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Harley POV

It was another rainy day in Gotham. Each drop slammed with force on the cars lining the street and Harley flinched as they hit her face and back as she crouched lower and ran. She was trying to keep up with the Joker's unrelenting pace as they headed back to their hideout for the night. She hated traveling in the rain but for her Puddin', she would do anything.

They'd hit up Gotham National Bank mere hours after the mayor's charity collections were locked into the supposedly secure vault in the basement. Harley smiled to herself. They should have known that vault wasn't a challenge to the Joker. Her thighs were beginning to burn and she clutched the canvas bags tighter to her body as she began to sprint. She started to hear the sirens now as they turned onto the street. She didn't see the Joker anymore so she veered off into the first alleyway she came to and slowed down to catch her breath. God, was she sweating in this cold rain? She wiped her brow with a gloved hand and leaned against the brick walls, taking in her surroundings. She couldn't do a proper handspring holding the bags and she was hesitant to try to climb up the fire escape since her outfit made her visible, even more so with the rain glistening off of it.

She cursed herself for loving red and elaborate costumes and searched for large enough holes to squeeze through in the chain link fence. She was petite enough to squeeze through most holes but she didn't like scratching herself or tearing up her costume unnecessarily. Harley squealed in delight when she found a corner of the fence pulled up, she felt like it had taken forever in the dark. She carefully slid through the fence, triumphant, only to realize the three bulging bags were still on the other side and would not fit through the hole. She bit her lip, torn between leaving them (but she shuddered to think of Mistah J s wrath when she made it back) and finding an alternate route. The sirens had stopped and she started to panic. She slithered back through the fence to the bags, stashed them inside the two wet trash bags by the fence and again made her way through the hole.

She started to jog toward the street and looked back to make sure the money bags were safely covered before slamming into a brick wall. She yelped and clutched her throbbing nose as she fell backward on her backside. The string of curses she let out, echoed against the brick and concrete of the alley and as the stars subsided and her vision cleared, she swallowed hard as she realized the brick wall she slammed into wasn't brick, it was Batman s chest.