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I never knew it could feel like this
She did it with just one kiss now
I never knew it could feel like this
You know she did it with just one


"When did you learn that?" Raven said, commenting on Beast Boy's form. He was currently a blazing green phoenix, a trail of green fire trailing close behind him as he flew through the air. Beast Boy had just learned the this new animal, and he kept finding excuses to morph into the mythical creature. Raven was sitting on the edge of the roof, watching Beast Boy twist and turn in the sky. He flew to the ledge and morphed into a human.

"Well, I was reading one of your books and-"

"Hold it. You were reading...my books?" Raven said, disbelief written across her face.

"Yes. Anyway, I read about those those mythical creatures and I thought it would come in handy to try and morph into one. I'm working on the dragon right now." Beast Boy said.

"Oh! I do wish to see you as a dragon! I have seen many movies with this reptilian creature!" Starfire said. She was sitting next to Robin, happily smiling at Beast Boy. They were all on the roof,(with the exception of Cyborg, who was fixing up the Tower at Titans East) watching Beast Boy try out his new animal form.

"But, I have one question; what good is a phoenix in battle?" Raven said.

"Well that easy, it-" Suddenly, Beast Boy's ears drooped and his eyes narrowed at Raven.

"You know, you're a real killjoy." Beast Boy said darkly.

"So I've been told." Raven replied. Beast Boy grinned and moved closer to Raven, wrapping his arm around her shoulder.

"Not so fast, lover boy." Raven said, standing up and removing his hand from her shoulder. Before she could fully begin for the door, Beast Boy grabbed the end of her cape and pulled her toward him.

"And that's why I have a strict "no-cape" policy." Beast Boy said proudly, as Raven plummeted to the ground.

"If you weren't my boyfriend, you'd be spending the evening in the 11th dimension." Raven said, prying Beast Boy's hands from her cloak.

"You know you love me!" Beast Boy cooed, stalking off after Raven.

"You're right, I do." Raven replied, wrapping her arms around Beast Boy's neck.

"Get a room!" Robin said, shielding his girlfriend's eyes.

"Now you know how it feels!" Beast Boy said, kissing his girlfriend on the lips.

"Oh god! I'm so sorry!" Robin said, whisking Starfire down the stairs.

"But wait! I wish to see what is going on!" Starfire said, her eyes still being covered as her boyfriend led her down the stairs.

"Trust me Star, you do not!" Robin replied, slamming the door behind him.

"Gets him every time." Raven laughed.

The pair sat back down on the ledge of the Tower, swinging their feet around. Beast Boy grabbed Raven's hands and they looked over at the sunset.

"So...did you mean it?"

"Mean what?" Raven asked, scooting closer to Beast Boy.

"That you loved me."

"Of course. And it's present tense." Raven said, smiling.

"Good, cuz you know, I love you too." Beast Boy replied, smiling sheepishly. The two sat in a happy silence, just enjoying each other's company.


"Raaven! You know what today is?" Beast Boy said, poking his head into Raven's sleep quarters.

"If my memory serves correct, October 31st." Raven replied, still meditating on her bed.

"And what happened on this fateful day?"

"Uh, I got kidnapped and Terra tried to kill me?" Raven said, opening one eye now.

"What else?" Beast Boy sang.

"Oh yeah. That's right; our first kiss. Slipped my mind." Raven said, now grinning. Beast Boy's ears drooped and his eyes widened.

"You did?" he said, sounding a little hurt.

"Of course not! And I'm assuming you have my costume." Raven said, landing on her soft bed. Beast Boy grinned.

"You know it." Beast Boy said, flashing her a toothy grin. He produced the first costume he gave to Raven last year from behind his back.

"You just don't give up do you?" Raven said, slightly grinning.

"Of course not."

"I'll wear, but only cuz I love you." Raven replied. This time, nothing around her blew up, making Raven grin even wider.

"And who will you be going as?"

"Han Solo of course." Beast Boy said, wielding a replica of the blaster Han Solo used in Star Wars.

"You little geek." Raven laughed.

"But I'm your little geek." Beast Boy said lovingly.

"Yes you are."


Things really have changed in the one year since Terra's final demise. For one thing, Raven and Beast Boy were finally together (to the relief of Cyborg, who claimed he knew that they would get together one day) Also, a proper funeral was held for Terra, though, no one could see they were really sad. Starfire and Robin were more open with their relationship, opting to go out in public rather than disgusting the rest of the Titans with their public displays of affection, and Cyborg took more frequent trips to the Titans East, mainly to visit his girlfriend, Bumblebee. Raven had gained total control over her powers, giving her a pure white cloak, Starfire learned how to cook and Beast Boy was beginning to take the forms of mythical creatures, which proved to be rather helpful in battle. And the Teen Titans? They mainly just go by the Titans now.


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Just One Kiss, by The Red Romance.