This is written literary, strait after re watching film itself

The story opens up pretty basic. As David Dylan was painting a picture of an upcoming movie. Suddenly he and his wife and son. Saw a huge storm from outside the window. The three went downstairs. And thank god they did, because a huge tree broke through the window.


David and his family were looking at the damage made. David was upset about his art being ruined, but wasn't overly angry. "A least nobody is hurt" David insisted. His wife agreed. Suddenly their son Billy ran over. Saying he saw something incredible that he must show them. But before they did they spotted mysterious smoky mist arriving from the lake, and coming from the mountains.

A huge tree has fallen and smashed the family lake house. "OH F***!" David screamed angrily. "Honey not in front of Billy" His wife said sternly. "It ok mom, I already know about all the swears in the book" Billy said, thinking that telling her that, would make it ok. Strangely it did.

"I need to 'talk' to our neighbor, about the damage his tree did" David said. His wife bagged him not to. "I'm not going to punch him… In the face" David insisted. "Just below and stuff" David said, and continued going on about it. "David, you know what he's going to say, he'll say sue me, and maybe we should" The wife said. But David already left.

David saw his neighbor Brent, who was yelling a large amount of swears, as his chainsaw was failing to work. Then he saw David. At first he was going to blame him as planned. But had a change of heart, after seeing a tree had destroyed his new car. And decided to let it go.

David and Brent started driving to the town's grocery store. David also brought Billy along. When the three entered the store they were surprised to find nearly 100 people in there. At one point. Even a few military men came, also looking for supplies. Everyone was complaining about the storm and stuff. Including Mrs, Grady, the town's old lady.

Saying a tree destoried the school. "I guess the army has more important things to do, like building bombs and shit" She said.

A MP official (Military Police) had arrived in the store. Giving the three soldiers a limit of five minutes to get what they needed. While he was leaving. Fire trucks and police cars were riding. Billy was worried about his mom, David calmed him down. But suddenly everyone had stopped in their tracks, by the sounds of distant war sirens. The smoky mist was quickly arriving their way. They saw Dan Dumin running their way continently looking back, and seemed scared. As he got closer everyone saw his face was covered in blood. He ran in the store. "SOMETHING IN THE MIST! Something in the mist, TOOK DAN LEE!" He cried. Everyone locked the doors. Dan told everyone to stay inside. "Screw that, I'm getting my car" Someone said, and ran out. "MISTER NO!" Dan screamed, but the guy didn't lesson. He ran out. But when the mist surrounded him. Everyone heard horrible screams coming from him. Everyone remained silent. Suddenly an even worse scream came from the mens washroom. Followed by a sigh of relief. As a guy with a Mohawk came out. He saw everyone staring at him. "What did I miss?" He asked. Suddenly the entire room started being violently sacken, as if a giant monster was shaking it with its hands or whatever. "THIS IS FUN!" Billy said, not showing fear. Suddenly the violent shaking has stopped. Everyone was trying to guess what the hell just happened. One lady convinced herself to go home to her kids. And left even though everyone told her not too.

Billy was crying his eyes out. David was trying to cheer him up. But it wasn't working.