observer in question happened to be not from this world. And at this very moment, he was trying to figure out just what he was going to do now that he was getting into reach of this city.

(Where in the name of the Kami am I?)

Naruto Namikaze Uzumaki had no idea what he was doing here in this world right now and while he was still able to remain hidden while he was in the forest outside of the city. Everything that he was looking at right now was something that he had never seen before and it was something that made the blonde Shinobi from Konoha all the more confused by what he was looking at this very moment.

The blonde looked about and the roads were unlike anything he had seen before in his life, the strange metal looking carts didn't have any horses or people moving them to their destination, and every so often he spotted smoke coming from some sort of pipe that was behind them. There were more of the strange things and they were of different sizes to boot as he looked at the things carefully and tried to make some sense of it all. He had seen some things like those in his travels in the Elemental Countries as well as his trip to Snow/Spring Country but they were nothing like the ones that he was seeing before him right now.

And the buildings…sure the buildings in places like Iwa, Konoha, Suna, and several others were tall, but there were no buildings this size in all of his travels at all and this added even more to the confusion that was hitting the blonde.

He however decided that he might as well go back to his place and try to make some sense on what he was doing here in this world that seemed to defy just about everything that he knew of.

In a nearby clearing in the forest…

Naruto sat down in the clearing and managed to calm down and begin to piece together what had happened earlier. He had been on a mission, possibly his last mission for Konoha before he had come here as he began to think on the events.

It had already been three years since he formally handed the title of Hokage to Konohamaru and decided to travel around the Elemental Countries. Most ninja would have been marked as Missing-Nin and hunted down, but he was a special case for a number of reasons. The first was his actions in the Fourth Shinobi War which ended in victory for the Shinobi Alliance and resulted in the defeat of Uchiha Madara, Kabuto Yakushi, and his former friend Sasuke Uchiha. He had managed to accomplish his father's hopes in defeating Madara to save the world and honor his mother Kushina as well, and while he had not killed Sasuke, he had finally put an end to his former friend's plans for revenge.

It had hurt him to know that nothing he could do would change Sasuke and he wished that there was another way, but he was not young anymore, he had grown up and while he did not kill Sasuke, he did not let him win. The power left to him by Itachi proved to be the key to stop Sasuke and when that was over, he advocated full exile for him.

The power given to him by Itachi cancelled out Sasuke's own Eternal Magenkyo Sharingan and this allowed him to blind Sasuke forever, which was why he decided not to kill Sasuke. Sasuke cursed him for this, but he replied that he could handle it, for he was a shinobi and willing to take the pain and the hatred to change the world.

The second was the fact that he was hailed as a hero and savior of the Ninja world and while there had been some resistance to his desire to reform the Shinobi system, the others agreed with him. He rose to heroic status not just in Konoha but in other places as well and as such, his name was recognized literally world wide.

The third was his being the new Hokage, Tsunade formally stepped down from being Hokage months after the end of the war and gave the title to him. That was shocking as by all rights he was still a Genin, but many ninja agreed that he was no longer a Genin in their eyes. His accomplishments and his powers made him Kage material many times over, and while he tried to discount it, many people began to state that he was the Sage of the Six Paths reborn. He took the position and while he admitted that he had no idea how to actually be a Hokage, he was more than willing to learn and do his best, which was why he formally asked Tsunade, Kakashi, Shizune, and Yamato to be his advisors. Though the last of the Sannin did not like it, she accepted it out of her respect for him…and he was thankful for her advice and that of his new council and his friends.

His reign as Hokage was interesting and while paper work was a pain in the neck for him, he was not going to turn down his responsibilities, and besides his Kage Bushin Jutsu cut down the time he needed for that part of his work. Apart from that he had been working for the restoration and rebuilding of Konoha after the war, and he was pleased in those days to have so many friends in different places in the world. The fact that he was able to have such allies made Konoha a lot stronger politically, diplomatically, and economically. And while there had been battles that he had to be part of, he was more than willing to go all out and do what he could for the people of not just Konoha, but for all the nations which further cemented his legacy as Hokage and earned him the title of the Legendary Orange Hokage, an odd title to be sure, but he did not mind as he had a feeling his father Minato Namikaze and his mother Kushina Uzumaki would have enjoyed it.

And the last was his being the head of the newly revived Uzumaki Clan. When he took the position of Hokage, he had been given the shock of his life when he was informed by Tsunade and Shikaku about the Law regarding clans, namely when only one male heir is left. Tsunade explained that since he was by all rights the last of the fabled Uzumaki Clan, he had a duty to rebuild the clan and that meant being married, and it was recommended that he would be allowed to have more than one wife. That made him blush to the point that he felt like steam was going to come out of his ears, much to the amusement of everyone, he swore that Tsunade seemed to take some slightly perverse pleasure in him being like this and even Kakashi was grinning from ear to ear underneath that darn mask of his.

When that announcement came out into the open about his full lineage, and the events of that night, it unleashed a torrent of changes in Konoha. The ones who had once disliked and hated him were shamed to know that they had spent a good deal of time harming the son of the Fourth Hokage and also the hero of the whole Ninja world. He had spent a large amount of time to assure them all that he had no desire to harm them for what they had done and explained that he had grown up already. He was not the same young boy they knew and he had no hatred in his heart for them, he had made peace with himself and their reasons for hating them. The only thing he wanted from them was to recognize him not as the son of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki, but as a ninja of Konoha and a young man of worth. He wanted them to also recognize him for his own accomplishments and not for the legacy of his father since he was like his father in wanting to succeed through hard work and effort. The villagers were more than happy to do that and were in full support of him.


That was also when he had to deal with the fact that he needed to take a wife, or rather several wives in order to found the clan. He did have perverted dreams about being with more than one woman at times, but he was not sure that he was ready for such a thing happening to him in real life, even if it was officially sanctioned by law. He still had feelings for Sakura but was not sure if she felt the same and of course there was the situation between him and Hinata that had not yet been resolved after the Fourth Shinobi War. He recalled her confession to him when she was facing Pain despite the fact that by all rights she had no chance before him, and he was still shocked by it and trying to make sense on how to properly respond to her confession. They were not on bad terms with one another but it was still awkward for him to know that she felt that strongly for him. That was why he decided to take some more time to think about what he was going to do before he made his decision on following this law or not.

After a while he managed to speak to both Hinata and Sakura and it surprised him that Sakura was aware of Hinata's love for him and was actually all right with it. And in turn she spoke that over time she had indeed developed feelings for him as well, wishing to make sure that she did what she could to make up for all that he had done for her as well as try again if he wanted her to do so. This had been a long discussion between the three of them and it was not long before the three came to an agreement to at least take the time to work on their feelings. He got the surprise of his life when they were even willing to share him as well and if he wanted, they were willing to marry him. The idea of being married to the two of them was something that surprised the blonde Hokage and he replied that he needed time to think about going THAT far.

However it was not long before Hinata and Sakura were not the only women who would make that statement to him, Amaru came to him and was there to say that she was willing to marry him as well and help in what he would need in taking care of his people as well himself, along with being a doctor to him. She was also followed by Shion herself as the Priestess/Ruler of the Land of Demons wanted to further ties between her people and Naruto's own people as well as aid him if he needed someone to help him fight any other demons that might rise to be threats to the world, not to mention that she wanted to remind him of his promise to help her pass her powers to a new Priestess. The whole situation was further complicated somewhat by the arrival of Koyuki herself who wanted to cement a more beneficial and permanent alliance with Konoha and the only way to do that was by marriage and it was obvious who she had in mind as her husband, further confounding Naruto. The next shocker was the fact tha the current Mizukag, Mei Terumi was ALSO interested in forging better ties with Konoha, plus seeing him seemed to have gained her interest a great deal, making him shake his head at this. Not to mention the OTHER women from in Fire Country and outside the Elemental Nations as well who came to offer their hands in marriage as well.

He knew that most guys would LOVE this situation, and so was he, but this was too sudden to his liking. The good news was that at least he was given the time to build his relationships with them and that was something he was utterly thankful for. Eventually he began to get used to being around the women who wanted to be with him and developed relationships with them, though the most prominent were with Hinata and Sakura as they were close to him in many ways. His other relationships which were with Koyuki, Mei, Amaru, and Shion also grew over time and for that he was very thankful as it made the whole situation a lot more tolerant to him until it was time for him to get married once he made his choice though he parted in amicable terms with the others who sought him as a husband. The whole affair was celebrated in Konoha as delegates from every corner of the Elemental Nations came to see the event.

After all, it was not every day that the hero of the Ninja world was going to be married...and to women with considerable talents to say the very least. Of course he had to deal with the fact that his male friends were curious about how the wedding night was for him. He was able to keep his trap shut but they had no problems guessing that it was...QUITE the experience for him when he was blushing to the point he would have easily surpassed Hinata in the bushing department. Kakashi was utterly amused and had no problem needling him though in a good way, and even Iruka and Yamato laughed at it while Sai just smiled in his usual fashion, though this time around, the smile was not forced in any possible way and was actually real.

Afterwards, he was now taking his duties very seriously and while there were ages of peace in the land, there were still those who sought to incite war and chaos so his work was hardly over. But with all the support he was getting, he was more than ready and willing to go all out in order to see that such threats would be dealt with through peaceful means before going to force when all else failed. Not to mention his wives were more than willing to teach him a number of skills and techniques to help him if there was a chance that they could not be by his side. And he finally felt the same joy he had seen his father Minato had when he was born when he also saw his children being born.

It was sad to him that neither his parents were able to see him finally have children, he could easily guess that his mother Kushina would have lovingly dotted on her grand children while his father Minato would take pride in training them in his free time and when he was not busy. But he had no doubt in his mind that they were watching him in the afterlife, and no doubt his sensei the Pervy Sage Jiraiya was enjoying it as well. There was no doubt in his mind that the white haired perverted ninja would have written a whole library worth of smut after what he had seen as well. He also took to heart that his children would be another reason along with so many other youths for him to defend Konoha for as long as he could and be able to. And he in turn would defend his grandchildren when they too would be born.


But like anything else, there was a bad side to things, namely in his Uzumaki heritage...he aged slower than the women he married and due to that bloodline from his mother, it was hard for him to know that he was not going to be able to grow old with them, even more so with the Kyuubi's purified chakra giving him a very high healing factor that made him heal faster and better, this made him become a living symbol of the name of the Uzumaki Clan. Initially he was able to deal with it, but it was not long before it was going to be painful for him as he knew that his loved ones would pass on long before he would. Sakura and the others understood it and did their best to assure him that they did not have any problems with it, but they did insist to him that he should not burden himself if they passed away while he was still alive, and live to enjoy the world.

He promised them that but it was not easy for him in any sense as he had done so much and he was not afraid to die, he was even interested to finally meet his parents and even the Pervy Sage along with the Third Hokage. To know that it would be a long time before he himself reached his end was hard to accept at times, and the following deaths were hard on him. First was Tsunade who passed on after so many years though she died with a smile on her face and being surrounded by his children and grandchildren who she had become a godmother and great godmother to. She was soon joined by Shizune who had at least been able to marry and to Iruka no less who also joined her in death, succeeded by their own children. Both were truly important to him as Shizune was like a big sister to him and a god-aunt to his children and grand children, and Iruka was like his big brother/father figure.

Kakashi himself finally passed on as well, though he had at least been married to Ayame and had two children who now served as Jonin and they too had grand children who were going to be great ninja as well, like their grandfather. He honored his former teacher and placed his name alongside his own teammates and their Jonin sensei, his father, and he made sure that Ayame's own funeral was well planned out as she and her also long dead father were two more people he loved and treasured in life.

His own classmates were also long gone though they too lived good lives which was why he was able to deal with their passing on though it was hardly a simple affair.

Ino and Sai passed on though they were married and had children when they died. It still amazed him that they were even married and Sai admitted that being married to Ino was interesting to say the least. He was proud that their children were doing their parents proud and so did their grandchildren. He had no idea just how the two even managed to finally tie the knot, but he also knew that Ino was happy and Sai was being genuine about being married to her.

Neji and Tenten were also married, something that he found rather funny when he was told of their engagement. he had a feeling that sooner or later, Tenten's support for Neji was going to turn romantic at some point and time. And he was not alone either as Hinata used to tell him that her cousin thought of his team mate a lot more than he used to after the war. They too passed away together and he made sure that both were buried side by side since they had been working well as a team both in the battlefield and out of it.

Shikamaru finally got out and married Temari as well and for that he was utterly amused, considering Temari's bossy nature and Shikamaru's dislike for bossy women. But at least despite their differences, they did get along and at least his lazy team-mate finally managed to win Kankuro and Gaara's approval of him marrying their sister. Most guys steered clear of Temari due to her brothers but Shikamaru finally managed to win their support and despite his worries, he discovered that his dad was right about women being different with their loved ones. He and Gaara were the ones to oversee the funeral respectively and it was a hard thing to do.

Rock Lee managed to finally be a Jonin and rise to the same level of his sensei Gai at his prime as well, this was something that Gai was proud of. And to the amusement of everyone. even Kurenai Lee was able to finally meet the love of his life. Yakumo herself had spent time with Lee and while she could not be a ninja alongside him, she proved to be a person who Lee cared deeply about. Lee loved Yakumo and she had those very same feelings as well and they were able to have some children of their own and Yakumo was able to see them all grow to adulthood despite the weakness of her body. In the end thoug, Yakumo died due to her frail form, but she was happy to be with Lee and Lee himself was happy to be with her. When she died years afterwards, Lee honored her by training their children who thankfully were as healthy as he was to be ninja. Lee himself died in battle but died with a smile saving his children from a force of ninja trying to kill them. He personally carried Lee back to Konoha and buried him alongside his team as well as his wife who had been welcomed by Neji and Tenten as well.

Chouji himself eventually found a wife and the woman was a Kunoichi by the name Suza from Suna as well who proved that evewn those guys who were big boned as Chouji preferred to call it could get married. Suza was a very attractive woman but appeared to like Chouji a great deal and was not the least bit bothered by his size, much to the surprise of Ino and Shikamaru. They had several children and she was welcomed warmly by Chouji's parents when they finally met her. Even he was surprised at the good fortune that hit Chouji and not a day went by that he recalled laughing with Chouji about it all. And it was therefore hard for Chouji when Suza passed away after so many years together, but he manned up and became a good father to their children and then a grand father to their grand children and he was buried next to Suza when he too passed away but not before doing the same ceremony for his family heiress, their first born daughter Chouna.

Kiba and Akamaru eventually found their own mates, with Kiba actually getting along with the Kumo Kunoichi Karui though how that ever happened, he could never understand, and Akamaru finally being able to find a mate in a female canine named Kuromaru. Akamaru had a number of pups and Kiba as well as Karui had several children with Karui being able to be in Konoha and Kumo. They too eventually were buried with Kiba and Akamaru being the first with Karui and Kuromaru joining them. He personally oversaw the funeral as well to make sure that his friends and their mates would be remembered for all they had done in and after the Fourth Shinobi War.

Shino eventually had married as well with a member of the Hyuuga branch family, a Kunoichi named Aya who was a distant cousin of Neji who idolized her cousin and proved as capable as Neji and Hinata though not as stern. It amazed everyone, even Neji and Hinata that Shino would find a partner, but they congratulated him and he thanked them in his own way. They have three sons and four daughters, with the boys able to use the Byakugan and the girls being able to use the Aburame Clan's special beetles without any problems. Shino and Aya were proud of their children and they too had given their lives in the end to safeguard the future of their children in a battle that they took part in years into his reign as Hokage.

Gaara himself met his end as he died serving Suna after passing the title of Kazekage to his own daughter with Matsuri, he and Gaara were always friends and he was proud that Gaara rose to being the beloved Kazekage, and he privately thanked Matsuri for being there for Gaara. They both died in service to Suna and befitting their time together, they were buried side by side and he personally made a statue of him and Gaara shaking hands, a show of his eternal friendship with Gaara, and this was retained by Gaara's family and his own as a symbol of unity between Konoha and Suna.


Then his wives finally reached their ends as well... with Sakura being the first to pass on after so many years of them being together. His former team mate was still beautiful even when she was as old as Tsunade when he first met the blonde Sannin and he was happy that they had finally been able to be together and live as husband and wife after all that they had been through. They shared one last meal together and went to the training field they were in long ago. They spent the night there together talking about everything that happened to them, the most important was how they finally were able to fall in love with one another despite their history and how she had been to him in the past, to which he replied that it was not a problem anymore and he would love her either way, much to her happiness. The next day, she passed on with a smile on her face as they sat there in the field and he gave her a tearful farewell and when she was buried, he placed a bouquet of sakura blossoms on her grave to honor her and her namesake.

Hinata soon followed two years after Sakura, and like Sakura, they spent time together before she passed away peacefully in her sleep. They traveled to the places they had been to in their youth, and to the places they had been to when they began to date after he had become Hokage. One such place was the very same waterfall when he had actually seen her before but had not recognized her. She blushed at the memories of it and how she felt when he found out. As soon as they got back to Konoha, the two of them spent one last night chatting with their children and grand children and how much faith they had for them. And they also spoke about how things turned out with him still amazed at his discovery of her love for him when they were young and his apology for not being able to see it. She smiled and replied that he did not need to apologize to her. Hinata then passed away the very next day and like Sakura, he made sure to place her favorite flowers on her grave.

Amaru was the next to pass away from a sickness she suffered while serving as a field doctor for victims in a border conflict, but she carried on doing what she loved to do and served the people as best she could. He was proud of her even though it hurt him to know that she was soon going to pass away as she had truly become someone he respected and loved for her devotion to saving lives without medical jutsu. She served Konoha by teaching Medic-nin how to still save lives should their chakra be too low for jutsu and also taught him some of her own skills in medicine. They traveled to her home and there she spent her last days healing and tending the sick there before going back to Konoha and teaching her graduating class of Medic-nin. Afterwards, they talked about how they met and how he had been a positive influence on her in the end. As she died of the sickness, he made sure that she was properly buried and placed her favored scalpel on her grave while keeping the medical sachet she made for him to use for himself or others.

Shion herself passed on after leaving behind the title of Priestess long ago to her first daughter who succeeded her, she continued to use her power to help seal away evil spirits and demons should the return with Naruto alongside her. Eventually her actions cost her as her powers drained her and she died, but not before she and him traveled to the same place where he had vowed to help her pass her powers to the next Priestess. She also had helped in training him some new sealing Jutsu that would use his chakra in conjunction with the sealing Jutsu techniques he learned from the salvaged Uzumaki Clan records that he was able to find after learning more of his mother's clan. Shion and him spent time together in that place and she too was still beautiful even in old age as she passed away with a smile on her face. She gave him her pin and a good portion of her powers and soul in it,which was why he never left it behind.

Koyuki herself met her end after many years of them being together, she worked hard to be Queen of Snow/Spring Country as well as wife to the Hokage of Konoha and a world famous actress. It amazed him that she had so much stamina and energy as well since in that span of time she also juggled being a mother to six active boys and four girls and also perfecting the generator that her father left under her care and becoming a beloved and respected ruler in the lands beyond her home. In time however, the strain took it's toll on her and she had to eventually retire from being an actress as time passed until she gave the throne to their first born son and she spent time with him and even enjoying gardening with him. When she passed away, he made sure to play her movies both old and new and placing the same necklace she wore on her grave as his tribute to his favorite actress, princess, and wife. he also took the swords she had made for him as a present for their wedding and he treasured them and stored them in a scroll to be used in battle if needed.

Mei herself eventually passed away many years after she gave up her position as Mizukage and gave it to their daughter who was able to have her Kekkai Genkai as well as the Uzumaki Clan's long life and vitality. She was still powerful and strong and their marriage helped ensure peaceful relations between their respective homes. Their relationship was dynamic in many ways as Mei was not like most women he had met though in time he grew to love the beautiful Kunoichi and she in turn loved him in her own fashion, and was happy to see that despite still being a Jinchuuriki, he would never lose himself to sadness and despair. They fought side by side many times and their times together were...very interesting. He personally assured her that she was never going to be forgotten and he made sure of that by having a statue of her and him in her home village to show the unity between them respective homes. On her grave he made sure to leave behind her favorite things as well as a carved statue of her face in her youth as well.


The deaths of his friends, and loved ones were hard on him but he soldiered on to rule Konoha but he soon passed the position of Hokage to Konohamaru and lived as an adviser to his former student/friend/rival. In time however he felt that his time was over and he had accomplished all that he had dreamed of ever since he was young, he felt that it would be better that he would others go on with their lives. There was still much his world had to offer and there was no sense that he could not go out and see what was beyond the Elemental Nations. His time with Temujin proved that the world was vast and seeing it all was an adventure in itself and he wanted an adventure.

That was why he decided to leave Konoha and allow the younger generation to lead this time, and also he was going to see the world and the people he had helped protect from Madara and his mad plans of world conquest and control. That had not been easy to do, but the villagers agreed and so did the rest of the ninjas of Konoha as well as the younger generations of his clan. He gave his final words of advice to Konohamaru and also to the head of the clan and after taking all he needed, he was on his way, but not before leaving behind a message that if Konoha ever needed his aid, then they can call on him to come and help them.

His travels took him to many places and in them he met many different kinds of people, some were good people, others were dangerous and not to be trusted, some were trying to survive and needed help. The time he spent was not just traveling and seeing the sights that were there to see though, he decided to take the time to write his memoirs and also continue writing the novel series started by his godfather to honor him and earn money along the way. Even though he had QUITE the inheritance left behind by his parents and more, he wanted to earn everything by hard work and determination, and he did so and that felt very good to him in more ways than one.

It was not long before he was found by Konoha ninja once again, they greeted him and even bowed but he never wanted that and told them that despite his status, he was still a human and wished to be treated as such. The ANBU nodded and apologized as they explained that in the years following his absence, his reputation grew to near saintly proportions and his family was doing well which was why he was treated with such respect. He learned of a powerful device...a chakra weapon that had been stolen and was going to be used by a rogue force of ninja who wished to start a new ninja village with those who desired to return to the old ways and meant to attack Konoha itself to bring down the village.

He did not wish that and he placed aside his wandering days to help his village once more...they tracked down the rogue forces and while he was able to convince some to surrender, the others did not. This forced him to fight and showing his abilities in combat once more, which had not dulled in the slightest even after years of travel around the world. However, the leader, a ninja named Karuda defied him despite his own respect for Naruto and revealed that he had activated the weapon already and soon it would be unleashed on Konoha. The weapon was like a cannon shell and would instantly destroy Konoha in the same way Pain had done before as it left the base. He would never let that happen after all that he had accomplished and what so many had fought and died for, he intercepted the weapon with the same technique of his father and managed to use the same jutsu to move the weapon. But it detonated just as he used the jutsu...All he knew was that he had stopped it before it reached Konoha and all he saw was white...and he thought that he was finally going to die. He was not afraid as he had done everything and even though the Kyuubi told him to escape, he did not as he would be able to see his loved ones again.

But instead...he did not die as soon as the light faded away...


And now here he was...in a world that made no sense to him in any possible fashion...

Naruto knew that staying here was not going to be a good thing to say the very least, he had to find a good place to hide and gather more information about where he was at this time. Nothing was familiar to him and there seemed to be a lot of noises and sights so he had to be careful. The first order of business he had to do was to find some way to blend it, and he doubted that his clothes that he usually wore were going to do him any good in this place that he now happened to be in at this time. With that in mind, he decided to get to using his Jutsu. He turned and spotted a man who looked fairly well dressed and saw that he was able to blend in well enough. With that in mind, Naruto used that technique that he recalled very well.


Once he was done, he went out to see what he could learn from this world that he was in. Thankfully it seemed that the Henge was going to be able to do it and he was soon milling around in the crowds. The people were different than what he was used to, some of them dressed in fashions that he recognized, while the others were completely different as well. There were people who had different complexions and hair color as well as them speaking in a language that was unknown to the blonde Shinobi. This prompted him to do what he could to find out just what sort of language they happened to be speaking in but there was also a part of him that wished that there was someone who could speak his language.

It was not long before he found himself going into an area of this city that seemed a lot...different than the ones he had seen and a lot more familiar. At least familiar to a certain extent as he moved around, and the people looked familiar to him as well, it was here that his nose picked up a VERY familiar smell.

(Ramen! YES!)

The blonde Shinobi quickly homed in on the smell and sure enough, he was able to see the place of origin of the smell and saw that while it was not like the ramen stand he frequented all his life, it had a roomy and calm atmosphere. He opened the door to find that there were only a few customers there and the cook was a middle aged but kind looking woman. The cook turned and gave him a smile and spoke to him, but in the same language as everyone he met. Naruto frowned at that and decided to speak in his language.

"I can't understand what you are saying."

The woman looked at him in surprise and then spoke in a different language, one that he quickly recognized.

"Oh my! A foreigner who speaks only Japanese?"

"Huh? What do you mean by Japanese?"


Weeks later...

The woman's name was Natsume Oyama and she was the head chef of this ramen restaurant that her family owned for a number of years in the city that was known as Los Angeles. Her family had moved from their homeland of Japan years before as immigrants. Though Naruto had no idea why they would move away from this...Japan place, he was not going to comment until he knew more. he had grown up enough to know that until he got all the needed information, making assumptions was asking for trouble. It took a while before Natsume agreed to hire him as a worker in her place though this required him to be in Henge though he was able to wear clothes that showed that he worked there. Some of the other workers were not too happy at him coming but after a few weeks, he became a good friend to them. It made it easier that they spoke the same language though they did comment on Naruto's...dialect on more than one instance.

He did give a cover story that his real parents had died while in Japan and he was raised by his adopted parents in a mountain village and only recently had he been able to go to this place in the...US as it was call. he was here to try and find his birth relatives as well as rediscover his past identity, but had been so used to living in his mountain village that he was unsure about the customs of the US people. It was all a convenient lie of course but Naruto knew that it had to be done, even if Konoha, the other Hidden Villages, or the Elemental Nations did not exist here, that did not mean he would speak it out. Besides, if Natsume and the others found out that he came from a village of ninjas and all of his past deeds, they would have called him nuts. Natsume was nice enough to help pay him and explained all that he needed to know about this place called the US, their currency, their customs, and more though she pointed out that there was more to learn about the land than just from her.

That was why she brought him some old books and magazines, and while he disliked reading too many things, the now mature ninja knew better than to scoff at information. He was able to use his Kage Bushin to even up the odds in reading time and soon learned quite a lot about this land, namely the language which he began to practice along with Natusme and the others in the ramen restaurant. He also learned about these people who called themselves...heroes. The most recognized as far as he had seen were these two, the one in the city of Metropolis named Superman and the other from the city of Gotham named Batman.

He had to admit that it was strange to see these...heroes, Superman was an incredible sight considering what he was able to do with all those powers of his, and the blonde Shinobi had no doubt on his mind that if this Superman was in his world, he would have really gotten the attention of the ladies, ala Sasuke, and eventually him as well. Still the man was rather nice though the incident with this...Darkseid character left a bad mark on him. But it seemed that he had spent a great deal of time clearing up his name, something that Naruto could respect as it mirrored his own efforts in his youth to be freed from the stigma of being the Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi.

Batman was similar to a ninja, judging from his garb and the way he moved even if they were just images, Naruto had seen plenty of ninjas in action on his side and that of others to know how a ninja moved. Batman was certainly living up to the name but Naruto was sure that there was more to this masked vigilante as he was called by the media. He could see from the face that this man suffered something tragic, possibly when he was young to have made him become like this. It was reminding him badly of Sasuke but unlike his former team mate and friend, he has not gone off and killed people for it, Naruto also had to admit that the gadgets he had with him were interesting and would have really been useful had they been in Konoha or any of the other villages.

After a while, he had earned enough money and learned enough that he bid farewell to Natsume and her family as well as her staff and decided to go out and find a place of his own to live in. He knew that he did not have a lot of money with him so he would have to find another source of income at some point in time. Naruto managed to find it when he was able to compete in a lottery. The luck of the devil that Tsunade had told him that he had was more than enough to make him the lottery well enough and had allowed him to win a sizable amount of money, just enough for a number of months and after a while he was able to find a place to stay. It was a load better than his old apartment and was more around the lines of the Hokage residence that he called home when he took office. And after getting the place while in his real form, he was able to get some peace though he knew that he was going to have to find some means of income. Naruto had learned long ago as a kid how important it was to save and use his money well so he was going to do the same here in this reality that he was in.

And already he had an idea on how to put his non ninja skills to the use of making sure that he had money of his own.

A night later...

Naruto looked over his apartment and was in his ninja garb as he now began to call it, he wore his usual style of clothes and had his red coat on him with the kanji for Fire Shadow on it, he also wore a mask that was like that of a fox but had only the lower half of his face shown with his forehead protector there above it as well. The mask was specially made from ceramic and was chakra reinforced so it would not be broken easily and could only be removed if he removed the invisible chakra strings that held it in place. He also happened to have his vest on and he had his supplies to boot as well if he needed them. On his back were his swords, his supply pouch was on his back, and on his thighs where his kunai holsters which were naturally loaded. This was going to be the first time that he was going to go into Los Angeles in disguise and his ninja garb as well. he had no doubt that this was going to be different from what he was used to but he was all right with it as this was something he was interested in doing ever since he got into the city.

The apartment was not too far from the city and was not filled with people so he doubted that anyone was there to see him and it was at least four stories up without any other building nearby. He might not have any furniture of his own at the moment, but once he found a way to get his own money, that can be solved. With that in mind he left behind a Kage Bushin to manage the place while he was gone and help make sure that anyone coming around would think that he was not going anywhere and was staying home.

As he left the place he was able to use another addition to his arsenal which was kunai armed with specially made climbing cable reinforced with chakra, this way he could move about as if moving on ropes while using his abilities to walk on surfaces once he reached them. Any distance that he could reach with leaping he was able to tackle well enough while looking around the city while using his chakra to hold on to the surfaces. The blonde had to admit that a place like this was certainly different at night but he had no doubt that it had it's share of troubles, even Konoha had it's share of troubles under his watch and he had no doubts in his mind that the same could be said for Los Angeles. The crimes that happened here might not be in the same way as those in his reality, but they came fairly close and Naruto was sure that he was going to run into some of those said crimes soon enough.


And he was right on the money for at the very moment he was in the city, he spotted something and what he saw was more than enough to get him angry and heading in that direction.


In an alleyway...

"No! Leave me alone!"

A pretty redhead was trying to keep away several thugs from getting closer to her, she was trying to keep herself calm at this moment but she was terrified right had just left her place earlier in the afternoon to pick up some books from her friends, but they had gone to a nearby coffee shop for a drink and some time for themselves, and it was now late in the night that she was going home. Her senses were on alert as she moved through the way but she was soon able to see the men following her. She was shocked by this and tried to lose them by running and getting home, but they were not going to let her get away. She had no other weapon with her, not even a can of mace or anything, so she ran, but sadly due to her panic she had made a wrong turn in the alley ways and now here she was.

One of the men grinned lecherously at the young woman and spoke in a very cocky tone.

"Now why would we do that missy? We're just in the mood for some fun...plus some cash if you have any that is."

The young woman reached into her purse and took out the money from her wallet, it was her hard earned money from her part time job and she was saving it all for a chance to find work and it was hard to part with all of it. But no amount of money was worth her life as she tossed it to them while it was still in the money clip, once it was there before the thugs, she prayed that they would leave her alone, though she doubted that.

"Here! That's all I have, please take it and leave me alone!"

The leader of the punks took the money and counted it with a grin on his face and the same could be said for the rest of his followers, but any hope the young redhead had of being left alone was dashed to pieces when they continued to close in on her.

The leader took out a wicked knife and spoke to her once more.

"Not bad, you've gotten some nice dough on you...now let's see if the rest of you is just as good eh?"

The redhead tried to get away but her escape was cut off when one of the thugs intercepted her and pushed her back, she fell on the ground and tried to recover herself and managed to kick away the punk who tried to get to her, he groaned from the kick to his stomach but he was not deterred by that. He and his buddies had her surrounded and there was no escape for her. They finally got some money and they were now going to have some fun, the lady was very good looking and had a nice figure to boot. No one was going to save her, not like in Metropolis or Gotham,or anywhere else that had those costumed heroes. Los Angeles had none of their own and that was good for them in every sense of the work.

However, that idea was soon sent down the crapper as the punk was suddenly stopped dead in his tracks when something suddenly wrapped around him and before he could ask what was that, he screamed when he was suddenly lifted into the air. The other punks and their intended victim were stunned by that as the group tried to look for their companion with the leader shouting out.

"What the fuck happened?"

Another punk shouted out but this time in pain as he was clutching his legs, both of them and he saw two large double pointed needles in his thighs and his legs were bleeding, but he could not move as he felt himself becoming numb. He however managed to spot something nearby and pointed to the wall, his companions turned to look but saw nothing. They were able to turn back to their wounded companion and were about to ask what the hell he was pointing at but they got their answer when they saw another figure behind their companion...who now dropped face first into the ground unconscious. They were now facing Naruto who glared darkly at them. The woman was stunned at what she was seeing and so were the punks until the leader spoke out in a cocky but angry tone.

"Who the fuck are you?"

Naruto said nothing at first but then replied.

"The name's not important right now...what I am going to do to lowlifes like you and your loser friends is what you should be concerned about."

"Oh yeah? You some sort of nutjob in a costume who thinks he can be a hero? What are you going to do to us anyway?"

Naruto glared even more and decided to end the taunting and replied.

"You guys are so pathetic to actually be ganging up on a woman like this. Are you losers so disgusting that you can't even afford cheap dates?"

That infuriated the group of punks and the leader made that obvious as he struck first.

"Shut up! I am going to mess you up right now freak!"

Bad move...


Naruto was not impressed, this guy was moving too slow to be even a threat as he casually dodged the strike from the guy's knife and he avoided the rest, without moving at all from his current position. He then lashed out with a powerful kick that sent the man flying back and hitting the ground hard and skidding away until he collided with a trashcan. The other punks were stunned by that and that was the opening that the blonde Shinobi was waiting for as he quickly charged in. The punks only saw a brief flash of his yellow hair as he unleashed a world of pain on them. The punk nearest him was introduced to the blonde's elbow strike to the stomach that sent him crashing down hard in pain, as Naruto used his back as spring board to land two kicks into the face of two other punks that sent them flying back. One of the punks managed to recover from the shock and tried to blindside the blonde, but got nowhere as Naruto was quickly able to dodge his attacks and appear behind him and land a punch the second he turned that sent him down.

The blond evaded another punk armed with a chain, but he caught it and used his strength to yank the guy forward and used his arm in the same way as Kirabi and A did though he used no chakra or element in that attack as the punk was too weak to use it on to begin with. The man was sent to the ground hard as Naruto quickly flipped forward and introduced his feet to the chin of the next one as he used his hands to lift himself up like a rocket from the ground. He then lashed out with a spinning kick in mid air to send another punk flying as he struck him right at the head. As he landed, he spun around to avoid the nest one who was armed with a broken bottle intent on stabbing him in the back. The fool moved past Naruto and the blonde introduced his him to the ground with a sweep kick followed by an elbow strike to the back of the head.

He then turned and introduced a series of finger strikes on the next attacker, hitting in spots he knew would work to stop the man cold and used full blown fists on the next attacker while the first was frozen stiff. The blonde then used his knees to strike at the second attacker and finished off the two of them with powerful kicks that sent them going off to lala land. The former Konoha Hokage and Shinobi looked to see that the punks who attacked him were all out cold. They were all unaware that he had not used his full strength on them as doing so would have either crippled them or killed them outright and he was not in the mood for that since they were not true threats. But a shout of fear got his attention and he turned to see that the leader had somehow managed to get hold of the young woman and had his knife by the throat. By now however the man was in a panic and tried to find a way out of this mess.

"You let me leave right now! Or else the bitch gets her throat cut!"

Naruto glared darkly at the armed man who held the woman by the throat with a knife and spoke in the coldest tone he could muster.

"Harm even an inch of her…and you're life ends here and now."

The thug saw somethinng in the masked man's eyes that told him that this was no idle threat and that shocked him as he began to feel a great deal of fear in himself. With that fear growing by the second, he finally relented and dropped the knife that he had on the young woman's throat.

"All right man...she's all right...see? Are we cool?"

Naruto said nothing but he reacted as he charged at only a quarter of his already impressive speed speed and that was enough as he quickly grabbed the punk and tossed him over the woman he had held hostage and smashed him to the ground while disarming him of the knife. The shock of it was more obvious to the young woman but Naruto expected that and calmly relaxed himself as he searched the lead punk and found the young woman's money. he took that and offered it to her while speaking in his most calm and friendly tone.

"Here you are Miss, I believe this is yours?"

The young woman looked at Naruto and as soon as she realized that he was not going to harm her, she reached out and took her money. She felt instant relief as she realized she had just been saved from not just being robbed,but far worse as well. She broke into tears and nearly collapsed but Naruto quickly saved her and spoke to her.

"Are you all right?"

"I...I just...I just realized you saved me not from just being...robbed...but...oh my God, what they could have done before you came along..."

Naruto said nothing as he allowed the woman to cry so she would get the emotions out, he glared darkly at the punks and wished he could have really given them a serious beating, but he was not going to do that before a woman who was by rights a civilian. As soon as he felt that she was all right, he turned to her and spoke once more as she wiped away her tears.

"You feeling better?"

"Y-Yeah...thanks again, I'll call the cops and tell them everything that happened here...thanks for saving me..."

"Anytime Miss..."

"Oh! Sorry about that! My name is Eleanor, Eleanor Riley, most of my friends call me Elly for short."

"Elly? Nice name, fits such a pretty lady."

Elly smiled a bit and had to admit that her rescuer felt...nice. She watched him move away and to her amazement began to walk up the walls as if it was nothing to him at all. She had heard about some heroes being able to do that, but she had never seen it done before in front of her. She then realized that she had not gotten his name.

"Wait! Who are you?"

Naruto turned to face her and after a moment or two of thinking, he replied.

"You can call me...Fire Shadow, or in another language, Hokage."

With that, Naruto moved up the wall and soon disappeared, and that was enough for Elly to call the police...he had a lot to tell her parents and friends about what had just happened to her. As for Naruto, he had not gotten too far when he felt his danger senses kick in and he moved quickly


On the road...

The gun battle that was raging in the streets was getting fiercer by the second as Naruto finally arrived at the sounds that were in the area. He looked to see a number of cars in black and white with flashing blue and red lights. his reading of Natsume's materials told him that these were cars owned by the Police, a sort of government sponsored civilian peace keeping force and not part of the military. he saw that their situation was not too good and while he would have just let them handle it, the sight of several wounded police officers and civilians brought back images of the battles he had been in. The battle with Pain/Nagato and the aftermath of the Fourth Shinobi War came back to him and that was enough to make him move fast.

The robbers were armed with high caliber weapons and the police were still not able to do much until SWAT arrived as their weapons were not doing well since the robbers had high grade body armor on them. Things looked very grim as several of their comrades and some of the civilians nearby were wounded and paramedics were there but with the bullets flying about they couldn't move to help the wounded, this was how bad it was and the police had a hell of a time trying to keep the media from getting hit as well.

They were about to get some help as some of the robbers who were reaching for their clips suddenly were unaware of a strange knife shaped object land in their group. They were not going to be unaware for long as someone suddenly attacked them from behind. A few of them were sent flyng backwards and the others turned to see a strangely dressed guy appear in their midst and apparently armed with a pair of short knives. They turned to try and deal with him but they were in for the shock of their lives as the man moved too fast for them to get a good lock on him. Naruto was not going to let them get a chance as their weapons reminded him of the kunai spewing weapons of the Sky Ninja that attacked his village a long time ago, though these were a lot more dangerous than those were.

Several of the robbers were badly injured as Naruto quickly used his Wind Chakra to amplify the cutting force of his weapons and also he used his strength to a slightly higher degree to hit his targets. The kunai's amplified cutting force allowed Naruto to cut through their weapons and body armor easly,m wounding them but not killing them outright as he wanted to let the police handle that as this was still their job, but if he could keep these robbers from harming more people then all the better. he then placed aside his kunai and switched to his swords and with the training he got from his old friend Kirabi he was doing a very good number on his foes right now.

Already the results of the blonde's rescue were obvious as the paramedics were able to get to the wounded and treat them while the more critical ones were evacuated when SWAT arrived. The police were not shooting as they were not willing to risk hitting the one who had just came in to help them. And the media themselves were now trying to record what was going on before them as the new person was helping the police. Naruto himself noted that and decided to end it quickly as he cut through the weapons of his attackers and used his Taijutsu to even up the odds in the battle. he placed aside one of his swords and took his special kunai and placed it back as the last of the robbers fell down to the ground, his shotgun cut in half and him out cold.

The scene might have seemed peaceful had it not been for the now incoming armored truck that was being driven by one of the robbers. Apparently he and his posse had planned to use the armored truck as an escape method once they were able to take it from the bank's garage as this bank happened to have one in said garage. He was about to meet up with the other when he spotted from the TV what was going on. And now he apparently wanted to run down the one who had made him and his crew miss out on what would have been a very sweet score that would have been the start of a career as they would use the money to pay for more powerful weapons and equipment to rob even more banks not just in LA but elsewhere as well in the US, with the exception of the cities that had those cape wearing heroes in them.

And now it was ruined by this new guy and he planned to reduce the blonde into a pile of bloody, messed up to hell road kill.

Not that Naruto was going to let that happen as he placed aside his sword.

Naruto glared at the truck driver as he readied his technique to stop the last thief dead in his tracks, he summoned his chakra and soon formed a sphere of pure energy,which surprised just about everyone in the area. He then slammed the Rasengan right into the front of the vehicle and focused his chakra into his feet to hold him into place.


The result was explosive as the Rasengan slammed hard into the vehicle's armored front, and with Naruto's much stronger chakra reserves behind it and his refined control abilities now at the forefront, it was going to be explosive indeed. the truck stopped with a roar of metal as it was lifted off it's feet briefly before the metal buckled hard and began to warp and crack on impact. The vehicle hit the ground as it's engine was completely mangled by the impact force alone. The driver was not thrown out of the vehicle due to wearing his seat belt, but the results were just as surprising for him as he gasped in horror from the impact force and from the landing as his vehicle hit the ground with the armored skin in the front cracked and bent. he didn't have time to react as Naruto moved to the driver's side and used his Wind Chakra to cut through the door and toss it aside and he cut him loose from the seat belt and to the ground to the police.

The police and the media looked on in shock as the battle was over and the blonde Shinobi turned and gave them a smile and bowed, he flicked his hand up to a building and all they saw afterwards was a flash of yellow as the man...disappeared. They looked around but found no trace of him and thus they began to try and piece together what had just happened right in front of them.

As for Naruto, he was already a block or two away from the whole scene as he held his father's Hirashin kunai in hand, he had learned about it from Kakashi years ago and after years of hard work and due diligence which Sakura herself had told him he should have when they were kids, he was able to succeed and make his own. It was hard work but it was worth it and his old man would have been proud of him as well. He sighed and had a feeling that sooner or later, he was going to be in for the long haul. No doubt the very second the Kyuubi and him talked about it, that demonic fox was going to ride his case as Natsume put it once.

He moved away from the scene and headed home, just as the night was soon going to be drenched in rain.


In the Daily Planet the next day...

As the day went on in the Daily Planet, several of the reporters were currently listening into the news, namely that from the city of Angels. The video was from last night and had only one topic in mind.

"...a violent shootout between a number of bank robbers and the LAPD was brought to a swift resolution last night when an unknown figure appeared and fought with the bank robbers. The figure was dressed in black and orange and wore what appeared to be a short sleeved long coat of red with black flames with some sort of Japanese writing on it which our analysts have translated to mean Fire Shadow or in this case, Hokage."

The images showed Naruto's battles with the thugs and how he had stopped the truck bearing down on him, much to the interest of the reporters, some of whom included Jimmy Olsen, Angela Chen, and the recently arriving Lois Lane and one Clark Kent. They were all watching as the blonde Hokage's Rasengan smashed the front of the truck hard and they also watched as he yanked away the door and had the driver down as he joined his already unconscious friends.

"He then used some sort of energy sphere to stop the vehicle cold and soon faded away before he would be interviewed. So far all attempts to locate this Hokage as he is no doubt becoming known as, have not succeeded. Though in another story a young woman named Eleanor Riley had met the Hokage as she had apparently been saved by the Hokage from a band of thugs who had tried to rob her as well as violate her. he arrived and beat them before things could have escalated and Miss Riley had only good things to say about the Hokage after he had saved her."

As the interview of Riley came to a close as the punks were being arrested by the police, the reporter then spoke.

"In this reporter's humble opinion, this is a blessing thus far, for years the city of Los Angeles has no super hero or heroine to it's people in the same way as Metropolis as Superman, or as Gotham has Batman. Only time will tell how this new addition to the city of Angels with fare, but for today from TV8 News, this is Dana Carmichael bidding you a good day and to you Hokage, a warm welcome to the City of Angels."

Lois smiled a bit and turned to Clark and spoke.

"Looks like Superman and Batman are not going to be alone, what do you think of this new kid on the block Smallville?"

"I am not sure yet Lois, but he's certainly a skilled fighter."

Jimmy nodded and replied.

"Yeah, and he looks rather young, many late teens or early twenties, kind of like Supergirl I guess. Still it is kind of good to know that we have a new hero to the ranks."

Clark nodded though he still looked at the image.

(Who are you?)

Clark had a feeling that he was not the only one who was asking that very same question as well. No doubt Bruce and the others of his family would be curious as well who this new face was and no doubt Bruce would be very critical of this new youngster. And Clark had a feeling that he was going to run into this Hokage at some point in time, he was not sure when but if there was one thing he knew that he could count on, is that his gut feeling was right on the money.

The world of heroes has just gotten bigger...


To be continued...


Author's Notes:

There we go, the challenge of me making a Naruto/Justice League crossover is now finished and I hope that the reader who came to me and gave me this challenge is happy that I was now able to do what he/she wished. Sorry if I cannot recall the name, but it had been some time since I heard from him or her so I hope that seeing this in my collection is enough for now. I will be updating this story along with my other works though this will be at a much later date than the others since I did plan to work on my older fics before my more recent ones.

I promised not to make new stories but decided that it was better to do this since I am going to be freezing my Halo stories anyway and some new blood was in order. And since the chapters for G.I Joe Halo and WOW Halo are already in production with the former nearly complete and the same could be said for the latter, I feel confident about doing this though it will not be updated while I update my older works since I have a slew of new ideas for my older works and some of them will be ending soon so I will focus on them first.

And yes, I will also be working on my lemon stories for those who have been waiting for a while for me to do just that so don't ask me about them already.


Now if you want to know if I will pair Naruto with Wonder Woman, the answer is not yet, I have plans of my own and while Wonder Woman is indeed a possible choice there are others. But I will follow the path of my Halo story, Lois Lane is off limits, so is Black Canary (Damn it), Huntress (Double Damn), and the same goes for Hawkgirl since they have their own partners.

There might be a harem idea in the relationship department since I am planning to go back to that genre, but I will still like it if I take the time to make the relationships work. Remember that in this story, Naruto is not able to die of old age due to his Uzumaki heritage and the Kyuubi's healing chakra adds to that so he looks to be around his late teens to early twenties but in reality is already in or past his sixties or nearing his seventies so he is actually a load older than most.

He is not immortal in any sense, he can be killed, but it will be a while before he faces a tough enemy that takes him to breaking point and he is not going to go down without a fight. I will allow him to learn some new Jutsu which use other elements due to his long life and ability to learn with the Kage Bushin and his dedication to winning and his hard work ethic while here in the DC universe which can be a real ace in the hole considering who he had to deal with in this new reality that he happens to find himself in. Not to mention that since he has been married to several women and had been with them for a number of years...you can bet that his knowledge in being with women in an intimate sense will be...

Well I'll leave that up to you all to decide what you think.


As for powers, this version of Naruto has all of his already known physical abilities and jutsu, along with his Sage Mode and the Kyuubi's purified chakra to boot. I will naturally allow him to use some other elemental Jutsus due to his long life and years to mastering many techniques. But first off, don't expect him to be able to do Kekkai Genkai at all since doing that would be cheating so he will not be able to fuse elements together unless he uses Kage Bushin to mold one elemental chakra with him doing the other. This due to him learning from his wife Mei who uses her own Kekkai Genkai of Lava and Boil Release as well as his training under Kakashi when he made the foundations of his Rasenshuriken Jutsu, and if he does use it, he can only use it for an allotted time as overdoing it is not good since the other elements are not his natural ones. The power left to him by Itachi will be revealed when I know what it is myself from the anime and manga so feel free to try figuring out for yourself until then. He will also be able to match Rock Lee and Gai's style of fighting though he is not a user of the Drunken Fist and can't use that unique style of his old friend. He will also have a variation of Hinata and Neji's fighting style though it is not as effective since he does not have the Byakugan like wife and cousin in law do.

He also learned how to use his chakra to amplify his own strength in the same level of Tsunade and Sakura and has some of their medical techniques though he uses them on others and not always on himself due to the Kyuubi's healing powers. he will also have some considerable Kenjutsu skills due to his training under Kirabi and also due to his wife Koyuki's gifts of swords that respond to his chakra though he is not at Kirabi's sword mastery level as he only uses two swords in battle and no he will not have the Samehada since that would be a bit much even for me. He will carry a number of other weapons to boot as well as the kunai used by his father as he does master his father's Flying Thunder God technique, and he can summon the same chakra chains as his mother though he only uses a smaller number of chains and they are not as strong as Kushina's, those same chains will be useful in battle as well as for moving about as he will be moving around ala Spiderman in this fic of mine.

That's pretty much it and do not forget he is not a pure immortal, he can be killed so don't expect him to be a Godlike being. While I find Godlike Naruto stories to be all right to some degree...too much of them can be annoying at times.


This story is obviously taking place before the formation of the League so Naruto is merely settling in and making a reputation for himself, and before the League is formed, he will have the chance to rub elbows with other DC heroes and heroines before meeting with the gang that forms the League, he might even rub elbows with either Batman or Superman before he works with them full time. that might even be the case with Flash as well. And like before I will have Naruto find a way to make money for himself...not by being an assassin of course.

Does my Rune Soldier Naruto story ring a bell?

Icha Icha Paradise is about to go into the DC world! And considering all the ladies in the DC world and his own meetings with the ladies of his world, Naruto is going to not run out of material! And you can bet that were will be some very interested buyers for said books.

Let's just hope that the ladies in question from the DC world don't find out they are being placed in a series of perverted novels...who know what they will do to our blonde Shinobi. But then again as I have stated in a few of my fics, were is the fun in life without some level of risk?


Anyway, I hope for the best and I am happy that this story is now out and ready to join it's brother and sister stories and entertain you all.