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Sweat dripped off of his forehead as he rolled off of her. The cheap whore put up quite a good fight, he must admit, but there was only so long she could last with limited oxygen going into her lungs. He usually didn'tgo for strangling; it mostly depended on his mood. At first it was just going to be a few swift stabs to the chest, puncturing the lungs and letting them fill up with blood, forcing her to in her own blood after he had his fun with her. But the bitch kept screaming and squirming; the only thing he could do was use his body weight to pin her down and put pressure on her throat with his thumbs, making her airway close up.

Killer didn't bother to put on his pants, instead going into the bathroom and running the water in the bathtub. While he watched the water rise, he contemplated on whether to bother with hiding the body or not. He could just dump her in the near-by alleyway but he was too lazy to have to drag her heavy corpse out of this shitty hotel and have to be careful not to get caught by anyone. He took his shirt off, completely naked, turned off the tap and slid his body into the tub.

He often relished moments like these; it wasn't often he got a chance to clean himself and it wasn't like he enjoyed the stench of his own sweat that was well set into his skin. He didn't always sleep on the streets, if he ever slept at all, whenever he got some whore he'd get a room if he had money at the time and after having some pleasures of the flesh, he'd dump the body, get a bath and enjoy sleeping on a bed.

Fuck it, he thought. He better transfer her body from the bed to the bathroom when he was finished.

He'd been in the bath for about half an hour now. Killer stepped out of it and wrapped well-worn towel around his waist. Wiping the condensation from the mirror he took a long hard look at himself. His hair had grown slightly longer and his bangs covered practically half of his face. The thing that he found most unnerving was the stubble, any longer and he would look like Adam. An image he didn't want reminding.

Getting a bar of soap and a shaving brush and wetting them both, he rubbed the brush against the soap before putting it on his chin. When the stubble was covered with soap, he got a cut-throat razor and carefully glided the blade against his skin. The last thing he wanted was to look like that asshole.

After shaving himself and drying himself down, pausing for a split second when he saw the silver scar on his stomach, briefly remembering how he got it. He shook his head, no point dwelling on it. Now was his next problem; the dead whore in the other room.

Grabbing both her ankles he started to pull her off the bed, the bed sheets latching onto her and came with her when she dropped to the ground. While dragging her to the bathroom, he contemplated on whether to make it look like she committed suicide by drowning but that idea was quickly squashed when he noticed the bruising starting to appear around her neck. Killer let out a groan; he decided that he would dump the body now. It was better to do it now while it was dark and lessen the chances of him being seen, the last thing he needed was to have to cops hot on his trail.

Quickly putting on his clothes, he grabbed the prostitute's ankles once again and opened the window, peering down to look at the drop; he could just about see the darkened ground and the dingy dumpster. Slinging her body over the ledge, he pushed her out and grimaced when he heard her clashing into the dumpster. He looked out again and snorted when he saw that he missed.

Rushing his way down the stairs and outside, he went around to the back and strode over to the corpse. Hooking his arms under hers and taking a good bit of strength to hoist her up, he rolled her into the dumpster, after a few tries of course. Panting, he stretched his back, cursing the weight of the whore. As he stared at the brick wall, a flash of light appeared and the sound of film recoiling snapped him back to his senses. As he spun around, he caught a glimpse of someone running off. Drawing out his knives he quickly followed the man. When he escaped, Killer kicked at the ground, useless as it was.

"Shit…" he hissed.

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