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Chapter 1: Unpredicted Entry

Shifu was happy. Today, in the ceremony of the selection of the Dragon Warrior, his students had outdone themselves. Especially Tigress, who avoided the machines axes like it was second nature. It was time for Oogway to choose the Dragon warrior.

In the middle of the crowd, a lion was not happy. The lion was tall, wearing a loosed jacket on his shoulders and black trousers. In his exposed chest, a cross like scar took stage (Yeah I stole Bantyoleomon's look, but it looks so good. I do not own digimon). Leo was actually worried, because he couldn´t find his daughter, Marie, a little pink furred bunny he adopted in his travels. He asked himself when he lost her.

*****Flashback: few minutes before.*****

"Oh come on, daddy, I want to see the Furious Five." Complained the young bunny, she was pink furred, where a green kimono and a red scarf her 'daddy' gave her.

"You and all China, don't you see there will be to many people there, you might get lost, or worse, create some form of disaster like you normally do". Leo said, boringly.

"No I won't, I promise. And I don't create any disaster, you're the one that breaks everything."

"Because normally you get in trouble with someone and I have to rescue you."

"Come on daddy." Marie shouted as she grabbed Leo's tail, but to no avail. She knew that if she wanted him to take her there, she would have to use THAT.

"Oh daddy?" she asked, her tone making Leo tremble.

Oh no, not THAT. He turned around and yes it was, the bunny eyes with tears included.


"Fine, but if you get in trouble, we will get out of here."

They went to the jade palace, sit down in some of the chairs there. For a while, everything was good.

Delfim then said "Well, they sure are skilled, no?"

When he turned, Marie wasn't there.

Not again!

*****Flashback end*****

So here he was, walking among the crowd trying to find that hyperactive kid. Let's see, it's not ice cream time, and she went to the bathroom before we came here, so where could she…

"Huh, what is this for?"

Leo turned towards the voice, and his heart stopped. There, in the middle of the ring used by the Furious Five, in front of the machine used by Tigress herself, was Marie, and she had just put that thing to work. He roared and ran towards her, trying to save her yet again.

Everyone heard the roar, they turned and saw the little bunny near the machine, an axe falling quickly in her direction. What they saw next, left all speechless.

The axe broke in pieces as a paw hit it right in the blade. The owner of said paw didn't stop there, however, he grabbed the bunny and started jumping and breaking the machine. There was no style, no legendary move, just a bunch of punching and kicking and a machine falling apart.

Shifu was speechless, even he had some difficulty breaking those axes. Yet here was this, this lion, doing it swiftly and carrying a bunny in one of his hands to boot. The Furious Five were making a fine impression of a fish out of water, opening and closing their mouth constantly.

Oogway, however, was ecstatic. This had to be him, the Dragon Warrior. The way he battled made it seem easy, and he wasn't done yet.

Leo was getting tired, the machine continued to pull more and more weapons as time went by. He knew he had to finish this, so he jumped and roared "Bantyo Lion Punch" and tore the machine in half.

Everybody was quiet, until a loud cheer was heard. Leo, however, wasn't listening to them. He put Marie down on the ground and then said, in a firm voice.

"See? Didn't I tell you this would happen? Why in the world would you go near a machine used for training by the Furious Five?"

"I'm sorry. But everything went well."

"That is because I was fast enough. And don't change the subject, okay."

Tigress was in awe. She had never seen another feline before and seeing one with such as that was both terrifying, and alluring. But she shook her head of her thoughts when she saw Oogway walking towards the lion, finger pointing at him.

Leo was going to continue reprimanding Marie when he saw a turtle pointing he's finger at him. Felling a bit uncomfortable, he said.

"Don't you know that it's not polite to point? I'm sorry for your machine but…"

"It's you." Said the old turtle as he continued pointing his finger at the lion and walking closer.

For a moment, Leo though he had been recognized, and started thinking of ways to get out quickly. That is, until Oogway grabbed his arm.

"The Universe has brought us, the Dragon Warrior."


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