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A long time ago, in the age of great gods and horrific beasts, the goddess of the sun Amaterasu and the god of the moon Tsukuyomi reigned over the newly forming land from their celestial home in the sky. The beautiful, gracious Amaterasu brought life to the cold ground below by bathing the world in light and warmth for the day and her brother Tsukuyomi brought calm and rest to the land by washing the land in moonlight at night.

It soon came to past that the first inhabitants of the world, the lesser magical beings known as demons, began to celebrate the sun goddess, while leaving her brother in the cold.

Tsukuyomi soon grew furious at this and the disdain and hatred soon grew harsh and steadfast in his heart to the point that one forsaken day, Tsukuyomi kidnapped his sister and hid her away in the darkest recesses of the underworld. With Amaterasu's powers of sunlight gone, Tsukuyomi was free to drench the world in his darkness and cold.

This soon threatened to put the world out of balance, but little-known to Tsukuyomi who was too drunk on power to see this, Amaterasu had created and raised ten celestial beings that soon began to yearn for their mother's presence in the world.

The one-tailed raccoon.

The two-tailed cat.

The three-tailed shark.

The four-tailed serpent.

The five-tailed wolf.

The six-tailed weasel.

The seven-tailed badger.

The eight-tailed snake.

The nine-tailed fox.

And the ten-tailed dolphin.

With heavy hearts led by a solemn purpose, the ten celestial beings went to war against their mother's brother.

It was a long, vicious war: the blood of the dispute ran across the land until, finally, finally, Tsukuyomi relented. He looked upon the world and saw the damage that he had done. It made his heart heavy with regret, so he led the ten celestial beings to his sister's prison before he fled the world in favor of becoming one with the moon.

What should have been a joyous occasion was tarnished with the tears that Amaterasu shed at the loss of her brother; even though he had almost destroyed the world, she still loved him too much to be in this world without him. So, following her brother's example, she went to become one with the sun; not before leaving her precious children in charge of the world's affairs.

Since that day, the ten celestial beings have been watching over this world to make sure that the world stays in balance from therefore to eternity. Every year, on the eve of the harvest, the ten celestials would present a sacrifice in honor of Tsukuyomi before holding a festival for Amaterasu; just to show that they hadn't been forgotten –

"Every year?" Scarlet eyes blinked after reading those words. The words of the tale were etched into the thick pages of an aged, leather-bound tome that was held in the clawed hands of a young man. His dark, ink-shaded locks cascaded down his shoulders, lapping at the fabric of his red kimono. He had gorgeous pearl skin, which was marred only by an intricate marking on his right hand that depicted a shining swirl of red mist, and, resting on either side of his head, were long, furry, black ears that would remind one of a weasel; a slim, furry tail flicked lazily behind him as he mused out loud, "I've never even heard of a Harvest Eve Sacrifice, only the Sun Harvest Festival."

After making sure that what he read was indeed there, he placed the book into a leather satchel and hoisted it over his shoulder before taking a deep inhale of crisp, fresh air and then walking down a clean, stone-hewn road that winded all around the city which he was currently in. He was still thinking about his readings when someone called out,

"There you are Itachi!" The brunette, Itachi, blinked his red eyes before he looked ahead and saw a group of young demons, much like himself, but each having their own unique characteristics. The head of the group readjusted the parcel that she had in her hands before stating, "The Yumes are having a little get-together tonight at the south quarter of the city. You in?" Itachi frowned a bit before gathering up his best reassuring smile and replying,

"Oh, wow, I'd love to… but I have research to do. If you'll excuse me.", before quickly making his way down the road. When the weasel-demon was gone, one of the others pouted,

"Gee, what's his problem? He never does anything but study!" The head demon shook her head and sighed,

"I think he's more interested in books than friends. Come on, let's go."

Itachi quickened his pace once he saw his apartment building and, before he knew it, he was in the elevator to the first floor. "Such a sacred act should be emphasized more… Maybe I've skimmed over it in one of my scrolls." The elevator dinged, shaking Itachi out of his thoughts so that he walked into the floor that, due to his studies, was his and his alone.

"Sasuke!" Itachi called out as he made it inside his apartment, "Sasuke, where are you?" There was a growl mixed with a snore beneath a pile of books. Itachi frowned before snapping his clawed fingers, a red spark appearing before the books were brought into the air and settled to the side. When the books were moved, they revealed a medium-sized dragon; the beast lay coiled up in its 'nest', it's navy-blue scales glittering in the sunlight before it rolled over, it's pale underbelly visible as dark horns scratched against the floor.


The dragon gulped, rolling over from its nap before its form shifted into that of a young man. The young man was a few years younger than Itachi, but you could see a resemblance between the two. His skin was a shimmering, moon-like pale, his strangely-shaped hair a navy-blue that accompanied the pair of smooth, dark horns that protruded from his forehead. He was wearing a kimono of blue and white that shook and shivered as he let out a growl of a yawn, fangs visible as he wiped at his eye with his left hand (a mark that appeared to be a blue flame standing out on it).

"What is it Itachi?" Sasuke yawned out, "You were supposed to be out until 2 o'clock…"

"I came back early." Itachi answered to his younger brother as he rummaged through a jar full of scrolls and quickly moved to a file-cabinet filled with papers. Some might think it odd, a dragon and a weasel-demon being related. But it was a matter of their genealogy: their father was a dragon who married a very beautiful weasel demon after a chance meeting (he had accidently burned her school-work, she demanded that he help her re-do it, the rest was history). "Quick, I need that copy of 'Prophecies and Fore-tellings'!"

"I was trying to get the last bit of sleep that I could before tonight's party…" Sasuke huffed as he began thumbing through the nearest shelve.

"Oh," Itachi began, "We weren't going to be able to make it anyway. Not enough time."

"Aniki, you always say that!" Sasuke groaned. "If this keeps up, I'm never going to be able to experience life and other important things!"

"Like what, otouto?" Itachi skimmed through another book before tossing it aside. Sasuke smirked before stating,

"Like finding a mate before next year's Romantix Festival…"

"There will be plenty of time for that when you're older, Sasuke," Itachi hummed and, just before Sasuke could ask when that would be, Itachi held up his hands before they began to glow red a second later. Ten random books floated down from the shelves and Itachi had them open one at a time, whispering, "No. No. No. Not you or you or you! Gah! Sasuke!"

"I got it!" Sasuke called out from the top of a high bookshelf, waving the specified tome in victory. Itachi smiled before clapping his still glowing hands together. The book in Sasuke's hands immediately rushed down to the weasel-demon's signal…

Along with the dragon holding it.

"Fuck…" Sasuke groaned out in pain from his impromptu face-plant as Itachi took the book like nothing had happened.

"Let's see, Harvest Eve… Harvest Eve…" Itachi mused aloud as he skimmed. His eyes soon landed on, "The Tale of Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi?"

"That old bed-time story?" Sasuke huffed as he picked up the discarded books. But Itachi ignored him and read on,

"'The ancient story of the sun-goddess Amaterasu and her brother moon-god Tsukuyomi. Legend has it that after 1000 years of being forced into the darkness of memory, Tsukuyomi will harness the powers of the stars above and reach forth towards the land and exact his wrath once more.'"

"Wow," Sasuke, who had climbed his way back up the shelves once more, scratched at his chin with his long black claw-nails, "Seems like an angry guy."

"Don't you know what this means?" Itachi snapped, the exclamation causing the young dragon to fall to the floor with a groan,

"That you're being way too loud?"

"Baka…" Itachi rushed to his main writing desk and picked up a calligraphy brush, a pot of ink, and a scroll of paper. "Take a note, would you?" Sasuke frowned but took the paper anyway, knowing that although Itachi was the more eloquent, talented of the two, his own handwriting was more intelligible.

"Go on?"

"Oh highest elegancy Rokubi No Raijuu,

As your most diligent student in the chakras, magics, and mystics of our world, I have discovered that we are on the edge of disaster! The mythical figure Tsukuyomi is due for a return sometime in the near horizon. This prophecy must be prevented at all costs, as I'm sure that you would agree…"

"Worrywart." Sasuke muttered, still writing away.

"I am sure that you and the other celestials are more than busy running the affairs of the world, but if we all come together this crisis can be averted.

I am eagerly awaiting your words of response. Your faithful student,

Uchiha Itachi."

Sasuke quickly made the final stroke on Itachi's name and quickly rolled the scroll up and tied it with a string from his sleeve. "Done."

"Then send it at once." Itachi stated, gathering a few scrolls that looked promising. Sasuke frowned, his long, scaly tail reaching up to scratch his hair nervously.


"Yes, now!" Itachi replied, "When else?" Sasuke was about to add something about how busy the celestial beings would be in preparing for the harvest feasts all around the world, but his older brother's scarlet eyes immediately shut him up. So he simply took the scroll in his hand and cleared his throat before exhaling a rush of blue flame that turned the letter into black ashes ( 1 ).

As a dragon, Sasuke had the ability to send letters via his flames. He could say that Itachi abused his ability, but an angry weasel-demon with nothing but raw chakra and skill at his disposal was not something that he wanted to deal with. When the letter was gone, he sighed, "I wouldn't hold your breath though, aniki."

"It will be fine," Itachi gave a small smile as he moved towards the large window that over-looked their home city in the grassy hills of Konoha. "Rokubi-sama trusts me enough to reply in his own time." Sasuke shrugged his shoulders and was about to go take another nap when he jolted: the feeling of something in his throat making him cough a bit before choked out a plume of blue fire that quickly turned into another scroll. "Quick, what did he say?" Itachi asked immediately. Sasuke opened the scroll before reading,

"'Young Itachi, my dear pupil,

As you know, your words and opinions are some of the dearest treasures that I have come across in my existence. And therefore, I have entrusted you completely…'" Itachi loved hearing Rokubi's words; they always made him feel as though his studies were accomplishing something.

"'But please stop taking what you read in those old, decrepit scrolls for reality!'"

"Excuse me?" Itachi frowned, his hair bristling and his ears twitching as he felt everything in his world shatter in an instant.

"'Itachi, these words may come from my husband Sanbi, but I agree with them wholeheartedly: there is more to a young demon's life than studying.'" Sasuke was still reading the letter, though his words came in the forms of growls and snorts due to his being in dragon form as he flew through the sky; Itachi sitting on his back in shock as he took everything in. "'So, as a whole, the other celestials and I decided that it would be best for you and Sasuke to go and oversee the preparations for the Sun Harvest Festival in the location of this year's chosen shrine…" Itachi gulped as he looked into the horizon and saw a small town nestled by an ocean with a gorgeous waterfall rushing down from the mountains at its center. "Adamant Falls."

"This is a nightmare." Itachi whispered, "I will wake up soon and Rokubi-sama will have something truly important to do: like find a new jutsu or spell or research a new potion or—"

"'Your parents are truly happy with this arrangement as well," Sasuke interrupted with a snort, "'To the point that they have set aside a fully-prepared residence in the Adamant Falls library for you two. But there is one more task that me and the other celestials place upon you, Itachi.'"

"A peace treaty! Finding a rare plant! Slaying a monster!" Itachi sobbed as he moved closer to see the letter, "Anything to get me back home!" Sasuke's reptilian-slitted red eyes widening as they saw the next line, but his lips curled up in a sharp smirk as he read out,

"'Make some friends and get out of the books once in a while!'" Itachi groaned when he saw that the line had been written once by every celestial. "Look at it this way, Itachi," Sasuke rumbled, "At least it's been arranged for us to stay in a library. Does that count for anything?" Itachi held his knees to his chest in a pouting motion until something clicked.

"Yes, yes it does!" He jumped up, struggling to keep his balance for a second before he added, "Because I know that I'm right! So the sooner we finish checking up on preparations, the sooner we can go to the library for more research!" Sasuke somewhat flinched at his brother's manic expression when he said that, but he remembered something and asked,

"But then when will you meet people and make friends like the celestials wanted you to?" Itachi chuckled, patting Sasuke between his horns,

"Oh silly Sasuke… They said to check on the preparations. As Rokubi-sama's student, I will do nothing short of my very best. But the fate of the world does not rest on something as juvenile as us making friends."

"Hmph," Sasuke muttered as he made his landing on the main street of Adamant Falls, "Speak for yourself." Itachi picked up his satchel from Sasuke's back before the young dragon shifted into his normal-form. Sasuke ran his fingers through his hair as he looked around, silently appreciating the tranquil beauty that this place had. "Sun, sand, crystal-blue waters…" He clasped his hands together and gave a devious smirk that showed off his fangs perfectly, "The perfect hunting grounds for a nice warm body to share my bed at night…"

"Come on Sasuke," Itachi huffed, wincing as the sun shined down effortlessly on the town below, "Let's get this over with."

"Hey, I just remembered something," Sasuke stated as he and his brother began walking through the beach-side town, "Doesn't our cousin Tobi live here?"

"Oh yes, that's right…" Itachi hummed. The three Uchiha's who were of age to, Itachi, Tobi, and Sasuke, all took entrance exams for the celestial's mentorship programs.

Tobi, unfortunately, didn't pass and was sent back to his branch of the Uchiha family and, after a while, moved to Adamant Falls.

"Who knows," Sasuke sighed, happily taking in the sunshine and the sea-salted air, "Maybe we'll meet up with him while we're here and—Oomph!" He crashed into someone just as he was about to finish that thought, he quickly muttered 'sorry' before he and Itachi saw who it was.

A young, pale demon with short, messy black hair, pointed ears and wide, deep brown eyes quickly stood up and began dusting himself off with his over-sized kimono-sleeves (said kimono reaching just above the teen's knees).

"Talk about your deus ex-machina." Itachi muttered as he immediately recognized the young demon. Tobi blinked and looked at the two men ahead of him, Itachi speaking first, "Hi Tob—"

"OH MY GOSH!" Tobi exclaimed before rushing off in the opposite direction, sparkles akin to fireworks being left in his wake.

"Well," Itachi blinked, after making sure that he could still hear, "That was a nice meeting." Sasuke only sighed as they went down the path. "Did Rokubi-sama send the list on what I am supposed to be checking on?" Sasuke was about to shake his head when, abruptly, he coughed out a plume of blue fire that contained...

"Oh, never mind." The younger Uchiha unrolled the list and read, "Sun Harvest Festival Overseer's Guide. Item One: Banquet Preparations by Goldleaf Farm."

The two Uchiha's were soon walking through a large area of farmland that was dotted here and there by fruit trees and plants of all sorts while farm animals grazed in certain areas. "This place is huge!" Itachi groaned, "How the hell are we supposed to find who's in charge around here?"

"Maybe we should wait until they come to us?" Sasuke replied, Itachi huffing,

"Oh yes, Sasuke, that makes so much sense! Let's just wait and—"

"Apples! Peaches! Oranges! GO!" Five blurs rushed by, actually causing Itachi to spin for a second before he fell to the dusty ground in a heap. Sasuke watched the five figures rush to three trees ahead.

A brunette male with hair that looked like it had seen a hack-saw rather than a barber, who had emerald green eyes surrounded by red, and had stitches all over his face and body rushed towards the orange tree and gave a vicious blow to it, causing the vibrant orange fruits to fall into the conveniently placed baskets below.

Three young children, two brunette boys and a small girl with white hair in pig-tails that went along with her fluffy cat-ears and wide ruby eyes, quickly created a chin where the girl climbed up the peach tree and tossed the ripe, pink, fuzzy fruits to the other two who quickly placed them in baskets below.

Finally, a young male demon with pale skin, ruby eyes, and short white hair topped with matching cat-ears rushed towards the apple tree, scythe in hand. After a series of slashes that were almost too fast to be seen, the apples were showering down into the baskets placed below the tree.

Sasuke smirked at Itachi, who simply frowned,

"Can we please just get this over with?", before walking over, "Hello, my name is Uchiha Itachi and – Oh my gods!" He yelped as he felt both of his hands squeezed, one by the albino and the other by the brunette.

"Hey there, Itachi," the albino laughed out as the brunette added,

"Welcome to Goldleaf Farm. Need a place to stay? A meal? Gift-set? Any sort of item that would require a bartering of money?"

"Don't you scare him away, Kuzu." The albino cat-demon hissed, his furred white tail bristling a bit before he stated, "The name's Hidan. Tall and gruesome there is my husband Kakuzu. We sure love making new acquaintances here at Goldleaf, don't we kids?" The three children, who had practically tackled Sasuke to the ground in the forms of hugs and greetings all nodded,

"Hai!", before Kakuzu asked,

"So, what can we do for you?" When his arms were finally let go, Itachi had to wait for the blood to flow back into them before he began,

"Me and my brother have been sent here to oversee preparations for the Sun Harvest Festival. You two are in charge of food?"

"Hell yes we are!" Hidan smiled, "Want to sample some?" Itachi was about to decline when Sasuke mouthed out,

'Aniki, be nice.', as he played around with the kids. Itachi sighed,

"As long as it wouldn't take too long and—" Both Kakuzu and Hidan rushed over to a signpost that had a medium-sized bell which, upon rung, filled the air with a resounding echo before Hidan called out,


Itachi and Sasuke could only watch as, like a stampede, a large group of demons rushed in from out of the wood-work. Before long, the two Uchiha brothers found themselves seated at a table with a large group of cat and stitch demons surrounding them. "Allow us to introduce you to the Hoku-Shiroi clan." Kakuzu stated, Itachi immediately gulping and replying,

"Oh no, we really should be go—" It was too late as one demon set a plate of food in front of the two, Hidan speaking as he forced a spoonful of rice into the weasel-demon's mouth,

"This is Ginger." Another demon popped up with another plate, the pattern following that way as Hidan kept calling off names, "Here's Mochi. Dim Sum. Oak. Oleander. Saké. Peachy. Sashimi. Kappa-kun. Satoshi. Kasumi. Soba. Yakisoba. Ivory. Aki. Mae." By the time he stopped to take a break, the table was over-flowing with food. The albino cat-demon then added, "Kiro," the first brunette boy who looked just like a mini-Kakuzu,

"Kire,", the second brunette whose brown hair was cut short and his stitches went in different directions, "Kira-chan," the small albino cat-demon girl dropped off a plate of small pastries onto the table, "And finally, Obaa-chan, our current matriarch." Hidan pointed to a decrepit old stitch demon who was struggling to even rock her chair by herself.

Kakuzu walked over and whispered, "Come on grandmother. Time to greet guests."

"Er, wha?" The old demon croaked out before calling over, "Welcome to Goldleaf, enjoy your stay…", before she went to sleep in her chair.

"What do you know," Hidan laughed, "I'd say that you're already part of the family!" Itachi immediately spat out the food that had been forced into his mouth and pulled Sasuke, who was about to start eating, close to him as he announced,

"Well, this has been so much fun, but I think that we should get going. Right Sasuke?" Before the young dragon could say anything before Itachi covered his mouth and forced him to nod. Kira walked up and asked,

"Aren't you going to stay?"

"Well, I…" Gods be damned if those eyes weren't heart-breakers, "We would love to, but we have a lot to do today."

"Aw…" Everyone groaned and you could feel the atmosphere plummet before Itachi groaned, "Fine."

All the demons of the farm cheered as they prepared to have one hell of a lunch.

"Oh man!" Sasuke whooped as he strolled down the road, patting his stomach, "If that is what food for regular demons is like, sign me up!" As a dragon, he could eat at least five times his body-weight a day without any problems. He licked his lips before looking behind him and seeing Itachi wobble his way down the road.

"Ugh…" The weasel-demon groaned, "I ate too much…" Sasuke chuckled as he unrolled the preparation guide and read,

"Next on the list is water-watch."

The two dark-haired demons arrived at the beach to check on the water-watch progress. For places close to a large source of water, like Adamant Falls, water-watch was very important. Whichever demons were on this duty had to make sure that the water was safe and still for all others because the condition of the water also affected the weather. Itachi groaned at the heat, asking, "I don't see anyone here. And it's so damned hot!" Sasuke hummed,

"There's supposed to be a water-demon named Hoshigaki Kisame here to check on the waters." Itachi looked out on the water, seeing multiple whirlpools and choppy waves disrupting the water's beauty.

"Well, someone's being lazy." The brunette weasel huffed. Suddenly,

"Oi..!" The voice was echoed, as if being diluted by something before it called out, "Who are you..! Calling lazy..?" Itachi and Sasuke looked around, not seeing anyone. Itachi frowned and called out,

"Look, I don't know or care who you are, but if you could please help us find Hoshigaki Kisame?" The deep voice chuckled from beneath the waves,

"No need… To find him… He – I mean – I'm already… Here…"

"Well, at least we found him." Sasuke observed, but Itachi quickly stomped over to the water's edge and yelled out,

"Listen to me, you irresponsible ass! I am Uchiha Itachi and the ten celestials have sent me to check on the progress of Adamant Falls' Sun Harvest Festival. Could you please just do your job and clear the waters?" Kisame's voice was silent for a moment before it laughed and said,

"That's what… you're being… bitchy about..? I could do… water-watch in… my sleep. In fact… it would only take… 90 seconds…"

"Why aren't you taking this seriously?", Itachi gritted out, the voice answering,

"Need… practice…"

"For what?"

"Lord Sanbi's Royal Guard..!" Sasuke, who had been picking up random seashells and things, asked,

"You mean the group of the most powerful demons in the world who work and train under Sanbi No Same himself?" Itachi could only laugh,

"They would never accept a demon who can hardly keep the water's clear for a single day." Kisame growled out,

"90… seconds… flat…", just for Itachi to raise an eyebrow,

"Prove it."

The area was silent for a moment before, out of nowhere, powerful geysers shot up out of the waters before they would submerge and shoot up in other areas. When the geysers shot up for a third time, Sasuke gulped and jumped out of the way before a wave of water splashed over Itachi, drenching him to the bone. After a while of this spectacle, the ocean waters were clear and flawless, Kisame stating,

"There… And only in 60 seconds… What do you think of that..?" Itachi could only stand there, a combination of cold and shock causing him to be silent. "You're funny, Itachi…" Kisame laughed, "I can't wait… to talk more… See ya…" After that, the area was still, signaling that Kisame had swam off.

Itachi looked to his side when he heard snickering and saw Sasuke laughing at his hair. "Shut.. up.. Sasuke!"


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About a month ago, I saw a scene of a show used in a remix of the 'This is Sparta' meme. It made me grow an interest and look up the show that the scene came from and I have been hooked ever since.

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Hidan- The fuck?

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