Delfim: Hey there, readers! It's me. Your hideous righter with the end of this story for you.

Ego: What? You mean that is it? What about Kung Fu Lion 2?

Delfim: Well, it's like this. I'm not going to write it now, but I'm going to do two more rewritings of the first movie, then make a poll about which one the readers want to make the movie 2.

Ego: Oh.

Delfim: Yeah. That is how it is going to happen. So like it's your choice to continue the story.

Here goes nothing.

Final Chapter Accidents in the kitchen and a Premonition.

It was the day after Tai Lung's defeat, and it was a nice morning, just like usual. Shifu soared the gong and everyone was out of bed, saying the normal "Good Morning, Master." The only two who didn't do it, where Master Tigress and the Dragon Warrior. Shifu raised his eyebrow and went too little Marie, who had answered the door.

"Where are your parents, sweetie?"

"I don't know, Grandpa! Last night, daddy said he and mommy needed some time alone. Is something wrong?"

Everyone blushed at the implications. Shifu coughed to his hands. "No, sweetie, everything is fine, don't worry. Well, let's get to the kitchen and make breakfast, shall we?"

Everyone nodded at this and they went to the kitchen, Marie went back into her bedroom to rest a little longer. Once all had their own breakfast, they started eating. That is, until Monkey caught something in the corner of his eye that made him gag in his own food because of the laughter that was rising from him.

"Master, what is wrong?" asked Hikari. Even though they were an item by now, she always called him master, which led to others to wonder if Monkey didn't have a dominating gene on him or if it was Hikari who had the submissive one.

Monkey pointed to the knife holder. The only one that didn't turn was Shifu, who didn't let his curiosity beat him yet. But the next sight make it go all to hell as Viper, Hikari, Mei Ling and Crane went on a full blush and the rest started laughing. Shifu yelled "What the hell is wrong with all of you?"

Viper used her tail to discreetly point at the kitchen holder, which was right behind Shifu. Knowing that he wouldn't get anything more form them, he turned and went into a full blush.

There, hanging from one of the kitchen knives, were a pair of black panties and a matching bra. Since Viper didn't use them, it could only be from either Hikari, Mei Ling or Tigress. The thing is, the panties were too big to be Mei Ling's or Hikari's, so that meant that… they were Tigress' panties and bra.

It was at this moment that Marie walked into the kitchen. She looked around and got curious at what happened as Monkey, Jack and Mantis were rolling on the floor and the rest had a huge blush on their faces.

"What is going on? Why are you all red in the face? And why are uncle Mantis, uncle Monkey and uncle Jack laughing so hard?"

Shifu went into panic mode. What should he tell the curious little bunny? He tried to settle his breathing down, but it was no use, as he was only getting more desperate on a solution.

"Well…It's too hot today, you see. And…me and the other masters are not used to this…heated environments." As he said the last part, the three laughing masters were back rolling on the floor again.

"Then why are they laughing?" Asked Marie as she pointed to the three.

Shifu was again struggling to find a reason. "I…slipped when I was doing breakfast. They thought it was funny and now they can't stop laughing!"

Marie looked at Shifu weirdly, then said "You know, they would never laugh at you. But since you don't want to tell me, I won't push it, grandpa."

Shifu stared at the little bunny in shock, then smiled. She was sharper than any blade on the world. He would have to remember that for a later date.

Leo and Tigress entered the kitchen in that moment. "Hey, good morning. Sorry we are late for breakfast but…"

"Save it, Dragon Warrior." Said Shifu as he kept drinking his tea. "There is nothing for you to explain. Now, why don't you go fetch me a knife."

Leo looked at Shifu confused. Why did Shifu wanted a knife? He was just drinking tea. But decided to go anyway. Once he saw the panties he gasped, then grabbed them and hid them in his jacket. Tigress caught a glimpse of it and blushed madly as she tried to avoid looking at the others. Marie turned but didn't saw the undergarments.

"Is everything alright, daddy?"

"Yes Marie, everything is fine. Just cut myself in one of the knifes, that is all. Because you know, even the best assassins get hurt sometimes."

Marie accepted that answer as everyone continued breakfast. After all was done, Shifu called both Leo and Tigress.

"Now, I don't care that you love each other and have sex in your bedrooms, but try to keep it there! Or at least don't leave your unmentionables around for everyone to see! Marie almost killed me of embarrassment when she reached the kitchen and asked why everyone was red on the face!"

Tigress and Leo bowed. "Sorry, master. We got a little carried away."

"A little? You left your…undergarments there! The only thing missing his Leo's. This is not to be repeated ever! Got that!"

"Yes sir!"

"Good. Now go do your normal training. The others already started."

Leo and Tigress scrammed as if they were kids that had just gotten a yelling from a angry father.

*******In the north******

"It is time, soon China will fall to my knees as I'm it's rightfully master. The world shall tremble in the mere presence of me! Soon, soon!"

*****In the Jade Palace******

Delfim gripped himself as a felling of dread filled him. Tigress came to him, worried. "What is wrong? You know Shifu will let the matter drop."

"That is not it. I fell like times will become tougher. Something is starting, of a magnitude we can't imagine. I just hope I'm wrong about this one, but I think we need to watch out."

Tai Lung was only a warm up compared to the guy we may have to face.

The End