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I sat on the hay bale next to Catherine and put my arm around her as we watched James and Anna play. Jesse had found a ball somewhere and was goofing off with James out in the field, and Anna was picking wildflowers. She had always liked flowers, which I had always found amusing since they reminded me of her- sweet and beautiful and adored by everyone, like her mother. She had her mother's eyes. It was a phrase I'd never understood until my daughter was born, but it was true, they were the same wide, deep, sparkling blue. Anna sidled up next to us, then, and presented Catherine with a pretty little wreath of daisies. It was clumsily constructed, but Cathy beamed when the three-year-old placed it on her hair like a crown. I pulled the child up onto my lap and my wife wrapped her arms around me. I leaned my head against hers, careful not to muss the flowers.

A crash came from behind us, and James came running up, panting, "He did it," and motioning frantically towards Jesse.

"He did what?" I wondered, somewhat concerned for the well being of my house. 'CRUNCH-HEDIDIT' is never a good sound. I turned around, and it seemed that the boys' toy had smashed a hole through the kitchen wall.

"JESSE!" time to play 'chase-my-idiot-brother'…