It's a Dangerous Game

Summary: Erik knows he is playing a dangerous game with Christine, but he cannot starve himself of her any longer, not when she wants him too; Erik/Christine, smut. Songfic to 'Dangerous Game' from Jekyll and Hyde.

A/N: If you have seen Jekyll and Hyde, you'll know how the scene in the bedroom with Lucy and Hyde goes, and this is kind of what I wanted to portray in this story, although Erik is not as rough as Hyde. But I warn you, there will be full smut here.

Lyrics: Erik is bold, Christine is italics, both are bold italics.


There was many a times Erik had stood there; behind the glass of Christine Daae's mirror, just watching; observing. He had seen her entertain the fop, Raoul de Chagny; he had seen her undress many a time, leaving him hot and bothered under the collar; he had seen her with Meg Giry, just talking and giggling like young woman do; he had seen her in intimate state although he had tried to look away but he always found his eyes were glue to her fingers, which would travel down between her legs to bring herself pleasure. He knew he was unworthy of watching such an angel give in to such an act but he found that sometimes he couldn't stop himself.

Tonight he found himself behind the glass once again, one hand pressed against the cold surface as his eyes glanced around for her. She was seated at her vanity, putting a little dab of make-up upon her porcelain cheeks and upon her eyelids before unpinning her hair, which cascaded down over her shoulders. She glanced at herself once more in the vanity mirror before standing and walking towards the mirror slowly. She seemed to pause for a moment, her eyes flicking up to the surface of the mirror, as if, somehow, she knew someone was there, as if she knew that he was watching her. A small smile played on her lips and she turned her back to the mirror, slowly reaching behind her to undo the ties of her dress. Erik's eyes widened. If she knew he was there, was she doing this for him? She usually began to undress and move behind her divider, but tonight she had no intention of moving anywhere that wasn't in his vision. Her hands grasped at the ties and pulled; Erik watching as they came away from the dress and Christine's shoulder blades and top half of her back were on show before the corset underneath the material came into view. She turned towards the mirror, taking two small steps closer and pushed her dress from her shoulders, the creamy white skin making his body come alive as she revealed a little more, then more, teasing him. He knew that she knew he was there. The little vixen.

Christine looked up into the mirror, straight ahead, not knowing that she was looking straight into Erik's lust filled eyes as she pushed the dress down over the curve of her breasts, baring her cleavage before her corset came into view. Damn that corset, he found himself saying. His body was waking to her teasing, his hands aching to touch her. She gave her dress one last push over her waist and it puddle at her feet, leaving her stocking-clad legs in view. She lifted her hands to her face, cupping her cheeks in her palms before running her hands down her creamy throat, swallowing hard as she did so, a small blush staining her cheeks. Her hands carried on down her body, cupping her breasts for a moment before they moved down towards her secret area. Erik closed his eyes for a moment before he eased them open again to see that Christine had stepped up closer to the mirror, pressing her hand against the glass as she ran her index finger over her lips. From his side, Erik placed his hand over hers, noting the way she looked down at her hand, as if she had felt his movement. She smiled her beautiful smile and she brought her finger up in a 'come hither' motion before she moved over to the chaise lounge, sitting down with her back to him.

God, she definitely knew he was there. And his body was awake with desire. What was he to do now?

Before he knew it, he was sliding the mirror open with one hand, trying to be as silent as possible. He could hear her breathing, heavy within the quiet room. He stepped into the room, the floorboard creaking below his shoe. He saw her smile from where he stood but she didn't turn to look at him. He slid the mirror closed behind him before slowly approaching her, confident and aroused. He knelt behind her, her breathing becoming deeper as she felt his presence and heard the rustle of his cloak as he knelt.

"Angel ..." she whispered as he brought his gloved hand around, wrapping it around her delicate throat and tilting her head back. He noted her eyelashes fluttering as her eyes closed, her little hand coming up to run along his forearm. Who knew that the touch of an angel could light the fires of hell deep within his being?

"You little temptress," he purred in her ear, making an almost inaudible moan escape from her throat. He knew how to use his voice to awaken the deepest desires within her, to turn the shy kitten into the confident lioness, strong and powerful. "You know how I cannot resist you yet you tease me with your body, your boldness. You will be my undoing, Christine Daae." Suddenly the hand was gone from around her throat and her eyes opened, only to see him walk towards the door, the unmistakable click of him locking the door making her wet and wanting him. She had yet to look him in the eye properly. Her gaze settled on his gloved hand that was resting against the wooden door, then his back, how broad and muscular he was, even with the cloak on.

"Come to me, Angel of Music ..." she whispered, sitting up on the chaise lounge as he suddenly turned his head to look at her, his blue-green eyes almost setting her soul alight. The white mask on his face made his authority known as he quickly shed his cloak, dropping it to the floor. He stood there, looking every inch the gentleman she thought him to be. She hadn't meant to anger him the last time; she had made a stupid decision to take off his mask just to satisfy her curiosity. But she had almost lost her Angel because of it. But now here he was; beautiful, ravishing, stunning, attractive. Handsome.

"I am no Angel, Christine. Tonight you are Christine and I am only Erik ..." he said, watching her. She took a gulp, her nervousness setting in. But she decided to make the first move. Their eyes were locked as Christine lifted one foot from the floor onto the chaise lounge and spread her other thigh, parting her legs for him, only him. She heard the hitch in his breath as he watched her, his eyes roaming down to her parted thighs.

"Erik ..." she whispered, his name on her lips sounding so erotic. He walked slowly forward before sitting down beside her. He looked down to her bare thigh at the top of her stockings and slowly reached out a hand only to have Christine grab it. She gripped the end of the index finger and pulled the glove off, revealing his large masculine hands. "I want no barriers, Erik. No leather. I want skin. Your skin on mine." Erik took a deep breath. This ... this angel wanted him. Him only. "Touch me." Erik's eyes met hers once more as she put his hand down, right onto the creamy white skin of her thigh. Erik's eyes fluttered closed, having only dreamed of this moment. He kept his hand still for a moment before his fingers explored gently, moving up and down. But as quickly as he put his hand there, he removed it.

"What's wrong?" Christine asked.

"Stand up," Erik said, and she would have been mad to deny that voice anything. She did as he asked and he sat back against the chaise lounge before pulling her down onto his lap. His fingers ran down her throat and along her collarbone before moving up to her shoulder, touching his lips to the back of her neck.

"Sing for me, Christine ..." he asked, his eyes fixed on the snowy white skin of her breasts, peeking out over the top of her corset.


"Sing for me!" She nodded and cleared her throat as his fingers continued their exploration of her upper body.

'I feel your fingers, brushing my shoulder;
Your tempting touch as it tingles my spine;
Watching your eyes as they invade my soul,
Forbidden pleasures I'm afraid to make mine.'

Erik lifted her up, standing up himself and he laid her down on her back, her legs instinctively parting as he watched her. He stripped himself of his suit jacket and cravat, throwing them to the ground as Christine's hands moved to unbutton his waistcoat. He laid his body over her own, the feel of him hard within the confines of his pants made her moan. He leaned down and stole the first kiss of the evening, his lips fitting against hers just nicely; as if they had been made to fit all along. The waistcoat came undone and Christine hastily pushed it off his shoulders. Erik quickly took hold of her hands.

"Slow down; we have all night," he whispered. "Now, sing." And he lowered his lips to her throat as he shrugged his waistcoat the rest of the way off. Christine didn't know how she could sing when he was doing things to her with his sinful tongue. But she opened her mouth and let the words she felt at that moment flow out.

'At the touch of your hand; at the sound of your voice,
At the moment your eyes meet mine;
I am out of my mind; I am out of control;
Full of feelings I can't define.'

"Hmm, the things you do to me with your voice alone, Christine," Erik purred against her neck, his large hands cupping her breasts through her corset, making her arch her back seductively against him. His hands moved to untie the corset, sliding each lace out painfully slowly as he watched her. Her face was a deep shade of pink. He knew she was nervous, hell, he was nervous, but her blush made him smile as he pulled her corset from her body, revealing her bare breasts and stomach to him. She moved to cover herself with her arms under his gaze but her grabbed her arms and pinned them down to her sides. "No ... don't do that. You are beautiful ... Christine." More blushing followed deep breathing and Erik took an erect nipple between his teeth, pulling gently, making her call out his name loudly. He then circled it with his tongue, making it feel better after the assault of his teeth.

"It's a sin with no name; like a tiger to tame,
and my senses proclaim it's a dangerous game.'

Christine gasped out loud as his smooth voice, the voice she fell in love with the day they first met, sang gently, in a soft velvety tone, vibrating against her breast. Her hands moved to his shirt, pulling it hard, trying to get it off his body. She wanted to touch his chest, to feel those muscles beneath her hands. What had he been hiding from her all this time? He rose up to his knees, pulling off his shirt and leaving his chest bare to her touch. She sat up and knelt up in front of him, pressing her pert breasts into his chest. He groaned deep in his throat, grabbing her upper arms in his hands. She kissed his collarbone before working her way down, taking one of his male nipples in her mouth and sucking hard, making Erik pull her hard against him and grind their hips together.

"Sing, Erik. For me, please?"

'A darker dream that has no ending,
Something unreal that you want to be true.'

Christine pulled back from his chest for a moment and moved her lips to hover over his as she sang back to him.

'A strange romance out of a mystery tale.'

'A frightened princess doesn't know what to do,
Does she just run away? Does she risk it and stay?
Either way there's no way to win.'

Erik captured her perfect mouth in a kiss as she pushed him onto his back on the chaise, throwing a leg over his hip and straddling his perfect form. He pushed his hips up against hers, enticing a moan she had been holding back from within her. Her nails dug into his chest, leaving angry red lines that he was sure he'd feel later. Right now, all that mattered was the temptress astride him and nothing else. The world could stop spinning for all he cared; as long as he had Christine in his arms. He felt her suddenly move, rocking where she sat, grinding herself against him. Erik reached behind him, grabbing the edge of the chaise, his eyes almost rolling back in his head as her heavenly voice engulfed him.

'All I know is I'm lost; and I'm counting the cost,
My emotions are in a spin,
And though no one's to blame ...'

'It's a crime and a shame ...'

'But it's true all the same ...'

'It's a dangerous game."

He could feel himself on the brink of the inevitable but he didn't want it to end now. He pushed Christine back from him, bringing a sly grin to her face.

"You vixen; you know exactly what you do to me," he said as she stood from the chaise and moved to the mirror in nothing but her stockings. He watched her firm rear as she walked away from him. He kicked off his shoes and also stood. Christine pressed her hot back against the cool mirror, letting out a shiver, her curls framing her face wildly as she watched him with fire in her eyes. She caught sight of the rather large bulge in his pants, smiling when she realised just how much he wanted her.

"Sing with me, my love," she said and Erik's heart beat erratically in his chest. My love? Was she serious?

'No one speaks, not one word,
All the words are in our eyes,
Silence speaks loud and clear,
All the words we want to hear,

Erik immediately knelt at her feet and began rolling her stockings down her legs until she was completely bare before him. She couldn't tear her eyes from his as he began kissing her abdomen, leaving wet streaks from his tongue over the milky skin before he moved his mouth downwards. He could hear her breathing deeply as he neared his destination, taking a quick swipe at her opening, noting how her legs almost gave way beneath her. One hand pressed her against the glass of the mirror whilst the other hitched one leg over his shoulder to get a better angle before he began his slow torture of her body. He took a few teasing licks at her before sucking the little erect bud into his mouth, listening to the way she moaned and called his name. The way his eyes never left hers made her even more aroused. Suddenly, he sucked hard, making her sensitive to his tongue and she squeezed her eyes closed and her head fell back against the mirror as her nails dug into the skin of his shoulder.

"Oh ... oooh my ... Erik ..." she moaned, practically bucking her hips against his mouth to get more. She let out a sudden wail when she felt a long finger press at her entrance. She tightened for a moment, unused to the feeling.

"Relax, angel ..." Erik cooed, running a hand over her soft abdomen and her body began to give in. His finger was slowly but surely allowed entrance, causing Christine to gasp loudly and let out a strangled sob.

"E-Erik ... too much ..." she moaned as his mouth got to work once more, his finger stroking her velvet walls, readying her for something much larger. He was surprised the volume of her moaning hadn't attracted some attention. She wasn't a quiet thing; that was for sure. He suddenly added a second finger and within seconds she screamed out his name and her orgasm washed over her body, Erik suddenly catching her as she seemed to lose balance and sag down against him. They stared at each other for a moment while Christine got her breath back before she pressed a delicate kiss to his lips.

'At the touch of your hand; at the sound of your voice,
At the moment your eyes meet mine;
I am out of my mind; I am out of control;
Full of feelings I can't define.'

Erik smiled at how well their voices went together before he suddenly felt Christine's small hands undoing the button on his pants. She slid her hand inside, suddenly cupping him delicately and squeezing, almost becoming his undoing. He stood quickly, allowing Christine to pull down his pants revealing what she had been waiting on. Suddenly he grabbed her, pulling her up to his level and sliding his hands around her rear, lifting her. Her legs wrapped around his hips, pulling him in close as he pressed her against the cold glass surface behind her.

"Please Erik ... I need you ... I love you ..." she moaned and that was when Erik froze. She loved him?

"You love me?" he asked and she nodded vigorously.

"I always have ..." she said. "I need you." Suddenly she called out in painful pleasure as he began to fill her, pushing inside her wet heat, feeling her welcome him inside. He let out a breath he didn't realise he was holding. Suddenly her fingers were at the edges of his mask, prying it from his face.

"No ... Christine ...please," he muttered but he heard the mask clatter to the floor and there was a sudden press of lips to his deformed cheek.

"I love all of you ..." she muttered, kissing every bit of the deformity she could reach. "Please ... move." That's when he realised his legs felt like lead from standing still. He captured her lips in his and he pushed into her before pulling out and back in again, repeating and repeating, listening to the woman he loved pant and moan because of him. Her sweating back against the mirror made a horrid noise but he moved faster, feeling her push down to meet his thrusts. Suddenly she was pulled away from the mirror and laid down on the chaise lounge with Erik over the top of her. He guided her feet to his shoulders, the new angle doing wonders. He gripped the arm of the chaise behind her head and began driving into her hard and fast, like a man possessed. Christine was almost screaming, her vocal chords working overtime.

"Erik ... please, I can't ..."

"Let go ..." he whispered and that was her undoing. She did scream, loud. It took Erik a few more thrusts as she constricted around him and he was emptying himself inside of her, thrusting through his orgasm before he collapsed onto the angel beneath him. The air in the room was thick with sweat and sex, but Christine found she didn't want it any other way. Her arms came up and around her angel, kissing his forehead, right in the centre where deformity met perfection.

"It's a sin with no name; like a tiger to tame,

And though no one's to blame ...'

'It's a crime and a shame ...'

Christine smiled as Erik shifted to look up at her, the smile on his face rare but beautiful. He hoisted himself up from her, pulling out of her. She felt the warmth leave her body when he did, which was slightly disappointing. But he leaned down to press a kiss to her lips.

"Thank you," he whispered before he stood and began dressing. Christine watched him move about her dressing room, gathering his clothes.

"Must you go?" she asked, sighing as she sat up.

"No ... but I was thinking we could go down to my home and you could scream there where no one would hear you," he suggested, making Christine giggle. He gathered up his cloak, leaving his jacket and cravat on the floor. He could get them later. He wrapped Christine's body with the cloak before he scooped her into his arms. "Come my love, I have much more exploring to do." He kicked the sweat smeared mirror open and they moved into the tunnel.

"Sing once more ..." they both said in unison. So they did.

'And the angels proclaim ...'
'It's a dangerous game."

Well, that was rather smut filledbut I hope people like it. Complete PWP. haha. Feedback would be fantastic. :)