Here is the start of the story know, as in Chapter 1. By the way, this one will probably be a bit boring. Sorry! I'm also sorry for the confusing note at the end of the last chapter.

By the way, three other characters not found in Radiant Garden (Hollow Bastion) in the game will appear. *cough*internet*cough* cookie for the first person who guesses them correctly. And now it, begins...continues...whatever.

Riku's POV

It had been a busy day. Sora was late, as usual, and Tidus and Selphie were too busy flirting to do much work so we got about as much done as we usually did today. We finished the body of the raft and had made the raft. All that was needed now were a sail and supplies. We're going to take a month's worth of food that would keep well. We don't know how far we are from land after all. We're also not planning on telling our parents. We'll just leave them a message before we go. It should be a fun trip.

"Hey Riku!" Sora shouted.


"What do you think about some sheets for the sail?"

"You've had a good idea for once!" I remarked.

"Why than...HEY!" and so the chase began. None of us could really wait to get off of this island, called Destiny Isle by the residents. No-one really liked it much as too much hard work was needed. There was also a high risk of sunburn and heat stroke.

Money wasn't going to be a problem when we got to the mainland. We found a large chest on the ship a few years ago filled to the brim with munny. We hid it in a cave near where we were sitting. Our parents had told us a lot about the mainland, including about munny. We needed it to buy things from shops and rent rooms in places to spend the night. They said how much it cost varied though.

Kairi's POV

We agreed to set sail on the Sunday before dawn. We had no idea how long the journey would take but it we prepared for the worst. The raft was large enough for us all and had a cabin of sorts for me and Selphie.

Selphie is pretty. I actually have a crush on her. This lead me to find out that she's bi and loves simple food and drawing. I actually invited her over once which was when I found out she was dating Tidus. We'd had a simple meal that I'd cooked myself and I'd lined up her favorite activity when she said something that nearly broke my heart. "If I didn't love Tidus, I'd so be forming a crush on you now." I was crying all the way through writing a story but not because it was a tragedy. I didn't speak to her for 3 whole weeks afterwards. Whenever she tried I quickly made up an excuse and went. That is until I heard her crying in the cave because of me ignoring her. That's when I told her. Then I told her I didn't mind her going out with Tidus so long as we could stay friends. She agreed and then it was like nothing ever happened.

"Hey Kairi!" That was Selphie now. "What do you think?"

"Of what?"

"Us being alone on a raft for who knows how long with four boys!" she giggled.


"You're no fun." she replied, pulling her grumpy face. I laughed. "What?"

"Sorry I just find that face hilarious. By the way, if anyone needs me, I'll be in the cave."

The cave was really a hidden alcove in the rock but it was large enough to fit all of us in together with plenty of space to spare. It was always cool inside. We used the many small stones lying about to draw on the walls and the large rock in the center. Fun times...I'll miss those days.

Anyway, it was three days of food collecting then it was off to the open sea.

Four days later, we set off. I decided to tell Sora about how he couldn't really blackmail me by telling Selphie that I love her. "Hey Sora! I've got something to tell you."


My voice dropped to a whisper. "You never could blackmail me with the fact I love Selphie. She knows."

"Oh, that wasn't what I was going to use. It was going to be that picture you took of her semi-naked body."

"Ahh. Anyway, it's time to set off."

Sorry about there not being any of the other group. I wanted this group to set sail so I could tell you this. At the point at which this ends, the track, as I've decided to call them, are still in the desert. In the prologue, Roxas' POV is 1 week before arriving but this ends 3 weeks before the circle arrive. In the next chapter though, they'll both have reached the first town. Not Radiant Garden just yet though.