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Warnings: This story will eventually contain Slash, boy sex, memory loss(D:) and...basically an obscene amount of adorable Klaine.

Authors Note: First and Foremost, I would like to say, I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN ABOUT HELL HATH NO FURY! I freakin' love that story, and I plan on updating it...eventually. Hopefully soon. I kind of hit a wall after that last chapter, and am struggling to find a bridge from the beginning to the middle. I already have the ending all set up. So, yeah, curse you writer's block D:!

Ahem, anyhoo, from said Writer's block, this lovely little story was born =]. If Fantasy is not your thing, I'd advise you to turn tail and run. I wanted to do a fantasy story unlike any i've read before, so no faeries, no elves, no slave rape(This seems to be trending in the fantasy category now a days...), and no werewolves! What does that leave? Merman!Kurt. I also had the idea for a story about children!Kurt and Blaine, and somehow, the two ideas got morphed together. So here you go; a fantasy, child-love klaine for you to love :]. R&R!

Oh, and one last thing, still no microsoft D: So there's probably going to be plenty of mistakes here. Just bare with me, and point them out please!


It's funny how the line between fantasy and reality is more often than not blurred for a child. Faeries, Ogres, Unicorns, Mermaids...They all exist together in the same world that contains War and hatred in the eyes of a child. Adults, however, take everything at face value. Seeing is believing, and those not visible to the human eye can't possibly exist. The line between fantasy and reality is bold.

In spite of all this, there will always be that one adult who could not completely let his childish beliefs dissolve with age. There is some part of him that clings to the hope that maybe, just maybe, there could be something...More. And more often than not, these adults who are unwilling to abandon beilef are connected in ways they cannot even imagine to this world others are reluctant to believe even exists.

Chapter one:

Blaine Anderson knew he'd be in big trouble. His mother had specifically told him not to leave the house. But somehow, the eight year old just couldn't bring himself to care. The year was 2003, month of July. July 15th to be exact; A sweltering summer day in sunny North Carolina.

Like every other summer that Blaine could remember, his family had migrated south for the season, to stay in their beach home. While his friends spent their summer at the pool and the park, little Blaine was forced to attend dinner parties and wine-tastings with his parents. His parent's friends never brought their own kids along, choosing instead to leave them at home with the nanny or the babysitter. His own mother, however, always insisted on him being there. She was quite content to brag about him to her peers-telling them about the time she was approached by a modelling agency about his startling beauty, or about how he'd gotten the highest marks in his grade that year or whatever. Then the adults would either fawn all over him or make snide little remarks about how their own child was much better than he was.

Unlike most eight year olds, Blaine didn't very much care for the attention. He didn't care much for any of it- the dinner parties, the compliments, the wine tastings...For goodness sake, all he wanted was to play on the beach! For all the time he'd spent at the summer home with the beach as his backyard, he'd been there maybe a handful of times. His mother always forbade him to go, because she hated sand. Blaine loved it though, loved everything about the sea. That's what led him to where he was today.

His mother had announced that they were having a dinner party of their own that night. Blaine had thrown a fit, claiming that she had promised he could spend the day outside. His mother had easily brushed him off, pulling the classic, 'I'm the mother, what I say goes.' card. So Blaine had snuck out, leaving when his parents had thought he was taking a bath.

Now the hazel eyed boy was walking aimlessly down the beach, dragging a stick in the sand behind him. He wasn't sure what he should be doing, since he wasn't exactly used to having free time. When his parents weren't dragging him around to parties, his parents had him in all sorts of extracurriculars, most of which he didn't even enjoy. Being able to choose what he wanted to do was a foreign concept to the young boy.

He continued on his way, soon nearing the end of the beach. Because of the nasty storms that had been passing through lately, there wasn't anyone else out, which was why Blaine was shocked to hear the sound of whimpering coming from a nearby cove.

He made his way to the cave's entrance, pausing only to snap his stick in half and toss it away.

"Hello?" the little boy called out, cautiously entering the cove. The whimpering grew louder the further in he walked. "Is somebody there?" No answer. He nearly turned around and left, but curiousity overwhelmed his other senses. He made it all the way to the back before he saw it. Something- or rather, someone- who would change his life forever.

Lying tangled up in a net on a rock jutting out over a pond, was a small mermaid. No wait, merman. Actually, he was a merboy. Blaine's jaw dropped in disbelief.

The merboy was clutching himself around his middle, whimpering and staring up at Blaine in pure horror. From the waist up, he had some of the palest skin Blaine had ever seen in his entire life, along with the bluest eyes. Atop his head sat a mass of messy chestnut hair. From the waist down he had a long elegant silver tail, with a thin golden lin outlining his fins.

"He-Hello." Blaine practically whispered, taking a small step towards the merboy. He flinched away and hissed at him, baring his elongated canine teeth. Blaine jumped back, tripping over his own two feet and landing on his bum. "Hey!" he cried out, pushing himself to his feet. He once again moved towards the merboy, albeit a bit more cautiously this time. The merboy's eyes narrowed, as he continued to hiss and try to move away. Blaine walked right up to him and dropped to his knees. "Hello!" He repeated, a big goofy grin on his lips. "Do you need help?"

The merboy stopped hissing, but his eyes stayed narrowed as he opened his mouth and a string of melodious sounds left him. Blaine was quiet for a moment before asking,

"What's your name?" More melodious sonds. "Are you-Are you talking?" This time, the sounds had a bit of a snip to it, not that Blaine even noticed. The young boy leaned forward and said excitedly, "My name is Blaine." The merboy was silent. "Can I help you? Here, let me help you." He closed his tiny fist around the net and pulled, successfully freeing the merboy of his confines.

All was still as the mystical creature studied Blaine, before abruptly diving into the pond and swimming off.

"You're welcome!" Blaine called irritably, crossing his arms over his chest. He stood up and brushed himself off, preparing to leave when he heard a splash to his right. The merboy had returned. He was peeking over the surface of the water, only his eyes and ears visible as he watched Blaine suspiciously.

"You came back!" Blaine grinned, crawling to the edge of the pool. The half breed used his tail to propell himself backwards, putting some distance between himself and Blaine. He was still there though, and Blaine took that as a good sign. The eight year old settled down on his stomach, resting his head in his palms and kicking his legs innocently. "I wish you knew what I was saying," He sighed wistfully. With a flip of his tail the merboy was gone, and then back in an instant. In his hand he was clutching what looked like gold seaweed. Blaine looked at it questioningly, before plucking it from his fingertips.

"What do you want me to do with this?"

The merboy mimed eating it, causing Blaine to wrinkle his nose. "No thanks. I've already eaten. He tried to offer it back, but the other boy wouldn't take it. Blaine sighed and tilted his head back, dropping the seaweed in his mouth and swallowing whole. He began gagging so loudly-clearly overexaggerated-that he almost missed the bell like voice asking quietly,

"Why did you help me?"

"You can talk now!" Blaine exclaimed, leaning so far over the pool he almost fell in.

"No." The merboy shrugged. "You can just...understand me now."

"Good. What's your name?" Blaine asked, not wasting anytime.

"You can't pronounce it." The merboy said simply, floating on his back.

"A nickname then."


"Kurt. Okay, Kurt." Blaine's face lit up. "Kurt, you're really pretty!" Kurt flushed and submerged himself, cooling his heated cheeks. When he resurfaced, Blaine was still there, waiting patiently for his return.

"Th-thank you." Kurt said shyly.

"No problem." Blaine waved him off. "Can I ask you something?"

The merboy frowned, and shook his head. "Not until I ask you something first." Blaine nodded egarily. "You are...Are you human?" The hazel eyed boy furrowed his eyebrows in confusion, because really, what kind of question was that?

"Of course I am, silly! What else would I be?" Kurt shrugged nonchalantly, casting his eyes downwards.

"I thought maybe you were an elf or something."

"Why an elf?" Blaine giggled, sitting so his feet were dangling in the pool.

"Because...Because my daddy says humans are mean. And you're not mean. So you can't possibly be human. And also..." Kurt trailed off, and flushed again, bringing his small webbed fingered hands up to cover his mouth. It was as though he was trying to contain whatever was itching to come out.

Blaine lifted a triangular brow. "What? 'And also,' What?" He looked at Kurt expectantly, waiting for him to finish. Kurt looked up, down, to the left, to the right, anywhere but into Blaine's eyes.

"Nothing. Nevermind. You're not human, you're an elf." Blaine stuck his tongue out and kicked his foot, sending a spray of water crashing over Kurt. "Hey!" Kurt spluttered, glaring up at Blaine. "Eech. Maybe you are human."

"If I'm an elf, then you're a vampire." He responded, tapping his teeth. Kurt used his tail to splash Blaine back, completely drenching the young boy. Blaine laughed wipping the water from his eyes. "I like you, Kurt." He said simply. The merboy's eyes widened.

"I like you too, uh-"

"Blaine. My name's Blaine."

"I like you too, Blaine. B-But I'm not supposed to." Blaine tilted his head.


"Because my daddy said Mermaids and Humans can't like each other."

The curly headed boy took this in, looking thoughtful. Finally, he said pointedly,

"Well, I like you, and you like me. So Mermaids and Humans have to be able to like each other. Your Daddy must be wrong." Kurt didn't look convinced. "If it makes you feel better," Blaine amended, "Why don't we be secret friends?"

"Secret friends?"

"It's like, we're friends. But nobody knows. Just you and me. That's what makes it secret!" Kurt still looked rather doubtful. But when he looked into Blaine's eyes and saw the hopeful look, he knew he wouldn't be able to reject the other boy's idea.

"...Fine." He said grudingly. "We'll be secret friends." Blaine clapped his hands in joy, and looked ready to dive into the pool with Kurt.

"Kurt! Can I ask you my question now? Well, one of my questions? I have lots. I've never been secret friends with a mermaid before." Kurt waded closer to Blaine, resting his arms on the rock jutting out and then resting his cheek against his arms.

"Yes, ask me anything. But you have to promise to answer my questions too."

" 'Kay. Promise. How old are you, Kurt?"

"Old? I think I'm pretty young. Aren't you?"

"Yeah, but that's just how you ask the question. We can't very well say, "How young are you?" now, can we? Just tell me what your age is."

"I suppose. I've been living for eight years."

"Me too!"

And so began their secret friendship. They spent what could've very well been hours in that cove, asking each other questions, making jokes, getting to know one another. Kurt told Blaine about his Dad, about the other mermaids, about his home. Blaine wanted to tell him about his own homelife, he really did, but found that he didn't have many happy stories to tell about his parents.

"You know how you said you're daddy wouldn't like it if he knew you were here?" Blaine asked, after some time had passed. He and Kurt were laying side by side, looking up at the stars that were visible because of the cove's weird design. After Kurt had decided he could trust Blaine, he'd climbed out of the pool, and settled down next to him. He'd explained to the curious hazel eyed boy that there was an underwater tunnel that he'd discovered earlier that day, that led from the pool out into the ocean. He had been happily exploring the cove's pool when he got caught in the fishnet, and had managed to get tossed onto the jutting rock by a wave when Blaine had come along.

"Yeah?" Kurt mummbled, curling into Blaine's side.

"Well, my Daddy...he'd be mad too."

"Why?" The merboy looked up at him lazily, his deep blue eyes blinking slowly.

" 'Cause...'Cause he doesn't like when I'm close to other boys like this." He gestured downwards at their bodies, where there wasn't an inch of space between them. "Well, maybe he wouldn't mind as much 'cause your a mermaid, but still..."

"I don't understand." Kurt whined. Back home, mermaids tended to be very close together, at all times. If they were just spending time talking, they'd curl up together and lay down. It was just something they did, regardless of sex. Though, to be fair, most merpeople are this, though, it didn't seem anything other than natural when he curled up next to Blaine, apart from the fact that he was above water-and with a human. But other than that.

"I don't either, really." Blaine confessed. "But my daddy gets really mad when I'm close to other boys. Daddy's always mad..."

"My daddy's never mad." Kurt responded proudly. "Well, never mad at me, anyway." After a brief silence, Kurt practically whispered, "I like being close to you like this, Blaine. If you don't want to upset your daddy though, you can move away." Blaine looked absoloutely horrified.

"Are you kidding? I love this!" He brought his arms around the merboy and squeezed him tight in a hug, causing him to squeal.

"I love it too." Kurt grinned. "But I have to go now. The airs making my tail peel, and I've also been gone a while."

"Oh. Okay." Blaine looked so crestfallen, that Kurt took his hand and asked softly,

"Can I see you again tomorrow? And the day after that?" Kurt's hand was impossibly soft, and the webbing between his fingers felt weird, but Blaine couldn't help but feel like the merboy's hand belonged in his.

"Tomorrow." Blaine confirmed. "And the day after that. Same time? Sunset?"

"Yes...Uh, Blaine?" Kurt was looking nervously at the pool, which seemed extremely far away. Without another word, Blaine scooped Kurt up bridal style, carrying him the short distance to the pool, and dumping him uncerimoniously in. When Kurt resurfaced, he looked mildly embarassed.

"You didn't have too...Was I heavy?"

"Not at all!" Blaine fibbed. He was actually terrified of dropping him the entire time. "I'll see you later!" With that he waved and turned to leave, but not before Kurt called his name one last time.



"It's just that...I mean...You too. You're pretty too." And with a flick of his tail, the mermaid was gone.


Mmkay! So, I hope you're enjoying the story thus far! And btw, no, Kurt and Blaine aren't going to be children this entire fic, and yes, it is possible for an eight year old to lift another eight year old. Also, I'm sorry if Kurt and Blaine don't sound very much like kids. I'm giving it my best shot here. R&R!