Naruto of Justice.


Naruto x Harem


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Story Start


Nelson led Wally over to the bell and tapped it with his cane. It rung and glowed gold. "In here." Nelson pulled them into the bell as Klarion grabbed his cat and followed after them.

Kadabra waved his wand and trapped Superboy and Aqualad in lightning cages. Artemis and Naruto shot their respective projectiles at Kadabra which were snapped out of the air by the cloaked figure.

Putting his fingers together Naruto formed a cross as he created several kagebunshin. They charged forward making a protective barrier of sorts. To their shocked the cloaked figure sprouted a tentacle from one of his sleeves and swatted aside half the clones. The others ducked under or jumped over. The figure moved his head back, inhaling before expelling a giant fireball, evaporated the rest of the Narutos.

Naruto jumped out of the way as Megan swooped down and moved Artemis out of the way. She narrowly dodged out of the way of a lightning blast fired by Kadabra. Naruto created fifty more clones as a distraction as he went after Kadabra.

Calling upon his training Naruto focused his thoughts, upon calling upon the image of Cheshire's alluring form; he fired a stream of heat from his eyes, nicking Kabara in shoulder, throwing off his aim. Naruto's foot landed on the ground and he launched himself, a Rasengan blaring to life in his hand. His attempt to ram it into the man was halted when part of the ground was uprooted and formed a protective barrier of sorts. Naruto's attacked rammed into the stone, causing massive cracks into the foundation.

The cloaked figure used a combination of mixed martial artists, taking down each clone with solid blows. The numbers of the clone proved greater, as three of the clones slid across the ground and propelled him in the air with a kick. He found himself launched in the air as two of them launched another one int

the clones launched another one up in the air. The clone passed by the cloaked figure and with an axe kick sent him falling towards the ground. The cloaked figure though proved to be much tougher then original thought as he merely brought back his left arm and rammed it into the ground upon impact, causing a tremor that tore through the ground and causing the floor to begin falling apart. This threw off Artemis who was trying to aim Kabara went the sudden tremor caused her to lose her footing.

Using the uprooted Debris Miss Martian began flinging them at the cloaked figure who merely smashed them apart with his bare hands. "Help the others! I'll keep him busy!" Miss Martian suggested to Artemis who nodded and went to help the others. The figure exhaled another fireball at Miss Martian whose eyes filled with fright as she hastily dodged out of the way. That bought the figure the precious seconds he need to send him tendrils flying at Naruto who maneuvered around Kabra's blast and was about to land a finishing blow when his tendril slashed Naruto's neck, throwing him off balance and forcing him on defensive.

Without a word the cloaked figure charged towards Naruto. Recovering and collecting herself Megan flew after the strange combatant when Kabara turned his sights towards the remaining members of the team.

'Wally, we're in trouble! Tell Kent we need Doctor Fate!' Megan telepathically sent him.

Artemis fired at Kadabra, who knocked the arrow aside and trapped her in a lightning cage. He then trapped Megan as well. This left Naruto having to contend with both enemies.

Meanwhile the barrier that Kent Nelson erected was weakening from Klarion's constant attacks. Wally didn't know what to do? What did Nelson mean 'do what he needed to do?' Looking down at Nelson Wally finally understood. "A test of fate!" he went over to the floating helmet and grabbed it.

"Hey dumb kid! You put that on you'll never get it off!" Klarion taunted as his makeshift crimson claws made out of dark magic ripped the barrier apart. Despite this, Wally ignored him and put on the helmet just as the attacked washed over him.

Wally found himself in darkness an empty space with only a single turquoise show like light illuminating his form. His breathing became shallow as he tried to reason that he was merely experiencing a delusion.

"Still don't believe? Seriously kid, how did you manage to get so bull-headed at fifteen years?" Out of the darkness walked none other than Kent Nelson.

'''re…'' he couldn't even get the words out.

"Yep," he finished Wally's sentence. "But don't feel bad. As soon as this little Broo-ha-ha is over my spirit will ascend, and I'll be reunited with my beloved Inza."

"Oh…okay." Wally began calming down when he suddenly realized something. "Wait…does that mean I'm…"

"Aah you're alive," Nelson assured him. "…but your soul no longer controls your body. We're inside the helmet. You put it on and my soul got sucked in, probably because I spent so many years serving its master. "

"Master?" Kid flash questioned.

"Nabu," Kent clarified. "Doctor Fate, the real one. One of them Lords or Order I told you about. He's the guy controlling your body now." He explained as he patted Wally's shoulder. "Wanna watch?" he asked as an image of the battle appeared before them.

The battle between the two lords raged. Nabu shield himself with a cross as Klarion taunted him, firing dark energy balls against the barrier. "This battle is pointless! You sought to gain the helmet before it gained a host, but you are too late!" twin voices of Wally and the deep, echoing, inhuman tone of Nabu spoke at once.

Enraged, Klarion manipulated the ground and caused pillars to crush into Nabu who merely used his power to phase threw and blow them apart. Nabu countered with a blast of magical power in the shape of his symbol, forcing Klarion to dissipate from the pain.

He then reassembled and blasted Nabu from behind with lightning. In the center of Wally's mind he collapsed to hands and knees as the physical pain coursed through his actual body. The fight continued to wage on, both Lords of Order throwing out attacks. Klarion's malignant nature was shown in the form of demonic breath, and lava spouts as Nabu was forced into the defensive. One of Klarion's attacks got by the Chaos Lord's defense and knocked him to the ground. "You don't stand a chance Nabu! Between being out of practice and your choice of pathetic host body with zero affinity for the mystic arts, I've already won."

Though, Nabu was far from finished. As Klarion was about to strike the final blow, with lightning Nabu erected a barrier. A great power suddenly erupted from Nabu as the ground around him was covered in gold flames. "It is difficult for a Lord of Order or Chaos to take residence on a physical plain. " power erupted from Klarion as he launched fireballs at Nabu who easily dodged it. "I am bound to the helmet and must use a human host." He stopped and fire a ray of power at Klarion who summoned a barrier to shield himself. "Though, that is not your way."

"You're babbling Nabu!" Klarion sneered as flames flickered to life in his hand.

"Am I?" he challenged. A ray of power erupted from his chest. Klarion quickly put up a shield to block it, only to realize to late that he wasn't the target, his familiar Teekl was. The creature was hit and sent tumbling several times before slamming into the side of one of the walls on the roof.

"Teekl!" he cried out before turning to Nabu. "I can't believe you would assault a defenseless pussycat," he sneered.

"We both know that creature is no ordinary cat, witch boy. Without your familiar you have no anchor to this reality." He finished as Klarion began to phase out of the physical plain.

In his anger Klarion began throwing a series of rather childish insults. The devil haired boy jumped through a portal and avoided Nabu's attack, only to reappear and to pick up his familiar. With that the two of them were out of there.

As this was going on Naruto's fight with Kadabra and the mysterious attacker was winding down. If overwhelming them wouldn't work, it would just be a matter of out smarting them. He continued to playing defensively, using his agility to avoid their attacks until he maneuvered them on each side of them.

Kadabra fired first, his electric cage breezing right over Naruto dodged and nearly hit the cloaked figure who countered with a tendril and swatted Kadabra aside, causing him to lose a hold of his wand and the spell that kept the other members of the team in place. Twisting out of the way Naruto brought his hands together, quickly forming a blade of wind and slicing right through the appendage. The cloaked figure let out a howl and stickered back at his appendage throbbed.

Just when he was about to launch a flame attack an arrow jutted into his side. He let out a hiss narrowly avoided an attack from Aqualad. Realizing things weren't in his favor the cloaked figure ran to the side of the building and jumped over the side, falling into the depths below.

Kadabra quickly recovered and began searching for his wand. Spotting he reached out for it only for it to be levitated from him. Looking up he saw the unamused form of Miss Martian. Useless without it he quickly sprung to his waste and try to run away only to be flattened out by Superboy's fist. With the mystery of Nelson's disappearance solved and the bad guy's beaten, it was time to go home.

Wally stood in his room of "souvenirs," placing the Helmet of Fate onto the shelf next to Cheshire's mask. He stepped back, admiring his collectables as well as remembering the promise he made to Doctor Fate to find him a new host body.

"Ahem." Wally turned and saw Artemis leaning against the doorway. "You never said what happened…when you put on the helmet."

"Energy from the thing rewrote my brain's beta waves, I was bioscrapped into becoming Doctor Fate for a couple minutes. No big."

"Wait, you're still claiming there's no such thing as magic? Uh, if that's how you feel, why keep it at all?"


"Geek!" she exclaimed, walking off.

Wally turned back to the Helmet, remembering what Nelson had said to him before the Helmet was taken off. 'I see a bit of myself in you boy. Let this old man give you a piece of advice. When you start searching for your other half, find yourself a little spitfire, one who won't let you get away with nothing.'

Wally put the thought out of his head as Megan walked by. "Hello Megan!" he cried, following after her. "Guess who got us two tickets to a magic show?"

Meanwhile Naruto found himself trying to figure out his next step as he paced inside his room. He already had a little heart to heart of sorts with both Artemis and Wally. He didn't really have any problems with Kaldur or Robin, but it wouldn't hurt to get to know them better, it merely came down to his other two team mates. Who would be addressing his issues with first? Megan, who seemed to get really awkward around him for some reason or Superboy who he knew was doing his best not to socialize or be around him when he had the one thing the boy wanted, some of Superman's attention. Naruto groaned, choosing between thirty different ramen dishes was far more simpler then this.