Title: The Uke Flu
Category: Anime/Manga » Junjō Romantica
Author: Cerberus Revised
Language: English, Rating: Rated: M
Genre: Drama/Parody
Published: 06-23-11, Updated: 05-14-12
Chapters: 53, Words: 129,124

Chapter 1: Beginnings: Egoist


So, if you're just tuning in, this fic has been going on for a time now.

Something a little bit different here, just a warning, this is not your usual MPREG story. For one, it's the seme in the Egoist pairing that gets pregnant.

The story vacillates between angst and humor, there are cameos by other yaoi manga/anime couples throughout, and other story lines occurring in addition to the pregnancy that I am just as interested in.

I encourage you to try the first few chapters out even if you are not a big MPREG fan. One of the most frequent comments I have gotten so far is "I don't like MPREG, but I like this." I'd love to add you to that list...

Even if you're joining the party late, please leave me a review and let me know how you liked it... or if you don't.

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Disclaimer: I do not own Junjou Romantica or any of its characters.

The Uke Flu

Chapter One: Beginnings

It was a lovely spring afternoon and Nowaki was sitting alone on a bench in the park. Any other day, the enthusiastic young doctor would have been looking around, watching with joyful eyes all the wonderful sights of spring. He would have noticed the blossoming trees, blue skies, laughing children with their parents, the people ambling along with their pets.

Today, however, Nowaki sat dejectedly, his head bowed, tears threatening to overflow the deep blue pools of his eyes. Had he been able to step outside himself, in fact, looking upon him as he sat now, he would have immediately been reminded of how Hiro-san looked when they'd first met in this same park almost nine years ago: he would have recognized the posture of heartbreak.

It wasn't that he was having any problems with Hiroki. In fact, Hiro-san had finally accepted a proposal of marriage/partnership from him (apparently the fifth time was a charm) not long ago. The two of them had now been officially engaged for almost five months. Their commitment/marriage ceremony had been planned for the end of the summer. Their honeymoon would be their last hurrah before the new term started in September and his lovely professor was once again swallowed up by the rigors of academic life.

They had even been undergoing couples premarital counseling in preparation for their impending nuptials, Nowaki working on his jealousy and codependency issues, Hiroki, though fiercely complaining, was attending their paired sessions, while valiantly struggling through some additional sessions in anger management. Hiroki was also working to overcome some of his lingering father issues and the trauma he'd suffered as a teen.

Even professionally things couldn't really be much better for them. This fall Hiroki would submit all the work for his tenure review and if the committee passed him, he would at last be secure in his position and on relatively equal footing with Miyagi. Even if his bid for tenure was denied, which would be highly unlikely, given the buzz his book, finally published, was generating among academic circles. In the meantime, Nowaki had finished his residency.

He had continued to stay on at the hospital, but recently, he'd had a number of offers from some very prestigious children's clinics to join their staff. If he took one of these positions, he would be able to finally support Hiro-san in the way he'd always dreamed of. Their financial future would be secured and Hiro-san would have the option to continue to teach if he wanted to or he could retire and spend all of his time researching and writing.

Nowaki had also informed his three top choices that he wanted to be able to do pro-Bono work with underprivileged children and all three facilities had agreed, promising him a schedule where he'd be able to do this, in addition to his regular practice.

Yes, everything was working out perfectly, or at least it had been until today.

Nowaki still couldn't believe it. His mind was still reeling with the shock of his discovery. It seemed so unreal to him, never in a million years had he thought something like this would happen to him. Even now, knowing what he did, he still didn't feel like he fully understood how it had occurred.

He had somehow contracted the Uke Flu.

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