Hey, sidenote here, did you know Bumblebee was part of the Doom Patrol? I seriously never did. Oh and X-men suck; copying Doom Patrol, tsk tsk.

It was autumn in Jump City, and the trees were just beginning to shed their colorful leaves. The air was slightly chillier and the sun began to set earlier. This was, in a certain empath's mind, the best season of all. Jump to the Titans Tower, where five teenagers were sitting idly in the commons room. The room had an air of boredom in it and the sound of a clock ticking seemed to very loud. The young heroes had just come home from a quick, yet easy battle with Cinderblock. It was a cheap thrill; the crime rates have been dropping like flies and the Titans had nothing to do. It was just, another boring day.

Raven sat on the blue couch in the commons room, her slender legs stretched out as she peered out the window. It was a wonderful time of the year; the leaves were rustling around on the ground and the water surrounding the Tower was rippling, from the strong winds that came with the season. The beauty of fall never ceased to amaze Raven. Contray to what she made her teammates believer, she had never really lived on Earth. Her home was on Azarath, and she had only come to Earth a few weeks before she met Robin, Beast Boy, Cyborg and Starfire. Azarath only had one season; spring. Flowers everywhere and the sun constantly shining, it sickened her. One of the reasons she hated her birthday so much was because it was in the spring. But, she would never let anyone know that.

"I'm boooored!" Beast Boy said, dramatically rolling on the floor. Raven rolled her eyes at such childness. Still, it brought a small smile to her face. Raven shut her book softly and placed it on the cushion next to her.

"Beast Boy is right; we've been sitting around the Tower with nothing to do almost everyday." Raven said, glancing at Robin. As much as the spiky haired leader didn't want to admit it, Raven and Beast Boy were right; these past months have been slow and he was pretty sure Raven had blown through 300 dollars on books alone. He sighed- his arm still slung casually around Starfire- before looking at Beast Boy.

"And what do you suggest we do?" Robin said.

"How about we play some volleyball outside?" Beast Boy suggested, shrugging his shoulders.

"But it's cold outside." Raven said dully, not much paying attention to the conversation.

"Than we'll just change into warmer clothes. We have them; remember that trip to Siberia?" Beast Boy said, nodding at Starfire. The redheaded alien had a gleeful look in her eyes and she smiled at a distant memory. Robin scowled before nodding at Beast Boy.

"Sure. Everyone, meet up at the field in 10 minutes." Their leader said, getting up from his place at the couch. Raven sighed and grabbed her book, her cloak following close behind her as she walked down the cold corridor. In the past two years that has passed since Terra's statue disappeared, her purple hair had grown longer, and she hadn't bothered to cut it. Her feature didn't change much, but in a way, she looked more mature. Beast Boy had gone through a growth spurt, surpassing even Starfire's height. Beast Boy was now 17 as was Raven. They were the youngest ones on the team. Starfire was 19 and Robin was 20. Cyborg was the eldest, being 23 years old. Raven's shaggy blue boots made a clacking sound against the metal floor as she slid her door open.

Raven's room had also changed in the past two years; she painted her purple walls orange along with a mural of a sunset behind her bed. Her bed was circular and has flannel sheets with a yellow comforter. A bookshelf nearby was bursting with books and a stack that couldn't fit in the bookshelf was on her desk, along with a laptop that she had bought. Raven opened her closet doors and pulled out the cloak, shirt and pants she wore to Siberia. Luckily, they still fit. She slid on her her faux fur trimmed boots and pulled up her hood.

"Raven! Come on! Hurry up!" Beast Boy said, pounding on her door. She rolled her eyes and slid the door open, finding Beast Boy in a green and black jacket with a floppy eared hat. He was slumped against her wall and smiled at her once she left.

"You ready?"

"What does it look like." she deadpanned, walking down the hallway. Beast Boy shook his head and jogged to catch up with her. Raven's faux fur trimmed cloak trailed behind her as the pair made their way to the elevators, which would lead them to the first floor.

"Are you happy Rae?" Beast Boy said, grinning while poking Raven in the side. (A/N: My dad does that all the time to my mom, and my mom's nickname is Rae, so I just had to do that XD) She resisted the urge to smile at the green changeling's antics and growled at him. He smirked down at her and motioned for Raven to leave the elevator first.

"Ladies first." he said, bowing down and tipping his hat. Raven scoffed and mock curtsied, secretly enjoying the attention.

"Why, thank you." Raven said in monotone. The two began walking to the field, where a volleyball net was already set up. Starfire has settled on winter boots just like hers, but with faux fur, a fluffy pink hat and a long jacket. Robin wore a red and black jacket with a yellow hood, and Cyborg wore a felt blue jacket. Starfire was holding the volleyball, spinning it on her finger.

"Beast Boy, since you decided on the game, you pick your team first. Not that there's much of a choice." Robin said, glancing between the five Titans.

"I pick Raven." Beast Boy said proudly. Raven blushed violently and and glanced at Robin.

"Obviously, Starfire." he said.

"I'll referee this one. It's too cold to play anyway." Cyborg said, blowing a whistle he had produced from his pocket. Raven floated to the back while Beast was up front. Starfire served the ball sending it flying over to Raven. Out of panic, Raven absorbed the ball in dark matter and sent it flying over to Robin and Starfire. Cyborg blew his whistle.

"Hey! No powers Rae, that's cheating." he said. Raven rolled her eyes and stopped floating, her feet gently meeting the ground. Robin picked up the ball and spiked it over the net. Beast Boy reacted quickly and sent it flying over to Starfire, who's eyes glowed green. She sent if flying toward Raven. Knowing better this time, the purple haired empath, hit the ball over the net, gaining a point for Team Beast Boy & Raven.

"Nice job Raven!" Beast Boy said, giving Raven a high five.

"Thanks." Robin scoffed at them.

"You got one point. Big deal, me and Star are gonna win this one."

"Star and I." Raven said, pointing out his grammatical error.

"Well- you know- Whatever!" Robin said, now fuming. Raven smirked and got back in her position.

"Raven, you serve." Cyborg said, throwing Raven the ball. She caught it and prepared to spike it over the net. Suddenly, Robin looked down at his communicator and grinned.

"There's trouble downtown. Look's like we'll have to play this game later." Robin said.

"Dude!" Beast Boy shouted, as Robin ran to his R-Cycle. The Boy Wonder started it up and slid on his helmet, while Cyborg dove into the T-Car. The two began sped out of the garage and Raven shrugged at Beast Boy, who was still furious. Raven created a disk from the ground and Starfire flew high up into the sky. (A/N: Raven could so totally be a geomancer if she wanted to, and she's not limited to rocks. Take that Terra!) Beast Boy morphed into a cheetah and followed close behind Raven.


The Titans arrived to total chaos. Plasmus had his unlucky host trapped inside of him and bystanders were fleeing in fear.

"Titans! Go!" Robin said, running to throw explosives at Plasmus. The slimy monster casually let them explode, feeling no pain. Beast Boy morphed into a mammoth and rammed into Plasmus, being careful to steer clear of his passenger. The only made Plasmus stagger back a little bit. Cyborg began blasting him with his sonic cannon, while Starfire barraged him with starbolts. He flicked Cyborg back and Starfire retreated, not wanting to thrown against the side of a building.

"Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos!" Raven said. Her eyes closed and a large, shadowy bird emerged from the depths of Raven. It screeched before plunging into Plasmus. Goo exploded everywhere and over everyone. The raven returned to Raven, caking her in slimy goo.

"Deja vu." Beast Boy said, shaking the goo off his head. He was right; this was the same way they had defeated Plasmus when Trigon took over. Raven looked in disgust at the mess on her cloak. There was no way she would ever be wearing this foul smelling cloak again.


After showering and throwing her cloak into the incinerator (she had a surplus of them) Raven sauntered into the kitchen, where Starfire was looking at the chart on the refrigerator. About a few months ago, the Titans all decided that they would each take turns cooking dinner, after Starfire had given them food poisoning them.

"Friend Raven, you are to prepare the meal this night." Starfire said, sadness in her voice. Raven sighed and put down the book in her hand. In all honestly, she only came down here for herbal tea. The young woman reached into the refrigerator and pulled out lettuce, carrots and ranch dressing. She opened the cabinet with her powers and levitated some tomato soup from it. She pulled a pan from the dishwasher and poured the tomato soup in while turning on the stove. While the soup was heating up, she shred the lettuce and carrots apart and threw them into a wooden bowl. She poured the ranch dressing in and mixed it up. When she was done she took the soup off of the stove and placed it next to the salad on the counter.

"Dinner is served." Raven said, turning around to place her kettle of tea on the stove. She propped herself up on the counter and waited for her tea to be finished.

"Thanks Raven!" Beast Boy said enthusiastically, piling salad on his plate. Raven only gave him a weak smile before looking at Robin, who had just entered the kitchen. He had a distressed look on his face and it looked like he was extremely worried about something.

"What's wrong Robin?" Raven said, in her usual monotone.

"What? Nothing's wrong. Why would you say that?"

"I'm an empath. Duh." Raven replied, rolling her eyes.

"Oh...right. It's nothing. How about we all watch a movie after this? Beast Boy can chose if he wants to." Robin said, nervously scratching the back of his neck.

"Yeah!" Beast Boy said, fist pumping. Raven giggled and looked at her kettle, which was whistling.

After eating and cleaning up, the five young adults gathered around the large plasma screen TV and shut the lights. Popcorn was being passed among them and Beast Boy popped a DVD into DVD player.

"What are we watching?" Robin said, curling up with his girlfriend.

"Psycho. " Beast Boy said. Raven stiffened, now aware that this was in fact a scary movie. Beast Boy grabbed the remote before jumping onto the cushion next to Raven. He could feel her shaking and gave her a look of concern.

"Are you-"

"I'm fine. Play the movie." Raven said, cutting him off. It was just a movie after all. And it was an old movie. It probably wouldn't even be that scary. Beast Boy pressed play and the beginning started to play.

"Raven are you sure you'll be fine?" Beast Boy whispered, turning up the volume so the rest of the Titans wouldn't hear their conversation.

"I'll be alright. It probably won't be scary. I'm fine." Raven said.

"Are you sure? We can put on another movie like Tangled or something."

"Tangled? That's a kid's movie!"

"...No it's not. It's an empowering movie with spunk." Beast Boy said.

"I'm gonna pretend that sentence was never uttered." Raven replied, crossing her arms. She wrapped her arms around her knees and pulled up her cloak. She would not get afraid, she would not get afraid.


Raven jumped at the sound of the thunder, followed by a flash of lightning. Beast Boy slung his arm around Raven's shoulders and pulled her close.

"It's okay; it's only thunder." he whispered.

"I know that." Raven said, detaching herself from Beast Boy. She curled into the corner of the couch, wrapping her cloak tightly around herself.

An hour into the movie and Raven is hiding underneath her cloak, shaking. The screams of horror disturbed Raven and she sealed her eyes shut, desiring the movie to be over soon. There was a tap on her shoulder and she gasped before peeking out.

"Are you sure you're okay?" he whispered.

"No." she squeaked.

"Alright. Give me a moment." Beast Boy said. He fake yawned loudly and stretched out his arms. Starfire, Robin and Cyborg all glared at him.

"Well. I'm tired. I'm gonna go to bed. Anyone else tired? Raven? You look tired." Beast Boy said.

"Uh...yeah." she replied in a shaky voice.

"Night." the remaining Titans said in unison. Beast Boy grabbed Raven's hand and whisked her down the hallway to their bedrooms. Once she arrived at hers, with Beast Boy at her side, she nervously looked at the ground and shifted her feet.

"Uh. Thanks. I guess. And sorry you're missing your movie." Raven said quickly. Beast Boy waved it away.

"No problem. And it's okay; I've seen that movie a thousand times." Beast Boy said. Holding the door open for Raven.

"Thanks again Beast Boy." Raven said genuinely, blushing scarlet red.

"Anytime Rae, anytime." he replied.