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Chapter 4 Embarrassments and a Trap

The days went slowly as Leo was forced to stay and learn, but not by the reasons everyone was expecting. As he was going to leave, something happened.


"My decision is final; you will have to find another person to be the dragon warrior." Leo roared as he went towards the door. Oogway had tried to convince him to stay but to no avail. Leo feared that by staying there he would become a better target for assassins after him. He was preparing to leave the gates, when…

"Leo, Marie is not feeling so well. You should come." Came the worried voice of Viper, as she came down the hall. Leo was a blur as he ran through the corridors towards his room. He opened the door to find Marie in the little bed that she used near his bed, breathing hard, covered with sweat and red in the face. Tigress was near her, worry and fear on her face.

"Marie! How are you felling?" Leo asked, worried.

Marie turned to her adoptive father, then answered in a weak voice "It's so hot. My head is to hot, am I going to die daddy?"

Leo put a hand in her head. It was scorching hot. He then grabbed a tray with water and he ripped a bit of tissue from the mattress. He plunged the tissue on the water, twisted it a bit then put it on her head.

He then looked at Tigress and said "thank you for watching for her. I'll take it from here."

Tigress said, in a low voice "How do you know what to do?"

Leo looked at her and said "You just have to learn, that his all, here, I'll show you."

And so, they took care of Marie through the night. Even so, it was impervious that they stayed there for at least a few days until Marie could travel again. Oogway then tried again.

"Well, as long as you are here, why don't you try and learn kung fu?"

*****Flashback end*****

Since then, Leo would train a bit every day, and take care of Marie the rest of the time. Tigress would take care of her when Leo wasn't around to do it.

This was one of those days as Leo was already panting from the hard train by Shifu. It seems the little guy was mad that Leo could do so easily what was so complex. The assassin's training had made Leo capable of learning most moves easily. It was making Shifu mad. He said to Leo.

"Today's training is complete. You can leave now, Leo. And call the Furious Five, I need to have a word with them."

Leo bowed, and went to call the five.

*****in Marie and Leo's room*****

Tigress was, once again, taking care of the little bunny. It was easy, almost instinctual, If you had seen it once. Marie was looking at her with half open eyes. Tigress asked her "Do you want anything?"

"No, I'm fine mommy."

Tigress stopped dead in her tracks. She turned to Marie with an incredulous look on her face. "What did you called me?"

Marie gave her a weak smile and answered honestly "I called you mommy, because you took care of me and your nice."

Tigress then asked "what about Viper? She has those two qualities to."

Marie then shook her head. "She is like a good aunt. You are different. I can explain it."

She fell asleep then, leaving Tigress all to herself. Tigress was in a whirlwind of thoughts. She did felt a connection to Marie, but could she really be a mother? She was scared the first time she had to take care of her because she didn't know what to do. And, if she ended acting as the girl's mother, would she and Leo be…

"Hey there."
Tigress jumped out of her skin, she had forgotten how silent Leo was. She turned to it, blushing because of earlier thoughts, though her fur hided it. Her voice however betrayed her.

"H-hey L-Leo. T-training F-finished?"

Leo raised his eyebrow slightly. What was wrong with Tigress? She was acting like she was caught doing something. He saw Marie sleeping peacefully. He turned to her and said.

"Shifu wants to see you and the others. They are already there."

Tigress answered, shakily. "O-ok-k I will j-just go t-there."

Leo, saw her leave, then he asked himself "What the hell happened?"

*****with the Five and Shifu*****

"Ok, now that we are all here, there has been some case of bandits at the north. I want you to go there and investigate it."

"Yes, master Shifu."

And with that, they were off running. As they did, Viper noticed that Tigress was a little bit distracted. She decided to ask her later.

*****Later that night*****

Everyone was sleeping, everyone except for Tigress, who took first turn in guarding the camp. She was again thinking about Leo, She knew he used to be an assassin and he had the reflexes to prove it. But did that made him a bad guy? He took care of Marie, raised her, and protected her. But did that made him a bad guy? She felt something circling her neck and tensed.

"You know, if I was the enemy, you would be dead." Tigress relaxed, it was Viper. Though the look in her eyes told her that she was in for a long night. "So, what are you thinking about, a lion perhaps?"

Tigress sighted, then told Viper what Marie had called her and told her. Viper's reaction was not the one expected.

"Yeah, I always wanted to be an auntie." Tigress sweat dropped at this. "But seriously what did you expect? The kid loves you."

"But that is the thing, I am not mother material. And even if I was, what would Leon think of all this?"

"Look, I think that Leo would think of the happiness of Marie first, you know how he is with her. And you two make a good couple."

Tigress was in though at this, so much that neither she nor Viper saw the attack before it was too late.

*****Sometime later*****

Tigress woke up to find herself tied up inside a cage. She looked around to see her friends all in similar state. She then heard a grumbling voice.

"This one looks pretty nice. I bet I could make good money out of her."

She looked at the boar talking to her. He wasn't very tall, but he was fat. The type of guy that doesn't move his butt unless it's important. She tried to ask where she was, just to find a gag in her mouth.

"Oh, you awakened? Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Gerko, slave dealer. And you, my dear, are going to make me win some cash".

However, and like most villains, he forgot to see if someone was watching. A goose just ran away, to the Jade Palace.

*****At the Jade Palace*****

Leo was watching as Marie raised herself from bed. She said she felt better and was seeing if she could walk again. However she fell on the bed again, a new headache coming.

"You should stay in bed, you're not recuperated yet".

Marie pouted, but complied. As he was coming out of her room, Leo heard some loud yelling.

"Help, it's a disaster. Help."

Leo actually looked to see if Marie was still in bed. Disaster was always her playmate. Then he saw a goose coming at him.

"Hey, slow down. Shifu is in a mission somewhere and I haven't seen Oogway yet. In this palace it's only me and a girl that is resting in there due to being sick. Be quiet."

However Marie was awakened and, with dizzy steps, made her way towards the door and listened to the conversation.

"I'm sorry, but I had to come. The Furious Five were defeated. Gerko, a slave dealer has them and pretends to sell Tigress away."


Leo was in shock. How could they have been defeated. Then he focused on the name.

"Gerko? Isn't he a small boar, fat as hell?"

"Yes why?"

Leo seethed, not that guy! Just then a tiny voice was heard.

"Save them". Leo turned towards the bedroom to find Marie on her own feet, trembling. "Save them, don't let them hurt mommy Tigress."

Leo was in shock for a second time. Mommy Tigress? Since when? Then he thought about what had happened recently and did the math. Now he knew why she was acting so weird. Probably Marie called her that and got her by surprise.

He looked at the goose and said "Take care of her. If anything happens nobody will save you from me."

The goose flinched and nodded quickly. Marie smiled as she saw Leo start running towards the entrance.

"Wait, you don't know where they are?" yelled the goose.

"I do know. Just leave the rest to me."

Tigress, for some reason, you have become an important person for Marie. I will save you from Gerko. I'm coming…general.

Author Notes

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