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Chapter 2

"But Severus we're going to be so early." Harry whined.

"Because it takes me less than five minutes to get ready. You want to get this over with don't you?"

"I guess."

"Well come on then, we can leave whenever you want to, I won't have you distressed. We have the baby to think of."

Harry smiled up at his husband. "You know if anyone heard you talking to me they would never believe it, you sound nothing like your public persona."

Severus gave Harry a smile. "If I can't be myself around you, then who can I be myself around?"

Harry gave Severus a hug and led the way, holding firmly onto Severus' hand to the kitchen door.

But he stopped just to one side of the door. From where they were standing they could see all the kitchen but remain hidden in the shadows. Ron was standing with his back to the door, he had his arms crossed.

Severus pointed out a large platter above the sink that would serve as a make shift mirror. Ron looked pissed.

"What's this all about Ronikins?" Molly asked.

Ron waited until everyone was in the kitchen.

"I want to talk to you about Harry."

There was a general murmur and several people stood. "Is he alright, what's he gotten himself into this time?"

"STOP. Harry is fine. Apart from the fact people who are supposed to be his family treat him like shit."

"What are you talking about Ron?" Arthur asked looking confused.

"I was just at Harry's place." Ron started.

"I suppose that man was there," Ginny spat.

"Severus was there. It is his house too after all."

"He's obviously free loading of Harry," Hermione sneered making her look ugly.

"Shut up, all of you. Ginny, when you and Harry broke up, what happened, what really happened and don't lie because I'll know, I always know when you're lying."

Ginny opened her month to answer, then snapped it shut, this time when she moved to answer she told the truth. "Harry and I never got back together after the war, I kept going over and pushing but he said he couldn't love me like I deserved. That was when he told us he was gay."

"So he didn't break your heart and string you along? No because Harry would never do that. How about you mum? You told Harry that he was holding me back, when that's utter bollocks; if anything Harry has always been the most supportive of me, pushing me to do my best."

"I never meant it like that," Molly defended. "The boy was being sensitive."

"No mum, he wasn't, Harry's so used to being called things he doesn't care, you hurt him and you knew it would. Harry told us everything, whenever he got excited. He told us when they got together, when they moved in together, when they realised they were in love enough to get engage. My own stupid inattention kept me from my best friend's wedding. And I'll be damned if your attitude will keep me from him again."

Ron was fuming; his ear's the same colour as his hair.

The other male Weasley's were looking embarrassed and ashamed of themself. The women still looked indignant.

"It's disgusting," Hermione grimaced. Molly and Ginny nodded.

"That he's with Severus?"

"That he could be with any man," Ginny interceded.

There were several outraged cries at that.

"It shouldn't be allowed," Molly growled above the noise.

Standing outside Harry turned and buried his face in Severus's neck.

But Severus turned him back around. "Watch love, it's important."

Harry did watch, he saw the twins turn in anger on their mother and Charlie walking over to stand next to Ron, followed soon by all the brothers, the twins staying where they were for now.

"You told us lies; you told us that Harry broke your heart, that he cheated on you, and all those other things. That Harry was some freeloader not bothering to work. Now Hermione say's Snape is freeloading off him. So which is it?" Fred asked.

"Neither," Ron answered for her. "Apparently Severus runs a successful cafe restaurant and Harry makes wands, which have to be sold in a shop in Canada so he doesn't have to worry about the British public."

Fred scowled at his mother and sister, Hermione was starting to look uncomfortable and turned her eyes to Ron.

"I don't see why you've suddenly changed your mind, you always hated Snape. And you were always jealous of Harry, What do you care if he's out of your way, you can be more successful now, and everyone thinks better of you than him, isn't that what you wanted?" She finished with a rant that just got louder as it went on. "I want to be with a somebody, and if you were around Harry you never would be."

Ron looked at Hermione as if he'd never seen her before. "Nothing has ever been more important to me than my family."

"You have no ambition," Hermione spat viciously.

"My ambition was to be a good husband and, eventually father. Apparently that's not going to be with you."

George was still frozen standing next to his mother. "Do you really hate Harry because he's gay?" He asked in a quiet voice.

"It shouldn't be allowed, you see that don't you, you and I were always so alike," Molly stood and moved to embrace her son.

"Don't touch me. You hate me."

"Baby I could never hate you, my favourite boy," Molly simpered, not connecting the dots.

"No? I'm gay mum, I always have been. I've been seeing a boy called Marshal for six months, I was going to bring him over soon, things have been getting serious between us. I never imagined my own mother could be so narrow-minded."

Harry had seen enough and knocked the kitchen door, startling the family inside. "Hi," he said with a small watery smile.

George was the first to cross the room and embrace him like the brother he was.

When all the others had hugged the now softly crying young man, Severus wrapped his arms around him from behind, silently supporting him. Molly had already left the room and indeed the house in a fierce temper, but Hermione and Ginny had stayed.

Hermione looked at the family she had once hoped to join, "I'm sorry, I see now, I'm sorry," Hermione started to cry.

Harry stepped up and hugged her. "I forgive you Hermione, I don't know if I can still be your friend, but I do forgive you."

"We could try?" Hermione asked hopefully.

"We'll have lunch, Severus is the most amazing cook," Harry offered.

"Bloody forgiving Gryffindor," Severus muttered, causing everyone to snigger.

Hermione looked at Ron.

"We start again, start slow. No promises."

Hermione nodded gratefully.

Everyone's eyes fell on Ginny. "I don't know what to say. I get that you're in love, but I loved you, why wasn't I enough? I tried to move on, I got engaged but he left me too. What's wrong with me?"

"Nothing is wrong with you Miss Weasley. Harry couldn't be with you because it is not in his genetic makeup to be able to love a woman in that way. As for your most recent engagement, I suspect he left because he got fed up of being compared to the man you could never have. Spend some time alone, work on being Ginny Weasley, before you share your life with another." Severus told her.

Ginny nodded, she had a lot to think about.

"Shall we have dinner?" Arthur asked, and the family sat down around the table, the conversation was stunted at first, but soon it picked up, and was freer than it had been in over a year.

"Um, guys, as we're all sort of back to normal, Severus and I have an announcement to make..." Harry started, holding Severus' hand for support.

Ron grinned broadly and waited for the news he already knew.