Naruto of Justice


Naruto x Harem

Robin x Zatanna

Wally x ?

Superboy x Eventual Wondergirl 2

Aqualad x ?


Story Start


Amongst the fire and flames were the destroyed ruins of Sentinel City. Bodies littered everywhere as only two figures amongst the countless bodies were still alive.

''The lives of all those who died rest on your hands Uzumaki Naruto!'' The man spoke as a cruel gleam reflected in his eyes. ''You failed! Your choices brought this upon yourself. You failed this city! You failed the chief! You failed Samantha!" Any last words?''

''Yes...we will destroy you!'' The hatred radiating from the blond was in a tone that not even channeling Kurama's power could echo. Raising his head the eye of the beast of Ten Tails appeared on his forehead as its dark and malevolent chakra exploding and consumed everything in sight.

Jolting up in bed a young man clasped his face in pain and exhaustion. He had shoulder length wild spiky blonde hair with two bangs on the sides of his head. He was shirtless showing off his pectorals and six pack abs. This body…it was something he was going to have to get used to. Being a teenager again.

Removing the sheet the blond stepped out of the bed and stretched and went to the. He sighed as the water from the faucet poured into his clasped hands and splashed his face a few times before drying it with the towel. Brushing his teeth and finishing the rest of his grooming Naruto threw on a shirt and made his way out the door.

'Hey there! Morning!'' A smiling face greeted him. It was a young girl with smooth shoulder length black hair, fair skin, and blue eyes. Her outfit consisted of a sleeveless red bodysuit with a row of yellow stars layered diagonally across the front and star shaped earrings on her hears. She also had a gold belt with a W on the buckle as well as knee high black boot and silver gauntlets on her arms with a golden lasso on the belt. She was rather beautiful with an athletic build and like her older sister she had bountiful curves that more than often drew attention from both genders.

''Hey Donna!'' He greeted with a friendly smile. Even when he injured her when she and the other three...Leaguers in Training found him in Cadmus labs she was quick to forgive him. Most of what he knew now about the super community was programmed into his mind during his three year incarceration. ''So what's up?''

''Nothing really," she answered with an easy going smile. "I just thought we could go spar or something?'' she suggested with a halfhearted shrug.

Naruto cracked a grin. Donna was really likable and easy going. She was also driven by her nature to do the right thing so it made getting along with her easy.

''Hhm sure why not...why don't we invite the new girl?'' He suggested as they walked down the hall. After all now that he thought about it a few days had passed and he hadn't really gotten to know any of teammates too well. He could remember when Batman and Aquaman told the six of them that they were going to be a team.

Turning in the direction of the opening door two green skinned beings walked in. One was the taller and well recognizable Martian Man hunter and the other was a young female. She had the same green shade of J'onn Jones with shoulder length auburn hair and with freckles on her cheeks. Her outfit consisted of a short-sleeved white top with a red X on it with the left side lining along the outer side of her left breast and right side on diagonally along the inner side on top of her right breasts with a blue skirt that stopped a few feet above her long and gangly legs. She was also wearing ankle high blue boots, capes, and gloves. She had a cute girl next door look to her with an average build.

"This is Martian Man hunter's niece Miss Martian. She'll be your new teammate." Batman informed them as the group looked at the girl in curiosity.

"Hi." Miss Martian greeted them shyly.

The girl's shy disposition instantly reminded him of Hinata. Nowadays he rarely thought of the past. Before he was ripped from his world by those damn mad cultists. He shook away the fleeting thoughts.

Right now keeping his head until he found that man again was important.

''Hey I'm Naruto Uzumaki nice to meet you.'' He introduced himself as he walked over to her and extended his hand.

"I like your outfit." She commented while Naruto looked down at his outfit. To him, most of what he was wearing wasn't anything special. It was a slightly modified Konoha-nin uniform. He had two bands each on both of his sleeves and a flak jacket. He was wearing a short-sleeved long white coat over the attire, decorated by flames-like motifs on the edges. On his back in Kanji the words Sage on his back in honor of Jiraiya and on his back was strapped the recently fixed Chakra fang in honor of Kakashi. In fact Naruto's new fighting style took inspiration from all his precious people in their honor. With the abilities grafted to him he would fight as one with the force of all five nations in honor for all the people who shaped and influenced him into the individual he was today.

''Thank you...'' He replied with a smile.

His thoughts were shaken away when they came across Robin, Kid Flash, and Aqualad waiting for someone apparently.

"Did you ask him?" Robin asked. Commonly known as the side kick of Batman Robin was a young male hero known for his oddly colored traffic light colored outfit. Currently he was wearing a gray jacket, black jeans and a green hoodie along with black sunglasses to cover his eyes. Apparently covering one's eyes was a sure fire way to hide their identity. His small frame was one of the main factors for his fighting style that focused primarly around being agile.

"What did he say?" asked Kid Flash. The side kick of the Flash, Wally West was easily identifiable by his spiked up red hair, freckles and green eyes. His costume was yellow with a red lightning bolt in a white circle. He was taller than Robin but was still pretty average in body. He too was in his off-duty outfit consisting of blue short-sleeved shirt with a white undershirt, or a red short-sleeved shirt and a yellow undershirt, and blue jeans with trainers and a watch.

"He's arriving now," Aqualid informed them. The most noticeably different of the group due to his Atlantean heritage. With the exception of Naruto he was the oldest of the team, also bearing blond hair, brown skin, silver eyes and a strong build. He possessed light black eel-like tattoos that ran across his back and along his arms with glowed a bright blue when using his powers. He also had webbed hands and feet and possesses a set of gills that allows him to breathe was wearing a blue and black jacket with a high collar to hide his gills, black pants and black sandals.

"Then what are we waiting for?" Kid Flash cried out as he raced out the front door as the others soon followed. Just as they made it outside, Red Tornado landed in front of him. "Red Tornado!" Kid Flash cried with a smile on his face, clearly excited about Tornado's arrival.

"Greetings. Is there a reason you have intercepted me outside the cave?"

"We hoped you had a mission for us," Aqualad voiced the expectation of the others.

"Mission assignments are the Batman's responsibility." Red Tornado informed them in that same mechanical tone of his.

"But it's been over a week and nothing's..," before Robin could finish voicing his annoyance Tornado cut him off.

"You will be tested soon enough for the time being, simply enjoy each other's company." He responded.

"This team is not a social club." Aqualad voiced his objection on how the so called team was being treated. So far they had as of yet received a single mission and it seemed like they were being kept out of the way.

"I am told that social interaction is an important team building exercise. Perhaps you can keep busy by familiarizing yourself with the cave." That was the last thing Red Tornado said as he entered the cave as Naruto and Wondergirl walked by.

''No mission still huh?'' Naruto asked, more out sparking a conversation then trying to actually find out as it was pretty obvious by their facial expression then answer was no.

''I can't believe this,'' Kid Flash muttered.

"Does he think we're falling for this?" Robin cried out.

Suddenly inspiration struck Miss Martian. ''Oh, I know...I can find out.'' She said closing her eyes and trying to telepathically read Red Tornado's mind. The mental wave echoed through the air and honed in on the android and entered his skull but nothing happened. ''I'm sorry,'' she said as regret-fullness filled her face. ''He's inorganic so I cannot read his mind.''

"Nice try though," Kid Flash told her.

''Seems like an interesting ability to have.'' Naruto spoke up as he looked back to inside the base.

''I could teach it to you...if you want.'' Megan said as she floated over to Naruto who defensively backed away much to her confusion.

'''s okay...I'm fine.'' He said as his behavior took a sudden change. He knew Megan was only trying to be nice, but reminders of what happened to him were a bit of a hot button for him. Which consisted of stolen abilities more or less forced onto him. Abilities that along with those from his world gave him the potential to be more powerful than anyone should. When he was able to push those thoughts away he noticed Superboy had joined them for some reason.

"So, do you know what I'm thinking right now?" Kid Flash asked Megan as he popped up by her side, shamelessly flirting with her.

"We don't need psychic powers to know what you're thinking," Robin spoke up as a smirk formed on his face.

Megan then decided to change the subject and lighten up the mood. "Well Superboy, Naruto, and I live here, maybe we could give you a tour?" She suggested.

Kid Flash and Robin looked at Naruto who shrugged then at Superboy. "Don't look at me." He said.

"We won't.'' He responded rather quickly and turned his attention back to Megan. ''I like the sound of that private tour."

''He's certainly a persistent one.'' Wondergirl spoke up as Wally's intentions weren't really lost on anyone. Anyway the group deciding that touring around the base gave them something to do.

"Well this is our front door,'' Megan informed them as they looked around. "The cave is actually the entire mountain," she explained.

"It was hollowed out and reinforced by Superman and Green Lantern back in the earlier days of the League." Kid Flash began narrating as if he was a tour guide and the team was a group of Museum goers.

"Then why abandon it for the Hall of Justice?" Superboy asked.

"The cave's secret location was…compromised," Aqualad explained to him. After the explanation Superboy responded with much snark.

"So they traded it in for a tourist trap? That sounds smart."

"If the villains know of the cave, we must be on constant alert," Megan then added becoming concerned.

"The bad guys know we know they know about the place, so there's no need to worry," Robin's fumbled explanation only served to confusion the Martian even more.

Kid Flash merely simplified Robin's haphazard explanation. "He means we're hiding in plain sight."

"Oh, that's much clearer," Megan said as she visibly relaxed with a hand on her chest.

Naruto then began sniffing the air. ''Is something burning he asked?'' As Donna's eyes widened.

''Megan aren't you baking something?'' The Amazon asked as shocked form on the features of the green skinned girl.

''Oh no! MY COOKIES!'' She cried out as she took off into the direction of the kitchen. Speeding into the cooking area she dropped in front of it and used her power to suit off the stove, opens it and levitated the tray of burn cookies and placed it on the table. She was visibly distraught that the nice gesture she was trying to for her team turned out terrible. "I was trying out Granny Jones' recipe from Episode 17 of…nevermind," she hastily cut herself off.

''So that's where you got the idea from?'' Donna spoke up with a knowing grin as Megan shot her a pleaded look not to say anything to which the Amazon nodded in compliance.

"I'm sure the cookies would've tasted great," Robin tried to console her picking at one of the charred little disks. "They don't seem to mind." He added as Kid Flash ate one of the burnt cookies.

"I have a serious metabolism." He said.

All the while Naruto had eaten two, three, and even four much to everyone's else's surprise.

''My...condition...bolstered my metabolism quite a lot.'' Considering that over 80% of his original diet consisted of ramen and his biologically made it easier for him to enjoy the taste of things a bit more burnt cookies didn't really bother him all that much.

"I'll…make some more then." Miss Martian said. "It's too bad about this batch."

"It was sweet of you to make any.'' Aqualad told her.

"Please while we're off duty call me Kaldur'ahm, or Kaldur for short."

"I'm Wally, you see I already trust you with my secret identity. As for Dark glasses over there, Batman's forbidden Boy Wonder from telling anyone his real name," said Kid Flash.

"Mine's no secret! It's M'gann M'orzz. But you can call me Megan. It's an Earth name so I figured, since I'm on Earth."Superboy began walking away. 'Don't worry Superboy, we'll find you an Earth name too.' Superboy turned back angrily and shouted. "GET OUT OF MY HEAD!"

'What's wrong? I don't understand. Everyone on Mars communicates telepathically.' Everyone grasped their heads as Megan spoke to them through their thoughts.

"M'gann, stop!" Kaldur shouted at her. "Things are difference on Earth. Here, your powers are an extreme invasion of privacy. People like having their thoughts to themselves."

"Besides, Cadmus' little psychic genomes left a bad taste in his brain," Kid Flash added in response to Superboy's rather angry response.

"I-I didn't mean to..." she stuttered out.

"Just. Stay. Out," Superboy left the kitchen and sat on the couch in the adjacent living room.

Megan hung her head down sadly in response.

''Hey guys chill out.'' Donna said coming to the Martian girl's defense. ''She didn't know because she is from a different culture remember? Now that she is hear and knows there's no reason to be hard on her.''

''Thanks wonder girl,'' the dejected Martian said, but then her head snapped up as something came to mind. "Hello, Megan!" she exclaimed as she tapped herself on her forehead. "I know what we can do!" the once dejected girl was now cheerful as she flew out of the kitchen as the others followed her as Naruto and Superboy fell behind.

''You could lighten up you know. Look I went through Camdus's nonsense as well and I know you're pissed about the situation with Superman but it wouldn't hurt you to try and enjoy the life you have now.''

''You can't even begin to understand how I feel! At least you know who you are! So how can you even began to understand how I feel?''

''At least you have a link to who you are! I don't have anyone anymore!'' Naruto said as his blood began to boil. ''I know you're only a few months old. I know you don't know how to act around people, but you have friends; people around you willingly to help you if you ask and accept them. I know I can't even begin to understand your exact situation, but I at least know what it means to feel alone. We're all a part of a team now. We have to look after each other and be there when our teammates are in need. At least think about what I said.'' He said as Megan suddenly appeared from behind the corner. "Um, are you guys coming?" she asked meekly, trying to hide the fact that she heard their argument.

''Yeah, of course,'' Naruto said as Superboy took off ahead of him.

Megan looked Superboy. "Superboy, please?"

"Don't talk to me." He replied.

Megan looked down sadly. Superboy saw this and stood up and followed the others down the hall.

''Just give him time,'' Naruto said placing a hand on Megan's shoulder causing her to look up. ''So come on...why don't you show us that cool thing you were to show us,'' He said as Megan brightened up and led him to the docking bay.

"Check it out, this is my Martian bioship," Megan stated proudly showing off the large red oval shaped like pod with purple streaks along the top and bottom of the shape.

"Cute, not very aerodynamic, but cute," Kid Flash stated as Megan merely giggled at his naivety.

"It's in rest mode silly I'll wake it up." Megan stuck her hand out and sent the mental command as the egg shaped object morphed into a ship.

The entered the ship as controls and seats appeared before their eyes. Everyone sat in the seats, as seatbelts strapped them in.

"Red Tornado, please open the bay doors," Megan called out as the door to bay open and the ship flew out of the cave and up and above over the city.

"Wow, incredible!" Robin cried out.

"Yeah, she sure is," Kid Flash commented while gazing at Megan admiringly. Megan looked at him. "I mean, the ship, which is commonly referred to as a 'she'."

''For a speedster you're not the quickest when it comes to wit huh?'' Naruto asked him as Robin and Donna snorted and giggled respectively.

"Dude!" Wally cried out.

''I'm just having fun at you man.'' He said as the others were having a conversation of their own.

"I may not have psychic powers, but I know what you're thinking; you overreacted and you don't know how to apologize," Aqualad whispered to Superboy.

Superboy glanced back at Megan with that dull emotionless look of his causing to Martian to drop her shoulders slightly.

''Don't worry about dark, tall, and broody,'' Donna whispered to her. ''He'll come around eventually.''

''It's just I don't think he likes me. I didn't mean to invade his personal space. It's just I didn't know that what I was doing would have offended all of you.''

''Like I said before it's not your fault. It's kind of odd, I mean wouldn't that be the sort of thing your Uncle or one of the League members would have told you? ''

''I lived with my Uncle J'onn the whole time so I really didn't have a chance to interact with people.''

''Yeah, sort of like a certain someone.'' The Amazon added as Wally also added, ''You guys remember he has super hearing right?" To which the others tried to avoid looking in Superboy's direction due to their embarrassment.

So Robin thought of an idea to bring all their attention unto something else. "Hey how about showing us some of your shape shifting powers?" Megan stood up from her seat and morphed into Robin; a female version basically with breasts, some slight hips and lip-sticked lips. And then she transformed into a female version of Kid Flash.

"Is it wrong that I think I'm hot?" Wally asked as he ogled Female Kid Flash/Megan.

''You know Wally you remind of one of my old senseis. Not a good thing considering how much of a pervert he was. Seriously know what they say about those debates about a person and their opposite sex clone and what it could be considered as.'' He said as the others minus Superboy began snickering.

''Anyway that's impressive,'' Robin said but then noted something. ''...but you know you're not going to fool anyone with that right?"

"Mimicking boys is a lot harder," She said a bit sheepishly.

"What about your clothes? They changed when you changed," Aqualad spoke up as he began contributing to the other's conversation.

"Their organic, like the ship. They respond to my mental commands." she stated proudly. She was finally beginning to relax at the positive attention everyone was giving her. The fear of not fitting in and being thought as an outsider was melting away.

"As long as they're the only ones," Superboy muttered.

"Can you do that passing through walls like Manhunter does?" Kid Flash asked with a hint of excitement as he wanted to see what else Megan could do.

"Density shifting?'' She spoke up and shook her head. ''No, it's a very advanced technique."

"Flash can vibrate his molecules through solid objects," started Robin. "When Kid Flash tries it, bloody nose." He finished with a chuckle.

"Dude!" Kid Flash cried out in embarrassment.

"Here's something I can do: camouflage mode." He said tapping the icon on his suit as his banana yellow super hero outfit went black.

''And now we can take you slightly more seriously.''

''Oh whatever dude! I'm not the one running around with a cape at least!'' Kid Flash cried out defensively as Naruto snorted.

''Hey my cape is badass thank you very much...'' He said as he looked up at Miss Martian. ''Ain't that right Megan? Robin?'' He also included his fellow cape wearer.

''Yeah...I like capes.'' Megan said shyly.

''Yeah! I say we burn the cape hater!'' Robin declared as Naruto let out a roar with laughter.

''Now this is fun! Damn...I wish we thought to bring snacks.'' The blond grumbled to himself. Though, the happy little party was suddenly brought to an end.

"Red Tornado to Miss Martian, an alarm has been triggered at the Happy Harbor Power Plant. I suggest you investigate, covertly. I'm sending you the coordinates," Red Tornado suggested from the ships communications system.

"Received, adjusting course," Megan replied as she began steering the ship in another direction.

"Tornado's keeping us busy again," Robin said with a scoff. .

"Well a simple fire led you to Superboy, maybe we'll find out what caused the alert," Megan suggested.

"Uh, I think I know the cause," Superboy remarked as he pointed out the side of the ship.

A tornado zoomed through the parking lot and sucked in the ship. Megan quickly steered the ship out and parked it over a safer area of the parking lot as everyone jumped out.

"Robin, are tornadoes common in New England?" Aqualad asked only to notice Robin had disappeared. "Robin?"

A mischievous laugh was heard.

"He was just here!" Megan cried out.

''Oh that is messed up! I'm supposed to be...'' Before Naruto could finish his statement he paused. He began sniffing the area when he caught the scent of something. ''It couldn't be...'' He said as he dashed ahead.

''Hey wait up!'' Donna cried out to the entered the power plant. Just as everyone else made it inside, Robin was thrown into a pillar by a gust of wind.

"Who's your new friend?"

"Didn't catch his name, but he plays kind of rough!" Robin said in response to Superboy's question.

"My apologies. You may address me as Mister Twister," sathe figure was that of a large red and black hulking figure. He was covered entirely with armor with large arm cannon like arms and a pack on his back with light blue tubes connected from his arm to his packs with a dark honey mustard like scarf covered the bottom portion of his face while the end strand hung down to his hip while his eyes were a shade of blue similar to Naruto's own.

Mister Twister as he was called launched a powerful tornado at the group blowing them all back with ease.

"What a shame! I was expecting to be battling a real hero, not some children. Do you have any adult supervision? I find your presence here quite disturbing." Mister Twister taunted the group only to notice that one of them disappeared in a puff of smoke. ''What?'' He thought as the low whirling sound caught his attention as he looked up where Naruto was dropping down from above with a spiraling sphere in hand. Right before he could land the attack a wave of sand broke through the wind and crashed into Naruto sending him flying back.

Landing on his side Naruto rolled over and quickly recovered. 'What the hell? It couldn't be!'

"Well I hate to see you disturbed, let's see how you feel after we kick your can!" Robin stated.

Megan used her telekinesis to pry open the container above Twister, releasing a cloud of steam over him. Superboy tried to attack again with a jump, but the steam cleared in time for Twister to blow him right into Megan. Robin, Donna, and Aqualad charged next but got caught in two small twisters and crashed into each other.

Naruto charged forward, keeping mind of the sand as he formed a Chidori. Like expected Sand sprouted seemingly out of nowhere from the pillars as it formed to block Mister Twister. As the Chidori conflicted with the barrier as Naruto formed a Chidori with his other hand and punched through the barrier as Twister responded with a Tornado to the face sending the blond flying out of the windows. Naruto landed on his feet as he paused and took a deep breath and exhaled.

''Whoever the hell you are? Come out now!'' He demanded as Sand began erupting from the Earth and began forming a humanoid shape. As it came together the person in question was a young girl, with blonde hair and blue eyes. She was rather gangly looking and a cold fierceness in her eyes. She was wearing yellow pants and a sleeveless black shirt with Ni tattoo on her arm. ''Just who in the hell are you?''

''I am Project number 2! I've been tasked with the objective of testing your abilities! Prepare yourself Uzumaki Naruto!'' The woman said as Earth began to rise all around them.