Title: My Mask

Rating: T

Summary: Connor and this thoughts about how he will never fit in with the rest of the group. *One-shot*

Disclaimer: I do not own anyone or anything from Zoom!

AN: This is my first ever Zoom story and I hope that it comes out alright. Basically it is a short one-shot about Connor. I always liked Connors character and it left me wondering how he really felt when he got back. Nobody could ever be that happy after everything he went through. This is my try and writing Connor. I hope I do him justice.

Have you ever put on a front for those around you? Have you ever had to pretend to be something you're not? I've had to do that every single day since my return from the dimensional time rift I had been trapped in for some thirty years. I have to act like I am the same teenaged boy of my past. To act as though I hadn't murdered my team. To pretend I wasn't feeling completely lost. Sometimes I am not even sure who I am anymore.

Zoom seems to think that things can go back to the way they are. He has his brother back and to him that is which has come to matter the most. While he missed the old team, he had his new family and an unusually perky new girlfriend. For him things were falling in to place. I only wish it could be that easy for me. To fit in and be accepted by this new team was something I desired more than anything else.

It is not as if anyone is ever outright cruel to me. The opposite in fact is how they treat me. They have all treated me with the upmost kindness even if I do not deserve it. They see me as Zooms brother Connor. The boy who had a bad experience, but is trying to learn from it. I am known as the quite one. The one who reads a lot and is always training long after everyone else has gone to bed. Nobody seems to see for who I really am. To be far it is not like I want them to know the real me. The last time I got close to people they ended up dead.

I had murdered my team without a second thought. You can blame the Gamma radiation and yet I know deep down that I was still in control. I could've stopped if I had wanted to do so. The only problem is I had not wanted to stop and think about my actions. I liked the freedom the Gamma radiation seemed to give me. The power which had coursed through my veins sent a thrill down my spine. I'd believed myself to be unstoppable at the time.

After thirty years I had come to see the truth. The power I felt was all in my mind. I had been on a power trip nothing more and nothing less. It had cost me everything and left me wondering where should I go from here? As I entered the cafeteria I had a fleeting thought that maybe I would've been better off had I never come back. Because to be brutally honest, wearing a most grew awfully tiresome.


AN: I plan to write more Zoom stories in the future. This was just me testing the waters.

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