Harley POV

She groaned with happiness.

The Joker almost never fucked her and when he did, it certainly wasn't like this. She knew she shouldn't be allowing Batman to fuck her brains out, but she couldn't help herself. She ran her fingers down his back as he turned her onto her back and pumped into her, and marveled at the unyielding muscle of his shoulders. So unlike the Joker's skinny frame. His hot breath hit her neck when he asked if she wanted it harder.

Of course she did. That s the only way Mistah J did it after all!

She pressed her breasts to his chest and smirked as she made her voice high and squeaky.


Clearly, Bats needed to dominate her and luckily she didn't mind that. When he pressed his lips to hers, she held hers ready to open when he slid his tongue between them. She didn t expect him to be so ferocious. Selina had obviously lied about their trysts, labeling Bats the sensual, slow lover. He was a learned and experienced kisser and she lost herself for a moment when his lips covered her nipple. She felt the throbbing below and knew her release was close. He started thrusting harder and she felt his hand travel its way down to her hot, aching center. She arched her back as Batman began to lightly rub her clit and assaulted him with needy kisses as she felt her imminent climax. Right at the edge, Batman stopped his motions and Harley became angry immediately. Mistah J always played this game and it infuriated her that Bats was the same.

"What'd ya stop doin' that for?" she yelled up at him.

"Do you want me to stop completely?" he asked her in that low, deliciously deep voice of his.

She'd shaken her head no before she knew what she was doing. She wanted to cum; she couldn't deny the almost shaking sensation that had taken over her entire body. As he resumed rubbing, she felt guilt for a split second before orgasming hard, the feeling enhanced by Batman's hard cock still inside of her. She held him to her, tongues entwined until she stopped shuddering. She felt Batman smile against her lips and he finished moments later, with one last deep thrust. He held her for a moment and sat up away from her and she again groaned at the loss of contact.

The silence became deafening to her after a minute so she hesitantly spoke up.

"Hey, Bats?"

"What, Harley?"

"I swear I didn't mean for that to happen. I was coming in to see who was sleepin' here and I didn't know it was you or that well, YOU CAN'T TELL MISTAH J! He will kill me, ya know! I was just havin' fun, ya can't blame ole Harley for that!"

She didn t know why she felt the need to hear affirmation from Batman about what had happened. She crawled up to his knees and tried to peer at his darkened face but to no avail. It was simply too dark in the room. He chuckled and leaned forward.

"Why would I care what happens to you, Harley? You're a thief and in the company of my strongest adversary most of the time. What could you offer me in exchange for my silence?"

She didn t know how to respond to that. Batman certainly owed her no favors. She suddenly felt angry and rejected and she turned around to leave the bed. What could she offer? She could use her body again but she knew deep down that it'd be for more her satisfaction than anything. As she stood in front of the door, discarded shirt in hand, she looked in Batman's direction one last time.

"What could a silly girl like me possibly offer Batman? Surely you know if Mistah J found out, he'd come at ya full force? You've touched his Harley Quinn. I don't mind touching you again, that's for sure, but I love my Mistah J. I just don'' t wanna see him all mangled up like the last time."

She could almost see the grin that spread across Batman s face and even though she tried to not hear him, it still rung through the door as she shut it.

"Maybe that's what I want."

Harley walked back to her room and laid down on top of the covers, head swimming. She hadn't meant for things to get this deep, really she didn't, she only wanted to have some fun. She fell asleep before she knew it and was woken up by short, loud knocks at the door. She jerked awake and covered herself with a pillow and opened the door. Alfred stood there pink faced and handed her cleaned and dried costume to her before nearly sprinting away.

She pulled on the still warm suit and adjusted her pigtails just in time for Batman to walk in unannounced.

Harley flushed and followed him out, only to slam into him again. He looked down at her and reached out to blindfold her again silently. She secretly hoped he'd pick her up and when he did, she was surprised at the tingle she felt between her legs. Maybe it was the cool leather rubbing against the semi-silky material of her costume. Either way, Harley didn't fight him and when he finally set her on her feet, she flushed again at the deliberate way he ran a finger up her slit and jerked away on instinct. She tore off the blindfold and raised an eyebrow at him as he opened up the car. She slid into the front seat and crossed her arms as he put the car in gear and zoomed off toward Gotham. To her surprise, he didn't take the turn to Arkham and instead parked near a building right outside of downtown.


She looked at him in surprise and leapt out of the car. Harley allowed herself to look back once and grinned at Batman before running full speed ahead. She'd see Batman again.

She' d do what she had to.


***AN: well, that's the end (DUH), hope you enjoyed. i never wanted to do a ginormous undertaking so this was short and sweet. keep an eye on me, i'll be jumping all over different fandoms 3 laters