Justice League Fire Shadow

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Chapter 9

Part 2

The Injustice Gang

( ): Thoughts/ Conversation with Kurama

((" ")): Kurama's voice

In the Watch Tower…

The League were not exactly in the best of states when they found that Batman had left the Medical Bay. But that was soon increased by the fact that the Dark Knight was not the only one missing…Naruto was also missing and that did not sit well with Kory as she tried to look for Naruto. Superman rubbed the bridge of his nose and could not help but feel that this was going to be a very bad day.

"We have no idea where they are?"

J'onn shook his head at that as he broke from his scanning of the whole Tower.

"No, it is most likely they went back to Earth, which is clear since we do have one of the Javelins out of the Hanger. I have made a trace of it and found it a fair distance from Metropolis but found that no one is there."

"Can you home in on both of them J'onn?"

"Sadly no, they seemed to have vanished."

Flash sighed and spoke.

"This is bad…for all we know, ol' Chrome Top as Naruto calls Luthor's got them."

Superman frowned and replied.

"I hope not, but if they have, then they may have something that can mask them from telepathic scanning. Best chance we have is to try and get answers from Copperhead, she;s currently being held in the Metropolis PD but they cant hold her forever."

Flash then spoke up.

"Why don't we go then and get her to talk? She is with Luthor's bunch so she might know where they are."

Superman sighed and knew that this was not something he normally did, interrogation and the like…however it wasn't like they had a ton of options at the moment.

"I guess we will need to get something going on to find both Hokage and Batman, I doubt she is going to talk easily though."

J'onn nodded and spoke again.

"We can do nothing so far but we will not give up in finding them, I will remain here in the Watch Tower and use what technology I can to try and locate them both."

Wonder Woman nodded and so did Kory though the two women were not happy with what had happened with Naruto and Batman. They were had nothing that would cause them to doubt the abilities and skills of the two men, but they kept in mind that in his still recovering state, Batman was not in the best shape to be out in the field. As warriors by culture and by life style, both of them knew how dangerous that could be…even more so considering who they happened to be dealing with. That naturally made them wonder just what would possess Batman to do this since they were supposed to be a team and they supported one another.

The two women decided that it would be best that they do what they could to help protect the rest of the people until they would get some news on where Hokage and Batman were. Though Kory had no doubt that Naruto was not going to be easy for the bad people to restrain.

In a hidden base…

Lex Luthor was pleased to an extent to finally have Batman and the Hokage as his prisoners, naturally he made sure to have both of them restrained since the League would no doubt know they were gone and would mount a search. Ultra-Humanite on the other hand already made the necessary tools and equipment to deal with the problem. And right now he did feel some level of satisfaction that they had secured Batman and Hokage, two of the League and knowing that among the team of heroes, Batman had access to a lot of resources, no doubt due to the presence of the Watch Tower as the League's base of operations. Thus he would have a way to enter the place and bypass security. He had a lot of plans to end the League and potentially Superman once and for all, but in order to do that, he needed a way to get into the place undetected.

And the only way to get that access is to wake up the two heroes. He turned to look at the group of villains he had hired, and was pleased that at least. But that was not enough, even more so when a bite of pain ran through his body, but he bit the pain back and went back to what the mission was…killing the League and Superman once and for all. That meant that he had to wake them up.

"We don't have time for this, wake them up."

Joker grinned and replied, rubbing his hands in glee and quickly made his way to his long time nemesis and spoke.

"Wakey, Wakey Batman!"


The Clown Prince of Crime grinned maliciously as his slap to Batman's face was loud and soon the Dark Knight was wide awake. Whatever grogginess that the blow had placed on the Dark Knight was gone when the man glared darkly at his long time nemesis.

"Joker, I should have known you would be involved."

Joker grinned maliciously and replied.

"Oh yes ol' Guano Man, I am here to finally get my hands on you. And now I am going to enjoy this very much."

Luthor was well aware of the history between the two and decided to keep things focused on what he felt was very much the point of securing the two heroes.

"You can deal with him later, now let's wake up the other one."

They turned their attention to Naruto who was out cold, but apparently enjoying a dream of his, and it was not long before someone among the villains decided to make a move.

"No…that's not how you blow that…okay…ahhh…that's better …"


The very second that Naruto got hit by the slap, his eyes opened and his fiery rage in his blue eyes was enough to make the one who slapped him, namely Star Sapphire step back a bit. That was to be expected since he had unleashed a bit of his killing intent, Batman had sensed it before and had gotten used to it to some extent but it was fairly obvious that the other villains were not used to that, the only ones not that affected were Grundy for obvious reasons and also Lex since he was not that easily intimidated, though he had to admit seeing the Hokage go like that and turn into a stone cold killer was interesting.

(No hero does that…not even Batman, and if Firefly is correct, then he is not adverse to using brutal methods…how did he ever get to be on the same side as Superman?)

Those thoughts were passed aside however as Naruto spoke in a very irate and angry fashion.

"All right….who is the soon to be unconscious moron who thought interrupting a VERY productive dream of mine was a GOOD idea?! Speak up right now so I will make sure that when I recognize your face, I will thoroughly thrash the shits out of you for that!"

Star Sapphire managed to get some steel in her spine and spoke.

"I did that."

Naruto glared at the female villain and the glare was pretty intense to the point that she actually backed away from him a step once more. Cheetah had to admit that he was pretty intimidating even though none of them could get his mask off. Somehow they could not remove the mask as she had tried to remove it so she could know who he was to make sure she could recognize him visually. But somehow the mask was so hard to remove that she swore that he must have glued it to his face or something.

But that train of thought was gone when they dragged him back to the lair and soon had him here along with Batman.

The glare from the blonde lasted for quite a while longer until he spoke in a state of amusement?

"Ooohhhh…you got guts then…still at least you were brave enough to admit you did that to me so I'm willing to let that slide for now. So...what's the color of your undergarments? They sapphire like the name you have or do you go commando all the time?"


Star Sapphire was wide eyed as Naruto decided to have a little fun at her expense. Besides, she was attractive for a female villain and he pretty much hanged out with Pamela who herself was a villain and drop dead gorgeous to boot. He could swear that Kurama was trying hard not to snort in amusement at what he was doing but he decided to ignore that for now as he was having a lot of fun.

"I'm serious here, the tightness of your clothes is impressive, but they must really make wearing any bra and panties a major hassle. I mean the wiring must bite hard huh? Not to mention imprints of them on your skin is not attractive in the slightest. And let's not even go in the direction on how hot they can be in sunny weather cause they would make one hell of a stink if they do. So that either means you don't wear wired bras or you go naked all the time under there. But my eyes tell me that there's no sign of any bra there on the chest area. So does that mean you're fully naked under them clothes?"

The mask hid her face well, but it was perfectly obvious that Star Sapphire was blushing like mad while glaring at the blonde. The others could not help but stare though not all of them cared much. The first and possibly the only one in the latter category was obviously Grundy, though the slightly lopsided grin did show that despite being dead, he did have SOME idea of what the blonde was driving at. Cheetah was a bit wide eyed by that situation as the LAST thing the woman expected was for the ninja to say that from out of the blue. Shade said nothing but did wonder just what the Hokage was driving at.

Even Joker was a bit caught off guard by the fact that the Hokage had pretty much flirted with Star Sapphire and blatantly asked her if she was naked underneath. And even though he was a certifiable nutjob, even the Clown Prince of Crime had to admit asking a woman THAT question was a prelude to a beating

"You…you bastard…how dare you?!"

Star Sapphire was livid at that and was apparently charging up to smash a powerful fist right into the face of the Hokage. But quickly Luthor decided to get involved and shouted at Star Sapphire.

"Enough! I need them alive!"

"Oh no….this bastard of a pervert is going to…"

Lex growled at that and spoke.

"Harm them then you can kiss your payment good bye."

The female villainess glared darkly at Luthor and could tell that he meant it and despite the desire in her to flatten the blonde Hokage, she was not in the mood to lose the double payment even though she doubted that the man was going to pay it right away. She looked at Luthor and then to the Hokage a few more times…and finally powered down and spoke in a huff.

"Fine…but the very second they are no longer of use, I get to smash his face in."

Naruto chuckled and replied.

"Ooh…it's a date then, but please, tell me, you wear anything under there or you go commando?"


With that scream of frustration, Star Sapphire turned away and left before she did something that would make her lose her payment.

The blonde Hokage however was not yet done having his fun.

"Those clothes are too tight then…I mean they must really ride up in some places on you which must be the reason you are so uptight. So you are naked then? Please say yes."

The British female villain glared at Naruto so darkly that if looks could kill or set something on fire…he should be dead or scorched to the point that he was ash. To which Naruto smiled again and decided to stop for now…Star Sapphire then turned away and sulked on a far corner before she decided to just screw it and flatten the man.

"This money had better be worth it…"

Luthor ignored that and directed his attention to the two restrained heroes. He was not in the mood to play around and decided to tell them just what they were up against. And of course he explained just why they were restrained and not dead yet.

Naruto looked at Luthor with a raised eyebrow and while he was hidden by his cowl, Batman was also not intimidated. Luthor was intelligent, dangerous, and with his talents' never one to take lightly to be sure, but Batman was not going to give up and let him think he had them to rights like this, after all, not the first the first he was caught like this, though the extra villains who were usually in the roster he dealt with at home made this interesting.

Luthor soon demanded their access cards, intent on doing what he had in mind.

Batman merely replied in a calm and confident tone.


Naruto merely shrugged his shoulders and replied.

"Left it in my other set of clothes in a subspace pocket so no luck finding my access card. Don't believe me? You can search me if you like, but only if it's the Sapphire Lady here doing it. I'm not into guys."

Star Sapphire huffed and walked away while muttering…

"Pervert…I am so going to kill you when this is over…screw what they say."

Naruto heard that and spoke in a very amused tone.

"Aw…don't be like that, it's not a bad thing and besides I'm tied up right now so I won't fight back. Who knows, you might see something you like."

Star Sapphire gritted her teeth so much it was a wonder that they did not crack as she glared at the blonde ninja once more before moving away. But not before venting out some of her anger on a nearby crate, crushing the thing like a soda can. That normally would have been enough to shut up most people…

Naruto on the other hand…was NOT most people.

"Ooh, feisty, I like that!"

Lex was still not sure what to make of the Hokage but he was not going to chance anything, Batman was the most tech savvy among the League but the Hokage on the other hand was far too filled with variables to take as a simple fool. Despite his arrogance and confidence, Lex was no fool and was not going to take any risks with this one. His powers were not like what he was familiar with and he was not in the mood to deal with unknowns.

Someone else in the band however had other ideas.

"Enough! It's obvious this demon spawn will not talk, better he dies now than later!"

Naruto snorted and spoke with venom in his voice.

"Tell Mr. Holier than thou to shove his own mace up his ass."

Naturally, said demon hunter was anything but amused.


Naruto's response?

"Yack, yack, yack…let me loose and we can settle this right now."

The man was moving quickly to get to him, mace at the ready, no doubt intending to do just that. That naturally made Lex even more annoyed as he moved in to stop the Demon Hunter from striking the Hokage.

"Enough! I. NEED. THEM. ALIVE!"

Hokage could not help but make things a bit more interesting by spiking the drink and seeing just how much chaos he could throw into the mix. Having gotten an idea of how Luthor acted, he had a feeling that throwing enough monkey wrenches in his plans would make him lose it.

"You're better off not leaving us alive Chrome Top."

Luthor turned and raised an eyebrow and replied.

"Really? And why would I do that?"

"First, I am not going to tell you anything, same in the case of Batman here so you're wasting time. Second the longer I get to stay in these restraints and here you bunch yap the more imaginative I get on how to thrash you once I get out of here. And trust me, my imagination in THAT area is pretty damn vivid. Don't know my fellow Leaguer's plan but if you know me well enough, it's a bad idea from the get go."

Joker gave a raised eyebrow and replied.

"For once, I'm actually in agreement with the young man here Lexy, and even Mr. Macey over there. Leaving them alive is not a good idea, and coming from me of all people, you might need to listen."

Lex however was not the kind to give up once his mind was focused on something. In this case, his desire to ruin and destroy Superman and the League before he finally lost his life to the poison that the Kryptonite had placed in him. So naturally…he was not going to let himself be second guessed by anyone.

"What can they possibly do?! The field nullify' their signature so that Martian ally of theirs cannot track them, and those restraints are both magnetically bound and made from high density titanium! They are no threat to me or anyone in this room! So I will not let them be eliminated UNTIL I get what I need from them! And that is the end of it!"

Joker looked at Lex with a look that was the universal way of saying.

'Are you freaking insane?'

Ironic that look was coming from the Joker of all people.

"Hmph, fine…"

Joker moved away and spoke to himself.

"And people call ME crazy."

As soon as that was over and done with, Luthor tried again…only for the two not budge on the matter one bit. He quickly ordered Grundy to secure Batman's belt. To which the zombie obeyed, and got blasted by one hell of a tazer blast courtesy of Batman's belt. And now Grundy was smoking hair and all, and the stench was none too pleasant.


Naruto commented with a laugh.

"Nice! An electrified security system inside a utility belt, why didn't I think of that? Hey Batman, you think you can show me how you made that? Maybe I can do the same with some of my gear just in case someone like Mr, Smokey Hair over there tries that."

Luthor growled and decided that he would deal with this himself and ordered both Grundy and Humanite to watch the two while the others left up the elevator. Unfortunately…leaving the brainless zombie alone with the scientist and with Batman nearby…was a bad idea.

Of course it did not mean that the League were having any better luck with Copperhead as the female villain was not going to budge on the matter on revealing the location of the hideout. In fact she was actually snubbing Superman of all people along with the Flash, and of course was actually ignoring Wonder Woman and Starfire's questions.

In fact she had a cheeky reply in mind already.

"If you want to get answers from me, why don't you bring Hokage down here? I'm sure he can make me sing."

The tone on her voice was not lost on the heroes in the League and they knew that they were not going to get far. Now they had to find an alternative to locating Batman and Naruto. But as they left the building Flash spoke to Superman.

"You know…considering who they have with them, I can bet those two are giving them a hard time."

"Really? I'm not doubting what Batman and Hokage can do, but what makes you so sure since I have no doubt Luthor's going to do all he can to restrain them?"

"Trust me, Naruto has the aura of a darn prankster, I get the feeling that they are already making things interesting. Our concern though is how to find them before things go pear shaped.. So, you want to tell them?"

Back at the Watch Tower

Wonder Woman sighed at this and replied.

"So we have no leads at all to where they are?"

Superman shook his head at this…however, Kory decided to venture an idea.

"Wouldn't it be better we try to tag Copperhead? Friend Naruto once said if you want to find a large number of bad guys,…you have to at times let one of them go…so they can lead you to their base."

The others smiled a bit at that idea and Wonder Woman spoke well of that.

"A sound strategy indeed, we may be able to pull it off even if Copperhead is no longer in custody."

Superman nodded and Flash spoke as well.

"And let's keep in mind, that we do have to consider that it's Batman and Hokage we're talking about here. They did pull something like this back when we dealt with the Imperium. They can do it again. We'll just be ready to make our move and do what we can. As soon as we can track Copperhead we go and help them out. For now we search for our own leads since she is still in custody and I would rather prefer we do that when no one is looking."

The others nodded in agreement, though it was clear that not everyone was going to let what happened be forgotten. And one of them being Kory…she DID NOT like the implications that the female villain had suggested when it concerned her friend. Wonder Woman likewise was none too keen on what Copperhead was implying towards the Hokage. She too hoped that the two of them were all right and that they were soon going to be found. Diana was also not pleased by how Copperhead spoke of Naruto, as somehow the message the female villain had given made the Amazon very unwilling to let Naruto anywhere near her.

Back in Luthor's little pad…

Naruto looked the place over and he could see that Batman was doing the same thing, though his gaze moved to the restraints. Something that Naruto suspected was the case right now since in hindsight they were of greater concern until they got free. The thugs they had to deal with were a good deal and he had a very accurate idea that some of them wanted to knock his block off.

Fortunately despite his temper at this point, Luthor retained enough of his calm to make sure that the ones who would guard the pair were not going to go nutty and kill the two. Joker was obviously out of the question, Grundy would have been a good choice since while he had an axe to grind with the Hokage, the promise of pay prevented him from attacking the blonde but he was quickly taken out of the equation when Luthor caught him attacking the Ultra Humanite due to Batman playing with his brain…which was not much to begin with even when he was alive.

Star Sapphire was obviously out of the question since it was clear that the blonde would flirt the hell out of her and she would no doubt kill the blonde, something that Luthor could not afford until the rest of the League were dealt with.

So it left none other than Cheetah herself.

As soon as the woman entered the room, the two heroes were wary of her. Though Naruto was most of all, he knew that in truth she was the most reluctant to be here and working with them. But she seemed desperate for money and funding, desperate enough to throw her lot in with them, he doubted it was for kicks, ever since he met the woman something about her situation was not good and so far he did not have a lot to go on.

But for now he decided to speak.

"So…you're the one guarding us huh?"

Cheetah nodded and was staring at the blonde ninja though obviously she could not see his face.

"I am, though I am kind of curious about something."

"Not to sound cliché or anything, but didn't curiosity kill the cat once?"

Barbara snorted a bit and replied.

"That's true…but not always…nothing ventured, nothing gained I suppose."

Naruto may not be able to use his Jutsu but his long time alive told him that she was somewhat bitter at that statement. Now he felt that it was a good time to finally get to the bottom of this whole mess on why she was here in the first place.

"You haven't answered my question."

"What questions is that?"

"Why are you here with them? You don't strike me as the kind of person who joins up with these guys."

"Why do you care so much then?"

"Call me curious."

Barbara smirked a bit and walked over to Naruto and replied.

"I thought you said curiosity killed the cat?"

"I'm a fox, not a cat, there's a difference. Still, why don't you tell me why you're here?"

"Before I start, what do you know about me?"

Batman was soon able to fill in the blanks, and Naruto was all ears as he finally learned her real name. While had originally planned to ask Batman about Cheetah, he had to deal with some criminals causing mayhem in L.A and also helping Kory adjust more as well as buy some new books for Raven as well as deal with his side job in order to pay some bills. So he honestly forgot to ask Batman if he knew anything about Cheetah, all the way to now.

"You're real name is Barbara Ann Minerva, you graduated with high marks in biological science and genetics in college, earning a degree in gene therapy and medicine, and was eventually employed as a geneticist. But apparently you were caught in a lab accident that resulted…"

Barbara growled and replied with her face showing intense irritation.

"That was no accident…I did everything right, I followed all the steps! I just…I just didn't count in this happening. I though it could work."

Naruto was confused and decided to ask.

"What could work?"

As the blonde began to listen to Barbara's explanation on what she had done to herself, the shinobi could not help but sense that she meant it. She had done this in an attempt to help people, not become some sort of super powered criminal to cause all manner of havoc. And he was able to sense that she was not lying in the slightest as her chakra was telling him that she was very much serious and sincere in how she spoke about her actions.

In Naruto's mind the woman's story of good intentions gone to hell was very much an understandable thing. He had pretty much seen his fair share of good intentions gone down the drain, both in his reality and here as well. And in this case he could see now why she was so focused on stealing money and whatever she could get to sell, not for her own personal enjoyment but to somehow reverse her current situation. This reminded him too much of Isaribi's story as he recalled one of the few surviving test subjects done by Orochimaru in his madness who did all she could under that maniac to hopefully be cured of her change, only in this case, Barbara was the one who did it to herself and not from an outside source or person but had done so to try and help others. And of course there was Mizuki who was pretty much the polar opposite of the two.

Batman likewise was able to see that she was not joking in the slightest, it still made him unhappy with the fact that someone was using Langstrom's work but at least Barbara was using it to try and help people, not play God or make living weapons. Still the end result in his mind was not worth it. Yes it seemed to work the first time, but in the end had come back to haunt her and no doubt she had indeed turned to being a criminal to try and change herself back to who she once was.

But of course he kept in mind that turning away from such a life was not exactly something one could accomplish with no problems. Selina had plenty of chances and she did not always succeed. And even if Barbara was no career criminal and only got into it to survive and find a cure, he knew the temptation that came with such power was pretty high and hard to resist as well as the…thrills it brought.

For now though, they listened to her words and when she was done, Naruto spoke.

"So that is why you well always robbing banks and whatnot?"

Barbara nodded and replied.

"I never wanted this life, all I wanted was to help people, cure diseases, make the world a better place. But now…I'm this…"

(("Well, compared to how Mizuki started out, I'd say she's a hell of a lot better than he was, and better on the eyes too, feline features aside."))

(Shut it.)

(("Oh sure, deny it all you like, but you know I am telling the truth. But still, she did not want this life so if you have a plan, then better you get to it soon. I know you enough kit, if you can help someone then you do it. You did it for Isaribi if I recall, and at least here you got allies and they have the tools, why not give it a shot."))

"I take it that your former employees have not let you go?"

Barbara nodded grimly and that made Naruto a lot more annoyed by the hand that she had been dealt. He then began to think on something that can help her situation and then decided to try an idea.

"Then maybe we can help you."

THAT statement made BOTH Cheetah and Batman look at the Hokage and both wondering if he grew a second head, more so for Batman, and Cheetah spoke.

"Why the heck would the League help me?"

"You said it yourself didn't you? You did not want to live this life, you only got into it to find a cure for yourself. But I doubt that it has been easy, that's why I said that, maybe we in the League can help you."

"How can I be certain that you are even willing to help me? For all I know you and the League are just going to hand me over to the police and lock me up."

That made sense to the two since she was technically a criminal but as far as Naruto was concerned, she had been forced into a corner even if she was the one who did this to herself and replied.

"I don't make promises that I cannot in any way keep, let alone accomplish. I feel that we can help you in finding a cure and if not a full cure then at least a means to help you be able to return to living among others without being chased down. Help us, and we will help you, and I will personally make sure that you have a second chance."

Every part of Barbara's mind, hardened by years of having to fight to survive ever since the change into what she was now was shouting at her to say no. How many times had she hoped to find a cure, only for the chance to be taken from her? How can she possibly trust the League and the Hokage? What proof do they have that they can even help her?

As for Batman he was wondering just what Naruto was driving at with this, sure it could make sense that he was doing it to make Barbara release them, which was a good thing. But he was also able to see that Naruto was dead serious about this one as well. He could understand where he was going at since in comparison to many of the villains here, Cheetah was so far the reluctant one of the whole bunch. Still having been a resident in Gotham for years and having to live the life he had as Batman had made him embrace the darkness and that meant he was always going to be wary of others and their inner motives.


"Look, just give it some thought Cheetah, and I promise I will do what I can to help you find some way to control your state. Either with a cure or something else that can help you live a better life than what you have now."

Cheetah could not help but feel torn by all of this as she could not help but feel that she could trust this one. Why she had no idea, but that side of her was being challenged deeply by her more serious side. She began to move closer to the Hokage and reached with her hand towards him. However, before anything could happen, a new person arrived and it was none other than Ultra-Humanite.

Cheetah quickly moved her hand away and left, no doubt unhappy with what happened when the criminal genius showed up. But it was here that Batman decided to try his own card and he had a feel that despite his genius, or perhaps because of it, the Ultra-Humanite would be helpful.

It was not long before Luthor finally cracked through the security features of the belt, and finally secured what he needed, a remote control access to the Tower. And as soon as he got what he wanted, he quickly gathered a team of villains to finally affect what he had been planning ever since he escaped from the prison with Ultra-Humanite. They did find some scrolls on the Hokage but with no idea how they worked…and his less than stellar views on anything mystical, Luthor left those alone.

The team of villains were moving through the station quickly, well aware that they had to move quickly before they were detected. The team naturally included Shade due to his abilities, Star Sapphire, and Grundy and it was Shade who would carry the bomb and set it up and then detonate the weapon once they were clear of the area. As they moved on they were not sure if the rest of the League were there.

"Let's move…"

That came from Shade as he was not the least bit happy in being here, this was like being in the literal belly of the beast in his books as this was the heroes' backyard.

They managed to reach their destination, only for the three of them to be forced on the defensive when J'onn and Kory came into the scene. The Tamaranean was there to help keep the place working while the others were on their own workload to find both Batman and Hokage before they would try the idea of tagging Copperhead to try and track the others down. So when J'onn was alerted of intruders, the Tamaranean was quick to help him.

Grundy got a starbolt in the face courtesy of the alien beauty who then landed a fierce kick to the face. The zombie roared and attacked her but Starfire quickly evaded his attempt to catch her and relied on some of the moves Naruto normally used in combat. Grundy got a serious punch right in the jaw and a kick to the balls, and while he was dead so it would not matter as much as if he was alive, the blow still sent him flying.

"Damn it!"

Shade swore as he had to avoid being attacked by Starfire who was making sure not to use her full power as doing so would have destroyed the station. But her presence and J'onn had complicated this little mission to the nines as those two had a lot of power in them. Thankfully he was being supported by Star Sapphire who at least was able to tangle with the Tamaranean. This left him to finally focus on J'onn to deal with him before he would try to read his mind and determine just what they were doing here in the first place. That along with preventing the Martian from calling for reinforcements since they were too few to fight the whole freaking League on their own, and he was no warrior, would have been better in his mind they had that zealot but that freaky nutjob of a demon hunter wanted to be there to kill the Hokage so he was not.

Easier said than done when the Martian instead of ding what Shade thought he would do, was actually using his telepathy to interfere with him, It was only when Grundy came into the attack Kory that J'onn had to move away and help the Tamaranean. Star Sapphire moved back and spoke quickly.

"We can't stay here any longer!"

"Agreed! But first!"

Shade was quick to unleashed a large number of tendrils of shadow to block them and this gave Grundy the chance to finally attack J'onn and knock him back and Star Sapphire took to attacking the injured Martian, forcing Kory to move away from offense to defense as she created a powerful barrier to shield the injured Martian. This was the opening they needed and soon they were out of the area…leaving Starfire and J'onn confused on what had happened…but Kory quickly called in the others as J'onn was still hurt.

In Luthor's hideout…

While this was going on, Luthor suffers one more seizure that places him in a very bad way and he knew that if this was going to get worse, then he might not live long enough to see the fall of the League and Superman himself as well. He would not allow that and soon he called in Ultra-Humanite who had just ended his turn in watching over the two heroes who were still on lockup.

"Humanite! I need…"

The scientist villain looked only for a moment and replied.

"I see the problem Luthor, I think I can make a device to help take out most of the radiation currently in your system. Its not enough to remove or cure you, but it should make it easier to deal with."

"Then do it!"

The scientist smiled and asked for an extra incentive, making Luthor groan and agree, but in the back of the man's mind he once more cursed the fact that he had been reduced to this. The idea of having to ask for help and pay double for it was so degrading in the egomaniac's mind that he wished he had ended Superman so long ago.

In the lower floors, Joker decided to go and set up shop and wait for the fireworks when the team carrying the bomb got back from their little trip. And what better way to do it was to set up his personal show, and of course he had the perfect audience in mind for what was going to happen. He got a spare monitor and also his personal connection to the systems and came down to where batman and the Hokage were.

As soon as he saw the two he spoke.

"Nice to see you are all here, wanted to show you the latest footage of how your entire club of capes are about to be gone with the wind!"

Naruto gave the Clown Prince of Crime a very dark glare and spoke in a very cold voice.

"You had better pray that I don't get loose pale face."

"Oh? And why is that my dear Foxy ninja?"

Joker replied in a sneering fashion though he did keep in mind who was before him. Like most criminals he was in the know on how Naruto had tortured Deadshot and was actually kind of impressed that finally someone who was a cape, technically, since the jury was out on him, had the balls to get his hands dirty.

"Because when I do get out of here I am going to shove a Rasengan all the way up to your colon…without any sweet talking."

Of course Joker knew what that was, as he had heard of the technique he used on some of the other criminals, namely Superman's old foe Metallo when he was in Metropolis. And he had to admit that the idea of something like that being shoved into his ass was something he was not keen on happening.

"Well then, I should be happy ol'Lexy has those restraints on you and Bat-freak here."

Naruto then gave a sickeningly sweet smile with his eyes, same way he knew Mei Terumi would do it.

"Oh don't think it's always going to be this way Whitey, once we do get out of here, I am going to thrash whoever is on Luthor's gang of loons, which naturally includes you. And I could also go for a Senbon or a kunai right into your colon too if a Rasengan sounds too flashy for little old you Jokey. Plus I'll make sure they are rusty…extra rusty with a good heaping of poison too…that sound appealing? That should REALLY spike up your day won't it?"

Joker knew what those were and despite himself he shivered at the idea of such…sharp implements being sent that way into him.

"You are a sadistic man."

"Coming from a nut like you, I should be proud."

Joker raised an eyebrow at that and looked at Batman.

"How DID you manage to keep him in the League with that attitude?"

"No comment."

Joker sighed and replied.

"Never mind that, time to watch the fireworks since the whole Cape club is soon going to go bye bye! I saved you guys some front row viewing…and popcorn too!"

As Joker got things ready, Naruto turned and spoke to Batman as if this was normal to him…and in hindsight…it was.

"Now I can see why you dislike him. Can I?"


"Oh come on…we're going to do the whole world a favor if I get to…do what I promised him…I promise you he'll be out of your hair for the rest of your life."

"No, you are not going to kill him."

"Oh all right fine, I won't kill him, but that hardly means I can't make him feel pain can I? I know…I'll stick to using something else to shove up Pale face's colon…maybe the classical nightstick or a telephone pole…or maybe one of those large candy cane style posts they use in the circus, perfect since he's a circus reject. I'm sure I'll be having him singing in the opera of pain soon enough. Or maybe a cattle prod…you know the one that fires lighting? That should make him look a lot less pale, he will stink like hell though."

Joker heard all of that and despite himself couldn't help but shiver as he decided to get out his ear-plugs…something about how casual that guy spoke about shoving things up his orifice made him shiver.

It was what Naruto said afterwards though that made him change his mind quickly.

"Or maybe I can castrate him after dumping him full of pain killers and then healing and sealing the wound? Think about it, he lives and he won't get to pollute the world with his babies. Though how that Harley lady tolerates him I will never know, I think it would be a public service to neuter this guy. Though I'm not sure if there is anything to cut off in the first place. The pants are too tight yet they don't tell me much on how is there much to cut…does he even have balls and a dick under there?"

Joker finally had enough and shouted.

"Shut it! Fine…no TV for you and no popcorn too! Psychotic pervert!"

"Look who's talking Mr. Pale and Dickless!"

(Damn…this is what I get for having out with Sai too damn much.)

With that Joker trooped out with his own TV set…and Naruto merely grinned as this was a good a time s any to affect their escape once hey got the right victim in their sights. After all, they had already made plans of their own.

Back in the Watch Tower…

"They did what?"

Superman asked Kory as he and the others of the Team were checking on J'onn who had recovered from the attack. They had been getting ready to try again in locating Batman and Hokage when the call came in and as such had no choice but to call off their plans and head back to the Tower.

"It is as I explained Friend Superman…the ones called Star Sapphire, the smelly one, and the one using Shadows came here and after me and Friend' J'onn fought them, they escaped."

Superman shook his head as he knew that they must have somehow gotten access into the Tower…never a good thing since that would mean that Bruce's belt which had an access key into the Tower was compromised. Still it was strange why they only had sent those three into the Tower since it would have made more sense for Luthor's goon squad to come in and ambush them when they came in since they technically had the home court advantage.

He was not the only one though who was confused by the recent events.

"Why would they do this and suddenly leave?"

Wonder Woman asked as she too was confused by the sudden action.

Green Lantern however had an idea…and it was not a good one.

"This sounds more like an infiltration job, Shade provides the cover, Star Sapphire with the transportation, defense, and fire power, and Grundy for the muscle. I never ran with any black ops myself but I have some friends who did and they said that the small and more specialized the team, the more dangerous the mission. They were up to something here."

Anything else was cut short when they got the message that an incoming call came in through their Tower's communication net. J'onn moved to get it and began to speak to the caller to find out who it was.


J'onn commented as he held the communications link surprising the others but the very second he told them of what was going on, they now got their answer.

"A bomb?!"

Superman quickly got into action.

"Flash! Move through the whole station while me and Lantern scan the Tower! Wonder Woman, Starfire, go with him and help him get to the bomb if it's in the super structure!"

The League quickly moved to it was Lantern got out to scan from the outside and Superman did the inside. It did not take long for them to finally locate the explosive and it was Flash, Wonder Woman, and Starfire who quickly found the bomb, though it took some effort as it was indeed in the super structure, so the two women had to remove it as best they could. Once the bomb was secured, Flash took it and ran at high speed to toss it out of the station through the nearby Hanger Bay.

At the moment the bomb's timer hit zero…Green Lantern quickly surrounded the Tower with his Ring to counter the blast wave. And right on time as the bomb exploded.

This was at the exact same moment that Luthor and the rest of the now returned team that came from the Watch Tower had decided to watch the fireworks. Joker was there for his own private viewing since he was not in the mood to be with Batman and Hokage after that very…disturbing chat


Luthor's once present smile of sadistic satisfaction on seeing the Watch Tower being blown to kingdom come was now turned into a snarl worthy of a monster. The bomb apparently had just been found out and it was only going to get worse for him as the Tower was still intact, in time for him to see the green field erected by John Stewart to fade away. The mad villain with a serious axe to grind towards Superman was livid and began to thrash the place to vent out his anger.


The flying equipment was proof that he had lost it while the others in the group merely looked on though they all could understand why he was enraged. Even more so the team of villains who had gone to the Tower to set up the bomb in the first place, it was a major blow to them to have gone up there to blow the place up, only to find the mission gone completely to pot. Naturally he was outraged by this and had berated the group for their failures and had even stated that he was a fool to have hired them. The group had enough and were going to leave, even though Star Sapphire wanted to thrash the blonde hero downstairs, but she apparently decided dealing with Luthor was too much and she could always hunt down the bastard later.

That was more than enough to finally convince Luthor to triple what he was paying them, as despite his rage, he fully realized that he needed them to deal with the League. Angry as he was, he was not foolish enough to take on all of the League as he was right now. The triple pay finally made the rest of the gang stay but soon he noted that Joker had just arrived, saying something about a party pooper.

It was here that Grundy came up from where he had been watching over the two heroes, and told them that Batman had shut down the field and was no doubt able to send a message via telepathy to the League. Apparently Luthor's anger had made him miss the fact that Joker had gone in to try and do away with Batman against his orders, only for Grundy to come in and warn him off. Despite his pleading he was forced to leave, and despite the fact that Grundy growled at Naruto who merely glared back in response, he was still following orders to watch them.

Of course Batman finally got into action and convinced Grundy to get a glass of water for him a last request as it were. Grundy complied and that led to batman spitting out the water on the field shielding them from J'onn's telepathy…

And well…here they were.

Luthor sighed and knew that this was going to be interesting. However his ace in the hole was ready and now he was going to end Superman. If he could not end Superman the way he hoped in the Tower…then he might as well do it the old fashioned way. But then again, it would be all the more satisfying if he thought about it.

But there was one issue that had to be resolved

"Before we go and prepare for the company that is coming, we still have to deal with the fact that we may have a traitor in our ranks."


"Someone here tipped off the League on the bomb…and we are going to deal with said traitor now before dealing with the League."

The others were none too pleased by that and wondered just who was it. Le turned to the nearby monitor that Joker had on hand with him and decided to connect it in place of the one monitor had just trashed. And soon he began to look through the archival footage and soon spotted none other than Cheetah chatting with Naruto and getting a little too close for comfort.

Said woman was now aware of what was about to happen and cursed the fact that she had forgotten how paranoid and at times well prepared Luthor was.

(Damn it! I should have recalled how much of a paranoid stiff he happens to be!There would be cameras somewhere…damn it! I have to escape!)

"Grundy…the pretty kitty is all yours to play with."

(Oh no!)

Grundy smiled a bit as he soon took hold of Cheetah who roared in anger and fear as well. Therefore she tried to fight the being off but Grundy was not going to relent at all and when she tried to escape…



Cheetah was hit hard and unable to recover from the sudden shock from none other than Joker's buzzer that the clown and slapped hard into her when she was trying t evade Grundy. The clown looked over the still shocked and signed female and spoke at Lex.

"And you said I can't be a team player?"

damage done by Joker's buzzer only added to the whole mess. The other villains were not too happy about this, and Star Sapphire was not the least bit pleased by what was going to happen to Cheetah, but she did not say anything else. It was also here that Copperhead arrived…having managed to escape her transport to Belle Reve and had moved out before the League could try and tag her simply because when they were about to, Kory made the call about the attack.

'So…they are on the way?"

Batman nodded at Naruto's question and that was all Naruto needed to know.

"Show time then."

Naruto quickly managed to free himself and Batman as well as the magnets shorted out since Batman had some left over water in his mouth to use on the field holding Naruto. With that out of the way he summoned Kurama's chakra to break himself free through enhancing his strength even more. The restraints may be tough, but Naruto was hardly normal as they were torn from their moorings and soon Naruto turned to Batman and ripped them off of his fellow League member. Batman gave a simple nod and soon they decided to go in and help the others who were now on their way. He however would need his belt back, he was able to hold his own without it, but he felt better to have it on hand.

The two arrived in time as the heroes and villains were doing a major league throw down and Batman managed to find his belt and place it back on while Naruto quickly recovered his scrolls. The Dark Knight of Gotham was soon engaged by Shade and Naruto directed his attention to help against none other than Star Sapphire…apparently the woman was more than ready to finally flatten him for all the flirting he had done to her a while back after she managed to force Green Lantern back.

Her overtly enraged response to his arrival only served to drive that particular point home.


Naruto shrugged and Bruce decided to go on ahead since it seemed that Star Sapphire had her target sights on the blonde. The woman unleashed several breams at the blonde and Naruto quickly evaded the attacks and came right at Star Sapphire who quickly erected a barrier to block his incoming strike. Naruto hit the barrier and she was about to unleash a massive blast point blank…only for the blonde to explode into a cloud of smoke…to reveal a log?!

"What the?!"

"Hi there…"

The woman turned to see Naruto right in front of her and she was shocked by that as she had not seen him move that fst before and she barely had enough time for him to suddenly land a blow on her, a gentle kick to the side of the head when he allowed himself to drop from the ceiling he had been stepping on.

The blow was enough to send Sapphire back as she recovered and summoned her barrier once more as the blonde came at her with one of his swords. The sword smashed hard into the shield but Naruto quickly summoned his Wind Chakra, coating the blade and allowing him to unleash a blast of pure Wind Chakra that quickly sent her back to the ground and away from him so she would have to focus on the next hero to show up, thus he moved to engage the next villain.

Who happened to be none other than a certain Demon Hunter.

"Now you die!"

Naruto snorted as he quickly began to trade blows with Aztrahn who used his mace and his short sword to either smash or cut Naruto down. Naruto was quick to counter most of the blows and when he was about to be kicked in the jaw, he ducked and landed an elbow strike right in the stomach and followed up by an uppercut that sent the Demon Hunter flying backwards. He dropped in a heap but he quickly showed his endurance as he got up and attacked Naruto again. One mace blow aimed at Naruto's side to shatter his ribs. Naruto quickly moved his sword to block the attack while Aztrahn struck with another sword strike.

Naruto quickly used his armored forearm to block that attack and quickly guide the blade away before landing a kick to Aztrahn's chest. The blow was enough to send the man back and even drop his mace, but the man quickly reached behind him and took out what appeared toe a gun…that is until collapsible arms and a heavy duty tensile wire appeared.

(Collapsible crossbow…not too shabby.)

(("Less admiring of the enemy's weapon and more of ducking away from said enemy's weapon Naruto!"))

The crossbow bolt flew over Naruto's head as he quickly ducked from the shot and came in close to attack again. The Demon Hunter blocked the charge with his still present short sword and dropped his previous weapon and moved to taking out another short sword and attacked with a stab to Naruto's side. Naruto decided to deal with that by charging in and smashing into Aztrahan with a shoulder charge and sending the man right back from him before he decided to move quickly, trading sword strikes with the crazed warrior who was now growling like a mad beast at him before he moved to getting his mace back after managing to evade a deadly blow that would have decapitated him.

The two clashed once more and Naruto quickly decided to grab one of his other weapons…a trench Knife mirroring the late Asuma Sarutobi. He had made a set of the same metal with Shikamaru in attendance when his friend was still among the land of the living and used it well. The weapon now found it's way into Naruto's other hand and he used it to quickly block the next attack of the mace, and used his sword to block the short sword. This was enough to force the two fighters to interlock with one another, one trying to overpower the next while the League heroes were taking on the other villains with Lex not in sight.

Why that was the case he had no idea, but the blonde Shinobi had other matters to deal with so that was going to have to wait. He pushed Aztrahn back and moved in a low attack, the Demon Hunter prepared to defend himself, only for Naruto to actually leap right at him, and he attacked with both sword and mace. The blows connected but any satisfaction the Demon Hunter had was gone as the ninja burst into smoke and was now a log.


"How about you shut up and not be a pain in my ass and my ears?"

Aztrahn turned to the voice to receive a powerful punch the chest, which hurt like hell as Naruto quickly flowed up with a quick cut to the forearm with his chakra enhanced sword. The blade tore through the armor as Naruto was sure to enhance the cutting edge with Wind Chakra and that allowed him to finally wound the Demon Hunter. Blood flowed from the wound and naturally this gave the blonde ninja the opening to also strike at the Demon Hunter to send him back even more.

Needless to say though, the man was not going to give up just yet, even though one of his arms was now nothing more than a crippled limb. I could be healed and restored, but the scar that was the result was going to hard to remove if ever. Aztrahn dropped his sword and moved now to using only his mace.


Naruto snarled in disgust and decided that he was through playing nice with this crazed nutjob of an assassin and hunter. He wanted to fight him seriously?! Then fine, game on!

The blonde Shinobi quickly rushed in at high speed and before the Demon Hunter could strike to reduce the head of the Shinobi into the proverbial rotten melon, he go a surprise when the ninja vanished into a puff of smoke…to reveal a large barrel that crunched under his mace. That lasted only a second though as he was soon smashed hard into the ground by…


Naruto was accompanied by at least five other Kage Bunshin, All of whom had Rasengan in their hands as they DRILLED the foe they fought with the original Naruto into the ground with literally ground shattering force. Naruto's once spotty Chakra control as a kid back in his realm vanished a LONG time ago, even more so with his use of Senjutsu and Kurama's chakra. But in order to lull any new foes into some level of complacency he still used his old way of forming the Rasengan to fool them along with other techniques that he used as a kid. This had worked a number of times back home when more than one uninformed ninja on either side of the gender line who had dark intent went after him. They learned the lessons the hard way and he had no intention of changing his style just yet unless dealing with a foe who understood just what he had been doing earlier.

The blonde was not done as he decided to put an end to the guy so he would not come back to be a major pain in the ass. And how does he plan to do that? He quickly grabbed a number of barrels with one of his Chakra Chains and then surrounded the still downed Demon Hunter. He then got the man into a mass of metal barrels and without batting an eyelash surrounded the barrels with specially Chakra reinforced Ninja wire and surrounded the mass of metal barrels and now covered the man in steel.

But Naruto was not done as he quickly did some Hand Seals and unleashed another Jutsu of his own.


A massive wave of fire erupted from his mouth courtesy of Kurama's fire chakra and soon the metal barrels melted and quickly turned into one massive spherical mass of molten metal. But before anyone could say that Naruto was going to cook him alive in such a mass of super heated metal, the blonde did several more Hand Seals in rapid succession and then unleashed another Jutsu.


A massive wall of water came out and it was also super cold to boot so when it hit the molten mass of metal, it quickly cooled the mass and steam erupted all over the area. Once the metal cooled, the Demon hunter was now secured and no longer a threat, unless he had the same abilities of Obito Uchiha and the Sharingan, and Naruto rather doubted that. He turned his attention elsewhere and spotted Kory fighting with Star Sapphire while Diana was tangling with Copperhead, who managed to see him and give him a seductive smirk and a flick of her tongue…all of which creeped him out.

But he focused on dealing with a new threat, that threat in question being none other than Grundy who apparently still had a serious axe to grind with him. And this time he was now under orders to deal with the League with naturally included him.

"You! Grundy not forget you! Me going to end you and go back to petting the pretty kitty!"

THAT was a REALLY bad idea…

The way that Grundy said that last line warned Naruto that something had happened to Barbara and when he reached out with his chakra senses, he felt her signature…but what he felt was very disturbing. He moved further and to his anger and shock, felt that she was in immense pain and her…life was fading. That angered Naruto as Grundy came into smash him…

Only for Naruto to catch his fists in both hands and then he opened his eyes to look at Grundy, and he was in Senjutsu Mode…and he was not holding back. He cast aside Grundy's fists and unleashed one mean left hook covered with Senjutsu chakra and shouted.

"What did you do to her?!"


The blow from Naruto connected and literally stopped Grundy's charge cold and sent him flying backwards. The zombie smashed hard into a number of crates as the angered Shinobi was ready for a REAL fight. Grundy got up and roared to attack but got no chance to do so as Naruto closed the gap and slammed a powerful side kick to his head, hitting Grundy with a great deal of force as he was sent flying backwards. Naruto turned and came right at him and landed a nasty elbow strike into the gut and slamming Grundy hard into the nearby wall as he shouted.


The zombie growled only in response and that only served to enrage Naruto as his Senjutsu mode told him that Barbara was in utterly terrible shape and her life was getting weaker. This made Naruto decide to end this fight as he summoned his Rasengan, only this one was the Odama version and slammed it right into Grundy's chest with explosive force. The blow literally blasted Grundy through the wall.

Oh but Naruto was not done yet…not by a long shot.

The League and the Injustice gang by extension were about to find out what happens when Naruto no longer relied on releasing killer intent, but was on full on killing intent mode.

He quickly used in and without any hesitation appeared in the blink of an eye next to Grundy and slammed his fist right into the zombie's face literally smashing him HARD into the ground with enough force to actually crack the floor and Naruto quickly dove in with yet ANOTHER Rasengan in his hands. Only this one was far more concentrated and enhanced by Senjutsu and the result was NASTY!

If it was not for the fact that he was magically supported by the curse that made him and would bring him back to life, then Grundy would have been reduced into…well bug splattered on wind shield was the best way to phrase it. of course that did not mean the blow did NOT have results as the massive cloud of dirt and shattered masonry was all over the place and the zombie was now in one large crater with the Shinobi right on top of him his eyes still burning with wrath as he grabbed the zombie and literally shook him around like a rag doll.


Grundy refused to speak, only enraging Naruto as he quickly blew air into his hand and created a blade of pure wind chakra…a technique he had learned of that had once been used by the warhawk Danzo when he fought Sasuke. The blade rent into Grundy's body easily spilling blood and flesh but the being was still alive as Naruto then summoned another Kage Bunshin and then the two of them slammed TWO Rasengan in each of their hands right into Grundy' smashing him hard into the wall.

The zombie groaned at the damage as Naruto once more grabbed him and shook him around like a rag doll.


The zombie growled and finally spoke once more.


Grundy tried to smash a fist into Naruto but the blonde was not in the mood for games and he smashed the hand down with a kick and replied.


And smashed a Haymaker into Grundy's face, a Senjutsu chakra enhanced haymaker to be sure and that finally did it as Grundy was out cold like a light…again. Naruto growled and looked at the Injustice Gang who were wide eyed, even Luthor was looking at him with greater wariness now and he spouted.

"When I find out who among you let this bastard do that to Cheetah…I am going to make you wish you were in prison for the rest of your life!"

He then glared darkly at Joker who had tried to escape earlier but was held down by the stare…which was similar to batman but more brutal in appearance, even more so with Grundy's blood on Naruto's mask.

"And Joker…I WILL ram a Rasengan up your ass the second I catch again! Count on it!"

Naruto however wasted no time as he quickly left to find Cheetah and help her, which the League, who recovered from seeing their partner go berserk on Grundy and went back to fighting the other Injustice Gang members. And soon they were all rounded up, even more so when Ultra-Humanite revealed his little switch of alliances after he stunned Luthor who had focused solely to attack Superman.

However, one female villain was not shocked by what happened…

Copperhead was utterly impressed and whistled in appreciation at the sight of Naruto going berserk on Grundy. Unlike the others who were surprised by the sight, she was actually…getting turned on by seeing this. Heck if she did not know any better her panties were getting wet just by looking at the beat down.


That train of thought still remained with her even as the League finally began to drag them away to be sent to prison. It was also here that it was revealed that Ultra-Humanite was the one who had called the League and had now decided to collect on his promised pay from Batman. And being a man of honor, Batman/Bruce was more than willing to deliver…much to the rage of Luthor.

The blonde Shinobi was not interested in what was going on back there right now as he began to move to find Cheetah, and it was not long before he saw the signs he dreaded. One part of the warehouse area leading to what would be the back look like a bomb went off, and there was something he did not like seeing…


There was a fair amount of it nearby and some smaller and slightly larger pools nearby…not a good sign in the blonde's mind.

He homed in once more to get one finally feel

Naruto did not like the sight of Cheetah like this in her injured state and through his connection with Kurama he could easily sense that her life force was not stable. That coupled with her very obvious fatal injuries made it obvious. He then decided that he was going to use his friend's chakra to try and save her life. And with that in mind he gathered Cheetah up in his arms carefully and then moved to a safer location namely into the forested areas outside of the city…all the while being gentle to avoid aggravating her injuries. He however made sure to leave a Kage Bunshin to inform the others of what he was doing.

Once he was clear and in the said part of the city, he placed her down and looked at her gently, angered that Grundy had done this to her under Lex's orders, he was REALLY going to make that bald idiot wish that he had died by Kryptonite poisoning than by his hands. Clark's anger be damned…

But that could wait, he tapped into Kurama's chakra and also a bit of Senjutsu to try and heal as well as stabilize Barbara as her breathing became labored and blood flowed from her mouth and nose.

(Kurama…how bad?)

(("Pretty bad…sadistic nut broke a number of her bones, I can also sense a lot of internal bleeding plus a punctured lung and also severe damage to her liver as well as some serious nerve damage. Plus dislocation injuries to boot…damn bastard to do this to anyone."))

(Can we heal her?)

(("Yeah, I can sense that she has a healing factor, but for injuries like those, I doubt it is going to cut it. There is a risk though."))

(Since when did I care about risk?)

(("Ugh…never mind kit, let's do this then."))

The blonde summoned his chakra cloak and soon placed the energy on top of Cheetahs heaving chest, which showed uneven areas, no doubt due to the broken ribs. Her coughing began to calm down and the pain on her face began to fade away and she looked at him. Her stare of easing pain lifted his heart a bit more but he knew that while he could stabilize and heal many of her near fatal injuries. Her body's wounds began to seal up and he began to gently place her broken bones back into alignment even though she was crying out in pain at this.

He looked sadly at Cheetah and did what he could to make sure that she was able to recover from this. And she was crying in the pain, but the crying began to subside and she seemed to be calmer, he tapped into the chakra of his Senjutsu training and that of Kurama as well. The combined chakra along with his own began to flow into Barbara and he could feel her injuries beginning to heal and he was pleased.

Of course…it was also at that moment that he sensed a massive spike of power coming from Barbara and her gasp of shock as well despite the fact she was not exactly conscious.

"What the?!"

She convulsed for a few moments and Naruto quickly sensed a large amount of energy flowing through her body, But it was not his chakra he was feeling…

(("Well…this is new."))

(No kidding! If this is what I think it is…)

(("Naruto, you know better than to doubt what it is you are feeling….it IS what it is. Not exactly the risk I thought it was going to be, but in hindsight it is one."))


(("We can talk about that later, better to…scratch that, this just got complicated even more."))

Kurama was right on that as Naruto noted that Cheetah was undergoing some very interesting changes, but he decided to focus on healing her better. The new looks would have to wait, and it seemed that Kurama was in agreement with the plan. Once he was done he powered out his chakra and saw that she was recovering now…the most fatal injuries were dealt with but she still needed to recover. However…there was one little problem…

(No way would a hospital…an official one would take her in…and I sure as hell don't trust those underground ones. If Tsunade-obasan or Sakura-koi saw how they did things there, they'd have gone ballistic.)

(("There's only one place that can handle that without alerting the cops kit and you know it."))

(Yeah…well, time to call it in.)

"Hokage here…anyone on this line?"

Starfire answered that question easily enough.

"Friend Hokage! It's glorious to hear your voice again!"

"Same to you Starfire…better call the gang to have the Medical Bay in the Tower ready…I've got a patient coming in."

The meeting room hours later…

Batman was none too happy about the topic of discussion that he and the others in the League were discussing the aftermath of the battle with the League. The point of this meeting though was more on what to do with the now recovering Barbara Ann Minerva. She was currently in the medical bay of the Watch Tower when she had been brought in by Naruto. Needless to say they were quite shocked to hear that he had brought her to them, but after he relayed what happened to them were naturally not happy with what they heard.

Batman of course wanted to verify if what Naruto said was accurate and naturally he had to recount everything while J'onn verified it. He made it perfectly clear that he did nit like having to do this at all but only did so in order to make sure that everything was indeed the truth. Thankfully J'onn not only kept to the task at hand but had proven without a doubt that Naruto was correct in his report on the extent of Cheetah's injuries prior to her being taken here.

Thus here they were…

The Dark Knight stared at Naruto intensely and spoke.

"Come again? She now has chakra?"

"Yes, I did heal her injuries using chakra since her own healing factor was not exactly going to help with the level of injuries she had. By all rights even with her ability to heal, the injuries would have outright killed her but apparently when it kicked in, it allowed her body to develop her own chakra Circulatory System. And while it's not yet certain, she has a fair amount of it growing in her now."

"How much are we talking about?"

Naruto shook his head and replied.

"Not certain yet on that front, this does not happen often in my world as far as my knowledge goes, but then again, I'm not in my world now am I? All I can say is that her body is now creating a small growing pool of chakra, but it's still unfocused and thus not easy to tap into so don't expect her to start chucking out Jutsu all of a sudden. I also don't know how much she has in her reserve yet so until that is sorted out, it's not that big an issue."

Superman spoke next.

"Would that make her a lot more dangerous?"

Naruto shook his head n the negative display and explained.

"Not really, even if you have chakra, you need to train to draw it out and then use it in anything, even then that is not something you can do perfectly. Like I said when I joined, you may have your own chakra reserve Superman, but since you don't use it or even knew about it until now, you can't exactly turn it on. Chakra ain't a light source you can turn off like that when you activate it. And considering I am the only user of chakra right now since the ones I read about tap into it differently, I'm pretty much in the right here, even more so if you recall that it was the chakra I have that triggered the change when I healed her."

The others considered that and Batman spoke again.

"That can be discussed a bit later, it still begs the question on what to do with her. She is technically listed as critical right now in the public's view while here with us, so that leaves her as our responsibility."

Diana spoke next.

"I read what I could on her, and though she has stolen before, quite a number of times, she has not yet taken a life. And her reason for doing all of this is to cure herself of her…changes and return to some semblance of normalcy. So while she is a criminal she has not taken far more…drastic action that would have her become far more dangerous than most. "

J'onn then gave his thoughts.

"I have managed to sense her thoughts while sleeping, though gently so as not to cause her any more mental trauma. She feels great guilt at having to live this life and wants to go back to being normal, but knows that she has people who would try to use her data and even what she had done as a weapon or worse. She is not a criminal by nature, only necessity, something that can be changed but because of what happened to her she is slow to trust."

Batman nodded a bit, taking it all in, he recalled his own experiences in that front, dealing with Langstrom, and that man who turned Selina into an actual Cat woman. That one incident was still a deadly reminder to him of the dangers of tampering with genetics. But he kept in mind that prior to his rebellion, Tygris was a formidable foe and had pushed him as badly as some of his other foes such as Bane.

But he also knew that if there was some way to weaponize the process that Langstrom or Barbara had done…then it would make sense that private corporations, and even rogue elements in government would want to make their own army of super soldiers. This meant that she would still be a target, which was why he made sure to have her watched and discovered that her old company had a bounty on her return, alive or dead. He knew the implications of that very well and did not like it one bit.

Naruto then spoke.

"Give her a second chance."

"Come again?"

"Look, she became a career thief to go back to being a normal person, and when I tangled with her, I can tell that she loathed herself for what she had to do and what she became. An old saying I heard is that 'The way to Hell is paved by good intentions', and she certainly has been through enough."

Batman was not keen on giving up though as he wanted to make sure that they were not doing something that would come back to bite them in the ass.

"You can't expected her to change right away Hokage."

Naruto sighed and replied.

"I KNOW…believe me, but she has a chance that few have and she is not an evil person to begin with. She did what she did to try and cure herself and believe me…she is not the first person I met with such a desire in my world and she will not be the last. We should at least help her before her path takes her to the point that she becomes either so willing to find a cure that she becomes a true criminal or becomes so enraged that she can't be cured that she will lose whatever morality she has and become exactly the monster people see her to be."

Naruto looked at the others and spoke seriously.

"Like I said before, I have met others who had been through the same pain and situation as Cheetah has, and here we have the chance to help her find a way to live a normal life…which she is what she wants. Don't tell me you guys never did something wrong and you want to have a second chance right?"

Superman was the most affected by this and recalled not merely his own experience with Darksied but also with Volcana. He had worked hard to prove that he was no longer that beast who invaded Earth and he recalled what Volcana told him of her life which was why she did what she did to live, she was still on that island and he hoped that she would not go back to that life though he knew such a life was tempting to say the least.

"I have to agree with Hokage on this, she does deserve a chance to change and get a better chance at life. If we can give her that chance then why can't we?"

Batman responded to that.

"Because we have to make sure that her desire to change is genuine and not a cover that can allow her to get the drop on us when we leas expect it."

The others took that into consideration as the caution that Batman had in him was in a sense warranted as there had been more than one instance that someone who was given a second chance went back to their old habits…something Batman and Superman knew all too well. Naruto was very much understanding of their stances, Batman's most of all since it made sense to him more than most.

Still, let it not be said that if Batman was stubborn, Naruto was too…and his long history could attest to that fact plenty…

In the Medical Ward of the Watch Tower…

Barbara could not help but stare in absolute shock at her state…and for good reason since unlike her previous state, she was…changed!

The tail was still there to be sure, but her originally cat like face had turned into a more humanlike one. In fact, it was downright shocking to her and not in a bad way. She had hair again in the same shade of yellow as that of the cheetah but was like that of a regular human, she had a more prominent series of black streaks that were between her eyes as well.. Her ears were more human like with only a light pointing on the upper portions.

The formerly prominent feline features on her face faded to reveal a very much human face and the face in question was actually quite appealing. And she was not going to complain anymore as she felt the smooth fur there on her face as well as the high cheek bones and feminine features. If she did not know any better she looked like one of those cat girls in the Japanese anime shows she saw back then as a kid.

That was not the only thing as well as her body had gained something of a boost in muscle mass and yet be slender and very much feminine and a bit of an increase in height, not much but she was at least an inch taller than before. And if her eyes were working right, she had also gained quite a bit of, size and firmness on her bust, hell she was…well stacked in the right way and they even moved naturally as well. The most telling was that the fur on her body was become much finer and also shorted to the point that she could not tell the difference between the hair and her skin. In fact when she ran her hands on her body, she could not tell the difference as the hair was so fine it was almost not there.

"W-What happened to me?"

"Uh, I can answer that provided you don't freak out."

Barbara turned and there was the Hokage…only difference was that he had no mask hiding his face…allowing her to see his face and he was….well…interesting indeed. Heck he was VERY handsome to her view and the whiskers on his face…were appealing to the feline side of her even if they seemed more in like with the whiskers of a fox than a cat.

That was when she realized one thing…she was naked…and unlike before…her body was not covered in fur like before.


Naruto sighed as she got to grab a nearby sheet and quickly grab the nearest item she could throw at him…this mirrored the time he had waltzed into Sakura changing clothes in the hospital one time and she was naked too…and had gotten angry and clonked him on the head with a…surgery pan close at hand.

He dodged the pan and spoke gently.

"Look, calm down and relax, I won't hurt you, plus you are still recovering…"

Naruto's warning proved fairly accurate as Barbara felt her limbs go slack and she nearly fell, dropping her intended weapon with a clang. She tried to catch herself, only for the blonde to suddenly move…right to her side and catch her before she hit the floor. She was wide eyed at how fast he moved, sure the Flash was the Fastest Man Alive, but still surprised her to see the blonde move like that. Barbara also flushed bright red when she realized how…CLOSE he was to her right now and up close…

(God…he looks so…yummy…damn it Barb get a grip!)

Of course, that was her human side…her feral side on the other hand…well, let's just say that the pussycat was OUT to play and it was in the mood to have fun.

"Okay…look, you are not in danger and I would not hurt anyone just fresh from healing and recovery. So please…let me take you back to the bed and we can talk…okay?"

Barbara weakly nodded, but at least he could tell that she was calm now, and he soon took her up bridal style to carry her back to the bed nearby. That naturally made the recovering woman's cheeks burn and she could not help but react a bit by looking at him. God the whole thing was testing his nerves as he could feel her body heat coming from her form…a form that apparently had undergone some changes due to his actions.

It hardly helped matters when he could smell the pheromones that were coming out of her right now…the term cat in heat literally applied here…and judging from the staring she gave him…oh boy.

In the recesses of his mind, the blonde could swear that Kurama was laughing his fur off at the situation he was in.

It was going to be a LONG discussion.


Barbara could not help but try her best to make some level of sense of what she had just been told by the blonde. Apparently in order to save her life as she had been in death's door, he had infused her with an amount of the energy he used to do his techniques. This chakra had actually helped heal much of her injuries even though by all rights she would have died. She was not full scale trauma surgeon, but the information she got from the blonde, was pretty grim.

And to know that this energy he used saved her from death was…pretty shocking, no one had ever done that to her before.

But apparently the chakra did more than heal her, apparently it somehow infused into her body and had altered her, but not in turning her further into a beast, but did all these changes on her.

"Okay…you saved my life and somehow did this to me?"

Naruto gave a nod and scratched the back of his head as he had to admit that this was really new to him.

"Yes, not exactly what I intended but apparently what you did to yourself seemed to have given your formerly inactive or rather unused chakra network some changes, not enough to produce chakra right away mind you, but apparently it allowed your body to accept my chakra. No doubt the healing factor that you have due to the changes you made somehow allowed your body to adjust further."

"That…energy I heard you can use?"

"Yep, when I infused you with the healing chakra, apparently your body adjusted to the energy and somehow, the healing chakra I used on you to save your life not only restored your limbs, healed your organs, and even healed and reset your bones but somehow altered your looks and allowed your body's chakra network to somehow evolve to the point you can use chakra like I can. Caught me with my pants down, not literally mind you, but you get the idea."

THAT surprised the hell out of Barbara but she decided to let the blonde continue.

"I took the liberty of checking just what your chakra level is when you fully stabilized a few days ago and I can say that you have enough to put you around low level to mid level Chuunin…"

"What do you mean by all of that?"

Naruto sighed and decided to give the short version and when she showed that she was able to get the gist of the whole thing…he carried on by telling her that she was now able to use chakra, but not yet to the point of someone like him…definitely like him. But she was able to live again and recovered from what would have been her end.

Had she not seen him use those techniques herself and had been brought back to life from death's door, she would have thought the guy was yanking her chain…or in this case, her tail. But she could tell that the blonde was serious. She ran the data through her mind and looked at the blonde was looking deep in thought and decided to venture a question.

"Look…I…want to thank you for saving my life, no one ever did something like that for me ever since…I used that serum and began my life as what I am now. But I have to ask, why did you do it?"

Naruto gave a slightly annoyed look and replied.

"Because unlike most of those guys in Luthor's Looney Toons Gang, you are not an evil person by nature, I can sense that in you. Yes you robbed, and did some other crimes, and you injured people, but you did it to find a way to cure yourself of this and you never killed anyone in cold blood. If you had then I would certainly not have helped you, and before you ask how I can say that, let's just say that I not only looked up your files, but I also sensed your mental and emotional state, and saw that you not an evil person."


"It's a long story and we don't have a lot of time to go into that, but I can say that what I did was to help you. You did what you did to try and help people Miss Minerva…you mind if I call you that for now or would you prefer Barbara or Barb?"

"Uh…sure, Barbara will do fine."

Naruto smiled and Barbara had to admit that with the whisker marks, he looked very appealing in a feral manner. She shook that aside and Naruto continued.

"You're not the first person I know of who did hybridization of humans and beasts, but unlike you who did that to help people, the guy used it to create living weapons and did not care if the subjects lived or not. All he cared about was the data he got and just let a number of those victims die, those who do somehow survive were no better off though as they were either hideously changed physically or mentally scarred to the point they would have preferred death. Or like one case who I will not speak of…think that they had all the power they wanted without realizing that the formula was incomplete and nearly died when it wore out…much to the amusement of said bastard."

The former scientist blanched at that idea, she had done this to try and help people to fight disease and sickness…not create living weapons! And certainly not treat lives like they were just a dime a dozen, she was a scientist, not a sociopath!

Naruto was more than able to see that and was pleased that unlike Orochimaru, Barbara was able to show genuine horror and disgust at what he had just told her. That was most definitely a good sign so he decided to carry on and hope for the best.

"And I know for a fact now that the reason you rob is to find enough money to cure yourself, but of course the former company you worked for will not let you off the hook that easily. You have not taken a human life so far and that is because if you did, then they will have all the more ammunition on you to have the authorities increase their efforts in capturing you. And no doubt they would try to use your DNA to recreate what you did for their own purposes, am I right?"

Barbara could not help but feel that he had hit the nail on the coffin, another reason why she wanted to find a cure was to disappear once and for all so that what she had done and what she knew would never be used by her former company ever again. She had learned enough of Langstrom's fate and also from her personal experience what would people do if they could somehow weaponize what she had made…and that she did not want. If she did take a life, she would have moved from thief to murderer and that would have gotten her into the list of criminals that the whole world's law enforcement would have chased to catch.

And if they did capture her, then who knew what would happen…

"Okay…but…what happens now?"

"Now…now we have to talk about your future."

That made her all the more curios as well as a bit more concerned.

"What future are you talking about?"

Naruto sighed a bit and spoke once more.

'All right, long story short, since you were at death's door you were listed in critical condition and survival odds at pretty much zero. Now that you are alive, there's pretty much two options for you, the first one is that you are sent to spend time in Belle Reve along with the others of Luthor's bunch. And I know for a fact that it's not going to be pleasant since technically the one who put you at death's door is there too. And knowing Mr. Zombie, he might decide to finish the job."

Barbara growled darkly at that, recalling the things Grundy had done to her that left her close to death. Naruto did not stop her from venting her anger as he understood her emotions. It reminded him a lot of the times he had been on death's door himself so he knew the feeling.

"The other option is…we list you as dead since no one knew about you being here on the Watch Tower, and give you a new identity and a new life where you can start over since you were technically going to be listed as dead if I had not saved your life."

That floored Barbara and she spoke in shock.

"Hold it…you…want to do that?! I…why?"

"Like I said, you have a second chance because you are not a career criminal, you're someone who did what you did to help people but got dealt a bad hand and you're trying to change that. I argued your case to the League for a long while actually and I did promise to help you in any way that I can, Took me quite a bit of time to get them to give this a shot, but it worked. Of course Ol' Batty wants me to make damn sure that this does not come to bite us all in the neck. Choice is all on you though so think it over and take your time."

Barbara was once more stunned but not as much as before, she looked at the blonde to see if he was lying….and yet again finding that there was no trace of him lying at all. She looked at the blonde intently once more to see if she was missing something that coulod blow this up and show if it was the truth or not and once more found out that he was not lying. There was something…about him that seemed to make her want to trust him and that in itself was a real test of her logic, which had been tuned to her survival. And of course she lived by the old adage.

'If something sounds too good to be true…it usually was.'

But when it came to the Hokage…well, she realized that logic at times could not always be counted on when it came to the feelings one had in them. This was the first time anyone had ever offered her a chance with no inner motive…unlike the time she had tried to find anyone in her old company to help her, only for them to have her labeled a monster and escaped weapon to be captured.

She looked at herself once more in the mirror, still marveling at the sudden changes she had been subjected to…but instead of being angry at this..she had to admit that compared to her old form…this was a lot less stressful. And the fact that she was alive because of the Hokage made her less wary of the man.

"All right…"

Naruto raised an eyebrow and decided not to comment at that as he was aware that she had yet to give her thoughts and full idea on the matter of the offer.

"All right…what exactly Barb?"

"I'll take the offer…if this is the chance to finally stop doing what I do, then I will take it."

Naruto looked at her carefully and gently probed with his chakra thanks to Kurama to sense if she was being serious about wanting to take the offer. And he was pleased to see that she was indeed serious. That made him lower his wariness and he began more relaxed around her.

"That's good to know, I will send that message to the rest of the League."

"By the way…I want to ask you something."

"That being?"

"Are those whiskers of yours real?"


"Can I touch them to be sure?"

Naruto raised his eyebrow at the request and nodded, that gave Barbara the courage to run her hand on his whiskers…and to her amusement he actually purred at that contact. She actually found that very…attractive and continued to make more movements on his whiskers, marveling at the fact that they were indeed real and not some form of decoration…and enjoying the fact that he was purring like a large cat.

Naruto gave her a mock glare and spoke to her.

"Okay, now that you have your fun, care to stop now?"

Barbara smiled a bit at that and decided to do so and waited for the blonde to speak once more on what else happened to her. Naruto was pleased that she had stopped and ignored Kurama's laughter at how she had made him purr…he was so going to get that Fox back sooner or later.

But…back to the matter at hand.

"Okay…Barbara, one of the things I have to make clear that since you've agreed to this, I have to serve as your…ugh…minder, case officer, I think you get the idea. I did vouch for you to have a second chance after all so you will have to stay at a residence near my city as it were. We're going to give you a new identity but you can keep your first name if you want."

Barbara thought about it carefully and decided to reply as she knew that this was her first step to a new life.

'All right, but what do I do in the mean time? I mean I can't exactly be a freeloader…"

Naruto nodded in agreement and replied.

"Well, you are a doctor correct? You can try and pick up on that, we can set you up as a doctor or a medical researcher in some of the hospitals in Los Angeles since they are always in need of new doctors. Or you can go back to trying to find some new ways to help people. That is exactly what you wanted to do before this all happened after all, I don't see why you can't go back to doing it again. Only this time, you have a better chance than before, you can start anew Barbara here and now…it's up to you though."

Barbara could not help but think even more on this matter as well as the offer before her and what it would mean. She had a chance to start over, use her talents and mind for the very same thing that inspired her to be a scientist in the first place. To help people…and unlike before she knew just what to not do that would get her back to square one since she could now access much better facilities and equipment, and she could now no longer be chased by her former employers. All in all, it was a win-win all around for her…though it was still a pain in the neck for her to have to not be able to be fully human again.

Even if her new found form as a hybrid of a human and a cat was kind of nicer, which was an improvement when one compared to her old one right now since she was more human like than cat like.

However, Naruto decided to see if she would be willing to try and experiment that involved her chakra at some point so she could have a much better chance at being able to blend in. But for now he decided to wait for her decision and then they would pass the decision to the rest of the League…afterwards, well…they needed to get her a place to live.

"All right…I accept the offer, a chance to find a way to cure myself without having to be a criminal and have a fresh start is something I want. If…you guys in the League are willing to do this for me then I would have to be a fool to say no."

Naruto gave a warm smile and Barbara had to admit that seeing the whiskered blonde smile at her like that was kind of nice….not to mention…

(No…now is not the time.)

That however did not escape Kurama's attention as the chakra born entity snickered to himself at the situation he was seeing.

A few days later…

Barbara was silent but her silence was not born from anger or from fear, but from shock and disbelief…as she was looking at her mirror to her reflection. And for good reason…her face…was now human, her old human face was looking back at her, showing the very same level of shock and awe right back at her. She ran her hands on her face and even felt her teeth with her tongue, finding that her canines were now back to normal human length. Her eyes were human again, her hair was back to the dark brown shade they had been before the accident yet was more thick and rich in color. Her ears were also back to normal and seemed to be a lot better proportioned as well.

It was not her face that underwent the changes either…her entire body was now fully human again.

Her tail was gone, her fur covered skin was fully human again, no fur, no spots, her finger nails were now human length, along with her toe nails. Yet her body was still very well built for speed, agility, and power with the same feral grace that she had in her cat form. Plus even her breasts were now full and perfectly proportioned….as well as moving quite naturally when she moved them. She was not exactly…top heavy…but damn…

Hell had she not been able to see this for herself she would have thought she was seeing things. She had a body that was at least a level lower than Wonder Woman's beautiful perfect figure but certainly MORE than enough to get attention.

She ran her hands on her body once more, hardly daring to believe that she was really feeling her body like this totally ignoring the blonde who was currently watching her.

Naruto could not help but smirk in an amused manner as he observed Barbara getting used to the special Henge Jutsu that he had learned from Tsunade. It was a little something he picked up much later in his life and while not exactly the best way to disguise Barbara since her control over it was NOT perfect as Tsunade' was, it was a lot better than nothing.

Plus, he did figure out how Barbara could disguise herself better since she could not only disguise herself in he previous human self, but others as well.

And…he LIKED the view right now.

Barbara had decided to stay with him in his place until she was not only able to have her own place, but to train in using her new found chakra abilities, which meant using Jutsu. Naturally Batman as adamant that she did not learn any lethal techniques from Naruto and he agreed, minding that by technical terms since Barbara was a foreign national and not technically part of the village he was from, he was forbidden to train her in any higher ranking Jutsu, with the marked exception of those that were acceptable.

No way was he going to teach her anything like the Hirahsin or the Rasengan, or even Kami forbid the Edo Tenshi.

The fact that her chakra reserve was not very high and her control was not up to par for such Jutsu at this time helped as well. Kory was not quite keen on having her among them but soon got along splendidly with the former super villainess…which was acceptable since Starfire, or rather Kory was a very friendly sort of person. Plus Barbara was showing that temper aside, she was a nice person overall.

Only problem he had right now was that even with her return to something more human in form and looks, Barbara had gotten so used to being naked due to her fur from her past form covering her for years that she had…problems wearing clothes again. So that usually meant that she…cavorted around naked like Kory did every now and then…even more so here since when she was told how the Jutsu could disguise her, she insisted that she saw herself in FULL again.

So now he had TWO naked women walking in his pad, both drop dead gorgeous. One an alien princess, and the other a literal catgirl. And if added, it would be three since Pamela usually came there to his place every now and then…so that meant that he had a literal green Goddess as an extra if not frequent resident.

He just KNEW Jiraiya was having a field day up there in heaven somewhere right now…Kami he hoped that his mom and Tsunade were keeping him in check.

His thoughts on said matter were cut short though when Barbara spoke to him.


"It's a special Henge technique that I learned from an important person in my life. She is long gone now but it helped her many times. And I figured you can use this well…mind you Barbara it's not easy to maintain and you're not as skilled with it yet so time and training is needed. I can already tell it is fading away now."

And sure enough the Henge did fade away and soon Barbara was back to her Cheetah form, the more human like Cheetah form to be sure. Barbara was not quite pleased with the results of her being unable to stay permanently in the disguise and Naruto knew it, but decided to speak to her once more.

"Don't let it get to you Barbara, it's not like you can expect to be perfect at it in one go. She told me that it took a while to get the control of the Henge right so I should expect the same for you since you only started training in chakra at least a few days ago. You can use it to take a younger or older look as well as various hair and eye colors so it will be hard to pin you down if you are in a crowd. But you will need to make sure to focus your control more and match the picture you might use on an ID. It would be weird if you say your new name but have a different look after all."

Barbara nodded a bit at that and soon began to try again with using her chakra. Ever since she stayed with Naruto she had been introduced to Starfire in a more personal level and had to admit that she was really different from most. Being an alien princess in exile was a bit of a dead giveaway, but her…openness was surprising, along with the fact that she appeared to like being naked when she was in the house. That was only enhanced by the fact that she was confused by human prudishness as she put it, since she could tell that they had a lot interest in sex but were embarrassed by nudity at the same time.

She wondered just HOW the Hokage handled that on a regular basis…though that might explain why he was such a flirt.

That and her penchant for eating a LOT of food, Kory was actually really nice and openly friendly and despite the fact they were originally on opposing sides, seemed to accept her since Naruto did. How the guy got her trust was interesting as she never met Kory, but what impressed her more was the fact that Naruto had not taken advantage of Kory at all. Most men would love the situation the blonde was in but he seemed to be able to resist it.

There was also Raven…

When she was introduced to the other house mate, she was…a bit unnerved by Raven, call it intuition but something about Raven sent her on edge even though she never met her, let alone heard of her to be fair. She was the exact polar opposite of Kory, and certainly was not as open to the idea of having someone else join this place. Barbara did however like the intellectual side of the goth girl and suspected that the feelings of wariness she had when it concerned Raven was because she was still unknown to her. And as a scientist, Barbara was not comfortable with unknowns, even more so when it was clear to her that raven was not part of the League as she had never appeared, only Kory had.

But since it was clear that Naruto and Kory accepted her among them, then perhaps she was not as bad as the now on probation woman felt. Still she would be wary and ready for anything that may very well happen. Right now though, Raven was busy reading some new books that Naruto had bought her and Kory was currently enjoying a good bath after a long run of fighting crime with Hokage in the field.

She so far had not yet gotten word on where she would be working as a cover for her new identity, but she was willing to make the most of it all until she could be on her own. Though hanging out with people who did not judge her for her looks was something she was happy to have even though this was a lot to take in, and hopefully she can get used to being close to someone like Raven.

"Okay…so what is next?"

Naruto rubbed his chin a bit while taking that same thoughtful expression he adopted in his youth, making him look like a fox scratching his chin, which made Barbara smirk at the sight since it was something that she did not see so often. But she naturally did not interfere with his train of thought. After all, the blonde was the one who knew more of chakra than she did.

"Hmmm…well, best we focus on determining the level of your control on your chakra, but that's after we get another idea on the baseline amount you have."

"Important I take it?"

"Yep, even if your control is high level, your reserves of chakra have to be at a good level to make higher level Jutsu work. If it's not enough you get tired faster when you use them so you may need to build on it. In a sense you are luckier than most."

"How so?"

"Well, your ability to heal faster to adjust to the fact you now have chakra helps you greatly since this also means you can recover chakra faster. Most ninja back home I met who are not high ranking ninja usually are on bed rest for a week to at least half a month depending on how much chakra they use. So your ability to heal and recover certainly helps."

Barbara took it in and soon they began to train again, and it was all good progress as Barbara had begun to feel the energy again When she tapped into it the first time she began to train she could not help but feel…it was hard to describe at first. But now she could describe it as feeling a warm flowing liquid that was powerful but harmless moving through her, a wave of warmth and power that she had never felt before. As soon as she summoned enough of the energy Naruto moved to scan her using his Senjutsu training.

"Hmmm….not too shabby, a fair amount, higher than most senior Chuunin from back home, though not that high enough. Still for someone who just newly awakened her chakra energy, this is pretty impressive."

"Thanks I guess…so what can you teach me?"

Naruto turned off his chakra mode and was about to reply when Kory came in with some food and drink and she was as usual, all smiles and being the perky patch of sunshine, or star shine that she was.

"Greetings Friend Naruto, Friend Cheetah, I have brought something to eat!"

Naruto chuckled at that and even Barbara had to smile a bit as they got from their position to try some of the food, and it was good to know that the food was edible and not like what Starfire favored. Starfire looked at Barbara and spoke once more.

"How goes your training Friend Cheetah?"

"It's…different, but at least it's not driving me stir crazy."

Kory was a bit confused by that but she hardly lost her humor or her good nature, something that was a bit surprising for Barbara but in truth she had begun to like it. They were soon joined by Raven who was rather calm while looking at the whole scene after looking over from one of her books. She was not there for fun though as she decided to see just what the fuzz was about, plus see if she could get some training in as well.

Anything else that could be said though was cut short when a large…plant suddenly appeared from the ground…and when the thing opened up, she saw a face she recognized right off the bat…and apparently the person recognized her as well.


"Poison Ivy?!"


In the back of his mind…Naruto felt like slapping himself silly as he now had to deal with the fact that Pamela had just arrived to see him…right when both Barbara and Kory were in the area along with Raven…and while he knew that neither Pamela or Barbara had met in person, they should know who the other was by reputation as well as the old newscast. So now he had to explain just what was going on here to them before things would get out of hand. Namely since Kory might very well mention to the others that Ivy was in the area…namely Batman himself.

And the last thing he needed was the Dark Knight breathing down his neck for this as he was well aware of the animosity between the two of them, and it was the kind of animosity that made things REALLY difficult to forgive or forget.

(Oh yeah…this just got complicated…)

(("Right…well Kit, you really got the short end here…good news is that ol' Batman is not around yet."))

(Yeah…well, I guess it's time to deal with the fallout.)

To be continued…

Author's notes:

There…this is the second to the last chapter of the Injustice Gang Arc and as you can guess things just got interesting.

As for myself…I am now 30…damn I feel old…

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If you are curious on Cheetah/Barbara Ann Minerva's new form, I was basing it on none other than Brittany Diggers from Gold Digger fame. I happen to like the form and used it for the new Cheetah look. I COULD have gone for the Cheetara 2011 look, or even Tigra from Marvel, but decided against it for now. Gold Digger is a great comic series and I hope to see more of that soon…along with Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose.

Anyway, this is the official end of the Injustice Arc for Justice League Fire Shadow so expect this story to be now shoved into the ice box until I update my other stories or end a few of them. As you saw, Cheetah is now under Naruto's supervision and as such will be staying with him and Kory as well as Raven until she gets a place of her own. I will be cracking on what hospital Barbara will be working in or where she will start a new practice and what new identity she will have. As to how Barbara's new form would play into the story…that is still up for debate and if one is going to ask me if she will be part of the League in the future.

My answer to that question is, it can be possible…she might be working with Naruto full time or part time as an ally like Kory and possibly Raven. Who she will be named as if she takes up being a heroine/reformed villainess in the future is still going to be up for debate. Plus the Henge is indeed based on Tsunade's own Henge, you have to admit that the idea of Naruto learning about or it's basics is possible though he never uses it.

This will be something Barbara soon will be able to use well and thus can disguise herself better, sure I could have gone with regular Henge, but I figured that a more permanent one was more acceptable.

On the next chapter we will be dealing with Naruto now having to work with BOTH Cheetah and Starfire in Los Angeles, and you can bet your money right now that their arrival will REALLY spike the drink since the people will see Naruto being with a literal catgirl and an alien princess…yep…there's going to be some glares tonight.

Will Raven join? Maybe, she is not going to be in the house forever after all, it's time to put her powers to use and scare the crap out of the bad guys. I will also highlight how Naruto begins to train with Raven on how to not only control her demonic side, but how to utilize her dark powers for more noble purposes.

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