Justice League: Fire Shadow

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Chapter 4

Part 2


( ): Thoughts

((" ")): Kurama's voice

With the heroes…

Diana thought it over and looked at the assembled heroes with Naruto seemingly silent as he decided to let her make her decision. She looked at Naruto who was still wearing his mask and decided to work with the ninja. After all, there were some questions pertaining to him and she was not willing to work with Flash due to her unease at his actions, nor was she sure that working with Green Lantern was a good idea as both of them were not on the best of terms.

She then replied as she knew that the longer they delayed, the quicker the Imperium were going to get to accomplishing their goal.

"I will work with the Hokage."

Flash gave a sigh of disappointment while Naruto, raised an eyebrow behind his mask. Sure he was happy to be with a drop dead gorgeous woman who by all rights be called a divine beauty, but he was not expecting it to happen that early. But who was he complain anyway? They had a lot to deal with and not enough time to do it in. he still had his Senjutsu senses on and already the effects of the factories could be felt. And longer they were left tow rok, then things were going to get a lot harder from here on out.

He placed those thoughts aside for now as he replied.

"I'm all right with that."

Batman decided to work with them, he knew that the Hokage and Diana had a point, even if J'onn had given them information about the invaders, the loss of the nerve gas and any way to replicate it was a serious blow. The factories might hold the key as he too felt that the Hokage's comments about the aliens using factories held water.

"I'll go with both Diana and Hokage, if there is any way to find information on how to beat the aliens without J'onn's nerve gas and the plant samples, I'll need access to a factory and find what I can."

J'onn nodded and replied.

"I shall assist this team as well, I have learned enough of the technology of the Imperium so I can locate it."

It seemed that all was settled until John spoke to them.

"Hold it, you guys happen to make up the largest team around, are you sure that going in that large a group's a good idea?"

Naruto had a very accurate idea on why John would say that, but in his mind, this was about right. This was the usual team composition back home in Konoha. One Jonin sensei, three Genin or at times Chuunin and he was comfortable with the idea. Besides this team looked a lot more promising and he was not in the mood to be trading word barbs with Green Lantern, not with the survival of the world on the line.

"We're ready for it, J'onn's got the first hand knowledge, Batman's got the brains and skills, Diana here is more than ready, and for me, I'm all right with this. Besides, you, me, and Diana are not on very good terms anyway so working with you is not going to be a good idea."

John thought about arguing a bit more but decided not to bother with that for now. He decided to grab Flash despite the red wearing super hero's obvious protests. And Superman as well as Hawkgirl headed off to do their part. Their target was the factory being set up in Metropolis while Flash and Green Lantern directed their attention to the one in Asia, namely in Indonesia.

As soon as the two other teams fanned out, Naruto decided to focus his Senjutsu senses once more and spoke to the others.

"There's another factory in Egypt, though that one's not well set up yet from what I can sense, that might be a good place to start."

Batman raised an eyebrow at that and made his confusion clear.

"How do you know that?"

Naruto chuckled a bit and replied.

"Sorry, but I am not going to say, but I can assure you that I am right on saying that they also are setting up somewhere in the desert area of that nation I just spoke of. Why they aren't moving as fast in Egypt might have something to do with the fact that it's morning over there in Egypt."

Batman looked at his watch briefly and knew that the Hokage was correct since it would already be morning there in Egypt and if the creatures are indeed nocturnal, they would have more slower there than here in the area of Metropolis. This meant that they had to hurry and exploit this before they found a way to block the sun

En route to Egypt…

J'onn was currently ahead of the team as his telepathy was able to reach ahead of them to allow him to confirm that Naruto was right. There was indeed a factory located in Egypt, but due to it being in the area where it was already morning, the aliens were not able to set up in time. Naruto was not in the Bat Jet as he was sitting on the wing once more, using his chakra to hold himself in place. Batman did not move too fast as he was still not sure that whatever method Naruto was using would help him in holding on.

In J'onn's case, he was curious on how the Hokage would perform in the mission that was before them. The young man was highly skilled in the Martian's mind and the powers he had already displayed was surprising. There was no doubt in the last Martian's mind that there were a lot of secrets in him, but he knew that it was not his place to go around and ask questions. They had a more serious matter for them to focus on. And that was to prevent the invaders and their leader the Imperium from destroying this world.

As for Diana, she was flying next to the Hokage and while she wanted to speak to him, ask him some questions, she decided that now was not the right time. They had a war to fight and there would be time for such questions later.

En route to Indonesia…

Flash was not the least bit happy as he and Green Lantern were on their way to engage the alien forces in Indonesia. He had hoped to be with either Diana and Hawkgirl, but now her was with the man who he felt was a real stick in the mud.

"You are no fun!"

John looked back a bit and sighed as he hoped that this was not going to turn into a shouting match.

"We're not here to have fun! We have to do our job and finish it before all of this goes straight to hell, you got me?"

"Yeah, I get you."

Both heroes moved on with Flash moving over the water without much problems as he was going at full auto.

As for Superman and Hawkgirl, they were now reaching the city of Metropolis and there was no doubt that the invasion was really going all out. The factory was already there and Metropolis looked like it was when Darksied and his forces were coming in to invade Earth itself. But they knew that they had to hold on and focus on the job before them.

In the deserts of Egypt…

Naruto was currently with Batman and Diana, hiding from the patrolling machines that the enemy had unleashed much earlier to secure the site. Only difference was that the machine seemed to be limiting it's movements. No doubt it was trying to stay close to the alien factory to keep it from being harmed. Diana was not very happy with all the hiding which was something he could understand since when he was young, hiding was not exactly one of his favorite moves.

"Hiding from the enemy is not the way of the Amazons."

Naruto turned and replied as Batman was currently looking at the walker and the factory intently.

"Well you have to get used to it Princess Diana, we're going to need the element of surprise here until we get a clean way in."

It was here that J'onn finally appeared along with a pair of Naruto's released Kage Bunshin and the Marian spoke to the others.

"There is no sign of an entrance that we can use to infiltrate the factory."

Diana decided to make the move as she got her rope and moved forward in flight.

"Then we make our own!"

Bruce was about to go after Diana when Naruto stopped him with a hand on his shoulder and spoke to him

"I don't think that talking to her is a good idea, she's wanting to blow off some steam so let her or she might take offense. Besides, I need to see what she can do with that golden rope of hers."

Batman decided to watch and see if the blonde was right and sure enough it was a fairly accurate move as Diana proved to be a real power house. The woman took her lasso, while dodging the walker's energy weapon and then came back to rope the thing on one of it's legs, wrap the rope around it, and drag it down hard. Naruto whistled a bit, the strength was pretty much up there, and he briefly was pleased that neither Tsunade or Sakura had that level of strength.

Still, he liked what he saw and it seemed to impress Batman enough that he did not comment further on the matter. The fact that the crashing walker helped in shattering the wall of the factory was a good bonus. Diana turned and spoke out to them as she quickly gave the walker a serious hit that seemed to tear into the armor and the sunlight seemed to cripple it as it's inner self was exposed.

"There! Now we have our opening!"

As he and the others went in to join Diana, they were greeted by the arrival of some of the aliens who fired at them. Diana blocked their attacks with her bracers and soon some of the roof fell off. Diana looked at the aliens as the light of the sun filtered in as the aliens retreated.

That was something that offended Diana since the thought of running away from a battle was a sign of a coward and despite her pacifistic nature, she did not tolerate cowardice. She turned to the others and spoke to them.

"We cannot wait forever, they are retreating like cowards!"

Naruto was quick to notice the sheer terror the aliens had at the beams of sunlight, they might not have anything resembling a face, and they certainly were not human, but Naruto learned enough in his long life to know that fear can be see through physical reaction. He turned to Batman and saw that he too saw the reaction of the aliens and he too was surprised and interested.

Both of them nodded and they were soon following J'onn and Diana as J'onn knew the situation more than the others.

In Indonesia, the situation for Flash and Green Lantern went down the wrong way, Flash in a display of eagerness to get the mission done quickly rushed in to attract the attention of the aliens. Much to Green Lantern's annoyance as he tried to stop the speedster from doing something outrageously foolish and foiling the mission. However, it was not long before Flash's actions came back to bite him in his red covered butt as he had stepped on some form of mine that was filled with a gunk that was less then nice to the nose, but enough to stop him cold.

Now Green Lantern had to rescue him as the alien walkers were closing in, intent on either blasting the speedster into oblivion r just plain skewering him.

In Metropolis…

Hawkgirl and Superman had some level of good luck as they were finally able to takedown some of the walkers. The Thanagarian was able to use her mace to make sure that the walker could not get up. Superman then used a karate style chop to cut one of the legs and used it as an impromptu javelin to make a hole into the factory and he turned to call to Hawkgirl.

"Hawkgirl, follow me!"

The walked in and Superman told her to keep her eyes open, to which she replied.

"I always do."

It was not long before they came under fire from the aliens and Superman was about to handle it while telling Hawkgirl to stay back before the woman ignored him and charged in. The Kryptonian watched as the winged woman used her charged mace to bash the aliens around with considerable force, forcing him to duck when one flew overhead and was in a mess behind him.


He turned as Shaeyra spoke while walking ahead to lead the two.

'What? There's a time for words, and a time for action."

Superman knew that there was truth to that statement, but he did not expect to see them taken that literally. But he decided not to comment just yet as they still had a job to do, and he was still new to working with another hero.

Back in Indonesia…

Green Lantern was in a foul mood as he had finally freed Flash from most of the gunk that had held him captive and he had managed to do so while getting himself and Flash away from the enemy so he could free the speedster from the rest of the gunk without being shot at by the alien Walkers. He was not happy on how the mission was turning out and there was the chance that they were going to have to pull back soon before things got really difficult.

"Of all the boneheaded and reckless things to do…have you ever heard of the concept of teamwork before in your life?"

"Uh, maybe we should save the motivational speeches for later? Like when we're not being shot at?"

As soon as he was free, the two tried to get back into the fight and while it seemed that they were finally getting somewhere, things took a turn for the worse. The alien walkers tried to take down Lantern's shield, but got nowhere until they fired a pod missile that released a powerful yellow gas that was some sort of tranquilizer drug.

The weakness of the Lantern ring came to play as the gas bypassed the shield and soon drove Green lantern to the ground in an unconscious state.


Flash reached the downed Lantern using his speed to make his arms move the gas away and saw that sticking around as more walkers came at them was a bad idea as he quickly got the unconscious Lantern and high tailed it out of there. Their mission was a bust and now they would have to hope that the others were doing a much better job than they were at the moment.

Back in Metropolis…

Superman and Hawkgirl moved deeper into the factory and the Thanagarian was tense, holding her mace close to her and she spoke seriously.

"They're close by…I can almost smell them."

Superman was not too comfortable with the way Shaeyra acted and asked the question that was in his mind after seeing her decimate the aliens. He had worked with aggressive people in the past, but certainly no one this aggressive.

"Are you always this eager to fight?"

Shaeyra turned and replied stoically.

"My home-world Thanagar is a war like world, there it's either you strike first, or you die."

Superman's reply to that was cut short as the aliens came back for more but they retreated, Superman wondered why but got the answer as the tunnel was suddenly sealed in front of him and Hawkgirl and then behind them. They were soon hit by gas, and Hawkgirl was down as she was trying her best to recover from the sudden release of gas in the room.

"Hang on Hawkgirl! I'll….AAAAAAGGGGGG!"

Superman's attempt to rip open the door behind him was cut short when massive amounts of energy were unleashed on him that forced him down, he was still injured and he too was soon overtaken by the gas.


The group was moving fast and hard as the Hokage was now taking the lead and was now better at killing the aliens. The chakra that he was feeding into his swords at a higher and more powerful amount helped augment the cutting power of his swords made nearly effortless work on the alien forces as they were being cut down and Naruto's Kage Bunshin which he had sent ahead as recon units fed intelligence on just where to hit, which he then fed to the others and J'onn confirmed his findings from his own prior battle experience.

This was what made them focus on taking out the blonde Hokage as he was soon making himself a serious target. That was a bad move on their part and Naruto made that clear as he would attack them quickly and without hesitation The others were also quick to aid him in the fight now that Naruto had told them just where to hurt them, though that went to both Batman and Diana.

Diana was not standing by as she used her bracers to block the shots of the aliens to render their attacks weaker, but she also did the same thing as before to send the laser bolts right back at the shooters.

Batman was not alone either as he took out a special type of fist weapon that unleashed powerful blasts of electricity that allowed him to damage the ones who he was able to attack while also using special explosive loaded batarangs to attack his own targets. J'onn also used his ability to be come intangible and invisible to ambush the aliens and take them down.

But no matter how many times they fought through the aliens and their ambushes, the aliens continued to move in and attack the group, trying their best to herd the four heroes to a location that would be to their advantage.

Naruto was getting a bit tired and felt himself begin to weaken so he quickly deactivated his current Senjutsu Mode and switched back to using his regular chakra and some of Kurama's own. It helped him recover quickly and soon he was back to full tank, Diana came in and blocked the attacks that were being thrown at the Hokage as well as the others but she was not pleased by the rapid approach of the aliens.

"They've cut us off again!"

"It's like they already know just where we are."

Batman spoke out as he readied a batarang and fired it at the enemy as it's explosive payload forced the aliens to break off and avoid being attacked. Naruto was quick to place one sword on his back and switched to using several explosive tag loaded kunai and shuriken to take out several other aliens while feeding some of his chakra into the weapons and tags to increase their power. He focused a brief amount of his Sage Mode and felt something alien in the structure and replied

"This entire place feels alive in an alien sort of way to me, I don't like it one bit but if the fact that's like a twisted living structure is true, it must sense we're not it's makers, and it's guiding them to us. We need to hurry before we get ourselves way in over our heads."

Diana agreed with the blonde and readied herself to cover the others but she knew that only J'onn could help them as he knew their foes better than they did.

Batman thought the same thing and turned to J'onn…only to find that the Martian was currently still and his eyes were glowing in a strange fashion, confusing Batman briefly until he shouts in order to try and snap the Martian out of whatever it was that was.


The glowing in the Martian's eyes faded away and J'onn spoke.

"Superman and Hawkgirl are down, they have failed in their mission."

Batman was surprised at that and so was Diana.


"Are you sure about that J'onn?"

"Yes, but they are alive, no doubt the invaders plan to either torture them or feed on them."

The two heroes were disgusted by that and while his face was hidden by his chakra enhanced mask, the Hokage gave a frown as that made him recall the sight of the three scientists in the abandoned lab and he did not like where that was going. He placed such thought aside as more aliens came at them and J'onn led them to another series of tunnels saying that the core was in this direction. Diana and J'onn then moved up another tunnel while he turned and fought off the aliens that came out from another chamber.

He soon followed Batman as Diana covered their retreat as they moved into another room, the Amazon looked behind them and came back.

"We've lost them."

"For the moment we have."

Batman switched to using a pair of knuckles that released high strength voltage for close combat while John took out his M90 for the close quarters bit as J'onn called their attention.

"We're here."

The group turned and there was a cavernous room that had a number of the aliens moving about and using control panels and what appeared to be some sort of chamber holding a large crystal inside what appeared to be some sort of gestation tank.

"This is the central core of the factory."

Batman then spoke to the Martian as he could see that this was going to be the best place to finally take down the factory for good.

"How do we take it down?"

"The crystal there in the chamber is the Ion Matrix Crystal, which is the heart of the factory and also the source where they can create the ion cloud itself. Removing that should shut down the factory and compromise it. I will need a distraction to get the crystal though."

Naruto then moved to his favored Jutsu replied to that.

"Don't worry, one distraction coming up!"

Batman and the Hokage made their moves with the Dark Knight using a batarang to cut a nearby pipe that unleashed a wave of black fluid on the aliens underneath it, the Hokage and his summoned Kage Bunshin tossed out a large barrage of explosive kunai in rapid succession and sent several of the aliens flying while Diana ripped out another cable, causing gas to hit the aliens and the flames from the detonation of the explosive kunai also created a firestorm of destruction that caught the other aliens off guard.

This was enough for J'onn to move in by phasing to the location, while Batman, Naruto and his Kage Bunshin, and Diana were under attack, the Amazon blocked the attacks while Batman came in his usual way and used his taser weapon for the kill. Naruto fought the aliens with both his sword and some of his Wind techniques, namely the same technique he had used in front of Lantern while in a display of acrobatic prowess without his father's specially make kunai of the Hirashin Jutsu going down and supported the Dark Knight from behind. Naruto then used his swords to cut down several aliens who tried to sneak up on Diana and she smiled briefly at him for watching her back.

J'onn reappeared near the crystal chamber now that the distraction was in full effect, he took out the alien nearby and quickly retrieved the crystal. The effects were quick as the factory began to shake and malfunction, but not before he was shot by one of the aliens. The last Martian was sent down to the ground and lost his grip on the crystal.


Diana flew to his location after defeating her foes and when she got there, Batman shouted to her.


Naruto and Bruce quickly moved to get to the two as Diana lifted J'onn and flew to a nearby tunnel area. Batman quickly used his grappling gun and moved over to get the crystal while the Hokage covered his back by placing aside his sword and firing more of his shuriken and kunai with the explosives on them. However one the aliens quickly accessed the door controls and before the two men could make it, they were sealed in.

Batman used his taser to try to break through while Naruto began to use his Rasengan, but it was not going well, the two turned and saw the aliens coming at them.

"This is not good."

Naruto however was not giving up just yet as he quickly formulated a plan that would get them out of here quickly.

Diana was stunned at the fact that both Batman and the Hokage were not behind them and she rushed back, shouting their names.


She however stopped as the sounds of laser fire came out and soon silence.


Horror filled her at the fates of the two men and she tried to help them but was stopped by J'onn as he recovered from the injury he got.

"No, there is nothing we can do for them."

"By Athena… you don't mean that they are?"


J'onn's sad look was heart breaking to Diana as she looked at the door and spoke.

"Hera…help us."

Unknown to Diana, the two were not gone just yet as Naruto quickly grabbed Batman who still held the crystal in hand and used the Kawarimi No Jutsu in time, and J'onn had shielded the two from being detected. They would be the key needed to win this war and as long as the enemy thought them dead, then they would have a chance. As soon as he used the technique, he and Batman were now among the aliens and quickly fought back against the aliens to take them down. Apparently the aliens themselves were surprised as they thought that they had killed the two heroes. Only to find them being attacked by the two very quickly.

Batman looked at the group of aliens in surprise, not at the sight of them out cold as it were as he and the Hokage were the cause of the whole thing, but how he and the Hokage had appeared among them, just as it seemed they were about to be shot. He turned and was surprised to see that two of the aliens who had shot at them were now there with burning holes in their bodies, showing that they were the ones who got shot by their own allies. He turned to Naruto and the blonde gave a nod as he decided to give some detail to

"What happened? I did the same trick I did with your female partner when we first met remember? Only in this case, I switched two of the ugly mugs with us so they go shot and not you and me. I used a different item in Batgirl's place when we met since it was the only one around."

"A ninja technique?"

"You got it, but let's hustle, I doubt we're going to be alone for long, hope you hold on to the crystal Batman, cause it's time to get out of here."

The two moved out and soon encountered a few more surviving aliens, that they were quick to dispatch and soon they arrived at a nearby wall. Naruto decided to get them an exit. Since he was still in Sage Mode, he decided to quickly summon a Kage Bunshin as he turned Batman who was a bit surprised by the technique as he now saw himself facing two Hokages who quickly summoned two massive spheres of glowing energy, one of them turned to Batman and spoke to him.

"No time to explain, but enough time to make an exit, move back Batman, it's time to bring the house down!"

Naruto and his Kage Bunshin moved forward and soon smashed the spheres into the nearest wall and the results were explosive. Naruto had decided that if he wanted to counter the aliens with his techniques, he was going to have to pump more power into his attacks. That would normally be difficult for a regular ninja since chakra control was needed, but he had been alive for a while now and his control was way better than when he was younger.

The results of the attack were obvious as sections of the wall were blasted off and large cracks were soon forming all over the structure. It also blasted away any of the aliens who were in the blast zone. The dual Odama Rasengan which was a bit larger now due to the increased amount of chakra made one very big hole to allow the desert air in as well as the sunlight and the two heroes were out of the building, and then they turned, the whole factory went down hard, or at least half of it while the other half suffered considerable structural collapse. It was here that some of the aliens were forced out into the light, they quickly screeched in fear as they sought cover, and the ones who were exposed literally began to have smoke come from their bodies. Naruto had not seen that before and was quick to comment on it.

"Now that's something."

As the two looked at the panicking aliens, Batman was quick to note the reactions of sunlight on the aliens' bodies, he was quick to come up with a viable answer on why was it that the aliens were suffering severely in sunlight.

"They are vulnerable to UV radiation. That must be the other reason why they take great pains to avoid being exposed to the sunlight, and why their factories block out the sunlight one they landed on Earth."

"So I was right in thinking that they were not just nocturnal, so if this thing can make the cloud, perhaps we can make it do the opposite."

"Yes, since the crystal we have is the one that allows them to make that ion particle cloud, reversing it's function should remove the clouds and give us a much better chance."

The Hokage then spoke to Batman as he felt that the Dark Knight .

"Do you think that can be done?"

Batman nodded.

"I have the technology in my lair, but it will take me some time to get the process right."

"Good, I'll join you, once we're done here, we can make our move on the aliens when we have that crystal ready."

Back in Metropolis…

The city was in utter pandemonium, as people rushed about the police, fire department, and hospital services were doing their absolute best to keep things in order. But they were fighting a losing battle as the more radical elements in society were taking advantage of the chaos. While the invaders had halted their actions and focused more on securing the area around their factories, they had made sure to send out recon teams every now and then to squash any resistance that the humans could offer them, as annoying as it was due to the technological disparity between them.

The military were doing what they can as well as the police and the SCU, but their weapons were not very effective in fighting the aliens and this was not the same as with the Darksied invasion as the aliens were able to take solid hits quite well though not to the level of super-human strength. And with the riots going off at full swing it was utter chaos as both the military and the police were hard pressed into maintaining order and fighting the invaders.

Diana could not help but feel sickened at the sight of the people breaking down and turning on each other like this. Instead of working together to defend one another and fight the invaders with their military, the people turned on one another, looting, rioting, and more. The ver sight of such actions in this was appalling to the Amazon

She and J'onn had gotten back from the mission in Cairo and she had been saddened by the loss of both Batman and the Hokage, unaware that both of them still lived and that J'onn had secretly used his telepathic powers to shield the two from the enemy.

She found Batman's skills and tenacity as admirable, while the Hokage's strategic skills, fighting prowess, as well as his manners and respect to her were just as admirable. She also was intrigued by the powers he had under his command as they were not in any way the same to magic. How he was able to use those techniques and somehow not be a magic user was a mystery to her

She looked on in disgust as the scene played on before her and spoke.

"I cannot believe that they are like this, maybe my mother was right, mankind is not worth saving."

(I cannot believe that Batman and the Hokage gave their lives to save such people.)

J'onn replied to that.

"Do not judge them harshly, they act out of fear and confusion and do not have the means to fight back or the will to do so."

(I hope that mentally shielding the two will work, they're abilities and skills will be critical in saving this world.)

It was not long before they were joined by both Green Lantern and Flash who had recently helped the police to try and keep order. Green Lantern was naturally the one who spoke.

"Sorry about being late, had to help rescue a number of civilians who were caught in a building with lost structural integrity."

"Why'd you call us back anyhow?"

"Superman and Hawkgirl have been captured and are currently held in that factory over there."

Flash quickly noted the absence of the others and spoke.

"Where are Batman and the Hokage?"

J'onn was silent and Wonder Woman was saddened at the mention of the two men and J'onn replied.

"They fell as heroes."

That shocked Flash and even Green Lantern as they knew that things were getting really bad. However they had little time on their hands to grieve for the two as J'onn told them that the Imperium, the governing intelligence that led the invaders was already on it's way to the planet's surface. They soon broke through the outer defenses and made their way to Superman and Hawkgirl.

But something bothered J'onn at how light the resistance was and his fear proved true as it was a trap. The ones they thought to be Hawkgirl and Superman turned out to be invaders and they were soon knocked out and unable to fight.


Naruto was quick to leap off the wing of Batman's fighter as the two of them arrived back in Metropolis but this time they moved the fighter a fair distance from the city and soon began to move inside while avoiding patrols. The blonde had pretty much stayed out of the caves seeing that Bruce needed to work and him around was not good. Once they were done, or at least Bruce was done they high tailed back to Metropolis. Naruto quickly turned to Batman as he carried the crystal in his hands as the two of them moved closer to the target factory. But not before Naruto quickly released two Kage Bunshin on the fly and sent them to the back to gather some extra Nature chakra.

"You sure that device with those modifications is going to work?"

"Yes, but we have no time to waste here, this device should be the key to removing the cloud cover that they use for their invasion to finally be a success. But I need to connect it to the crystal to have any effect, namely in the same place we found it from before."

"Then let's go to it, we got to find the others."

"Can you sense them?"

Naruto focused his Senjutsu senses once more and soon managed to locate the others, but the interference of so many of the aliens did not help matters. He focused a bit more and soon got a better reading as he spoke to Batman.

"I can feel them, but the number of aliens there in that factory is really making it a bit challenging. I am also sensing something really bad down there. I can wager a bet whatever it is that I am feeling is not going to be the least bit friendly."

"What do you mean?"

"Whatever it is, I can say this much, it's evil, really down to the bone marrow evil."

The two made their way to the factory with Naruto focusing on his Senjutsu senses to locate the others, they kept out of sight as best they could, hoping that the shield was going to be enough until they could get within striking range. The two of them soon spotted the others but could not do anything for them at this time just as the alien impersonating Carter appeared.

"Earth's mightiest heroes…welcome."

"So you're finally here, the one who took Carter's place back on Mars when you and your forces woke up."

The alien impersonator was slightly surprised as Superman glared at him and replied.

"Oh, you know who I am now? I am curious who told you that…no matter, you're all too late, this world will fall and soon all of you will feed the Imperium."

The Hokage and the Dark Knight spotted the alien vessel above and spotted what appeared to be some sort of shuttle move away and enter the base itself. There the two spotted the Imperium, it looked like a massive violet jelly fish with black matter inside of it. The blonde Hokage was able to withstand the waves of evil coming from that monstrous thing. It resembled the Zero Tailed demon that he faced when he first met Amaru-chan, along with that demonic entity Moryu when he worked with Shion-chan, and also that monstrous sea water thing that Orochimaru's former ally Amachi had summoned back when he was a kid..

They had a chance to kill this alien right here and now, so they were going to do what they could.

The two heroes turned to see J'onn being tortured by the Imperium but they were close already and Batman readied the explosives he had. And Naruto was quick to take out a Fuuma Shuriken which had a good number of explosive tags stored in the blades. As soon as the weapon was fully extended, both of them looked at one another and silently nodded as they got ready for action as J'onn finally shouted.


The second J'onn shouted the two heroes fired their weapons at the shield of the chamber. The combined attacks were enough to finally weaken the shield and soon, the Martian lowered the shield on the two of them and they were revealed to the aliens and the other heroes.

"Whoa! They're alive!"

Flash was relieved while Diana was amazed that they were alive.

"How did they make it back from certain death?"

J'onn was the one to respond to that despite the fact that the Imperium was still trying to tear him to pieces figuratively and literally.

"I shielded them…so they would not be found!"

Batman quickly moved with Naruto going alongside him to cover him, Naruto used a powerful chakra enhanced kick to send the last alien nearby flying aside as the Dark Knight placed the device through the now weakened section of the shield and placed the device on the crystal, activating it. Soon the crystal's red color changed to blue and the fluid inside of the chamber turned blue as well

The Carter doppelganger was shocked and shouted at what was going on and made that clear to the Hokage and Batman.

"What have you done?"

Batman replied in his usual fashion of being stoic and clam before the odds that were there.

"Reversed the ion charge, now this cloud is going to fade away.."

The leader of the aliens quickly shouted two simple orders to it's minions.


Naruto looked at Bruce and spoke as he knew that he might want to switch to close combat work to buy Bruce time to get the others free..

"You free the others, I'll keep them off your back!"

Batman did not argue as the two of them separated from one another as he quickly used his grappling gun and moved to the others as the newly altered fluid continued to spread through the factory systems.

The Hokage quickly moved and slid down as lasers were fired at him, he evaded the ones that he saw coming as his Sage Mode improved his speed a lot more, coupled with him focusing his chakra into his legs for extra speed and grip. As soon as he was half way, he grabbed the two swords on his back as he leaped down in a graceful spinning flip. The people and aliens in the room heard two loud hisses as Naruto unleashed his blades, but they were glowing deep blue as he unleashed what appeared to large blades of pure air at the aliens below him.

Several were quickly cut down by the wind blades as Naruto landed nimbly on his feet and quickly stood up and faced the alien forces carefully. They readied their weapons and aimed at him with the intent to kill. Naruto decided that now was not the time for words. Now was the time for action as he quickly took out one of his special kunai and made his move.

The Hokage wasted no time and quickly threw the kunai towards his foes, and his target happened to he one of the aliens who was at the back. The kunai flew straight and true to the target, and that was when Naruto used the Hirashin technique. The aliens and the heroes only saw a brief flash of Naruto's blonde hair and his glowing swords before he vanished and the only saw brief flashes of gold and blue in the area where the aliens were. Naruto suddenly appeared above the alien he had targeted with his father's kunai, grabbed the weapon with his free hand and quickly driving a powerful heel kick into the head of the alien.

Naruto quickly moved to attack with the kunai which was soon coated in his chakra to stab into another attacker and spun hard to avoid a nearby alien's laser bolt, the weapon missed him and blasted the one he had stabbed with the kunai. He quickly rushed the alien and slammed a knee on the weapon to force it upwards and he followed up with a powerful spinning back heel kick with chakra in the strike. The attack sent the alien flying as he was sent into several of his fellows. Naruto turned and rolled away as another alien came at him with blades extended to avoid a slash aimed to his neck, he quickly got up slashed with his sword on the side while taking out his other sword to block another attacker, he quickly moved forward and lifted the alien off it's feet and as soon as it hit the floor, Naruto followed up with a stab in the face.

Naruto readied his swords as he was soon shot at by the aliens, but he was not done as his speed was above par now with chakra being fed into the legs for increased speed. He moved as fast as he could and moved to the shooters and flipped over them quickly and landed behind them to cut them down with sweeping arcs with his chakra enhanced blades. He then moved to stab the last one with both and then yanked both blades while flipping backward to avoid being attacked from behind by another alien with morphed hands for attacking. The alien turned to attack Naruto as he landed, but Naruto quickly leaned backwards and then moved to the side while kneeing the alien at the side of it's own body fast and hard to send it away while quickly moving back up to then block another attacker and then pushing him back with great force and launching a palm strike with the Frog Kata to send the alien back.

The blonde Shinobi was able to hold his own for a bit more and soon more of the aliens were down and out as he quickly lashed out with a surprising blast of pure wind on them. The wind struck like a whip of pure force and sent more of the aliens flying backwards. Naruto turned and saw Batman working quickly on freeing them and he was happy for that, some backup right now was certainly more than welcome since he was soon going to run out of Senjutsu energy.

But he placed his exhaustion aside as he needed to focus on the here and now as more of the aliens continued to attack him. He felt his Nature chakra begin to run dry and he quickly felt it being recharged as his last Kage Bunshin gave him the amount it had gathered earlier. He then moved to place one of his swords on his back in the sheath and attacked with one Odama Rasengan that smashed hard into a large bunch of the aliens who were about to shoot at him with their weapons. He managed to avoid the hits and land the attack to send them splattering all over the place and that was that for them as he got ready for the next batch that was on their way to kill him.

Kurama was ecstatic as he looked on and guided his partner, this was by far the best battle he and Naruto had been in for a very long time, and it was really making him feel very pleased. He had not yet been given the chance to join in, but he figured that since Naruto was doing fine on his own thus far, him coming to his aid was not needed yet.

Batman looked at the battle as he worked on freeing the others, the Hokage's actions proved to be the key as the aliens did not attack the Dark Knight of Gotham as they were being kept out of the fight by the Hokage and the shield that was on the converted ion crystal stopped the aliens from destroying the crystal. While he was freeing Diana first, he turned to see just what the Hokage's situation was and he could see the blonde Shinobi continue to hold his own and fight in ways that defied the conventional train of thought that one would have when seeing one who was supposed to be rather young.

(He certainly knows how to fight in such a situation, I wonder how it would have been had I been training alongside him back in my younger years.)

The rest of the heroes were also deep in their perceptions of the battle as the Hokage continued to take down more and more of the aliens while J'onn continued to drag the Imperium into the light as it's skin boiled and bubbled, making the leader of the invasion force shout out more and more screams of pain as sunlight ravished it's form.

(How the heck is he moving that fast?)

Flash thought as even he was having a hard time following the Hokage's attacks as the former Hokage of Konoha cut down more and more of the aliens as if they were moving too slowly. Sure he was fast, but he was not that fast in close combat situations where space was at a premium as it were. Plus that trick he did to only allow the others to see his blonde hair and those glowing blades was pretty damn impressive; he himself only saw brief glimpses of it. Whatever technique he was using was damn cool in his book.

(He looks like he's not even struggling to fight, it's almost like he's been doing this for ages.)

Hawkgirl was not lying as she knew how to fight with hand to hand as well as with weapons, and she could see that the man was very well trained in the use of throwing and melee ranged weapons as well, and it was like he had been trained in how to use them for a very long time. That was something she had to respect as she had faced few foes in her time back in the Southern States who could come anywhere close to what she was seeing before her this moment.

(This guy certainly is anything but a kid, I've seen a lot but this is certainly something else.)

Lantern thought as he had never seen anything like this before in his career both as a Marine and as a Green Lantern. The way the guy moved and fought was too powerful and precise to be human, yet too fluid and natural to be a machine. He could be a cyborg but most cyborgs like Metallo were not as fast or powerful as this guy. And there was no way that any cyborg he knew of could have powers like that.

(This Hokage seems to really fight like a season professional, who is he and who trained him to fight this well?)

Superman watched the way the Hokage moved, and he could hear the man's heart beat and breathing, the man was breathing like anyone would in a fight yet he seemed to be relaxed as well, there was no panic or any of the usual signs. This man was fighting like he had been doing this all his life, like it was as simple as breathing and eating to him. What sort of battles did this man of if it was even a man fight in to be this skilled? He was no pushover, but there was a precision in the Hokage's way of fighting that made him seem more of a brawler than a seasoned fighter which to him was certainly new.

(By all the Goddesses and Gods who reside on Olympus! This man fights like he was born to fight…he and his fellow ninja must be truly skilled fighters to have reached that level. And that power he shows, Mala sensed it and so have I, where is he drawing such power?)

Diana was impressed by the way the man fought, smooth, efficient, effective, and deadly, it was like a dance of battle before her. She had been trained by all the best trainers in the arts of war on Themyscira, yet this man fought like fighting was bred into his body and blood. She was very much amazed by his skills and that was something as she was an Amazon and had been taught by the best. Whoever trained him must be very powerful and experienced and she hoped to meet the Hokage's teacher's someday

The reversed ion charge was now in effect as the factory unleashed beams of light out into the sky as the clouds that held the world under a cloak of darkness began to move away and reveal the sunlight once more. The end results were there as the aliens quickly sought cover and those currently fighting the Hokage pulled back, allowing him to use his shuriken and kunai in conjunction with his swords, J'onn also managed to free himself from the Imperium's grasp and drag the creature into the daylight.

The alien screamed in pain as the Martian taunted him while holding it's tentacles which had originally been in his own body.

"You hide underground and shun the light! Why? Does it burn your pale putrid skin?"

The alien screamed in pain as boils and steam came out from the alien leader as more sunlight fell on it, much to Flash' disgust as he spoke.

"Now that is a major case of super strong sunburn!"

It was not long before the heroes were able get into the fight, Superman managed to get a charge from the sun of earth and used his heat vision to free himself and he quickly tore off a large section of the floor and raised it as a shield to allow Bruce to do his work and he held it up. Just as Batman finally Diana, Superman freed Hawkgirl with his heat vision as well, she in turn freed Green Lantern, with her mace Diana then freed Flash as the Speedster was now on the move to attack the aliens as well.

The other heroes joined in as Hawkgirl used her mace, Flash his speed, Diana her strength, and superman his own strength and heat vision that tore apart sections of the building to expose the creatures to sunlight.

Naruto spotted three other aliens moving to attack Stewart and he quickly pulled out a spare yet smaller Fuuma Shuriken from his weapons pack, quickly expanded it and shouted to the Green Lantern


Stewart did just that out of reflex and saw the weapon sail over his head and slice into the heads of two of the aliens and allowing him to unleash a powerful burst of his Ring's energy in the shape of a wall shield and quickly used said shield like a battering ram t send them back into the wall face. He turned and nodded to Naruto as John quickly went back into the fight as he blocked another barrage of attacks and cut down the incoming threats.

The Hokage turned when his danger senses warned him of an incoming attack, only to see the Diana in front of him using her bracelets to block their attacks and send them right back at their shooters, the Amazon Princess turned and spoke with a slight smile.

"Now we are even."

Naruto quickly fired several of his kunai that were chakra infused yet again while Diana, Superman, Hawkgirl, and Green Lantern took to the skies, ripping out holes on the building and ripping off sections of the walls to expose the rest of the aliens to the sunlight. It was here that the Imperium managed to free itself from the pain of the sunlight by shocking J'onn into releasing him and he escaped, leaving the Carter double to die along with the others.

Diana spotted that and used her lasso to hold the ship down and keep the leader of the invaders from escaping, Superman was able to defend J'onn alongside the Hokage who used his Wind techniques and his throwing weapons which were chakra enhanced and loaded with explosive tags to do the most damage alongside the Kryptonian's use of heat vision in battle. But the alien ship fired a beam at Diana, forcing the Amazon to block it and allow the aliens to escape.

Hawkgirl however came on the scene and used her mace to stop the ship, allowing the fully recovered Amazon to catch the rope once more to prevent the Imperium from escaping just as a doorway was revealed from the alien mother-ship. Diana yanked hard on the lasso and dragged the being back just as the Hokage came up to the plate and took out his father's kunai once more and aimed at the ship just as Hawkgirl began to attack once more.

The Hokage fired the weapon and it allowed him to move close to the alien ship to make him smash an Odama Rasengan quickly into the ship's hull which caused considerable damage to the vehicle just as Hawkgirl's next strike was the final deathblow as Naruto quickly took out the kunai again and went back to the factory. The Imperium screamed in fury as it's vessel was sent smashing into the factory and nearly crushing Batman but Flash saves the Dark Knight at the last moment.

The factory was about to blow and the heroes went to work saving the people trapped inside the same pods the aliens used, with Green lantern carrying them in a bubble while the others flew out of the now destroyed factory. The cloud cover was gone and it seemed that light was filling Metropolis once more. However the alien vessel was now trying to escape no doubt abandoning it's fellows and hoping to avoid facing the fate that claimed it's leader.

Diana was angry at this and spoke out.

"Those cowards are fleeing!"

The idea of letting these aliens escaper without a fight was a big insult to her, after knowing what these aliens did to other worlds, including J'onn's own world she was not going to let them escape without being punished for their crimes.

Naruto however was not going to let the aliens escape without a fight. He knew that he was going to have to go all out and he hoped that he still had the chakra he needed for what he was going to do. He focused to gathering his Senjutsu chakra and as soon as he gathered enough, he then dug deep into himself to get the aid of Kurama for what he was about to do. He had done something like this before when he faced Nagato and Konan but at the time Kurama and him were not exactly in the best of terms.

Now however, he and Kurama were on the same page as Kurama spoke to him.

(("I know what you are up to Naruto, let's do this."))

(Right, I just hope that we do this right.)

The others turned in surprise when Naruto suddenly leaped forward to the nearest building and then summoned another set of Kage Bunshin, four in number, two began to move their hands to create what appeared to be similar to that same technique he had used in conjunction with Diana and Hawkgirl. The other two seemed to be sitting down and did not do much at all. But it was here that they noted a deep orange field of energy that came from him, it was faint but it was there as well, and the energy looked alive.

"By Hera…"

Diana spoke out as she could feel a level of power coming from the Hokage and she could feel the same energy, only this time, there was a lot of it as well and the others looked on as they tried to figure out what he was doing.

Naruto pumped more chakra into the sphere, this by far was going to be a LARGEST Rasenshuriken he was going to make in his life. If it had not been for his mastery of the Sage Mode, his literal decades of experience, and his alliance with Kurama, this move would have been downright crazy and suicidal. Already the sphere took to the size of a massive boulder, and soon the sphere was surrounded by wind. The sound was piercing and all the other heroes had to cover their ears as the sound was enough to make it sound like a host of human sized screaming bats coming out of hell. Hawkgirl was quick to cover her ears the most, not an easy feat with a mace in her hands.

"How the heck is he doing that?"

Green Lantern was stunned as he looked to see the sphere appear, the massive Rasenshuriken was like a literal spiral of screaming blade shaped wind. One of the copies of the Hokage who had been sitting down then disappeared in a puff of smoke and the sphere became even larger. The second one quickly got one of his special kunai and gave it to Superman and spoke.

"Fire this at the ship Superman!"

Superman decided not to argue and do as Naruto instructed, and as he did so, the second Kage Bunshin disappeared in the same manner as before and to their surprise, the two Kage Bunshin and the real Naruto vanished, only for the group to see Naruto actually appear above the alien vessel. The distance was high but Superman saw it with his telescopic vision and he was stunned to see that Naruto was now on top of the alien ship while in mid air.

Naruto focused all of his gathered Nature chakra and Kurama's purified power into the Rasenshuriken once more, increasing the size to that of being close to half of Gamabunta's form. He had already managed to get the kunai in mid flight just by sheer luck and now he was going to unleash the combination Jutsu, he had NEVER done this before, but if there was one thing he knew, his life was a compilation of events that had him ding things no one would dare dream of doing The other Kage Bunshin each then moved away and soon the chakra he had taken from Kurama in the past was now keeping the Rasenshuriken stable while the other Kage Bunshin then did the hand seals and soon unleashed a technique he picked up from Itachi and with his partner's chakra and his Sage chakra in the mix, the4 Jutsu was going to be impressive.


The two massive fireballs were unleashed in that moment just as the two Kage Bunshin disappeared in clouds of smoke as the real one tossed the Rasenshuriken. Naruto watched as his Rasenshuriken soon merged with both of the Gokakyu No Jutsu fireballs and soon formed into one massive fireball with firely wind blades spinning around it. If that was not an impressive sight, he had no idea what was an impressive sight.

The massive attack smashed hard into the ship as it was about to get out of the city and smashed on the middle of the ship, and just above the area where the engines would be. The sheer impact of the combined attack was spectacular as a veritable fire storm of destruction began to consume the ship's area. The sheer amount of chakra Naruto put into the attack was a feat no one in Konoha would ever see and if they did, it would reinforce their faith in him as the finest Hokage the village ever had.

The attack tore into the armor of the ship and also caused a large amount of destruction and inside the ship, the aliens were running in pain and shock at the attack. More sections of the ship were being torn apart by the combined Wind and Fire chakra as it spread fast as the normal Rasenshuriken would have done in battle with regular foes. Any alien caught were torn to shreds and soon the ship soon exploded into two pieces. The fiery remains of the alien ship thankfully did not crash into the city of Metropolis.

Naruto however was really tired and began to lose his focus to save himself quickly, thankfully he was not alone as he was soon caught by both Diana and Superman. He looked at the two heroes and gave them a nod as he spoke with relief in his voice.

"Thanks for the assist, that move really took a lot out of me."

Superman nodded at that as he looked at the now crippled ruins of the alien ship.

"I can bet it did, but at least we can deal with them and make sure that they can no longer harm anyone."

Diana nodded at that and spoke.

"You have amazing power Hokage, I have never met many people who can control that level of power outside of Themyscira. Are you sure you are not a demigod by any chance?"

Naruto laughed a bit at that as he had read up on that term when he heard of it and was curious what it actually meant since he planned to try adding it to his books. And while his ego was enjoying the idea of being called the child of a Divine being and a human, he was far too old for such a term being used on him and replied.

"Nope, my parents were both human Diana, but I am really going to need to rest, I am burned out for now and I can really go for some ACTUAL and AUTHENTIC ramen, none of that instant ramen for a while I've had too many of those."

Diana had no idea what that was but Superman did and laughed a bit as he replied.

"I know a good place you might find here, hopefully it's not too ruined, but we still have deal with the others of the Imperium."

"Yeah…darn it, no rest for the heroes, let's get this over and done with."

It was days later after the heroes forced the Imperium back and they were now working out on removing the last remains of the aliens that were left behind. It was a great sign of relief to the people, but not everyone was happy with the situation. The military were talking about how they were all lucky, but they cannot let this happen again. They needed some way to make sure that if it were to happen again, then they would be ready for battle.

In the Batcave in Gotham, Bruce himself thought it over and decided to that now was the time to use something that he had been working on months before. The original purpose of the item in question was for space exploration and also for observation. But now the purpose was changed for defense of Earth.

In a massive space station above the Earth…

Superman could not help but feel a bit amazed by the looks of earth while he and Bruce were in the Watch Tower. He knew that Bruce had his hands on a lot of things, and had the money, manpower, resources, technology, and knowhow, but this was certainly up there in the list.

"Impressive, are you sure that your stockholders don't know about this Bruce?"

Batman merely nodded and replied.

"It's a bit of a line item in the Waynetech aerospace R&D budget so it's strictly off the books for the duration. So in answer to that, no it's not in the knowledge of anyone in the company, and I've already begun the paperwork on how to have this be given as a donation by Bruce Wayne to the cause of defending the Earth. This can serve as an early warning system area and also as a base of operations for all of us if we need to work in unison to help keep the world safe."

The two turned as both Flash and the newly codenamed Diana were walking towards them with Styrofoam cups in hand as the speedster spoke in a very amused voice.

"And it's got very well stocked kitchen, which by the way is wicked, Iced Mocha by any chance big guy?"

Superman sighed a bit and shook his head with a smile, as he took energy from the sun he had no need to eat or drink, but he did like food. But he had a lot on his mind and food was not one of those things.

"No thanks."

"Suit yourself."

As for Diana she was still getting used to the taste of Mocha on her tongue, she found it to be a totally new and different experience as she spoke.

"Mmmm, we don't have these in Themyscira."

Flash grinned and replied to that.

"Stick with me Princess, there's a lot more you have to see."

"Perhaps I will."

Flash grinned at that and the two other heroes in the room were also somewhat thankful. They were soon joined by Green Lantern, and Hawkgirl, the former Marine then spoke to the two heroes.

"This is an impressive installation. Very impressive, but I get the feeling that there is more to this than just showing off this place."

Superman nodded at that and looked at Earth and as soon as he gathered his thoughts, he spoke to them.

"I once thought that I could handle defending the Earth by myself, but I was wrong, working together we saved the planet and more. That's why instead of working separately we can work together as a team to become a force that can help ensure that the ideals of justice and peace are better protected."

Flash was amused and walked over to the Kryptonian and spoke.

"Work together, like a bunch of Super Friends? No offense or anything, but that kind of sounds a bit odd to me and a bit too cheesy."

Superman smirked a bit at the humor there and replied.

"I was thinking more along the lines of a Justice League, it might not be as catchy, but the goal and purpose is still worth it in my book."

Flash smiled even more and replied.

"You have any idea how corny that sounds, even worse than the Super Friends bit?"

He however then turned to face the others in the station and spoke.

"But I think big guy here has a point, working together is a lot more effective and with all of us behind, it can definitely be a good thing. Plus combining powers can be a serious advantage in a fight with the more powerful guys we are going to deal with soon Count me in then."

Flash placed his hand on Superman's own as Green Lantern and Hawkgirl did the same thing with the Green Lantern placing his hand over Flash's own while Hawkgirl does the same thing with the two of them showing their willingness to give this idea a chance. They knew that if they were going to deal with problems like this in the future, working together was better than going it alone, or even in pairs

"I'm in, not too sure about this but working together can really be a big boost in all counts."

"So am I."

Diana looked a bit conflicted as she thought about what she was getting into. She had gone from her home to help man's world, and not it was over so she had nothing holding her back in going home. But the things she had seen in man's world told her to stay for a while longer, and perhaps she could tell her mother what she had seen and what she had experienced in Man's world. She then decided to stay and then spoke.

"My mother would not approve of this, but Man's world is very interesting to me, very well, I am in."

The Amazon Princess placed her hand on Hawkgirl's own and then they turned to Batman who was looking at the whole thing while being apart from them with Superman spoke to the Dark Knight.

"What about you Batman?"

Bruce replied in his own fashion.

"I'm not much of a people person, but if you need me, and no doubt you will, call me."

"I understand."

"Hold up, where's J'onn?"

They found the Martian looking at a console where the image of Mars was, the alien retained his calm façade but Superman could see that the Martian was not the least bit calm and he could understand just why the Martian looked that way to his now devastated home-world.


"Mars is dead and gone now…and I am the last of my kind anywhere."

"J'onn, I know that none of us can take the place of your family at all, but we would be honored if you were to call Earth home."

The Martian looked at the Kryptonian and smiled as they shook their hands, and as they came back to join the others,

That was when Flash noted something was missing in this situation, or rather someone.

"Hold up, what about the Hokage? He helped out didn't he?"

Green Lantern nodded a bit and while he was not keen on the idea of having the blonde in the group, he had to admit having him in the group was a very good idea since he had a lot to offer the team.

He was not alone as Diana spoke as well.

"Yes, his abilities and skills speak highly of him, it would be a shame to not allow him to be part of the League. I agree with Flash that he helped out in fighting the Imperium so he too should join."

Hawkgirl then spoke.

"but he left as soon as it was over, and it might be a while since Los Angeles is a big city, and none of us I think have been there before."

Superman however smiled a bit and replied.

"I don't think looking for him is the key, all we have to do is be there, he will be the one to find us."

In the outskirts of L.A…

Naruto was tired and decided to remove his mask and get some much needed sleep, the battles had been demanding and he was relieved that Los Angeles was not hit by the Imperium. Had they managed to get more of their factories all over the planet, then the battle would have been a lot more difficult for him and the other heroes as well as tiring to the bones.

Once the last traces of the aliens were gone, the blonde decided to go when the getting was good. It might not be night time here in L.A as it was still mid afternoon, but he was really in the mood to sleep and call it a day, there was no doubt the cops had the city covered so no sense for him to go around for the night.

His base or rather current base was actually a soon to be demolished apartment condo that he had been able to take residence in and use as his base of operations when he decided to live mobile. Just like his temporary base in Gotham when he visited there, he had only to clean up the place, reconnect the place's water supply temporarily, and then make sure to only come in late at night and he only relied on some portable gear to make his life easier while on the highest floor of the apartment. The gear in question included a portable heater for cooking food some cooking utensils, electrical lamps for lighting, a portable TV with a portable power supply with satellite dish for cable connection, a radio with CD player, a portable ice box for drinks and water, a small portable electric fan, and finally a sleeping bed and some pillows.

All of which he carried in sealing scrolls so there was no way to trace any use of power. He also made sure to use the water only in the early morning and late in night to make sure that he did not take too much water to raise an alarm and shut it down when he did not need to use it.

So if it ever came to a point that this place was going to be broken down by the city government, he could just pack up and leave, leaving not a single trace for the people to find him. So far no one had found him yet in his place and he was happy for that. He looked at the pot filled with some sliced beef in water and herbs that was going to make a good soup to eat. Most people would have considered his living conditions bad, but he was not the least bit bothered by that.

Once he was done cooking his food, he decided to eat his meal and go grab some shut eye, but not before making sure to have his place lined up with warning tags and traps to get his attention. He might be living on the tenth floor, but no sense not getting ready for anything or anyone. He sat down and began eat straight from the pot and enjoyed the taste of food in his stomach, he also cracked open his ice box and get one of the drinks he had bought, namely a fruit drink which was melon.

As he ate and drank, he felt his body begin to heal better and he thought to himself.

(Man…what a long week this has been, but it was certainly worth it.)

(("Hmph, you still didn't ask to spar with that Superman guy, it should have been fun now that this whole alien invasion thing is over done with."))

(Not now Kurama, I am in the mood to rest and take a long breather before Carolyn decides to make my life hell again for not telling her where I was, am I fine, and when am I coming back to work. You have any ideas how many emails I got from her demanding I answer her? And if she did not get an answer soon she would fire my ass The woman's a slave driver sometimes.)

(("Heh, maybe she is, but at least you like her, the very attractive editor who happens to be willing to publish all that crazy Icha Icha books of yours, and that biographical novel of yours as well. Plus you and her have a very dynamic relationship, she might say she is older than you but if she knew how old you actually were…"))

(I suppose so, anyway, that can wait, for now, it's time for some food.)

(("Yeah right, I still remember the time you gave her that copy of your first book and she looked at you as if you had lost your mind. Then she decided to see if you knew what you were writing, and well, we both know what happened. If she had any idea that you were older than her, then she might have realized the reason that you said what you said."))

(Oh that one I said about being the real cradle robber in the room? I got to agree on that one, not exactly the kind of words one said to a prospective boss.)

(("Hmph! Be thankful she was willing to put you to the test and LIKED what she had seen and experienced, she also not in the mood to be married yet, and she's all right with the idea of hooking up with you without any demands and strings attached. Though that choice she made might change in the times to come since you gave her a very interesting demonstration of your prowess, and not in the terms of writing either. For all you know, she might be willing to let you have some time with Catwoman and Poison Ivy if you be EXTRA nice to her"))

Naruto chuckled at that and had to agree with Kurama's statement, but just as he was dusting off his meal for the day, his Senjutsu senses were quick to pick up several signatures, and it was obvious to him who those people were. And it was also obvious to Kurama as the demon fox spoke in a slightly amused tone.

(("Well now, it seems we have company."))

(What on Earth are they doing here?)

Kurama chuckled at the confusion of his partner and replied.

(("Maybe they have something to talk to you about Naruto, why not go and meet up with them to find out what's on their mind?"))

Naruto sighed as he decided to go out of the place he called home and moved to the roof f the building and decided to mentally allow himself to be detected so that they could find him. It was not long before he spotted one massive looking plane but his Senjutsu senses told him that it was Batman who was flying it so he relaxed as it was coming in. And he did not have to look hard to see that Hawkgirl, J'onn, Superman, Diana, and Green Lantern were now coming in. Batman apparently moved to land his plane elsewhere as the other heroes moved to meet him.

But just as the heroes went to him, there were explosions, the sounds of shouting, and a lot of moving about in the apartment complex. For a moment, the whole team of heroes panicked but noted that Naruto was not panicking and he told them why. Naruto already noted that Flash was not with them so he might have taken the more direct route…right into his traps.

"Don't worry, it's just Flash stumbling through my alarm system, he should be here right about…"

And sure enough, Flash appeared from the door and was covered in soot, coughing, some small tears here and there, plus smudges on his face. Naruto tried not to laugh at the look of the speedster since doing that was not the best of ideas but he did give a teasing comment.

"…now. Had an interesting trip in my maze Flash?"

The speedster glared a bit and replied as he dusted himself off and spoke.

"What the heck was that?"

"My traps and alarms just in case I got unexpected visitors, and don't worry, the explosions were not that powerful and were designed to disorient people, not outright kill them. Though you had ruined my place so moving again is going to be needed. Not to mention I have to work on getting all the materials I need to replace the traps you messed up."

"I didn't see a single trap down there, what sort of traps do you use anyway?"

"Not the kind you're familiar with, but I am a ninja so my traps don't exactly count as the ones you normally see. You're darn lucky that you did not try that run though some of the trap loaded places I've been to, usually the traps in said places were LESS than gentle. You guys caught me when I was having a nice meal so I guess I should invite you all in, but mind you, this place ain't exactly the kind anyone could consider roomy."

In his home…

And the League found out Naruto was not kidding in the slightest, he lived in an abandoned building and was the kind one would consider condemned and soon to be destroyed. The idea of someone like the Hokage living in squalor was something that none of them were expecting.

Diana could not help but be appalled at the living conditions of the Hokage as they went into his apartment as he called it. She had hoped to find him living in a more comfortable setting, nothing like this, and while it was clean, it was certainly not a place one lived in. She made that obvious as she spoke to Naruto who was wearing his mask.

"How can you live like this Hokage?"

The same was in the minds of the others; even Flash had to admit that he was surprised at how…minimalist Naruto's place was. That was after Flash managed to avoid the traps the blonde had set up at the lower floors, all of which involved flash bombs, smoke bombs, senbon launchers, and some explosive tags that were not that powerful. Naruto shrugged and replied to that as he expected such comments.

"This place is only a temporary residence Diana, I plan to leave this place soon enough and find myself a new place to call home since this one's about to be destroyed anyway by the city government so they do the erasure of my residence for me. And there are some advantages to living off the grid after all."

"What exactly do you mean by that term 'living off the grid'?"

"It means that I don't show up when people try to look for me, I don't pay taxes, I don't have a permanent address, I don't have anything to trace back to me, and because of that, I can't be pinned down by anyone easily just in case the bad guys decide to look for me. Unless they decided to just go all out and then start tearing into the city building by building looking for me, which of course is bad for them in more ways than one. Plus they don't know what I look like since I always disguise myself. I pretty much live like a shadow, here one second, and gone the next. It's not pretty but it helps keep me away from prying eyes, namely the ones who happen to want to put my head on the proverbial platter. Though the only reason I decided to reveal myself is that I worked with you guys before and I figured you were all looking for me so why make it harder?"

Naruto then decided to sit down on the nearby chair next to the table that was left behind by the previous residents who decided to just buy a new set and replied with a smirk behind his mask.

"So, what brings you all here?"

Superman looked around and replied a bit once he had taken in a lot of details of the place, and he had no doubt that Batman had done the same thing.

"We came here to ask if you wish to join us, but I have to ask something, I noted all the stuff you have and I can tell that you did not steal this since these items look too well cared for to be owned by someone for a long time so that means you bought them. My question is how did you buy those while living in a place like this? You don't sell yourself out as an assassin when you're not helping people do you?"

The others were a bit worried about that, they had already seen him in action and his confession about being a killer before was still fresh in their minds. Naruto laughed a bit at that and replied honestly to them.

"Nope, I may be a ninja, but I don't go around killing people for money, if it was for bounties for wanted felons and crooks that the government want caught I would try taking them alive but I don't take bounty jobs unless I have to. Plus they don't pay as much though I am interested in the FBI's Most Wanted List. And you already know that I don't kill unless I have to Superman so don't worry about it. Let's just say that I earn most of my money through what I write."

That surprised Batman a bit and he made that obvious to Naruto.

"You write stories?"

"Yep and that's all I have to say, I am entitled to some secrets about myself after all. Let's just say that you'd be surprised on what you can make as a writer if you know a good story and have the imagination to go with it. And I usually happen to be very busy when I am not helping the police so I pretty much do what I can. And just before you ask, no I will not say who my editor is since there is a thing about confidentiality, all I can say is that I get paid well enough to be able to live on my own though I prefer the nomadic lifestyle for both personal and practical reasons. Anyhow, what's this you wanted to tell me about again?"

Superman decided to answer that question first.

"We wanted to ask you about joining us in forming a team to help protect Earth, I can show you the place we can operate from if you have the time?"

Naruto thought it over and nodded.

"All right then, give me a second to pack up my stuff, I always take these along wherever I go anyway. Plus afterwards I can get some much needed shut eye, since I am dying to get some sleep."

The other heroes watched as Naruto gathered his things together and then placed them on an opened scroll with some rather weird writing. Batman could see that it was Japanese in some form or another, but he did not know the dialect. And the others wondered just what the scroll was for and why the Hokage was placing his things there. They got their answer when Naruto placed his fingers in a position and then in a puff of smoke, everything on the scroll vanished.

Flash was the one to sum up the thoughts of the others as they saw that.

"Whoa! What the heck was that?"

Naruto grinned a bit as he wrapped up the scroll and tied it up and replied as he placed the scroll away into his pouch.

"That was a storage technique and this is a storage scroll, I can't really get into specifics on both technique and scroll as it is a secret I have no plans on revealing. But I can say that I just sealed the things I need all in this scroll for easy transport. I carry all I need in these scrolls and only I can unseal them and use them again. They don't weigh me down either so no need to hire anyone to haul my stuff around, less likely that I leave a trail behind anyway."

John whistled as he replied.

"Got to admit, that's pretty darn handy."

Diana herself nodded as well, the technique was surprising and interesting to the Amazon princess as she had never seen a technique like that before.

"I agree, I have never seen magic like that before, even on Themyscira."

The other heroes were also intrigued, sure there was technology that could store away large numbers of items away and even some magic, but the Hokage's way was not in either realm and different all together. Batman had to admit that he had heard about some form of storage techniques in his ninja training days but they were usually myths used by ninja to mislead their foes. This was the real thing as there was no way all of the gear could be carried by one person without being weighed down or seen carrying too much.

Superman had heard of such technology and had seen it himself, as well as some magic, so he was not too surprised, but since there was no sign of magical energy and incantation, this was new.

Naruto laughed gently at that.

"Yep and it compliments my nomadic life style pretty well, all I have to do is buy food, drink, fuel and clothes, store them away and off I go. I can store a lot in these scrolls too, but not that many and certainly nothing the size of a house. So where do we go from here now that I am all packed and ready to go?"

On the way to the Watchtower, Naruto was like a kid looking at the world's largest merry go round as the Javelin took it's trip to space, He had never been up here before and already he was awed at the sight of the planet Earth as they moved away from it and headed to the Watchtower. He was already old and had seen much in his life, but seeing a world from the view point of space was a treat to him, and seeing the sun and moon the way he was now was worth it.

If his wives were still alive or any of his friends were alive and with him, he wondered what their reaction would be.

The other heroes however were utterly curious on why Naruto was acting like he was a real teenager. They noted his attitude shift when the Javelin finally broke free from the atmosphere of Earth and how he was trying his best to get used to what he was seeing before him. Most of them had been in space before, and Bruce had been able to go to space when he had the Watchtower build years ago, Superman obviously had traveled to space before for a number of reasons, John had been out for fifteen years in space as Green Lantern, Hawkgirl had been fighting on other places before as a secret member of Thanagar's military, and J'onn had been naturally an alien being so being in space was nothing new.

As for Flash, he had been able to see space before so he was not all that impressed though being on the Javelin and the Watchtower was a close second.

The only ones who were awed by all this were naturally Diana and Naruto, the former who was still impressed by the sights even after being in the Watchtower for a while and sampling some of the things that Man's world has, and the latter had never been in space before since his world's technology was nowhere near this level.

Naruto turned to look at the Watchtower and whistled a bit at the sight while looking wide eyed as John decided to rub it in.

"For a guy who said he was older than most, you're acting like a kid seeing his first live zoo."

Naruto laughed a bit at that and replied.

"I am older than most, but this is all new to me."


Naruto was now in the very same room that the newly formed League had been made and he was still awed by the facilities here in the space station. He was not kidding when he spoke to Lantern as he had NEVER been in space and in a place like this. He was dying to explore every nook and cranny of the place but decided to save that for a better time. Now here he was, facing the other members of the League and Superman explained what he had envisioned in the formation of the League.

Naruto listened and he had to admit that it was pretty interesting, in a slightly skewered way, it sounded like he was joining a more…heroic version of Akatsuki. The group of S-Ranked Ninja had been used as an outside force by other villages on occasion and eventually they were the Shinobi Alliance's worst enemies alongside Madara, Sasuke and Kabuto. He had no love for most of the members of Akatsuki with the marked exception of Itachi Uchiha and Nagato due to them being mercenary ninjas for the fact that they had been hunting him and the others for years. He was not the least bit disappointed to send them all into the grave after hunting down and killing Kabuto.

The League was similar but they all were also protecting their own cities and came together to help defend the Earth better from all threats that might appear and support one another. This did not sound all that bad in his mind and being asked to join was surprising to him in every sense of the word.

As soon as Superman was done explaining the whole idea of the League and what it would be doing, he looked at the assembled heroes and he decided to say what he felt was needed to be said.

"I'm not all that sure having me around is the best of ideas. Don't get me wrong or anything, the idea of the League sounds very promising. But I have killed before as you already know and I am not adverse to the idea when the enemy becomes too unreasonable. You sure you want me on the team?"

Flash replied to that.

"Hey man, you rocked in that battle, plus you are pretty much all right, despite the fact that your little gauntlet of traps tried to turn me into a pin cushion."

Naruto chuckled a bit behind his mask and replied.

"Sorry about that Flash, why you decided to take the front door, I'll never know. Anyway, back to topic, are you guys sure about this? I mean Lantern might object to that won't he since we were not on the best of terms?"

"I might, but seeing as we are going to need all the hands we can get in this League, I can't exactly argue."

Naruto thought it over a bit more and Kurama decided to speak to his partner.

(("I think it's a worthwhile run, at least you won't have t worry about what might happen when the meta-human criminals might start appearing on your little city of Angels. Plus being on their side is pretty much a good thing since they are all right enough. Besides, at least you get to be around those two ladies a lot more. So at least you don't have to waste time imagining doing things with them"))

(Kurama, shut it.)

(("Quit pretending man, you know I am telling the truth, but I think that we should at least tell them about a few things, I can bet that Superman deserves to know just how you figured out his identity, that way he can relax more. Or you can do that and then reveal the whole story"))

(Does that include telling them about you and how we got here?)

(("That's your call old man, not mine, and you know already the dangers of revealing secrets and the relief that some can get from revealing secrets. Knowing you however, you might be able to turn them around with the truth and how you present yourself."))

(Okay, I guess I might as well start by revealing just how I figured out who he was without saying anything.)

"All right, but before I give my answer to whether I join this League or not, I think that I should be a bit more truthful about some things about myself, one such thing includes a question that I think is on the mind of Superman for some time."

Superman raised an eyebrow at that and he guessed just what Naruto was getting at as the blonde confirmed his suspicions.

"You want to know how I knew about your most guarded secret right Superman?"

"Yes, I had wanted to ask you that but since you haven't revealed it to anyone I can guess you are a man of your word. But why are you telling it now?"

"Not all of it actually I am only going to focus on just the important details on my side of the story. I am not going to break my promise to you after all and I am a person who values promises. Anyway, when I first came to Metropolis I had used a special Jutsu of mine, taught to me by some very unique beings. They showed me the ability to sense a person's chakra level and power, I'll explain chakra later when I feel that you should know about it, but suffice to say I had developed the ability to sense chakra quite well, so when I used in Metropolis I was able to sense every person in the city's chakra, something of a precautionary measure habit I have been able to develop after some time.."

Superman was not sure yet but as he began to grasp it, he then began to guess just how the Hokage was able to sense him back in Gotham. Batman was also intently listening to this and he began to see the meaning behind it as Clark spoke.

"You sensed my chakra as well?"

Naruto nodded.

"Yep, and I got to say, you have a really large amount of it and it was hardly the same to what I had sensed in humans. So I already knew that despite your choice of disguise and your human looks, you were hardly human. I tracked you down and then took a Henge…"

Flash spoke next.

"Hold it, what's a Henge?'

Naruto laughed a bit and just did the hand signs and to the League's surprise, Naruto took the appearance of Green Lantern, J'onn was surprised in a higher sense since it was similar to his people's ability to shape shift, Stewart felt both surprised and annoyed that he was being used as a test subject by the blonde guy's action. Naruto then spoke, surprising the League further as he spoke with Stewart's voice down to the last detail.

"This is Henge; this allows me to copy every physical trait a person has, from looks, clothes, skin tone, and voice. It's one of the many skills I picked up over the years and I was trained in it's use for a long time. But it does have flaws, let me show you."

He lifted up the hand that had the Lantern Ring and they noted that when he tried to focus on it, it did not react in the way it did with Stewart even when Naruto had Stewart's glowing green eyes when he used the ring. Naruto then placed his fingers together and shouted a bit.


The smoke appeared and Naruto was back to his original form and he finished.

"I can only copy the physical things of a person, not the memories, powers, that sort of thing, useful for infiltration and misdirection, but not so much. It's not that effective either if you face high ranking, experienced, and skilled ninja since they can tell the difference. This Jutsu is actually a very basic technique so anyone who is trained in the way I was can do it."

Flash replied to that with a wide grin.

"Cool! Now that must be one heck of a party trick, works wondered on missions too huh?"

"Yep, now back on topic for Superman, this is how I got close to you."

Naruto then used the Henge again and soon appeared in front of Clark in the same form as before and Clark was wide eyed as Naruto grinned at him as he spoke.


Naruto then reverted back to his original appearance and decided to get serious as he knew that his next decision on the matter of his past, was going to be deciding his fate with the rest of the League before him.

"You got it Superman, that's how I figured things out in regards to you, but I did not do anything else afterwards. And through the same Jutsu I was able to sense you when you were in Gotham with Batman and his crew. You were the only one with that chakra type in the whole city so I knew you were coming. I told you this to at least ease the question out of your mind and truth be told. This is just part of the things I need to reveal in order to know if you all are still willing to have me be part of the League. And if I feel ready, I can tell you about that trick you saw me use when I made more of myself."

J'onn could sense the turmoil in Naruto lightly, he did not pry deeply into Naruto's mind and he did recall that on occasion, he had sensed that there was something else in Naruto's mind. He had felt it before when he tried to use his telepathy to get his attention and his aid in fighting the invaders.

Naruto then spoke to them in a calm but undeniably serious tone.

"There's a reason I am different to you here, and this I am not from around here, I come from a village that happens to be a very long distance from here. And you will not be finding it anywhere on the map of any nation and country."

That made the League curious as Batman was the one to speak first.

"What exactly do you mean by that?"

"It's because I come from a world that is nothing like yours, I am, what you might call a totally…different world."

To be continued…

Author's Notes:

This chapter is now officially over and I now get down to doing the story on Naruto's origins on the third to the last part of the Origins arc.

Most people would complain why I am going to reveal Naruto's life story, but I have my own plans for the story and this is required since it will be part and parcel of the rest of the story. Besides, one has to remember that I can decide to either let the League know the WHOLE story or just parts of Naruto's life while keeping the rest of it out. This has both good and bad parts, since it is a balance of sorts.

The good in the case of the first option is that Naruto is able to finally explain his origins and why he is able to do what he can in battle and what he can bring into the League and why he is what he is as well as his history. This way he has no reason to hide his past and thus can be more open to the other members of the League.

The bad part is that there is going to be some possibility that the others would be more wary around him due to the discovery of Kurama in his body. Even if Kurama and Naruto are now partners and allies, it still does not mean that the League members are all that convinced that Naruto has full partnership with Kurama which is to be expected since Kurama is still a Demon in definition despite no longer carrying the hatred that he does for humans. That also includes his marital life since you can bet that the discovery of his marriages which might offend some of the team though that depends how that is executed. You an bet that while Flash would find it fun, the others, namely old Big Blue Boy scout might take offense.

And there's no telling how Diana and Shaeyra will react to that discovery just yet. (I'll fix the spelling later okay?)

The second option's good part is that it can help keep Naruto's more potent powers from being revealed and allows him to not reveal Kurama unless he has to, it also prevents the other members of the League to learn about Naruto's full might and his origins. This course of action will also allow him to avoid the whole deal of dredging up bad memories that he does accept but does not like sharing too much. Plus it will be in line with him being a ninja and a high ranking one at that.

The bad part is that it will make the other League members being to suspect that he has not been honest with them at all and will start seeding doubts in the minds of the others. There is also the fact that once Naruto uses Kurama's power in a critical situation and they did not know of it, they will be very wary of him and the fact that he did not trust them with this means that there will be the belief that Kurama might decide to take over Naruto at some point in time.

We already saw the results of not trusting one another in several episodes of the series ourselves League so I don't need to write in specifics. And Naruto is the kind of person who values trust and for good reason as the people who he trusts become very important to him.

And he has the power to still change people's hearts and minds without using force or illusion , so he can still do that in a very interesting way.

On anther note, most people would ask me in PMs if Naruto will want to find a way home to his dimension. I can say that it would not be the case. Naruto's already left the world he was born from in the hands of the new generation and it's their time to live their lives, and accept the results of their decisions, good and bad.

And as Denzel Washington once stated in John Q in front of the police when they had him in their sights, which is one of my favorite movies by the way.

"I am not going to bury my son! My son is going to bury me!"

Naruto is already way past the age most people can live with some exceptions, and he has already lost loved ones, so he is not in the mood to feel the pain of being the one to bury his children before he dies, even more so for his grandchildren. No father, or grandfather deserves to be the one to bury his own family while he keeps on living.

So no, Naruto will have no desire to go back, I hope that settles it.

All of this will be on the next chapter, but as I have stated I will allow you all to decide just which path Naruto will take in revealing himself.

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