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"Dearest..?" That came from Nokoru as he sat next to his wife in their mansion's sitting room. The mermaid smiled, her shimmering tail lazily flipping in the current of the water,

"Yes honey?"

"I was going through the medicine cabinet, the one in our bedroom," The white-haired shark-demon began, "And I couldn't help but notice that the vial that I keep there for…" He hummed for a bit as he tried to think up a proper term, "Special occasions is gone. Would you happen to know where it went?" Mizuko hummed back, her eyes and her smile mischievous,

"Oh, I don't know… Maybe someone got a hold of it. Maybe a young weasel-demon who our son is obviously infatuated with had a nice cocktail with an extra ingredient, hm?" Nokoru only shook his head and sighed,

"That's a really powerful aphrodisiac Mizu. Do you have any idea how many beds we've broken under its influence? Not to mention it's just as effective to anyone who kisses the person who originally ingested it…" Mizuko groaned, pouting and folding her arms,

"Well, what else was I supposed to do? Nokoru, I want grandchildren damn it!"

"We have Mizuki!" Nokoru chuckled at his wife's antics, but she crawled into his lap and whispered,

"But they're both so young and, and wouldn't you want to see a baby with both of their best traits? A baby girl with blue hair and beautiful red eyes…" Nokoru only chuckled again, letting his hands run through the mermaid's blue hair: it was a trait that he seemed to share with his father and uncles, the fascination of their wives' hair… He slightly wondered if Kisame would have the same tic…

The door to Kisame's estate all but slammed open, Kisame and Itachi quickly walking through; the shark stating, "Mizuki, there's food in the fridge, you know when bed-time is. Hun, you're in charge so unless there's an emergency—" Itachi tugged on his hand,

"Come on Kisame…"

"Just, try not to come to my room, okay?" Kisame gulped before hefting Itachi up onto his shoulder and going up the stairs and slamming his door.

"What's their problem?" Mizuki frowned when they were gone. But Hun laughed and patted the otter-demon on the head as he stated,

"I'll tell you when you're older Mizuki-kun…"

As soon as the door was locked, Itachi pounced onto Kisame and caught his lips again, clawing at the bluenette's armor. After their tongues had met twice, salivas mixing and creating new flavors out of old, Itachi pulled away and breathed out, "I'm proud of you… And this armor is beautiful… But really, how do you take this shit off?" Kisame smiled before he snapped his fingers, the armor slowly unlatching until he stepped out of it, clad in a simple skin-tight black shirt and pants that beautifully hugged everything

"Oh gods help me…" Itachi whispered, hissing as, apparently, when his eyes were keyed in on the clothes that barely left anything to the imagination, Kisame had latched his mouth onto the smooth, pale column of his neck; the sharp teeth careful not to dig in, but still leaving a sensation of predatory fire that moved through his body, straight down between his legs.

While the weasel-demon was trying to keep a hold of his senses, his tail was whipping back and forth: constantly drawing Kisame's eyes to the furred appendage. After a moment, the bluenette grabbed the black tail; the effect was immediate. The brunette nearly screamed as the feel of someone touching his tail caused his already loose inhibitions to practically turn to jelly, almost like his legs.

Before that could happen, Kisame pulled away: taking a quick breath before he went in for another kiss. Itachi hungrily sucked on Kisame's tongue, keening as he felt his clothes being undone and slipped down his body. They kissed and embraced as if to devour each other in their need to become one.

For a brief second, Itachi wanted to say something about his lack of clothes. But when he felt large, rough, calloused fingers touching him in his most private areas, he almost lost it.

Some strange, rational part of Itachi's mind wanted to question how fast they were going. But, strangely, he felt no doubts. Actually, he didn't feel anything except for the fire threatening to overtake him.

"Why am I..?" He panted, "The only one naked here?" Kisame smirked,

"I don't know, why are you?" The shark-demon then picked the other up before carefully dropping him on the bed. Afterward, he slowly peeled off his shirt: unhurriedly revealing the blue skin covering hard, rippling muscle.

If that wasn't bad enough, Itachi thought he would have gone mad when the demon above him slowly, slowly, unbuttoned his pants. He was interrupted as Itachi pulled him down, kissing his cheek as his fingers ran along every strong, corded muscle of Kisame's chest, muttering,

"These muscles are too dangerous…" Kisame asked,

"How so?"

"They attracted me to you the first time I saw you…" Itachi breathily explained, nipping at Kisame's ear, "You have to know how amazing they make you look…"

"Really?" Kisame smiled before smoothing a palm over Itachi's smooth, flawless skin, "Because I think that you're the most stunning thing in this room."

"Ah…" Itachi's voice was let out in another breathy moan, shivers running up his spine, it was like the slightest touch from Kisame's hands was electrifying.


"Shut up – Oh…" The brunette followed his own advice, groaning when Kisame brushed a thumb over the cherry-blossom pink nipples that adorned his chest. And when Kisame lowered his head to lick at them, he felt himself get hard between his legs: his nipples growing as red as his face. "Kisame… Please…"

Kisame blinked at the plea, not expecting the teasing to have such a profound effect. They hadn't even started yet… Oh, but before they went any further…

"I'll be right back." He rumbled before standing and walking towards the bathroom, much to Itachi's chagrin.

"Hey…" He huffed, "Where are you going?"

"Just a minute…" Kisame called back, still rummaging in the drawers for a certain something… "Ah, here we go." He then walked back into to the room. But what he saw made his breath catch in his throat.

Laid out on his bed, surrounded by the dark sheets of his bed and the decadent fabric of his kimono, was the most beautiful creature he had ever laid eyes on. And the more animal side of him would be damned if he didn't finish what he started and claimed the gorgeous creature in front of him.

Let's hope all those books he read about the subject would be of help.

What? Itachi wasn't the only studious one here, give Kisame some credit, huh?

Before he got back on the bed, Kisame finished taking his pants all the way off, kicking the fabric away when he was done. Any other time, he would have laughed at the look on Itachi's face, an obvious reaction to his more-than-impressive manhood. But in this case, it just brought up this interesting conversation:



"And… it goes… inside?"

"That's what the books say."


Itachi gulped, a bit nervous now that reality was starting to break through the haze that Mizuko's hidden addition to his drinks had created. But he trusted Kisame, his feelings for the larger demon above him were more than enough so that he could at least try to take this next step into a relationship.

Besides, all of his other friends had done it, so could he. The sound of a bottle opening caused his ears to perk up, his eyes watching as Kisame poured what appeared to be oil onto his palm and fingers. The smell of coconut and vanilla proved that it was oil as Kisame climbed over Itachi, kissing his lips and cheeks before stating,

"I'm going to need you to relax for this part 'Tachi." The weasel-demon in the bed took a slow, steadying breath. Then, he nodded, signaling that he was ready.

The bluenette nodded back before gently moving Itachi's thighs apart, revealing the small rosebud nestled between the two lily-white, downy globes of Itachi's ass. Before he was mesmerized any more than he already was, Kisame decided to get started.

A strangled cry found its way out of Itachi's throat as the strange, new sensation of something entering him shook him. It wasn't painful so much as it was weird. "Wait a minute… Kisame, wait~!" The last word trailed off in a gasp, the brunette panting as he felt something warm encompass his length. Kisame was slowly stripping away any remnants of resistance that Itachi might have had left with his lips wrapped around the throbbing length as his fingers gently worked in and out of the tight passage that he hoped to soon experience.

It was around when Kisame was trying to add finger number 3 that Itachi suddenly bucked his hips up, gasping, "What was that?"

"Did I hurt you?" Kisame panicked, immediately moving away. But Itachi shook his head,

"No, no it felt good. Can you…" He bit his lip but silently nodded his head down towards the area the shark-demon had just left. Luckily Kisame got the hint and resumed his actions, loving every gasp and soft moan that he got for his work.

When he had finished, he was sure that if he waited anymore that he would just pounce on the delectable creature in front of him. So he had to ask, "Can I?" Itachi blinked the lust out of his eyes and looked up at the wonderful, strong, kind-hearted creature above him.

The decision was obvious.

"Let's do things… by the book, shall we?" He smiled, Kisame tossing back a toothy grin before using what oil was left over to slicken his rock hard erection. Gripping Itachi's legs, he settled between them before slowly aligning himself with Itachi's opening; he hadn't even entered, but he was practically salivating from the heat and tightness he had felt when he was prepping the smaller demon.

"Are you ready?"

"Just do it before I reconsider this whole thing!" Itachi snapped, just waiting for the tension in the room to ease up. Kisame nodded before moving forward, the head of his erection slipping in.

"Damn…" He gritted his teeth, the intense heat he had felt earlier was back tenfold as he pressed further into Itachi's depths. On his end, Itachi bit his lip as he felt his most private recesses invaded. It stung a bit but he couldn't have expected that this would have been completely easy. Nonetheless, he happily groaned when it seemed like Kisame had gotten all of that impressive length inside.

Kisame couldn't help it, he made a slow thrust out and then back in, hoping to get Itachi used to the feeling but mostly because the heat and tightness were driving him insane. Luckily, on the second movement, he managed to press up against a spot inside the weasel-demon that made the brunette moan loudly… but not from pain.

"Again…" He gripped Kisame's shoulders before pulling him close, nipping his ear, "Hit that spot again, please…"

For the next few minutes, the room was filled with the sweet smell of sweat and sex; the sounds of skin meeting skin and panting breaths echoing against the walls, peppered with grunts and moans.

As Kisame thrusted in and out, Itachi's insides cried out in sheer bliss. Never in anything he had ever read or studied could have ever led any inkling to the sensations assaulting his brain and body. The tight slide was unbearable and wonderful at the same time.

"Ah… Kisame… Oh gods..!" He cried out, overtaken by pure sensation. A strange numbness crept through his torso, hips, and spine. His skin broke out into gooseflesh. Nothing mattered, nothing but the pursuit of this divine pleasure.

Oh, how neither of them wanted it to end.

But, as their bodies tightened up, sweat cascading down their bodies, things were coming to an end.

After a few more powerful thrusts, Itachi couldn't bear the heavenly feelings anymore: with a scream, his member releasing his hot essence all over his and Kisame's chest.

The clenching of the internal muscles on his length caused Kisame to lose it as well: biting into Itachi's shoulder, growling as he came inside his lover, painting the velveteen walls white with his pleasure.

They both collapsed into the bed, simply laying there as they tried to regain their breathing while experiencing the afterglow. "Wow…" Kisame panted, "Now I know why the others talk about it so much." Itachi agreed, nodding his head,

"That… was… amazing." He couldn't help the small laugh the bubbled up in his chest, "Better than anything the books could have said." He snapped his fingers, the sheets and blankets moving to cover both of their bodies from the cold.

Things were quiet and calm, save for breathing and Itachi occasionally purring from feeling Kisame's fingers stroking his hair. But then,

"Kisame, do you love me?" Said shark nearly sputtered at the ridiculous question before he stated,

"What kind of question is that? Of course I do! Don't you love me?" Itachi's response was a quiet smile before he snuggled close to Kisame's chest.

"Hold me," He requested. And when he felt the secure embrace of his love, he began, "I never thought… That moving to a town filled with insane demons would change my life so much for the better. I've learned so much about Youkai, life, and other things that I could write a whole library on the topics. But…" He turned and placed a chaste kiss on Kisame's cheek, "The most important thing I've learned has to be the love that I have for you Hoshigaki Kisame."

Kisame only chuckled before tightening his hold on the slim brunette. Itachi welcomed the embrace, the warmth from Kisame's body lulling him into a soft slumber…

Sasuke hummed, "There's supposed to be a water-demon named Hoshigaki Kisame here to check on the waters." Itachi looked out on the water, seeing multiple whirlpools and choppy waves disrupting the water's beauty.

"Well, someone's being lazy." The brunette weasel huffed. Suddenly,

"Oi..!" The voice was echoed, as if being diluted by something before it called out, "Who are you..! Calling lazy..?" Itachi and Sasuke looked around, not seeing anyone. Itachi frowned and called out,

"Look, I don't know or care who you are, but if you could please help us find Hoshigaki Kisame?" The deep voice chuckled from beneath the waves,

"No need… To find him… He – I mean – I'm already… Here…"

Best. Meeting. Ever.


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