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Title: Ron's Eyes are Opened.
Author: Mrs Cake
Other pairings/threesome: None
Rating: T
Word count: 1449
Warning(s): none
Prompt: Prompt 84. Ron walks in on the couple in an intimate moment.
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Ron's Eyes are Opened.

Ron let himself into Harry's cottage; his mother had sent him to make sure Harry wasn't late. he's probably with that dreadful man again, go hurry him along.

Harry would have to come to his scenes soon, and come back to the right side, all this nonsense was a stupid phase; it wasn't real.

Voices leaking out of the open living room door stopped Ron in his tracks, and even though he knew eavesdroppers never heard anything good, he listened anyway.

"I don't want to go," he could hear Harry, sounding petulant.

"You have to go my love, they are expecting you."

"Why? They don't want me there. They want Harry Potter, savoir of the world."

"You are the savoir of the world. You know they love you."

"Severus, they don't love me, if they loved me they would listen to me from time to time. They never do," Harry complained.

"You know they do, they are your family."

"Family are allowed to talk about their life," Harry sighed. "When you asked me out I was so excited. The first thing I did was go over there to tell everyone. They looked at me like I had two heads and started checking me for spells and hexes. Hermione was all for checking me into St Mungo's for a few weeks until I stopped acting strangely."

Severus laughed softly, "To be fair to them, when you said yes, I checked for imperious and other such curses."

"You didn't."

"I did, I thought you were either spell damaged or it was a prank," Severus admitted.

"If you thought I'd say no why did you ask me?" Harry's confusion was evident even if Ron couldn't see Harry's face, and Ron found himself holding his breath waiting for the answer.

"Because, through my entire life I've had to do what others wanted or expected of me. When you killed the Madman, I decided I would not have anything to regret in my life from that day forward. My mother used to tell me that when all is done, you only regret the things you lacked the courage to try. So I asked, fully expecting you to laugh at me and say no, but at least I asked."

"I'd been walking past your shop every day for a month before I had the guts to come in," Harry confessed.

"Then you were there every day," Severus remembered.

"It was peaceful. At the ministry people wouldn't leave me alone, I couldn't get any work done; if I tried to eat my lunch there it was cold by the time I got rid of any 'admirers.'"

"I don't think you actually talked to me the first few times."

Harry made a noise that sounded like he was embarrassed. Ron took a chance and edged closer to the door, he could see the mirror above the fire reflecting the sofa, Severus was sitting at one end of it with Harry laying down his head on Severus' lap.

"I was too scared. I thought it was a bonus that you served me food that didn't have poison in it," Harry was looking up at Severus lovingly.

Severus was running his hand though Harry's hair.

"If it wasn't for you coming in every day, I'm sure the cafe would have closed two years ago."

"If it wasn't for your cooking they wouldn't keep coming back," Harry countered.

Severus snorted, "None of this changes the fact you are going to the Weasley's barbeque this afternoon."

"Do you know what Molly said to me when I quit the Aurors?"

"No? You never told me."

"She said 'good'."

"I'm sure she was concerned for your safety." Severus tried to pacify.

"She said 'good, because you were holding Ron back.' She said I'd taken it the wrong way afterwards. That was the day I told them I was going to re-train as a wand maker, they laughed at me. They all thought I'd never stick with it."

"That was a dreadful pun Harry. But you did stick with it, your wands are exceptional." Severus reminded him.

"Yeah, but I can't work in my own country, people take me seriously at least in Canada."

"And the family you've hired to sell your wands and take care of the shop would be back in dire straits without you."

"I only hired two of them. Sandra and Carl needed better jobs, Sandra was shocked to have magical children with her being a squib and Carl being a Muggle."

"Always trying to save people," Severus teased good-naturedly.

Ron couldn't help but smile at that, Harry never did like to see people in trouble, he always had to help. It wasn't nice to hear what Harry thought about his family, he hadn't realised things were this bad.

"That was over eighteen months ago Harry, why didn't you tell me?"

"Because you would have been cross, and I didn't want you to fight with them."

"I wouldn't have done that, but I could have been there for you."

"They stopped listening to me a year ago." Do you know what they said when I told them we were moving in together? Pass the potatoes."

Severus snorted.

Ron hung his head in shame, he remembered that day the family had decided to ignore any mention of 'That Man'. He was just as much to blame as the rest of them, Ron had thought Severus was using Harry, but the evidence of it being a loving relationship was there for him to see.

"I'm sure they said something when we got engaged," Severus prompted.

Harry sat up, and looked sad. "Yeah, wow can you believe that was a year ago? I told them I was engaged, and Ginny got all giggly and said so was she. Everyone was jumping up and down and shaking my hand, telling me they were so proud and happy. Then Ginny pulled Dean into a snog and they realised they were under the misconception that Ginny was marrying me. They all ignored me for an hour; I couldn't take any more and left."

"Why is it all you told me was that Ginny was getting engaged too?" Severus asked pulling Harry onto his lap.

"I didn't want to upset you. I knew you loved me, and that I loved you. That was enough."

"I will always love you, never doubt that," Harry rested his head on Severus' shoulder and allowed the man to comfort him. "I remember the day you tried to tell Ronald about the bonding. You came home that day very upset. What was it he said?"

"I met him for lunch, I should have known better than to try and talk to him with food around. I think all he heard was Severus and bonding, and made his own assumptions. He still thinks we're roommates I'm sure. He told me that no one wanted to go to a Death Eater's bonding and if I wanted to go I could suite myself but go alone."

"But we weren't alone love, Minerva was there, and Filius, and that cousin of yours."

"I know."

"They do love you Harry, they just don't think I'm good enough for you, I must say I agree with them, you could do far better than me," Severus was still trying to persuade Harry to go, Ron couldn't for the life of him think why, if someone treated his partner like that he wouldn't want them anywhere near them.

"Don't you say that! You're perfect for me, you treat me like I matter, and you like making me happy."

"I'd do anything for you, I love seeing you smile," That drew a large smile from Harry.

"How will they take this new though? This is big. I don't know how I'll handle it if they ignore me or get angry."

"I know what you will do, you will come home and tell me. If we need to cut them out of our lives totally then we will. Our child will be loved no matter what."

Ron bit back a gasp hearing that. Severus kissed Harry gently his hand Ron realised had been resting on Harry's still flat tummy since the beginning.

"You'll be a great Papa."

"Go get ready, or you will be late." Severus pushed Harry off his lap.

"Severus, would you come with me, I know they told us you weren't welcome but..."

"If you want me there, I will come. I will change, but we don't have long."

Ron hurried off, he was sure he had at least half an hour before Harry and his Husband arrived, and he needed to have several strong words with his family.

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